INH: Chapter 4

Speaking of the Zerg turmoil caused by the unconscious Gu Huai, this matter started more than a dozen hours ago.

The spiritual link was Gu Huai’s innate ability as king of the Zerg. The role of this ability was to build spiritual links and Gu Huai could convey his consciousness to any Zerg.

It could be a single, purposeful communication or group communication that was large enough to cover the entire race. There was no distance limit.

As long as Gu Huai wanted it, the Zerg would receive his spiritual link no matter how far away.

Gu Huai’s planet was a very remote, abandoned planet. There were no intelligent creatures on the planet except for him and the dozens of Tak Zerg in the cave. These Tak Zerg were the only ones who knew he broke out of the eggshell and was born.

Then when he fell half a day ago, Gu Huai instinctively built a spiritual link because of the pain stimulation.

This spiritual link was also the group type.

If he compared the Zerg to a group cat, Gu Huai’s spiritual link was tantamount to @ all the members in the group.

The consequences were predictable.

Throughout the universe, all races at war with the Zerg forces should have the same feeling.

“F*k, did these Zerg eat medicine that made them explode?!”

The low-grade Zerg in the Zerg army suddenly entered a collective rage, their fighting force soaring so much that the soldiers of other races were caught off guard.

These low-grade Zerg stared at them like they had done something heinous and unforgivable.

In addition, The Zerg troops vented their anger and fought with them for less than a minute before acting like they were air. The Zerg turned and quickly retreated from the battlefield, so quickly that no one would catch up.

This confused the various ethnic forces who had been ready to abandon the occupation of the new resource star.

All the resources stars in the interstellar world that didn’t have their data registered were ownerless territory. The race that first found and occupied this planet could obtain ownership of this resource star.

It was also simple if multiple forces found it at the same time. They could either discuss sharing or fight directly. The party that withdrew first was regarded as voluntarily giving up possession of the planet.

The current situation was that the Zerg troops were fighting them very well. The Zerg suppressed them in military force, only to pat their ass and turn away, directly giving them the resource star.

Was there such a good thing in this interstellar world?

The Zerg race’s actions caused shock among the ethnic forces as well as a lingering fear of the collective rampage of the Zerg. They felt the situation was somewhat unusual but didn’t want to touch the Zerg at this time.

Gu Huai’s spiritual link might be very short but it was enough to declare his existence to the entire Zerg race.

The higher grade Zerg with normal intelligence still had the ability to think, while the low-grade Zerg lacked intelligence and responded more directly. They instinctively started to search for it.


The universe was so vast that the short spiritual link didn’t allow these Zerg to determine their king’s location.

However, their king called them and they had to find him.

Gu Huai, the man living on the remote planet, knew nothing about what he caused. He spent two days on this planet after his initial transmigration.

The planet was poor in resources and the environment was very bad. Gu Huai already knew this after two days of living here.

On this planet, there were no other intelligent creatures other than him and the Tak.

Most of the native species that could adapt to the planet’s harsh environment were ferocious but naturally, they were nothing in front of the Tak.

Their king was in the cave and the large and dangerous Tak guarded the entrance of the cave. They were highly protective and directly attacked anything that attempted to go near the cave.

They didn’t engage in any negotiations. The act of approaching the nest was marked as a threat in the eyes of these Tak.

The threat must be handled because their king couldn’t be harmed.

Gu Huai had the experience of these two days and was very aware that the Tak’s protective mentality was like a parent. It wasn’t until something happened this morning that Gu Huai knew the extent to which these parents would protect him.

Even a yellow butterfly that flew to the mouth of the cave was dangerously close to dying.

Gu Huai prevented this scene from happening and his lips slightly twitched.

This world was truly wonderful. A fragile creature such as a butterfly tenaciously survived on this barren planet that ordinary large beasts couldn’t survive on.

The butterfly who didn’t know it almost died flutters its wings as it flew and landed on the back of Gu Huai’s hand.

It was indeed a butterfly. It might’ve adapted to the environment and become a variation but it still didn’t have any lethality.

The moment the butterfly rested on the back of Gu Huai’s hand, the Tak Zerg around him instantly tightened their vertical pupils.

The Tak Zerg might be listening to Gu Huai and didn’t attack but they sent a hoarse warning sound from their throats, scarlet vertical pupils staring straight at the butterfly.

“It won’t hurt me.” Gu Huai slowed down his voice and patiently explained.

Seeing that this Tak Zerg were unmoved, Gu Huai looked at the butterfly and suddenly went on tiptoe, putting the butterfly on the sharp forearm of the Tak Zerg in front of him.

The yellow butterfly obediently parked there. It was so weak that it couldn’t feel the danger around it.

Good features required embellishment. Gu Huai felt that the butterfly on the Tak’s forearm made this scene very lively and harmonious.

“Look, isn’t it beautiful?” Gu Huai said with a smile.

Hearing this sentence, the Tak Zerg with the butterfly on its sharp forearm cocked its head. The scarlet eyes stared at the butterfly for a moment before looking up at Gu Huai, low voice coming from its throat.


This word was outside the Tak’s scope of understanding but since the young man’s eyes curved in a smile when he said it, they believed this word represented good things.

Of course, in the eyes of these Tak Zerg, the best thing in the world was the black-haired youth in front of them.

There was nothing for entertainment on this abandoned planet and outside the huge cave, Gu Huai could see a barren scene.

Dust flew, vegetation was very sparse and no water could be seen.

However, after going east, a small forest could be seen. The fruit that Gu Huai previously ate had been picked by the Tak from this forest.

There was still a lot of food left but Gu Huai wanted to explore the outside of the cave. Gu Huai stood in front of the Tak and raised his finger to the forest in the east.

“I want to go there.”

Gu Huai was looking up at the tallest Tak Zerg. If Gu Huai wasn’t present then this Tak would be the leader of this small force.

The young man pointed to this place and the Tak soon understood Gu Huai’s meaning.

The Tak Zerg would never refuse Gu Huai’s request. The group of Zerg followed as Gu Huai went smoothly to his destination.

He understood that this group of Tak Zerg were nervous and made sure to stay in their line of sight in order to prevent them from worrying.

Most of the trees in the forest were dark, just like the shell of the fruit Gu Huai had previously eaten. It was like charred charcoal.

A few trees with a normal colour bore golden fruit. It was very eye-catching among the black so Gu Huai saw it instantly and wanted to go over to pick it.

However, this tree was really too tall. Gu Huai could only stand nearby. As for climbing the tree… forget it.

The baby stared at the fruit on the tree for a few seconds. He didn’t say anything but the surrounding Tak understood what it meant.

They found that the baby wanted to reach out to pick it on his own.

Realizing this, a Tak Zerg approached Gu Huai and leaned down.

Gu Huai, “?”

Gu Huai looked over with puzzled eyes. He didn’t know what this Tak Zerg wanted to do but he didn’t move because he understood the other side wasn’t going to hurt him.

The next second, the huge Tak Zerg extended his forearm to Gu Huai, easily lifting him up and carefully placing him on its left shoulder.

His height changed and Gu Huai’s vision suddenly became broad. The surrounding scenery in his eyes became different.

Gu Huai couldn’t respond for a second or two after being placed on the shoulder of the Tak Zerg. Then the Tak Zerg carried him to just below the golden fruit he had been looking at.

“Hiss…” The Tak Zerg made a low sound as it raised the youth to a place he could pick the fruit just by stretching out his hand.

This way, the baby would be happy.

Gu Huai reached out to pick the fruit. He looked down at the golden fruit in his hand for a moment before suddenly rubbing his cheek against the hard shell of the Tak’s head.

At almost the same time, the Tak Zerg’s pupils shrank from a relaxed state to a needle and the sound in its throat became much clearer.

The other Tak Zerg saw this scene and stared firmly. One by one, they learned how to carry Gu Huai on their shoulders.

They also wanted to be intimate with the youth.

The weather on this barren star was varied. In some areas, it was sunny one second and then raining without any warning the next second.

The weather grandfather’s temper was probably good together. A drizzle started first, allowing Gu Huai and the surrounding Tak Zerg enough reaction time.

It was raining but the Tak didn’t have the concept of sheltering from the rain.

Once again, they could survive in a harsh environment and a storm was nothing.

However, their king was different.

The Tak Zerg carrying Gu Huai instinctively put Gu Huai down.

Once Gu Huai stood on the ground, the Tak Zerg covered Gu Huai with its large body and stood motionless, like a huge rock.

This way, the young man wouldn’t get caught in the rain.

Would their king feel cold in such weather?

If the young person felt cold, how could they get something warm so that their king was in a comfortable environment?

The rain kept dripping around them and the Tak Zergs’ only thoughts were related to Gu Huai.

The rain on this abandoned planet was corrosive and trees that could grow in this environment were said to be very resilient.

It often rained in this forest area. Since exposure of the body could cause damage, the planet’s ferocious native species didn’t go near the forest.

The ones who often came to this small forest were probably only these Tak Zerg.

They came here to collect fruit and prepare food for the baby after he was born.

There might be a lot of damage but for these high-defense Tak Zerg, the rain in this place was superficial.

It would recover naturally after a day of resting in the cave and the Tak Zerg didn’t regard this level of minor damage as an injury.

“Let’s hurry back.” In fact, it hadn’t been long since they came out to explore but he didn’t want the surrounding Tak Zerg to continue being rained on. Gu Huai immediately made a decision.

The rain on this planet wasn’t the same as ordinary rain and Gu Huai discovered this.

If he could make an umbrella…

On the way back to the cave, Gu Huai asked a Tak Zerg to cut him a few branches to bring back. Once at the cave, Gu Huai sat on the ground with these branches.

Gu Huai recalled that when he broke out of the eggshell, he subconsciously used an ability to make the clothes he was wearing.

He thought that he wanted clothing and the eggshell in his hand disappeared into the air and clothing appeared on him.

Could he interpret this ability as being similar to equivalent exchange…?

The most primitive substance that made up the clothing was fiber and the eggshell that made up the Zerg egg wasn’t ordinary. It was reasonable that this substance could be exchanged for a piece of clothing.

Gu Huai had a basic awareness of his ability and put his hand on the long branch and huge leaf on the ground, trying to imagine the shape of an umbrella.

The branch became the frame of the umbrella and the leaves the canopy of the umbrella.

In the blink of an eye, several branches and leaves that Gu Huai touched disappeared. As he wished, a new creation appeared on the ground that could be used as an umbrella.

It wasn’t very sophisticated and was even a bit ugly but Gu Huai happily picked up this ugly umbrella from the ground. He walked to a Tak Zerg watching him and held up the umbrella to it.

“For you.” Gu Huai handed the new creation to the Tak Zerg in front of him, eyes smiling.

The Tak Zerg gently held the handle of the umbrella, scarlet eyes staring for a while.

It didn’t know what this thing was used for but it didn’t stop the Tak Zerg from being happy that the youth gave him a gift.

Gu Huai wanted to create a few more umbrellas but the consumption of mental strength caused him to feel a strong burst of sleep. He once again fell asleep on the ground.

As a Zerg, Gu Huai’s situation was very special. He had been in the egg for decades and his body had already advanced to the humanoid adult form, but his mental strength was just the level of a baby.

It was why he felt sleepy after building a wide range of spiritual links or using his power.

Just as Gu Huai fell asleep, an overwhelmingly one-sided battle had just ended in the Santa Galaxy hundreds of stars away.

The Saatchis who ruled this galaxy were recognized as the most powerful individual fighting race in the interstellar world. However, at this moment, the Saatchi soldiers were lying on the ground. They were facing only one enemy.

It was easy to judge from the Zerg that the person in the centre of the war circle was a Zerg and it was a high-ranking Zerg.

The higher-grade Zerg had an appearance similar to humans but their eyes were vertical pupils and they retained some Zerg features.

The higher-grade Zerg in the war circle was currently expressionless. A black blindfold was covering his eyes so people couldn’t see the emotions in his eyes and therefore found it hard to distinguish his mood.

His eyes might be blocked but based on the other facial features, this high-grade Zerg was undoubtedly unusually beautiful. It was just that he looked extremely cold due to a lack of expression.

The battle had clearly just ended but the militant mood still hadn’t been removed from Alves’ heart. He looked indifferently around the battlefield and then shook off the blood on the tip of his tail with an impatient look.

He was like a dangerous beast that had just finished hunting but still hadn’t left this state.

It was noisy…

Despite being blindfolded and not being able to see anything, his ears instinctively captured sound. The superior hearing ability of the higher-grade Zerg only had a negative impact on Alves.

Countless sounds were mixed together and this made him very irritable. Alves didn’t know how far he was from completely falling into madness.

A few hundred metres away from here, a group of high-grade Zerg in black uniforms were watching from afar. They didn’t dare to approach at his time.

“The boss’ recent emotional state seems more and more unstable lately…” Alger spoke in a worried tone as he looked at the silver-haired Zerg.

The other high-grade Zerg didn’t say anything but they agreed with Alger.

They didn’t know the reason but from time to time, their leader would fall into an abnormal state. It was like the Tak Zerg’s berserk state and anyone who was on the other end of their leader was unlucky.

As the deputy, Alger had more than one headache.

The biggest headache right now was due to the spiritual link he received for a short moment, a number of high-grade Zergs on the battleship had lost their souls. Some of them already wanted to leave to find the king…

The spiritual link was very short, the distance was extremely far away and the king’s spiritual strength wasn’t strong after being born. This meant the spiritual link wasn’t very clear and the influence was relatively limited.

Even so, Alger had been listening to his colleagues on the battleship for two days.

“The king… what if the king is bullied on another planet?”

“The king must’ve been bullied. That’s why a pained sound emerged.”

“The king was just born and is just a baby… if he encounters someone from a hostile race…”

They all felt suffocated at the thought of their young king possibly being captured by the enemy.

The reason why they hadn’t left yet was because they were desperately waiting patiently. If the king built another spiritual link, they would probably directly betray the current leader and rush in the link’s direction.

Alger listened to the words and his mood was complicated.

There was no way… he couldn’t think about it anymore. If he thought about it, he would also want to go search.

The Zerg were originally without a king. They always thought the alpha class Zerg like their leader were already the top power of the Zerg. Then this idea was completely broken by the spiritual link two days ago.

Regardless of what his subordinates were doing hundreds of metres away, the silver-haired Zerg failed to suppress the restlessness caused by the battle and the pressure around him made him colder and scarier.

There was only one line between reason and madness.

The limit might come at any time. The moment the irritability accumulated to an impending outbreak, a voice directly conveyed into his consciousness made Alves stop moving.

「 Call… don’t be angry… 」

Gu Huai could perceive the mood of the Zerg family. This wasn’t necessarily an active ability. If a Zerg’s emotions were too strong then he might passively receive it.

He perceived a sharp madness in his sleep and Gu Huai subconsciously tried to appease it.

The pent-up irritability and destructive desire suddenly subsided. Thanks to this voice, something deep in Alves’ heart stopped at the edge of collapse.

His world quieted down for a moment.

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