INH: Chapter 42

Gu Huai led the large group of Grey Tower soldiers back to the residence provided by the Star Alliance branch. Through the follow-up process, the brains of the Grey Tower soldier were basically empty.

They couldn’t think about anything and their body was directed by the deepest consciousness of their brain. Before the Grey Tower soldiers could figure out what they were actually thinking, they had moved behind Gu Huai to ‘go back together.’

The guest residence was a large villa and could be called luxurious. The area was also wide but it wasn’t enough for so many Zerg and Grey Tower soldiers led by Gu Huai. Cullen and Royce saw Gu Huai bringing back so many Grey Tower soldiers and felt like it wasn’t unexpected. Now they were all whistleblowers.

Royce thought calmly and there was no sense of betrayal toward the organization in his heart. In any case, they weren’t doing it alone. Everyone was doing it so he was just… following the masses, following the trend!

The Grey Tower soldiers with the Zerg genes were now staring at Gu Huai. They couldn’t help wondering why the other side was treating them with a non-hostile attitude. He even said they should follow him back to this place. For the other side, shouldn’t they be enemies that needed to be destroyed?

In fact, they should ask themselves the same question but the Grey Tower soldiers couldn’t think so much right now. If Gu Huai saw them as enemies or strange then the instincts of the Zerg genes might have a limited effect.

However, considering the behaviour of Gu Huai towards them, the impact of the Zerg genes were stimulated to the maximum.

Gu Huai didn’t do this on purpose. He was soft towards these Grey Tower soldiers because he wanted to do so. After meeting with Cullen and Royce, the Grey Tower soldiers with Zerg genes were like half-Zergs in Gu Huai’s eyes. Gu Huai had no way of treating them coldly.

“There isn’t enough room here.” Gu Huai looked at the number of Grey Tower soldiers. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll ask the leader to arrange your residence.”

Gu Huai’s attitude was very natural. It wasn’t at all like there had been a battle between the two sides that ended before it started. Gu Huai’s words caused the Grey Tower soldiers’ vertical pupils to slightly contract. They subconsciously wanted to comply with Gu Huai’s words but at the same time, they were restrained and didn’t know how to respond.

“This is just a temporary place to stay. You’ll come back with me to another planet later.” Gu Huai thought about it and added a sentence.

It was ‘go back’ again. These words always had a considerable impact on the Grey Tower soldiers. The words ‘go back’ implied they had a place of origin. This particular sentence spoken by Gu Huai easily shook the Grey Tower soldiers with Zerg genes.

These words were clearly an empty promise and there was no real guarantee. The other side didn’t even say what planet they would go to. However, the soldiers in the Grey Tower heard Gu Huai’s words and couldn’t help their eyes brightening.

Even if the Grey Tower soldiers didn’t show a too obvious expression, the shaking of their body and the way they stared at Gu Huai while refusing to move their eyes stunned the Grey Tower soldiers without Zerg genes.

For the Grey Tower soldiers without Zerg genes, they were the most ignorant ones from beginning to end.

“You are betraying the organization like this?” One of the soldiers broke the silence.

The moment this sentence emerged, the Grey Tower soldiers who wanted to follow Gu Huai were stunned and their expressions became a bit more unnatural.

Before Gu Huai could say anything, one of the first defectors, Cullen spoke without changing his expression. “We have no relationship with the Grey Tower. The members only stayed together because we have the same goal. Now we are leaving the organization because our goal has changed. This is normal and proper behaviour.”

Royce helped while keeping his eyes closed. “What betrayal? This is called job hopping, do you understand?”

Originally, most of the Grey Tower soldiers couldn’t move their eyes from Gu Huai. Now that someone offered them an excuse, they almost immediately agreed. Yes, it wasn’t a betrayal. It made sense when hearing this!

This excuse meant the Grey Tower soldiers could defect with a clear conscience. Such a response made the soldier who asked the question turn red. The few of them without the Zerg genes needed an excuse to convince themselves. Of course, they hoped that someone would be willing to accept them and it was hard to deny the wavering, but could they really defect so quickly?

Cullen had insight into their psychology and went over to pat his companion on the shoulder. “Caring about your dignity too much will make life unhappy. We have already been very unhappy.”

For the first time, he heard someone speak so shamelessly. The person who was hit on the shoulder couldn’t help being shocked but deep down, he was thoroughly convinced.

Things developed like this. All the soldiers of the Grey Tower reached an agreement and easily defected. Even if Gu Huai sat there and didn’t do anything, most of the Grey Tower soldiers couldn’t help watching him. Once they realized they were watching, they tried to look away but finally shifted back.

It was a situation where they wanted to see but didn’t dare. Despite this, they couldn’t help me.

Gu Huai told them, “Just look.”

The performance of these Grey Tower soldiers reminded Gu Huaiof the Zerg who just met him. This made Gu Huai slow down their voices even more. The leader of the Star Alliance branch came here and saw that the Grey Tower soldiers were already obedient to Gu Huai.

The leader, “…”

Facing the Star Alliance people, the Grey Tower soldiers were still cold and hostile. The difference in treatment made the Grey Tower soldiers speechless.

“The Star Alliance isn’t your enemy now.” Gu Huai stated.

The moment that Gu Huai spoke, the Grey Tower soldiers obediently converged their hostility. Their expressions changed so fast that the people in charge marveled. The leader of the branch came here to discuss things with Gu Huai and ask the other side for help.

He knew that most of the Grey Tower soldiers had Zerg genes integrated with them. Gu Huai was their ultimate weapon against the Grey Tower. In order for the Star Alliance headquarters to survive, they had to get Gu Huai’s help.

Gu Huai listened to the leader’s intentions behind visiting and said, “We originally came here for that purpose and are willing to help, but…”

“But what?” The leader asked instantly.

Gu Huai seemed to think for a moment before replying, “Once this matter is over, my side might have something we need the Star Alliance to resolve.”

Was this a reminder that the Star Alliance owed them? This was truly a big debt. The leader nodded solemnly. “You can rest assured that the Star Alliance will give you a satisfactory return.”

The Star Alliance was a symbol of interstellar peace. Taking into account their reputation, they owed the Zerg and would naturally return it.

“Yes,” Gu Huai smiled. “The specifics of how to repay us will be mentioned later.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be too difficult for you.” Gu Huai added.

In the beginning, Gu Huai didn’t want to take the initiative to ask for this favour. He took the Zerg to help the Star Alliance to show their attitude. Now that something unexpected happened, he needed to consider the survival of these soldiers.

The forces of several Grey Tower branches had gathered together to attack Lorda Star. This was originally the orders from the base. If this force didn’t return or there was no news from them, the higher-ups of the Grey Tower might directly move up the launch time of Meteorite.

“Let’s pretend the planet was occupied by the Grey Tower forces first.” Gu Huai spoke to the leader before turning his head to the soldiers. “Tomorrow, a small team will separate to take me to the base of the Grey Tower. You will say that I’m a prisoner captured in the battle between you and the Star Alliance.”

“Your Majesty?” All the Zerg around Gu Huai suddenly showed a big reaction.

Letting the king run to a dangerous place was absolutely unacceptable for any Zerg. Every Zerg present showed a strong sense of resistance.

Alves didn’t say a word but he directly circled Gu Huai’s body with his tail. There was no expression on his face but he didn’t mean to let go.

Gu Huai had predicted this scene before speaking and explained, “The base of the Grey Tower shouldn’t be a dangerous place for me. In addition, Alves can come with me. If there is any real danger, he can take me away with his space transfer ability.

Gu Huai said this because Alves had the ability to perfectly hide his body. It was also to appease this cat. At this serious scene, he quietly touched the silver-grey tail around him. Gu Huai’s words and caress of the tail made the cold expression on Alves’ face slightly relax but his lips were still flat.

“The location of Meteorite is only known to the higher-ups of the Grey Tower base. The most direct way to learn its location is to take me to the base.” Gu Huai kept speaking while touching the unhappy tail.

The tail was happy and the big cat was happy.

In the Grey Tower organization, the soldiers with fused Zerg genes were the majority. Even if the soldiers with the Zerg genes didn’t follow Gu Huai’s instructions, it was absolutely impossible to hurt him. The Zerg present were actually very clear about this and reluctantly agreed with Gu Huai’s decision after appearing him.

The base of the Grey Tower was in a grey area not under the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance. Specifically, the grey area was occupied by various independent organizations. For example, the mercenaries occupying the Kenyan Galaxy.

The real base of the Grey Tower was Nira Star in this galaxy.

The atmosphere of the Grey Tower baes had been a bit tense these days. it was because Colin, second-in-command of the base, had been a bit grumpy in recent days. This type of grumpiness was characterized by him always smiling as he assigned his subordinates a variety of training tasks that exhausted and tired them out.

Colin ordered 10 urgent parcels from the Star Network store a few days ago. It was unknown what happened but the starship carrying the parcels had stopped for a long time at a planet on the way. These parcels were originally supposed to be delivered in one day. Colin already felt he couldn’t wait that long and now he had to wait for several days. If there was one more Meteorite in the Grey Tower, Colin would’ve wanted to blow up the courier company.

This afternoon, Colin finally received his order of 10 parcels. He immediately took them to his room and was ready to happily open them. Colin carefully cut open the package with scissors and soon removed a small doll from the package. Seeing the doll, Colin’s eyes lit up.

That Siva guy was really stingy. Colin previously said that he would exchange two dolls for one but the other side refused. Okay, now he bought 10 for himself and wouldn’t care about the other side. He thought this while continue to open the packages. Before the last package was opened, Colin heard a knock on the door.

“What’s the matter?” Colin was opening an important package and didn’t want to deal with people at all. His tone was a bit impatient.

A voice from outside the door was heard. “Reporting, Lorda Star has been occupied by our forces. From there, they brought back a Star Alliance person for interrogation…”

Before he finished, Colin interrupted the other person. “Why are you coming to me for interrogation? Why don’t you bring him to the torture team?”

At the same time, he finally opened the last package. Colin put the nine dolls at the head of his bed and left the last one for him to hold. Then he went to the door and said, “First, shut the person up in prison. Don’t give him food and starve him for a few days. Then have the members of the torture team question him—”

The moment the door opened, Colin was caught off guard by a pair of black eyes. The owner of these eyes was a young man, who was very clean and beautiful. He looked very comfortable standing there despite being escorted by a few Grey Tower soldiers.

Colin looked at the young man with black hair and black eyes in front of him and then down at the same doll in his hand.


The author has something to say:

Before seeing Huaibao.

Colin: Don’t give him food. Torture him to extract a confession.

After seeing Huaibao.

Colin: Come and eat quickly. What? No interrogation!

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