INH: Chapter 36

The last time he kissed the baby form, Alves used the space transfer to leave. He hid in the shadows and waited for Gu Huai to fall asleep before kissing Gu Huai’s fingers.

The reason he did it secretly, apart from the ‘shyness’ Gu Huai mentioned, was also because of Alves’ self-awareness. He was always on the verge of losing control of himself. He was strange even among the Zerg. Alves thought that Gu Huai wanted to kiss him because he was in a relatively harmless baby form.

If he responded to the kiss in adult form, Alves felt that his touch would be hated and denied. Therefore, he didn’t do so when Gu Huai was awake. Since it wasn’t an honest kiss, Alves merely pecked at Gu Huai’s fingertips.

He was someone who could lose his rationality at any time. He should’ve consciously stayed away from the other person but Alves was always attracted by Gu Huai. His eyes would involuntarily chase Gu Huai’s figure and even his body would uncontrollably follow.

The moment that Gu Huai gently kissed his tail, Alves found it difficult to control his response. All of a sudden, his heart was filled with emotions he couldn’t understand. His heart was beating warmly. If he didn’t kiss the young man’s cheeks right away, Alves would even feel pain because of the strange emotions that were overflowing.

Gu Huai was caught off guard when his cheek was kissed. Once his senses returned, he reflexively raised a hand to cover the place that was kissed.

“Will you ask me to leave?” Alves asked in a low voice. His cold and low voice became more prominent.

Gu Huai didn’t know how to react and he heard the other side say, “I can’t leave. Can you ask me to do something else?”

Compared to being pressed against the sofa and kissed on the cheek, Gu Huai was more perplexed by Alves’ words. “Why should I ask you to leave?”

Alves replied, “I just did something that will make you hate me.”

Unlike hugging, kissing had a special meaning in the Zerg race. Alves knew that this behaviour couldn’t be done casually.

Instead of asking why the other person felt this way, Gu Huai blurted out, “However, I don’t hate it.”

Gu Huai wanted to bite his tongue after saying this. His sentence wasn’t wrong and he really didn’t hate Alves. It was just that it sounded strange in this context, as if he liked being kissed by Alves.

Gu Huai didn’t have time to repair his sentence. He saw that Alves seemed to be thinking before Alves asked, “You don’t hate it?”

Gu Huai gave up after a few seconds and nodded. “…I don’t hate it.”

Gu Huai finished speaking. The next moment, he was gently kissed by Alves on the lips. He didn’t know why. Previously, Gu Huai had been caught off guard on the cheek. This time, the tip of his ears turned red.

“Wait, that’s not… not hating it doesn’t mean you can always do it.” Gu Huai was in a bit of a hurry and his word order was messy. His flustered performance was different from his usual calm. Gu Huai occasionally felt speechless and helpless about certain things but he could accept them. It was just that this situation wasn’t within his range of calmness.

Alves had subconsciously shaken his tail when he heard Gu Huai say ‘I don’t hate it.’ Now he stared at Gu Huai without blinking and slightly cocked his head, ready to open his mouth.

“Don’t ask why.” Gu Huai interrupted quickly before the other person could speak. Gu Huai felt his words were a bit irrational but the big silver cat in front of him was very obedient.

“En.” Alves’ expression remained the same as he responded in a short manner.

Gu Huai was relieved for an unknown reason and pushed Alves’ shoulder in an attempt to free himself. Alves couldn’t be pushed with Gu Huai’s strength but he slowly moved in the direction Gu Huai pushed him in.

It was the same with his gaze. Gu Huai didn’t think it was special since he was watched by Alves all the time but now there was a trace of something unusual. Alves’ eyes were cold but under this cold surface, there was a type of pursuit. This pursuit was also intense, although the owner of the gaze failed to find it.

The heat hadn’t completely dissipated from the tip of Gu Huai’s ears. He couldn’t deliberately avoid Alves’ gaze and had to casually bring up a topic to cover his unnaturalness. “Your wings are too small to fly. Do you not have them in your adult form?”

Creatures would eliminate unwanted parts during the process of evolution. Gu Huai felt that Alves’ small wings in his baby period weren’t able to support the body flying. It wasn’t easy to fly up and he would soon fall.

Speaking of which, the young Alves was a bit like a… P-Patamon? For a moment, Gu Huai remembered the fantasy creature in a classic work. Besides the different coloured fur and eyes and the silver-grey tail, the shape was quite similar.

Alves didn’t immediately answer. His eyes stayed on Gu Huai’s face for a long time. Then the next second, huge silver-hair wings extended from his back, telling Gu Huai the answer. The silver-wings had the same cold, metallic texture as the tail. Placed on Alves’ body, there wasn’t a sense of violation. Rather, it gave off a strange beauty. If the baby small wings weren’t eliminated then they would look like this in adulthood.

“It is very nice.” Gu Huai expressed praise from his heart.

He was really a bit curious about this pair of silver wings. Gu Huai held back and asked, “Can I touch them?”

Alves silently moved his wings in front of Gu Huai, the silver wings almost surrounding the youth and making a semi-enclosed, small space. If Alves wanted, he could actually use these silver wings to completely surround Gu Huai.

Gu Huai didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with being surrounded by these silver wings. He received Gu Huai’s tacit permission and was now very excited to start studying the structure of these beautiful wings.

“Can it be used in combat?” Gu Huai looked at the silver wings and asked.

“Very little.” Alves spoke slightly. “The opponent is too weak to use it.”

Alves was expressionless at this time and wasn’t deliberately using a casual attitude to show his strength. He was just giving a plain statement. He called it research but Gu Huai was unilaterally touching the cold silver wings. After a few touches, Gu Huai heard a low and smug hum in his ears.

The wings were sensitive to touch. Alves didn’t normally show the silver wings so they were more sensitive than his tail. For combat, it was better for every part of the body to be as sensitive as possible. However, this was the first time Alves’ wings were touched outside of fighting.

The actions were meticulous and gentle. The silver wings were touched by Gu Huai and Alves passively felt tiny currents spring shooting through his body. This was a bit unbearable but Alves didn’t move his wings during Gu Huai’s touch.

“Is it itchy?” Gu Huai raised his head and was prepared to withdraw his hand in an embarrassed manner. Alves clenched his jaw and lips but he still moved his silver wings closer to Gu Huai’s hand. After receiving silent consent, Gu Huai continued to touch the wings for a while.

Alves didn’t let himself hum again from the strange feeling of his silver wings being touched. His expression was completely unaffected so Gu Huai wasn’t aware of his immoral behaviour. Apart from a handful of combat needs, Alves never showed his wings in front of others. However, Gu Huai’s curiosity and demands were different for Alves. It wasn’t until Gu Huai had touched enough and put down his hand that Alves blankly retracted his wings.

“Show me your wings again on another day.” Gu Huai’s red ear tips had returned to normal. He had completely calmed down. Now he made a request under Alves’ watchful eyes. Gu Huai subconsciously knew that Alves wouldn’t reject him and didn’t use a tone of inquiry.

“Okay.” Alves agreed, something imperceptible in his low and pleasant voice.

The other side had promised too easily. Without realizing it, Gu Huai took a bit more. “Next time, can I touch as well?”

Alves nodded. “Yes.”

The silver-haired Zerg in front of Gu Huai wore a military uniform and looked tall, cold and handsome. It formed a great contrast with Alves’ obedient response and expression. Gu Huai felt that the contrast was a foul.

This big cat was too good, good enough to make Gu Huai feel he was cute.

“You are so obedient that you will be bullied.” Gu Huai looked at Alves and was blinded by the meekness of the silver cat in front of him. At this time, he seriously educated the other person. “You see, I was bullying you yet you still promised.”

Gu Huai spoke sincerely but if other people could hear Gu Huai’s words, they would definitely show a strange and complicated expression. Since it was impossible to tell if Alves was ‘being bullied’ or ‘obedient’, only Gu Huai who had never see Alves’ cold side would think so.

The silver-haired man, who was taught, blinked gently. After a moment of reflection, Alves responded in a calm and slow tone. “Um, you can bully me.”

Alves made it clear that he wouldn’t regret what he just agreed to. Gu Huai found it a bit unbearable and reached out to pinch the other side’s cheek. “Are you doing this on purpose?”

If it wasn’t intentional then he just grew up cute. Alves didn’t move when Gu Huai gently pinched his left cheek. He didn’t struggle and just kept watching Gu Huai. This too simple and direct gaze was a bit uncomfortable. Gu Huai subconsciously loosened his pinch and used his hand to block the other side’s eyes.

He hadn’t resisted when being pinched but now Alves pulled down the hand blocking his eyes. “I want to see you.”

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai realized for the first time that he couldn’t escape Alves’ sight, because he couldn’t bear to drive the big cat away.

“You didn’t understand what I just said.” Regardless of the above, Gu Huai continued his teaching with a serious expression and tone. “I mean, you can’t be so obedient or else…”

Before Gu Huai could finish, Alves shook his tail slightly and lowered his head.

“I only listen to you,” he declared.

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✨ Noé ✨
1 year ago

“If it wasn’t intentional then he just grew up cute.” HAH This chapters are such a fouuul, they’re so cute! Thanks for translating!