INH: Chapter 49

Hammer saw Gu Huai’s expression of having a headache and suddenly wanted to laugh. It wasn’t a malicious pleasure. He just looked at the two Zerg who equally lacked awareness about their feelings and felt the scene was strangely interesting.

Once Hammer left, Gu Huai picked up the papers on the table and tried to start looking at them. They were brought to him by the chief of staff and the contents of the documents were related to the construction of Tuser and the diplomacy of other races.

What construction and development would Tuser carry out? Currently, Tuser’s traffic relied on suspension vehicles. In the military meeting a few days ago, Gu Huai mentioned that Tuser’s transportation could also be upgraded to the air rail and now these documents were related.

The air rail, as the name implied, was a track that was directly set up in the sky. It was necessary to plan a route that could reach all regions of the planet before arranging a train that could drive automatically on the track. However, it would take at least a year to build an air rail that would cover the entire planet, even with the efficiency of the Zerg.

In addition to the planet’s own infrastructure, the Zerg no longer maintained absolute independence. Tuser could now consider foreign commerce and even tourism. In terms of diplomacy, the Zerg’s actions during the Grey Tower incident were visible to everyone. Not long after the event ended, Tuser received tentative contact from a number of races.

This included the Star Network. The interstellar people of various races were discussing the changes in the perception of the Zerg.

[(Kelp Galaxy): I heard that the headquarters of the Star Alliance wasn’t destroyed because the Zerg helped. If my friend who works in the Star Alliance didn’t confirm it to me, I really wouldn’t have believed it.]

[(Liqi Galaxy): It was far more than just help. It was due to the Zerg that Meteorite didn’t launch. I am very grateful to them. Our planet had internal problems that weren’t easy to resolve. We really don’t want the external environment to be disordered again.]

[(Norz Galaxy): The Zerg seem to be friendly to the outside in this period of time, right?]

The number of Zerg diplomatic relations rose from the single digits to double digits the moment Gu Huai finished signing the documents on the table. Gu Huai had just started to look at the documents when after a few pages, his mind quickly focused on Hammer’s words.

“It is because he is infatuated with you that he listens to you like that.”

His head really hurt. Gu Huai put the documents together and placed them back on the table. He had to think about how he would face Alves. Gu Huai thought about how he directly denied Alves’ feelings and didn’t even give the other person a reason.

At that time, Alves had asked him why not and he wasn’t able to answer. After reading a few more lines, Gu Huai’s lips slightly twitched. Gu Huai felt that the big cat he denied had been particularly aggrieved in recent days. Then once he thought about it carefully, ‘particularly aggrieved’ might not be enough to describe it.

Denial and rejection weren’t the same. If it was rejected then Gu Huai wouldn’t have a problem right now. He could directly refuse the other person. It seemed… he was a bit too much.

There wasn’t too much time for Gu Huai to have a headache. Alves returned from the military to the residence and soon appeared in front of Gu Huai. To tell the truth, it wasn’t correct to say Alves was ‘wronged.’ It was hard for the Zerg to feel such strong emotions because the Zerg itself lacked emotions.

Alves’ expression was always indifferent, giving people a cold feeling. However, as he watched Gu Huai with his blindfold off, Gu Huai somehow felt that the big cat in front of him was really wronged.

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai felt a burst of weakness and casually patted the empty spot beside him. “Sit.”

Alves was slightly stunned and sat down next to him. This big cat was very obedient. Now that he understood the other side’s reason for being obedient, Gu Huai’s heart couldn’t be calm. After realizing that Alves had a fondness for him, Gu Huai failed to think about how this person felt and had to face the reality that he had done too much.

Gu Huai tried to think about how to save this matter. After thinking about it, he couldn’t come up with anything. At this time, Alves sitting next to him spoke first.

“Plans have been made for the soil improvement of Tuser. We have started recruiting experts in soil science. We can start the soil improvement plan for the entire planet.” Alves stated in a low voice.

Soil? Gu Huai heard this and was slightly surprised. In fact, Alves had called a meeting a long time ago regarding Tuser’s soil improvement. It was just that since this matter was very difficult to achieve, Tuser’s senior management had only recently drawn up a satisfactory plan. This was for the sake of their king and they had to do it perfectly.

“Once the planet’s soil is improved, the flowers you like can be planted on Tuser.” Alves watched Gu Huai. His expression didn’t change when he was speaking but he was observing Gu Huai’s reaction.

This sentence made Gu Huai reflexively bink and he was suddenly a bit speechless. As for the flowers, Gu Huai remembered that shortly after he arrived on Tuser, he told Alves that it would be nice if Tuser could have flowers.

Gu Huai had said so at the time but he knew that Tuser’s soil couldn’t grow flowers, so he had just been talking casually. Yet Alves had remembered his words. On the day he said this, the big silver cat ran to another planet to pick a flower for him, waiting in his room until he woke up so he could receive the flower.

After several seconds of being speechless, Gu Huai faced Alves’ watchful eyes and suddenly said, “Your back wings, I want to see them again.”

Alves didn’t replyw when he heard this. He just extended the huge silver-grey wings behind him and consciously put his right wing into Gu Huai’s hand. However, Gu Huai didn’t touch Alves’ silver wing. He just said again, “I still want to see the tail more.”

Alves looked down and moved his silver-grey tail to Gu Huai’s hand. It was just too good…

Gu Huai saw Alves moving the silver wings and tail to his hand and couldn’t tell what he felt inside. At this time, he felt Alves’ gaze on his lips. Alves asked the same question, “Why doesn’t my like allow me to kiss this place?”

Gu Huai knew that he must not fail to answer this time. He also had to correct his previous mistakes.

“It is the type that can kiss here but you can’t.” Gu Huai felt that his words were contradictory and expressed them with much difficulty. He could only blame himself for his previous words about how only lovers could kiss here.

Gu Huai had thought that Alves didn’t feel like this toward him and didn’t want to make things complicated. Now he was stepping on the stones he had thrown.

“Why not?” As Gu Huai expected, Alves asked this question, his lips clearly pressed together.

Alves’ face was cold and the slight pursing of his lips didn’t break his coldness, but in Gu Huai’s eyes, this big cat suddenly seemed a bit more wronged. Gu Huai barely endured Alves’ eyes. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and made a move he hadn’t thought of.

He suddenly approached and kissed the side of Alves’ face. Alves’ vertical pupils shrank into a thin line in an instant. His body was tense like he was in a state of combat and his eyes were fixed firmly on the black haired youth in front of him.

In such a state, Alves’ mouth flattened and his wings and tail slightly lowered. His eyes were fixed on Gu Huai and it seemed like the big cat had been coaxed.

The author has something to say:

Two pure babies falling in love.

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2 years ago

It’s both sweet and aggravating xD

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Was wondering how to express it, but you just it perfectly haha