INH: Chapter 47

The initial development of Ivy Star was completed not long after but this ‘not long after’ was still half a month. Compared to the normal construction speed of the other races, the combination of the Zerg technology with other technology meant the efficiency was really good.

The Popolts heard the Zerg were building a planet and sent a team to help. After the Popolts did so, the other neighbours around Tuser also came and provided resources or help.

It didn’t matter if the Zerg needed their help or not. Their race was no longer being attacked by the star pirates thanks to the Zerg’s protection. Now it was time for them to act as allies, to show they remembered this kindness.

Gu Huai told the chief of staff that they should learn from the technology of other races. For example, he felt that a robot was very useful. The technical staff on the Zerg side received the instructions and quickly disassembled a group of smart robots that Gu Huai had collected from the Star Alliance. After a week, the manufacturing method was also analyzed.

On the level of technology, there was still a gap between the Zerg and some technologically advanced races. The strong fighting power of the Zerg was inseparable from the various technologies and racial capabilities. Since their technology would continue to grow and evolve, the Zerg hadn’t paid much attention to technological development until now.

Since all aspects of Ivy Star’s construction was still in its infancy, the Zerg applied some of the technology they learned from other races to the construction of the planet. The emergency brought about by the Grey Tower came to an end. During the construction of Ivy Star, Gu Huai finally had time to do what he couldn’t before.

Once Capalia came to see him, Gu Huai had Alves leave for a while. Alves didn’t immediately leave when Gu Huai made this request. He pursed his mouth and stared silently at Gu Huai for a while. The big cat was so obvious that Gu Huai spoke slowly before receiving Alves’ response. “I have something to say to Capalia alone. It should be quick.”

Although Alves still looked cold, he stared at Gu Huai for a few seconds before finally obeying Gu Huai’s wish to leave. Capalia frowned because she observed from the outset that Alves didn’t obey Gu Huai’s request.

Gu Huai saw this result and couldn’t help scratching his cheek, giving a slightly helpless sigh.

There was a delicate conflict between Alves and the other three army leaders. Gu Huai had previously discovered this and just as he was preparing to mediate, the Grey Tower acted. Thus, it was delayed until now.

As for why he only found Capalia to mediate, it was because Gu Huai felt that Capalia’s vigilance toward Alves was the most prominent. She always frowned coldly at Alves. However, among the three army leaders, Capalia was the one most easily persuaded by Gu Huai.

He just needed to convince one of the three army leaders and the other two would slowly follow.

“Alves is like you and won’t hurt me. You, Simodo and Aiyi don’t need to be wary of him.” Gu Huai sat down on the sofa and started to talk to Capalia.

The female Zerg in front of him stood still. Gu Huai patted the seat next to him to signal for her to sit down. Capalia’s face was good but she soon obediently sat where Gu Huai indicated.

“Alves is dangerous to you. He can go out of control at any time and hurt you.” Capalia frowned even more. “He doesn’t listen to you enough.”

Whether it was the terms of address or the attitude, Capalia felt Alves’ lack of surrender to Gu Huai. However, as the person in direct contact with Alves, Gu Huai felt differently from the other three army leaders.

“You don’t have to worry about him going out of control. Alves has been in a stable state for a while. You should’ve seen that as well.” Gu Huai patiently convinced the other person in a  gentle tone. His facial features were very soft and he didn’t show a strong performance.

In terms of Capalia’s obedience to him, Gu Huai could directly ask the other person to let go of her vigilance to Alves. Even if Capalia didn’t change her inner thoughts, she would obey in terms of behaviour.

However, Gu Huai chose persuasion. He knew that the three army leaders showed such a reaction due to their concern and love for him. Gu Huai felt he needed to take it seriously. After Gu Huai said this sentence, Capalia was still frowning It was just that her brow was slightly loosened compared to just now. She sat beside him and said nothing.

Gu Huai went one step further. “In addition, didn’t he listen to me in the end?”

Alves’ performance looked like a lack of obedience in the eyes of the other three army leaders. However, on Gu Huai’s side, he clearly felt that the big cat was very obedient when facing him, sometimes so obedient that Gu Huai felt it was cute.

Thinking this, Gu Huai didn’t pay attention and carelessly spoke his inner thoughts. “Chirp Chirp is obedient.”

Perhaps it was due to hearing the unexpected nickname from Gu Huai’s mouth. Capalia subconsciously released her frown. She knew that this childhood nickname was almost taboo for Alves yet he let Gu Huai call him by this name.

Gu Huai perceived that Capaliar relaxed her eyebrows after hearing the ‘Chirp Chirp’ nickname and he couldn’t help saying, “Capalia, do you also want a nickname?”

Hearing this question, Capalia’s frosty face changed slightly. The king’s question should be answered unreservedly. It was just that this question was so sudden that Capalia’s mind was blank for a second. Thus, she missed the opportunity to answer.

Capalia, “…”

Gu Huai took this silence as agreement and started thinking. What was a nice and suitable nickname…

Gu Huai thought about it before tentatively asking, “How about Luna?”

Then Gu Huai explained, “Luna’s name means the moon in the human race. This feeling is very similar to Capalia.”

“…The moon?” A light seemed to ripple in Capalia’s cold eyes, like a ripple on quiet water.


No one had ever said such a thing to her before. It was because no one would compare the Zerg, even a female Zerg, to something so beautiful. The Zerg was a cold race. It wasn’t just others who thought so but also the Zerg.

“Why…” There was a strange misty feeling in her eyes. Capalia blinked quickly, worried that Gu Huai would misunderstand. She said, “This subordinate isn’t feeling sad.”

Gu Huai heard the words and remembered that when he first met Capalia through the video communication, he had been yawning because of mental exertion and this led to wet eyes. Capalia had seen it and was very angry.

It was because Capalia’s understanding of tears was due to sadness and sadness was due to suffering. The Zerg had a hard time understanding crying and tears so there would be such a misunderstanding.

“Joy can also cause tears.” Gu Huai’s eyes curved in a smile. “You don’t only shed tears when feeling pain and sadness. You can be moved by tears.”

Capalia’s knife-shaped left hand was still hanging down. After the very short and strange performance, she had returned to her normal expression. She still had doubts about Gu Huai’s words but at the same time, she seemed to have some understanding. Capalia said she wasn’t upset. According to the other person’s reaction, Gu Huai thought the other side was willing to accept this nickname.

“Then the Alves thing… are we going to agree on this… um… Luna?” Gu Huai changed his term of address.

Originally, Capalia might’ve frowned and thought about it. However, her thoughts were interrupted by the nickname. Now that she heard Gu Huai calling her ‘Luna’, Capalia suddenly stood up, expression tight and she left in a hurry.

On the way out, Capalia happened to meet Alves again. She showed no more wariness and kept walking. After Capalia left, Gu Huai thought about the big cat. He decided to take the initiative to go out and find the other person, to show sincerity. Alves wasn’t hard to find. Gu Huai didn’t look for a long time after going out. The big cat came to him from an unknown place and soon followed him.

“You aren’t happy again?” Gu Huai asked this sentence and wanted to laugh for some reason.

Normally, it was hard to cope with people who were unhappy. However, perhaps it was because Alves was so obedient. Even when he was unhappy, he was very easy to coax. The big cat’s unhappiness became inexplicably cute in Gu Huai’s eyes.

Alves’ eyes drooped. He didn’t deny Gu Huai’s words and silently admitted it.

“So much unhappiness. What else are you unhappy about?” Gu Huai asked, intending to coax this person.

Alves responded to the question in a cold voice. “I’m not happy at other people holding your hand.”

Since it was Gu Huai who took the initiative to hold out his hand, Alves understood the meaning behind the move and didn’t stop it. Just because he didn’t stop it didn’t mean he didn’t care. It was true.

Gu Huai thought about Alves’ words and realized he was referring to the incident when he reached out to the Grey Tower and his hand was held by Siva. Was this worth being upset about…?

Gu Huai once again deeply understood the degree of Alves’ cat lineage. This exclusive desire was too strong and the other side had been silent and unhappy for such a long time.

“Is that so?” There was no way to change the previous thing. Gu Huai now extended his right hand to Alves, thinking that allowing him to hold it would even things out. Alves looked at Gu Huai’s hand and the corner of his mouth gradually flattened. He said nothing and just held Gu Huai’s hand.

Normal Zerg had a low body temperature. Gu Huai wasn’t the same. His body temperature was as warm as a human. Thus, once Alves held his hand, Gu Huai clearly felt the slightly colder temperature on the back of his hand.

The bones of the hand seemed very fragile and easily crushed. Alves felt this and didn’t dare to hold the hand with strength. Gu Huai’s body didn’t have the normal Zerg defense. An ordinary Zerg’s skin was difficult to be damaged by general sharp instruments but Gu Huai wasn’t the same. Thus, the Zerg always treated him with a careful attitude.

Even Alves understood this vulnerability. If he wanted to destroy then it was naturally very easy. Alves could use the power of an alpha Zerg to directly crush this hand to powder. The difficulty was protecting this fragile but precious thing.

After a while, Gu Huai felt that Alves should be coaxed and pulled his hand back.

“Let’s go and see the air rail being built. If it works well then I think Tuser can also use  the air rail.” Gu Huai looked in the direction of the project. His presence at the construction site really sped up progress. Gu Huai had been a bit speechless at this setting but he finally accepted it. Alves didn’t object and it didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at the place where the air rail was being built on Ivy Star.

A quarter of the progress had been completed. Gu Huai wandered dutifully on the scene for a while. Then he wanted to go to Siva to ask how the soldiers of the Grey Tower had been during this time. Coincidentally, just as Gu Huai took Alves past, he saw Siva and Siva’s former lover together.

“This isn’t a place where you should come. Don’t you see what I’m like now? Go back? The entire Sano family is waiting for you to inherit.” Siva spoke indifferently.

“Fine. I will go back and marry eight or ten wives. I’ll send you my wedding stickers once a month.” The young man next to him was obviously dressed as a nobleman’s son. He stared and was ready to leave with these words.

However, he failed to walk away. Silva was deliberately stimulated by the young man’s words and grabbed the other person’s wrists tightly. The two people didn’t give in to each other. It was unknown what conversation took place but they eventually kissed each other like they were biting each other.

Gu Huai saw this scene from a few metres away. His first reaction was to avoid it. As a result, he turned his head and saw Alves continue to watch without any expression. Gu Huai coughed to attract the attention of the other person.

Alves lowered his eyes slightly. He had just learned the correct kissing position and his eyes stopped on Gu Huai’s lips for a while. Gu Huai looked at him doubtfully. Alves moved closer to the other person and lowered his head.

“Kissing can only be done with the person you like.” Gu Huai finally found that Alves learned from what he just observed and stopped the other side’s behaviour. He spoke with a helpless tone as he reeducated the big cat. “I told you before…”

“I like Ahuai.” Alves interrupted Gu Huai’s words in a low and cold voice, golden vertical pupils not moving away from the other person.

Gu Huai suddenly froze. There were too many things in these words that made him stupefied. No matter what Alves said to him and when he called the other person ‘Chirp Chirp’, this was the first time he heard such words.

Gu Huai didn’t know how to react and heard Alves say, “I want to see you.”

It wasn’t the first time Gu Huai heard this sentence. Thus, he asked, “Because looking at me makes you feel quiet?”

This dependence made the other people misunderstand that it was liking…

Thinking of this, Gu Huai tried to organize his words. “Then imagine if there is another person who can make you feel quiet. In fact, you will discover that you have the same feelings for that person as you do for me…?”

As Gu Huai spoke, a slightly uncomfortable feeling filled his heart but it disappeared so quickly that he couldn’t capture it.

Alves frowned. “I just want to see you.”

“It is because you haven’t met another person who can make you feel peaceful. If you meet them…”

“It’s not the same.” Alves watched him with certainty, voice low and slow. “No one else but you can do.”

Gu Huai, “…”

He couldn’t organize any more words. Only kiss the person you like. Alves didn’t understand this rule but the Zerg only kissed someone they really liked. Since he was rejected, Alves bowed his head and took a step back after kissing the corner of Gu Huai’s lower lip. “Only you.”

I like you.

The author has something to say:

Chirp Chirp kissed Huaibao and happily shook his tail.

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