INH: Chapter 48

Gu Huai was kissed on the lips and his mind was blank for a moment. He was in a dull state as the tip of his ears quietly turned red.

After receiving several rounds of a straight ball, Gu Huai was suddenly hit and still failed to catch it. He couldn’t help retreating under the big cat’s offensive. There was no way to stay calmly in place.

This straight ball obviously had an effect. The tip of his ear was hot and Gu Huai reluctantly calmed himself down. He once again spoke in an educational tone, “However, there are many types of likes. Not every type of ‘like’ can kiss like this.”

Hearing Gu Huai’s words, Alves frowned. Like was like. Why were there so many kinds? Alves only had one like, which he felt for Gu Huai. Thus, he couldn’t understand Gu Huai’s words. He was just so used to Gu Huai’s words that Alves could only frown, finding no way to retort.

In Gu Huai’s eyes, Alves ‘like’ toward him should be a certain dependence and exclusive desire brought about by the excessive cat-like personality. The other side said ‘like’ to him but it wasn’t the lovers type.

“For example, your liking toward me isn’t the type of liking where you can kiss this spot.” Gu Huai spoke while pointing to his lips.

Gu Huai felt the big cat in front of him didn’t know anything and he had to focus on Alves’ education. The big cat’s emotional state was as clean as a sheet of white paper. His behaviour was too cute and Gu Huai often couldn’t resist it.

Alves lowered his eyes and asked in a soft voice, “What type of like is needed to kiss here?”

Seeing Alves’ always indifferent face looking quite serious, Gu Huai couldn’t help looking away from the other person. Then he explained, “It is only for the liking between lovers.”

Gu Huai knew that this big cat must not understand what he meant by ‘like between lovers’ or even what ‘lovers’ was. Thus, as Alves appeared to be thinking, Gu Huai quickly added, “Your love for me isn’t this type so you can’t learn from Siva.”

Learning everything and then applying what he learned, Gu Huai really felt helpless toward this big cat.

Due to Gu Huai’s words, Alves’ lips thinned. “Why isn’t my liking this type?”

Gu Huai was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to answer this question. He couldn’t answer, ‘Because I don’t think so.’

Such a subjective answer was bound to be unconvincing for the other side. However, Gu Huai couldn’t think of any theoretical objective explanation and fell into a passive position. Gu Huai’s silence made Alves more tight-lipped as his tail shook behind him.

Alves thought his type of liking was the one that could kiss the other person but Gu Huai said no. Gu Huai saw that Alves didn’t ask and thought this person might be confused, so he didn’t continue the topic. Gu Huai didn’t realize that it was impossible for this big silver cat to be confused.

The construction of Ivy Star had entered a stable state and Gu Huai was finally returning to Tuser. Due to the Grey Tower matter, Gu Huai had taken his troops to Ivy Star for construction after only a short stay on Tuser. Now he officially returned to Tuser.

After the Grey Tower incident, more interstellar races had a new understanding of the Zerg race. The Zerg had helped the Star Alliance, which was an obvious signal that the Zerg weren’t the same as before.

If it was the previous Zerg race, they would’ve just looked at this crisis fo the Star Alliance and not help. Once it was confirmed that the Zerg had really changed, some races started to come alive as they thought about making tentative contact with the Zerg.

“You made a big story again.” The two human officers were left on Tuser to wait for the Zerg to return. Now Hammer scratched his head and looked at Gu Huai.

The changes to the Zerg race were undoubtedly the most obvious to the two humans staying on Tuser who could observe the Zerg in close proximity. Yet even they hadn’t expected the Grey Tower matter to end like this.

Gu Huai smiled back. “Unfortunately, the culprit ran away early on and the Star Alliance is still hunting for him.”

Gavin wasn’t caught so the matter wasn’t completely settled. There was always a hidden danger. Not only was the Star Alliance worried, Gu Huai also wasn’t assured.

As Gu Huai and the two humans talked, Alves stood to the side with an expressionless face. His eyes were first placed on Gu Huai’s body. Then Alves seemed to think of something and his pupils shrank as he stared at the two humans opposite Gu Huai.

Since Gu Huai’s attitude was always gentle, Shen Mu and Hammer were very relaxed. Then they suddenly received the cold gaze of the silver-haired Zerg and both of them slightly stiffened. Why did he suddenly look at them?

The desire to survive made the two people think about this matter. They had long found that Alves wouldn’t see anyone else in Gu Huai’s presence. Once Gu Huai went back to his room to rest, Alves looked at the two humans.

“…” The two men didn’t know the situation and were tense. To tell the truth, the two of them didn’t want to face Alves, who was the coldest and scariest among the four Zerg army leaders. They just had to face the situation. They hoped that since Gu Huai was in the vicinity, the silver-haired Zerg wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.

Alves was watching them because he needed someone who could answer his questions. He didn’t know how to let Gu Huai confirm that his like was the type of like for lovers. Alves looked blankly at the two people. “How do you let a person know that this type of like is for lovers?”

A human had richer emotions than the Zerg and should better understand this problem, Alves thought.

The two humans, “…?”

They were both stunned for a second as their brains turned  However, Hammer had more of an answer and he replied, “Just directly tell the other person.”

Alves didn’t speak for a few seconds and continued to look at the other person blankly. “He says there are many types of likes.”

Shen Mu didn’t understand anything but Hammer almost completely understood the situation from this conversation. Hammer didn’t have to think about the identity of the person the silver-haired Zerg called ‘he.’ This was evident from a bystander’s point of view. Anyone with a slightly higher level of emotional intelligence would know.

So the situation was probably… Alves said he liked the king but the king didn’t understand. It was a bit hard.

Then Hammer looked at the person next to him and thought he wasn’t much better. Hammer thought about it again and replied, “It might be… the pursuit process is lacking.”

“Pursue?” Alves raised his eyes.

Given his failure in this regard, Hammer coughed.”You can go to the Star Network to see the right method…”

Hammer didn’t dare teach it. If Alves didn’t succeed then Hammer might die on the spot. Alves thought for a moment before leaving with a cold expression. Thus, the next day when Gu Huai woke up, he saw not only the Tak Zerg guarding his bed but also Alves standing nearby.

The moment Gu Huai saw him, he didn’t get up before his forehead was kissed by Alves. This matter took place the moment he woke up. Gu Huai had been sleepy but now he instantly awakened.

The Star Network had said: Lovers should share a good morning kiss. Alves did so.

After doing so, Alves waited a long time but the young man in front of him didn’t respond as the Star Network said. This made Alves’ eyes slightly droop.

The big cat’s habit of loving a relative might not be good. Gu Huai had just woken up and his mind couldn’t think of too many things. He saw Alves’ eyes drooping and he sat up, subconsciously touching a hand to the other person’s hair.

The Star Network also said that pursuing someone meant letting the other person known how you felt. However, the Zerg’s way of expressing love was to kiss. Now that Gu Huai caressed his hair, Alves once again approached and started to gently kiss the young man on the cheek several times. Apart from the lips, where Gu Huai said he couldn’t kiss, Alves kissed almost everywhere else, like a big cat marking the person he liked.

Gu Huai’s previous refusals weren’t severe. Due to this, he actually indulged Alves. The reason he didn’t severely refuse wasn’t just because the big cat in front of him was too cute. It was just that Gu Huai was relatively slow in this aspect of feelings and hadn’t discovered it yet.

The gentle pecking from cheek to jaw made Gu Huai, who had just woken up, unable to respond for a long time. The moment he remembered, he pushed Alves away and the tip of his ear naturally turned red.

“I said that you can only kiss the person you like.” Gu Huai turned his head.

“I’m not kissing here.” Alves’ eyes rested on Gu Huai’s lips.

Gu Huai choked. Alves had understood it as except for his lips, all other positions were for lovers and could be kissed. It made Gu Huai speechless.

During his silence, Gu Huai received flowers from Alves.

It was an Eleanor flower. Alves looked very serious giving the flower this time but Gu Huai didn’t think too much. He thought it was just like before and accepted it.

The moment Gu Huai took the flower, he was hugged by Alves. Alves’ tail was raised and his low voice entered Gu Huai’s ears. “Ah Huai is now my pure lover?”

Gu Huai was stunned. At this time, he remembered that the Eleanor flower meant ‘pure lovers.’ Giving this flower and accepting the flower also had a special significance. The problem was, they hadn’t taken the meaning of the flower seriously before. How could there suddenly be such a change? It was changed when needed. Alves was very direct about this.

Gu Huai wasn’t able to answer yet when he heard Alves continue saying, “Chirp Chirp wants to kiss here.”

Alves’ eyes were on his lips and Gu Huai was speechless by this person’s series of fouls, especially when the other side used ‘Chirp Chirp’. Gu Huai almost couldn’t breathe. This big cat was really too foul but it was is pure nature. Gu Huai felt he was cute but this didn’t mean he could promise anything.

“No, you can’t.” Gu Huai reluctantly spoke firmly.

This thing gave Gu Huai quite a headache. He didn’t know how to let Alves understand that this wasn’t a feeling for a lover. In fact, the bystanders such as Hammer felt it was this type of liking but Gu Huai himself didn’t see it. Due to this worry, Gu Huai couldn’t help mentioning it a few days later in a conversation with the two human officers.

“You are right to say he doesn’t like you like that.” Hammer told him.

Gu Huai heard this acknowledgement and scratched his cheek. “Right, I said…”

Hammer added, “It’s infatuation.”

Gu Huai froze.

“It is because he is infatuated with you that he listens to you like that.”

Gu Huai heard this and thought of Alves’ lack of desire to submit to him. Since he didn’t have the desire to submit, why listen to Gu Huai’s words so obediently? Gu Huai hadn’t thought of this question. Now that Hammer said so, he couldn’t refute it.

Alves was infatuated with him. That’s why the big cat was willing to be obedient no matter what he said…

After realizing this, Gu Huai’s heart thumped. Being denied like this, wouldn’t the big cat be particularly aggrieved in recent days? Gu Huai thought of this matter and couldn’t help putting his hand over his eyes as he got a headache.

The author has something to say:

Chirp Chirp: I want to kiss you here.

Huaibao (red but serious): No.

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2 years ago

Chirp chirp: aggrieved.jpg

9 months ago

Interesting how his excuse is how the ML feels but what do you feel?and Im kind of sad that the other three alphas are just being sidelined I wanted to see more of them but whatever.