INH: Chapter 37

Gu Huai’s educational topic was blocked by Alves’ words. He could only listen to his big silver cat’s words. After this day, he had to compromise with the other person’s tail circling him. He was almost always held by the tail and had to coax the big cat to let go.

Gu Huai quickly gained a lot of coaxing experience and there were many tricks. He could either touch Alves’ hands, hair or tail or open a blank check, promising to let the other person circle him with the tail when other people weren’t around. In this way, Alves was willing to let him go.

Previously, Gu Huai said not to do it next time. He was confused about how it developed into this. He said that Alves shouldn’t casually act like this to other people. As a result, Alves now did it almost all the time. How to coax him?

Gu Huai was worried by this. However, Gu Huai also felt that he couldn’t blame the other person. Blaming the big cat in front of him was just a foul.

Once Gu Huai seriously said no, Alves wouldn’t approach him but his tail would sink down. The moment Gu Huai saw the silver-grey tail hanging down, he became soft-hearted and would easily compromise.

The more he compromised, the lower Gu Huai’s bottom line became. Now he didn’t see Alves casually hugging others. This way, Gu Huai didn’t have to worry so he subconsciously accepted the status quo.

His relationship with Alves changed these days. Gu Huai didn’t feel anything but the other people seeing it wasn’t the same.

Capalia, who had been on guard against Alves, became colder and colder. It was like two icebergs collided when they came face to face. Gu Huai was innocently frozen next to them. It wouldn’t work like this.

Gu Huai intended to talk to Capalia alone to mediate the contradiction. However, a sudden interstellar emergency caused Gu Huai to shift his attention. This emergency wasn’t directly related to the Zerg race but would affect all the stars. The Zerg couldn’t completely stay out of the way.

It was a bit complicated and the cause went back years.

A few years ago, the original head of the Star Alliance’s research team hid from his superiors that he was carrying out a large number of illegal human experiments. The goal of the experiment was to genetically transform soldiers and create powerful super soldiers.

The former head of research was called Gavin Aleholt, a scientist who was widely regarded as a genius throughout the entire universe. He was still young in age but he had been called one of the great figures in the new era of history by the public.

The so-called genetic modification was forcing the experimental body to fuse with the genes of other races, in order to achieve a better combat ability. Such human experiments were absolutely prohibited and offenders were sent directly to prison. They were eligible for life imprisonment and there was no chance of lightening the sentence.

Before the incident came to life, Gavin escaped from the Star Alliance’s headquarters with a large number of confidential documents and several researchers. The Star Alliance only knew the truth of his defection after an investigation but it was too late to pursue him.

In the years since Gavin’s defection, the Star Alliance had been unable to catch the person or even find his whereabouts.

Now the Star Alliance learned that the defector had set up a large group called the Grey Tower in a grey area outside the alliance’s jurisdiction. Apart from Gavin and several researchers, the members of this organization were basically all soldiers who had been genetically modified.

These special forces, without exception, had excellent fighting abilities better than ordinary soldiers. The current emergency was that the organization called the Grey Tower had launched an attack on the Star Alliance.

This attack was only aimed at a few branches of the Star Alliance and wasn’t enough to be called an emergency. The real emergency was that the Grey Tower aimed the ‘Meteorite’ at the headquarters of the Star Alliance.

Meteorite was a type of weapons to be used against planets. In the beginning, Gavin led his team of researchers to design conceptual drawings. If the weapon’s power matched the design concept, only one charge was needed and the Meteorite could destroy most of the planet.

Before Gavin’s defection, the weapon’s conceptual design drawings were only half-completed. At that time, Meteorite had been unanimously recognized as a conceptual weapon that couldn’t be manufactured by any research team in the Star Alliance.

First of all, the conceptual design was very difficult. In the process of actual research and development, there were many problems that couldn’t be resolved with their current technology level.

For example, the Meteorite’s energy charging problem. Even if a bunch of expensive energy crystals were consumed, the energy wasn’t enough to complete an attack that could destroy a planet. The question of how the weapon itself could carry such a large amount of energy was also an unavoidable problem.

Now the planetary weapon had been manufactured. A lightweight version of Meteorite had been seized from some Grey Tower soldiers and the Star Alliance was forced to believe it. Then the Grey Tower announced a countdown to launching Meteorite at the Star Alliance.

The lightweight version and the planetary version were made according to the same principle. The real Meteorite had a long range according to the design concept. The Star Alliance couldn’t find the location of Meteorite and at present, their current state was very passive.

The Star Alliance was equivalent to a symbol of peace in the new era. If the Star League’s headquarters were really destroyed then their authority would undoubtedly be greatly affected. The symbol of peace would disappear. As a result, it was almost inevitable that turbulence would fill the universe.

The Zerg themselves were strong enough to be less affected by the turmoil than other weak races but it would still affect Gu Huai’s original diplomatic and racial development plan. In addition, Meteorite was a weapon used against planets. It was an illegal technology that even the Zerg should be afraid of.

Based on the lethality of the Meteorite, its manufacturing conditions would obviously be very harsh and wasn’t easy to reproduce. Like most leaders of other races, Gu Huai hoped that the weapon was destroyed. It was better not to let it see the light of day.

“The Grey Tower has launched varying degrees of attacks on many branches of the Star Alliance. Your Majesty, should we send troops as reinforcements?” The chief of staff asked with a calm expression.

The existence of the Meteorite weapon was worth letting the Zerg get involved in this incident. According to the changes in the Zerg’s foreign policy, the chief of staff believed they could use this opportunity to establish a relationship with the Star Alliance.

They could also wait until a branch of the Star Alliance experienced more difficulties before sending reinforcements, so that this favour would become heavier.

The chief of staff pushed up his glasses as he calculated the benefits. Gu Huai nodded. He could read the words that the chief of staff didn’t say and opened his mouth. “We don’t need to show off our favour. We just need to express our attitude.”

Thinking of the Grey Tower soldiers mentioned in the intelligence report, Gu Huai added without changing his expression, “The special forces who have been genetically modified might not be easy to deal with. We don’t need to send to many reinforcements. Just evacuate them.”

Gu Huai didn’t cling to a complete victory. They only needed to show their attitude. This matter should be carried out on the premise that his side wasn’t lost.

“You will be unhappy if we get hair?” Simodo grabbed his hair, a slightly troubled expression appearing on his fierce face.

“Yes,” Gu Huai confirmed it.

“Um…” Simido’s voice lowered and some of his fighting spirit dwindled. “Yes, this subordinate understands.”

He was like a ferocious dog who turned into a well-behaved dog. He couldn’t adapt to the collar around his neck but this collar was proof that he had a home. He felt very happy even if he was bound to some extent. At this point, the other army leaders, including Alves, sitting at the table all agreed with Gu Huai’s words.

“The last Star Alliance branch to be attacked by the Grey Tower was in the Covey Galaxy. They captured several Grey Tower soldiers alive in the fighting two days ago.” The chief of staff explained.

The Covey galaxy…

Gu Huai thought about the location of the galaxy. “Contact the branch. We will go for a trip.”

The Covey Galaxy wasn’t very far away from the Nordra Galaxy where Tuser was located. Gu Huai wanted to see for himself the genetically modified special forces of the Grey Tower. If the Star Alliance wanted to get help from the Zerg regarding this matter, they definitely wouldn’t refuse the request to see the captives.

The chief of staff quickly carried out Gu Huai’s instructions. The top official of the Star Alliance’s branch received contact from the Zerg and was stunned for a long time. He was surprised that the Zerg were intervening in this incident and showed an attitude that would provide help to the Star Alliance.

The Star Alliance was currently facing a very urgent situation and definitely hoped for more help, but the Zerg…

Thinking about how the Zerg took the initiative to help the Popolts, the branch’s top leader reluctantly calmed down and suppressed his doubts. He tried to agree to the Zerg’s request without stuttering.

The Zerg had always been extremely efficient at acting.  Gu Huai told them to go somewhere and the fleet immediately gathered at Tuser’s airport. It didn’t take Gu Huai long to get on a Yula warship to head to the Covey Galaxy.

The speed of the Yula warship meant it only took two and a half days to go from Tuser to Covey. During this time, the Grey Tower in a distant galaxy weren’t as anxious as the Star Alliance. Rather, they were leisurely.

For the Grey Tower, their attacks on the Star Alliance’s branches were nothing more than playing a recreational game, with no outcome in mind. It was because they had achieved their final goal from the start. The Meteorite would destroy Hill Star, where the Star Alliance’s headquarters was located. No one could change this result and the Grey Tower had won a long time ago.

“Hey, what is hanging from your weapon bag? Hahaha, I’m dying from laughter. You’re a big man yet you have a little person doll hanging from your weapons bag. I really didn’t expect you to have this hobby.” At the base of the Grey Tower that was unknown to outsiders, Colin poled the little doll he just saw with his fingers and covered his belly while laughing.

“Don’t touch it without washing your hands…” A voice spoke coldly. “Even after washing your hands, you can’t touch it. Next time, I will chop off your hands.”

“Wow, so scary.” Colin said so but he continued to smile, not afraid at all. “What is so precious? Was it sent by a former lover?”

Siva didn’t answer and stared at the other side coldly.

Colin was unmoved as he laughed. “Even if it was sent by a previous lover, you don’t have to treat it as a treasure. Look at monsters like us. No one will accept us. What is the use of remembering the past?”

Based on their appearance, the race of the two men in the Grey Tower couldn’t be seen. There were so many different ethnic characteristics mixed up that they looked quite strange. For example, Colin had a Sartoris’ tentacles and a Field’s grey-blue skin.

There was no doubt that the genetically modified experiments would become monsters in the eyes of the interstellar people. They wouldn’t be accepted by any race. After trying to go back to their former homes and being rejected, the soldiers of the Grey Tower understood this.

However, this genetic modification wasn’t something they wanted to accept voluntarily. The Grey Tower soldiers were originally mercenaries hired by Gavin. They were tricked and fell unconscious, forcing them to accept the genetic information.

Gavin also placed a special chip in them so they couldn’t act against him. The way to remove the chip had been found this year but by the time they tried to retaliate against Gavin, the other side had escaped.

Their anger required a catharsis. The soldiers of the Grey Tower had become monsters not accepted by any race and only wanted to destroy the interstellar symbol of peace.

Siva refused to communicate with his colleague again. Colin simply placed the doll’s image on the Star Network and saw several keywords.

“The king of the Zerg…?” Colin’s voice was low as he muttered to himself. Seeing the words ‘Zerg king’ and the corresponding black-haired and black-eyed pocket person, an indescribable feeling filled Colin’s heart. It was weird…

Colin’s amber vertical pupils narrowed slightly like something in him had been triggered.

Colin saw his colleague had the same vertical pupils and pretended to speak casually, “What? It is just a doll that can be bought casually on the Star Network. How about you give me this one first and I’ll buy you a new one?”

Siva continued to be expressionless.

“I’ll buy two! One for two is good enough!” Colin didn’t know why he suddenly wanted this little doll but he just wanted it. However, his colleague refused to let it go and he was a bit anxious.

“Get lost, buy it yourself.” The companion coldly ended the conversation.

Colin gritted his teeth and immediately ordered 10 urgent packages from the Star Network store. Even so, it would take a day for the express package to get here. The thought of waiting another day caused Colin’s vertical pupils to shrink even more. Suck vertical pupils belonged to the Zerg.

The Zerg was a natural fighting race. It was a well-established fact among the stars. Since this was a plan to create powerful soldiers, the Grey Tower soldiers were forced to undergo genetic modification and almost all of them were integrated with some Zerg genes.

After a two and a half day journey, Gu Huai’s side arrived at the Covey Galaxy. The Star Alliance’s branch they were going to was the Ioda Star of this galaxy.

Based on the experience of his last trip, Gu Huai was very low-key this time. The number of ships in the fleet was far less than last time and they barely disturbed any other planets on the road.

“The two Grey Tower soldiers who were captured at in this prison. You can go in and see them at will.” the top leader of the seventh branch of the Star Alliance showed a careful attitude to Gu Huai. Seeing Gu Huai nodding, he continued to lead the way.

The interior of the white prison was divided with a full transparent panel. Outsiders could see the status of the prisoners clearly. The two sides could also communicate and talk through the transparent board.

After a while, Gu Huai and the four army leaders were led to the place where the two Grey Tower soldiers were being held. Out of the two Grey Tower soldiers, one of whom continued to close his eyes and was too lazy to look at those who came. The other sneered at the head of the branch with vertical pupils.

“We interrogated them but they didn’t say anything. The person in charge of the interrogation said they don’t speak n any way so you might be disappointed. We haven’t pried out any useful information.” The leader was honest.

The Grey Tower soldiers probably didn’t want to live at all. They just wanted to destroy something. Such enemies were the most terrible.

“They refuse to speak no matter what?” Gu Huai walked in front of the transparent panel and looked at the two Grey Tower soldiers inside. He touched the silver-white scarf around his neck and frowned.

Whenever Gu Huai wore this scarf, Lisa would be in a good mood and she would be expressionless all day. Now that she saw Gu Huai frowning, she wasn’t happy and started to smile subconsciously.

Interrogation was her specialty. Lisa was just about to open her mouth when one of the detained Grey Tower soldiers interrupted her. The moment he saw Gu Huai behind the transparent panel., the sneering Grey Tower soldier suddenly froze and his vertical pupils uncontrollably contracted.

It was unknown what was happening but once he saw Gu Huai frowning, the Grey Tower soldier suddenly blurted out, “Not necessarily…”

This sentence echoed in the quiet prison, making the faces of the people present turn into a wonderful colour palette.

The person in charge of interrogation, “?”

The leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch, “?”

The companion next to him, “???”


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