INH: Chapter 35

Gu Huai couldn’t react after being embraced so suddenly. Once he came to his senses, he subconsciously struggled but this only resulted in the silver-grey tail binding him more tightly. Due to Gu Huai’s slight movements, Alves’ instincts stimulated by his sense of possessiveness became more intense. This was a very distinct emotional desire that made his heart’s agitation became strong and powerful, resulting in a direct desire.

Normally, he should feel uncomfortable being hugged by a person of the same gender but perhaps it was because Alves had always been simple and direct in Gu Huai’s eyes. He was always docile and obedient in front of Gu Huai, making Gu Huai unable to resist his approach.

Once a person was willing to let another person near, it actually showed that the latter had the opportunity to touch the first person’s inner defense. If there was a conscious desire to pursue someone, this was the time to realize it.

It was difficult for Alves, who had no theoretical knowledge of this, to realize it. However, his instincts meant that even if he didn’t understand, he would continue to approach Gu Huai until he touched the other person’s heart.

Gu Huai didn’t know why Alves suddenly acted like this. He was caught off guard when he saw the other person’s jaw line. This jaw line was slightly tense and the tenseness extended to the other side of the face. Gu Huai thought that Alves seemed a bit… unhappy?

He didn’t know if it could be regarded as an unhappy mood. It was close but there seemed to be something different. Gu Huai looked at the golden pupils and saw Alves’ lips part due to his gaze. It was just too…

The big silver cat looked like he was bullied and Gu Huai didn’t know what he felt. This feeling was so strong that he stopped pushing the other side away. His subconscious first act was to lift his hand to touch Alves’ hair. Alves’ eyes had always seemed cold and never shaken by the wind. Now his eyes flicked uncontrollably.

Gu Huai thought this was appeasement but he was actually shaking Alves’ inner world. He had no knowledge that he was breaking in without a word of greeting.

Due to his obedience to Gu Huai, Alves continued to circle the other person for a few seconds out of instinct but then he finally loosened his tail.

Gu Huai could finally step back and open a distance between the two of them. Before speaking, he first observed Gu Huai in front of him. The expression on the other side’s face was still unpredictable. After the observation, Gu Huai made a tentative guess. “Are you upset because you couldn’t purchase a pocket-sized person…?”

It wasn’t surprising that Gu Huai made this guess. It was because some time ago, he saw the Zerg around him look unhappy because they couldn’t buy one.

“No.” Alves’ voice was low.

“Then why?” Gu Huai couldn’t guess the reason and asked directly.

“…” Alves was silent. He was unsure of his mood and was therefore unable to answer Gu Huai’s question. A brief silence passed before Alves looked down at the black-haired youth and stated, “I don’t want to see anyone else touch that little person.”

This was just a thought, not the root cause. Alves’ idea became clearer and he replaced his words. “I don’t want to see other people touch you.”

Both sentences were spoken in a very cold tone. Alves was simply stating his inner thoughts. It was just that such statements were undoubtedly very frank. Gu Huai couldn’t help being stunned when he met the pair of cold golden pupils without any traces of impurities.

This should be regarded as a desire to monopolize. The problem was that the person with this desire was Alves. Once the other side spoke so honestly, Gu Huai inevitably had a subtle feeling in his heart.

Then Gu Huai thought about it again and found that Alves was really a cat. Cats had a high pride, were introverted and cold and even full a desire to monopolize. Based on his personality, this type of desire was understandable. A cat had the desire to monopolize the person they considered most important. He might’ve convinced himself but the subtle feeling in Gu Huai’s heart didn’t disperse.

Gu Huai saw this big cat looking like he was bullied… this bullied expression was also a bit out of place. Gu Huai had to slow down his voice to appease the other person. “Those little people are just dolls and you don’t have to care about them.”

Alves didn’t refute it and frowned slightly. A big cat was really difficult to coax. Gu Huai thought this in his heart as he walked behind Alves and put the silver-grey tail around his body.

“That is always the case.” Gu Huai looked at each other.

Alves was silent. His tail circled Gu Huai and he pulled the young man into his arms with his tail.

“…” This time, it was Gu Huai’s turn to be silent. Gu Huai understood that a Zerg’s understanding of physical contact was different but he couldn’t help saying solemnly, “You can’t do this type of behaviour to people casually.”

If the other person casually held another race in the future out of a possessive desire, he would be treated as strange. Gu Huai worried for Alves when thinking this.

“Why not?” Alves’ eyes lowered.

The Zerg was a race that obeyed their inner desires. Generally speaking, they didn’t think or act with consideration. Gu Huai was speechless for a few seconds but felt he couldn’t judge the other side’s behaviour using normal human thinking. Thus, at this time, he could only respond with words that weren’t persuasive. “In short, you can’t.”

Alves slightly leaned forward and asked, “Is it okay if it isn’t casual?”

Gu Huai was once again speechless and reluctantly stuck to his thinking. “If it isn’t casual, you are likely to make the person being held unhappy.”

“Am I making you unhappy?” Alves lowered his eyes to Gu Huai and loosened his tail again.

His instinct was to get closer but due to Gu Huai’s words, Alves retreated back. He looked silent and focused, a bit like a domestic cat thrown away by his owner, crouching in a good place in the hope that his gaze would make the person bring him home again.

The look of being bullied appeared again. Gu Huai’s heart was touched.

“That’s not…” Gu Huai couldn’t help explaining when he saw Alves’ expression. “I’m not unhappy.”

He didn’t know how the silver-haired Zerg in front of him understood this sentence. Alves suddenly squinted and then seriously stated, “I’m not doing this casually and you’re not unhappy. Then can I hold you?”

Gu Huai, “…?”

This logic—

Gu Huai was stunned for a moment and his nonresponse was treated as acquiesce by Alves. The big cat held him tightly while he was confused. Compared with Alves’ superior height, Gu Huai’s figure appeared slender and beautiful. It was as if his entire body was occupied by the other person when hugged.

Alves made this action and seemed like the strong one, but he turned his head and his forehead lay meekly against Gu Huai’s shoulder. Gu Huai’s hands were hanging down beside his body and his posture was very passive. Alves’ silver hair swept across his neck and he inevitably felt a bit itchy, making him blink reflexively.

In this circle, Gu Huai basically couldn’t move. He was clearly trapped but the passive Gu Huai felt that this big cat was being spoiled by him in another sense…

This wasn’t Alves’ premeditated act. That’s why the natural instincts and actions made Gu Huai feel even more helpless. He missed the opportunity to refuse and now it seemed to be a bit late to correct the other party’s behaviour.

Gu Huai closed his eyes and simply gave up on the struggle. Upon hearing this, Alves stayed silent and it was hard not to answer obediently. Instincts and intuition made Alves gradually aware of how he could get closer to Gu Huai. He might not understand his inner emotional desires but Alves still subconsciously wanted to win favour from the black-haired youth in front of him.

“Gift.” Alves took a step back although his tail was still around the other person. Then he spread out his hand in front of Gu Huai, revealing a small glass ball. The glass ball was blue and looked like pure and transparent lake water. It was around the size of the glass ball that Gu Huai already had.

“What is this, a gem?” Gu Huai asked as he accepted the glass ball.

Gu Huai used a hint of mental energy to touch the glass ball and didn’t perceive any energy feedback. This told him that it wasn’t an energy crystal.

“Yes, it is an Enion Stone.” Alves nodded slightly and watched Gu Huai’s reaction.

Gu Huai felt Alves’ observation. His eyes curved as he put the glass ball into his pocket, indicating that he accepted the gift.

Soon, Gu Huai looked down and saw the silver-grey tail around him moving. It was a very cute reaction. Gu Huai found it cute but at this moment, the silver-haired Zerg in front of him did an even more foul thing. The moment Gu Huai blinked, a Zerg baby with a small silver tail fell into his arms, arching towards him. Gu Huai reflexively hugged the creature that fell into his arms and lowered her head to meet the golden eyes of the Zerg baby.

“Chip.” The baby cried out at his gaze.

The baby form seemed easier to get closer to Gu Huai. Alves had discovered this the last time Gu Huai called him ‘cute.’ Despite knowing that the plush and round white creature wasn’t a real Zerg baby, Gu Huai couldn’t bear to push him away. The moment he pushed him, the baby would probably tremble slightly.

Pushing wasn’t allowed so Gu Huai stood there and was nuzzled. Finally, he helplessly had to say, “Do you want to be held high for a kiss?”

Gu Huai just casually spoke in this helpless situation. Who knew the baby in his arms would immediately raise his head and even flutter the small wings on his lower back. “Chirp, chirp!”

Gu Huai’s expression was heavy but in front of the baby Alves, he found it really hard to refuse. He hesitated for a few seconds before fulfilling what he said. The hug was fulfilled and Gu Huai raised the round baby up high with his hands. “Is this high enough?”

The baby was obediently still and cried out towards Gu Huai.

In any case, there was the previous kiss. Gu Huai thought about how he kissed the baby’s forehead last time and there was no difference between kissing once or twice. Then he saw the silver-grey tail behind the baby and Gu Huai suddenly changed his mind.

Gu Huai kissed the silver-grey tail. He did so because he thought the little tail was cute but the moment he kissed the tail he found his angle of view was upside down. The other side had changed back to the adult silver-haired Zerg and was pressing him onto the sofa.

Gu Huai stared in a dazed manner into the gold vertical pupils that had contracted into a fine line.

It had been mentioned previously. In the Zerg race, there were two types of fixed behaviours used to express good feelings. In the baby period, they licked each other’s fur and helped comb their hair. This behaviour evolved into kissing and licking in adulthood. However, adult Zerg rarely had strong feelings so kissing was rare.

Despite the unknown burning sensation on his cold tail after the young man’s kiss, Alves gently kissed Gu Huai on the cheek.

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