INH: Chapter 43

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That garbage courier company sent him the real person??? This idea flashed through Colin’s mind the moment he opened the door to see the black haired young man standing among the circle of soldiers. After all, the little doll was only a chibi version. It couldn’t really determine what the real person would look like.

Once Colin saw this person, he suddenly felt like a voice was speaking to him. This was the man.

Colin’s heart jumped. Then he quickly awakened from his sluggishness and his mind recovered. First of all… he definitely knew that the young man in front of him wasn’t sent from the curious company. He was the Star Alliance person brought back from Lorda Star that the soldiers had mentioned.

However, the other side was clearly the king of the Zerg. Why…

Before Colin could think, one of the Grey Tower soldiers in front of him stated, “We will now take him to his cell.”

“Wait a minute.” Colin reflexively stopped the person. He hid the doll in his hand behind him and stabilized his expression in front of his subordinates’ questioning eyes. “First… there is no vacancy in the cells. They’re full.”

Another Grey Tower soldier at the scene heard this and was a bit puzzled. “It shouldn’t be full. The prison at our base is quite empty.”

“it’s full.” Colin repeated in a certain tone and added, “It became full yesterday. Something happened at the base that you didn’t know about.”

Colin’s second sentence seemed to convince the puzzled Grey Tower soldier. He nodded and didn’t ask for more details. “Where should we keep him?”

Gu Huai stood quietly and didn’t say anything. The only reaction he showed to the mention of the prison being full was a blink. It was as if he didn’t know what would happen to him. Gu Huai wasn’t anxious but Colin wasn’t calm. Nevertheless, he didn’t show any change in his expression. “The base has many spare rooms. Simply use one as a cell.”

Before any of the soldiers could respond, Colin seemed to casually add. “Just choose a room on the 17th floor in this building. Bring the person up.”

“There is only one room on the 17th floor…?” The soldier hesitated. He remembered that it was a particularly luxurious room that came with a balcony and a good view outside the window.

“Yes, I forgot.” Colin’s expression remained the same. “In any case, it is empty so just take him there.”

“I understand. Then as you said, we will starve him for a few days before calling the torture team over.” The soldiers nodded.

“Wait…!” Colin shouted after them for a second time.

The soldiers’ steps stopped again and doubt-filled their eyes.

“You don’t have to look for the torture team. This is an important prisoner and I’ll question him later.” Colin stated.

The Grey Tower soldier actually found it a little strange. In his impression, the other person didn’t like to take care of things. However, this thought was just fleeting before the soldier suppressed it.

This time, they could finally go. The soldiers wanted to take him away when at this time, Gu Huai finally opened his mouth.

“Ah… I won’t get anything to eat today?” Gu Huai asked in an ordinary tone, like he was simply expressing his doubts. “Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as well?”

Colin, “……”

Colin closed his eyes and thought he was going to pass out on the spot. If he passed out then he wouldn’t have to face this life-threatening reality. Even so, he couldn’t faint. Colin was calm on the surface but he was desperately scratching his head on the inside, trying to think about how to remedy it.

“…You can have some.” Colin’s voice was a bit weaker than just now.

The soldier next to him, “?”

No, didn’t he just say to starve people for a few days? Hearing the answer, Gu Huai blinked again.”Do you have any Nomick fish here? I want to eat this.”

The Grey Tower soldier to the left of Gu Huai didn’t have the Zerg genes or was an insider, so he only had one idea at this time. Weren’t they being too conscious of the prisoner captured by their troops?

Have you ever seen a prisoner orderly freely like he was at a restaurant? Then the reaction of his chief of staff made the Grey Tower soldier doubt his ears.

“You can have some.” Colin repeated his answer.

Both questions were answered positively. Gu Huai smiled and didn’t say anything else as the soldiers watching him took him to his ‘cell.’ Along the way, they encountered some Grey Tower soldiers. As long as they had amber pupils, they basically froze in their spot when they saw Gu Huai

The Gray Tower soldier in charge of watching Gu Huai was puzzled by the situation but he concentrated on his mission and took Gu Huai to the designated location. Gu Huai went to the sofa in the living room and sat down. He looked around the spacious and well-decorated room and was quite calm.

In order to keep the prisoner, the large balcony of the room was sealed up and the window wasn’t open. However, if he stood in front of the glass window then he could see a beautiful sea view. Yes, it was a sea view room.

No one would think this was the treatment of a prisoner. Thus, the Grey Tower soldier who brought Gu Huai to this room left with a strange expression.

Gu Huai came to the base of the Grey Tower in order to come into contact with the remaining Grey Tower soldiers. One of the high-level members had been encountered so he just needed to wait for the other person to come to him.

Gu Huai was calm as he looked around the locked room but Colin outside was in pain.

The usually always smiling expression was gone. He couldn’t make the fake smile at all. His abnormal expression made the Grey Tower soldiers uneasy since they had been suffering from training in recent days. They were afraid the other side would assign them training tasks.

Just now, he promised to let the black haired youth eat Nomich fish but there was none on Nira Star. Thus, as soon as the soldiers took the person away, Colin immediately opened his communication.

Colin ordered, “Go to the trade star next door to buy some Nomick fish. Return by 7 o’clock tonight… no, bring it back to the base by six.”

The subordinates who received communications, “…?”

The subordinates who received the task of buying fish from the next planet were a bit confused and couldn’t respond. The communication was cut off, leaving them with question marks.

At 6:30 p.m., Gu Huai’s locked door was opened on time. A three-tiered service cart was pushed in from the door of the room. Colin pushed this service cart in front of Gu Huai with a tense body.

“This is all my dinner?” Gu Huai looked at the three tiers. Each tier was full of exquisite dishes, making him ask curiously.

Colin nodded in a tense manner. “Yes.”

“Thank you.”Gu Huai thanked him with a smile, showing a bit of happiness.

“…You’re welcome.” Colin responded dryly.

“I can only stay in this room and can’t leave. Why did you capture me?” Gu Huai wondered in a warm tone.

In fact, he was the one who came of his own initiative but now he was falsely accusing them.

Colin, “……”

“Maybe it is a misunderstanding,” Colin explained. “Wait until I get the facts straightened out. Maybe… maybe you can leave this room.”

“I also think it was a misunderstanding. I went out without telling my family and my starship had just passed by Lorda Star. It didn’t take long for me to get caught but I don’t know what happened.” Gu Huai followed the other side’s words and started to make things up.

The moment Colin heard this, his mind made up a reasonable story. It turned out that his troops mistook the other person for an important member of the Star Alliance and brought him back here. The other side sneaked out. No wonder why there were no Zerg around to protect him. As Colin was filling in his brain, Gu Huai looked around the room. “There is nothing in the room so it is a bit boring. Can you give me some books to pass the time before you figure it out?”

“Yes.” Colin immediately agreed. “I’ll get someone to come over tomorrow.”

Gu Huai heard this and once again smiled. Due to his good mood, Colin’s vertical pupils slightly contracted.

At the end of the conversation, Colin quit the room.

When Colin left, there were a number of Grey Tower soldiers outside the door. They pretended to pass by while sneaking glances at the room. They all had the exact same pupils. Seeing that Gu Huai was locked in this room, the door of the room had an inexplicable attraction for them. They couldn’t help wanting to come and take a look.

“Alves.” Gu Huai called out in the room where there was no one but him.

Gu Huai had made an agreement with Alves before coming. If there was no monitoring in the room then he could appear. If there was monitoring, Gu Huai would just talk to himself. Once Gu Huai quietly called out a name and a tall and beautiful silver-haired Zerg emerged from a shadow in the room, close to Gu Huai’s side.

“Let’s have dinner.” Gu Huai coughed and placed the plate containing the Nomick fish in front of Alves. “Can you help me?”

Gu Huai couldn’t eat this type of fish. The first time he ate it, he had Alves’ help. It was because Alves was with him today that Gu Huai said he wanted to eat this type of fish.

He said they should eat together only to ask the other person to help him eat the fish. Gu Huai didn’t have time to reflect on his embarrassed feeling when Alves helped him knock apart the fish’s hard shell. It didn’t require the slightest effort from Alves. He knocked on the surface of the fish with cutlery before carefully pulling out all the fish bones, putting the fish on the plate.

“It is really good for a cat to eat a fish…” Gu Huai whispered to himself.

“Cat?” Alves’ eyes drooped slightly.

He didn’t expect his quiet words to be heard by the other person. Gu Huai raised his voice and scratched his cheek. “It is a very cute creature.”

Then Gu Huai quickly remembered that he promised the big cat in front of him to not call others cute. The other person wouldn’t be happy.

His sense of survival made Gu Huai want to quickly remedy this and he spoke earnestly. “You often make me feel like you’re a cat. Um…a type of big cat. It is because I think you’re cute that I think the cat is cute.”

The silver-grey tail behind Alves was flicking up and down. Once Gu Huai said this, the tail remained elevated and didn’t move much. Gu Huai gave this remedy a full score. Not only did the tail settle down, Alves’ pupils narrowed slightly. He didn’t speak but it was obvious he was in a good mood.

Why on earth did he like to be called cute? In front of him was a proud and indifferent silver cat but this big cat liked to be called cute. This made Gu Huai feel that the other side was cuter. He was so cute that Gu Huai couldn’t help back from reaching out to touch Alves’ hair. Alves was very obedient and even slightly bowed his head to let Gu Huai touch his hair easier.

Not long after dinner, the sky became completely dark. Gu Huai looked at the only bed in the room and was deep in thought. The room was designed to be a single luxury residence. Such a large room didn’t have a second bed.

Fortunately, the bed was big enough.

Gu Huai went to occupy the left and naturally patted the empty space on the right side of the bed. “You sleep here.”

In fact, he didn’t need much rest. However, Alves watched the black haired youth lying down on the bed and walked to the bed, taking off his uniform and putting it aside before laying down. Gu Huai fell asleep soon after lying on the bed. Alves didn’t really fall asleep.

In the entire Zerg race, only Gu Huai would sleep every day. The other Zerg slept every few days or didn’t need to sleep at all. They only occasionally took naps. Alves seldom slept. After Gu Huai fell asleep, Alves put his tail around the other side to form a half-circle with a protective posture.

The sleeping Gu Huai felt something around his body and subconsciously moved to touch this thing. He held it like it was a pillow. After hugging, Gu Huai subconsciously rubbed his face against it and in the process, his lips casually touched this tail. The unintentional kiss caused Alves to purse his lips. He quietly brought the young man into his arms using his tail.

The next day, Gu Huai woke up and saw Alves’ cold and long neck. Since he was only wearing a white shirt on his upper body, the smooth lines of his body, filled with power and beauty, were clearly revealed. He was now very close to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai was stunned for a few seconds. Once he found he was holding the other person’s tail, he became even more stunned. Was his sleeping habit so bad? Gu Huai couldn’t help doubting himself. Just as he was wondering what to do with the tail he was holding, the sound of footsteps approaching the door saved him.

The footsteps were slight but Alves heard them. He put his uniform jacket back on and lurked in the shadows. The man who came into the room was Colin. Yesterday, Gu Huai said he wanted a book. Today, Colin had people move a large bookcase of books into the room. He was now moving it in.

“So many books, it is enough for me to read for a while.” Gu Huai stated while looking at the bookcase.

Colin was happy at satisfying Gu Huai’s request. “In fact, there are more. I just moved some of them over.”

“I can’t finish reading all of this. My family will come for me soon. If you determine that I was captured because of a misunderstanding, I should be able to leave when my family comes here?” Gu Huai asked.

Family… leave…

The words suppressed Colin’s joy but he nodded. “En.”

“Speaking of which, your eyes are very much like my family’s.” Gu Huai spoke slightly. “It isn’t enough to see what race you are but your eyes give me a very familiar feeling.”

Colin’s mood was like riding a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. He was delighted by Gu Huai’s sentence.

“Previously on Lorda Star, I heard that the name of your organization seems to be the Grey Tower?” Gu Huai spoke like it was a normal topic. “What type of organization is the Grey Tower?”

Colin was asked this question and his brain started turning quickly. Despite only knowing each other for a short time, Colin could feel that the young man in front of him was truly gentle. Colin thought about how their organization was targeting the headquarters of the Star Alliance with the Meteorite and couldn’t help his mouth twitching.

No, he must not say this. Looking at the soft black hair of the young man in front of him, Colin quickly filtered out countless answers in his mind before finally blurting out.

“We are a charity.”

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Huaibao (blink): I have nothing to eat?

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Nyssa Browm
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seriously collin is too cute lol alves is too no i think its safe to say everyone in the story is

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I want to pet Alves too. But before I do I will get stabbed like a kabob.

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