INH: Chapter 34

In the new era of peace, the interstellar entertainment industry became better and better. Apart from the cold Zerg who didn’t pay attention to spiritual and material enjoyment, most races in the stars sought amusement.

There would be development if there was demand. Gu Huai understood this aspect while gaining an overall understanding of the interstellar situation. Gu Huai found that the entertainment from his world had taken more colourful forms in the highly developed interstellar world.

The TV shows, movies, etc. were all upgraded compared to his original world and could be shown in holographic form. Thus among the stars, actors, singers and idols of all races weren’t missing. Games and social media could be carried out with holographic devices, such as the Star Network. In addition to the text chat, they could enter a virtual world through holograms for a ‘face to face’ meeting. It could be called very convenient.

So once the idea that the Zerg were poisonous to their king, all the interstellar people could only use long ellipsis. Other people’s poison was limited to scolding on the Star Network and things were relatively limited, but the Zerg were poisonous for their king. The scale of this feeling absolutely couldn’t be compared.

[(Thelan Galaxy) Cries… I remember I said on the Star Network a few days ago that the results must be false. There can be no creature cuter than the Pache. Then my message was forwarded millions of time. Do I have time to delete the message???]

[Bhutto (Sochi Galaxy): You’re finished, you can’t be helped. Next—]

[dz310 (Palan Galaxy): Can’t be saved, give up.]

[(Norz Galaxy): Yula warship warning.]

There was a neat row of ‘Yula warship warnings’. At this time, the two humans in the distant Noam Star secretly looked at the Star Network and then shifted their gaze to look at the cold-faced Zerg around them. They silently prayed that these Zerg didn’t pay too much attention to the Star Network.

According to Shen Mu and Hammer’s observations, they felt that the people who said Gu Huai wasn’t cute would have Yula warships arrive at their doorstep. This group of Zerg really would come.

They didn’t chase stars but the two humans lived on Earth and were aware of the meaning of the word ‘poisonous.’ This word was very suitable for the Zerg who took the will of their king as their will. The Zerg in front of their eyes was probably the ultimate form of poison.

As the person involved, Gu Huai could only deceive himself that he didn’t see the existence of the special condition in the alliance treaty. To tell the truth, it was like being publicly shamed but Gu Huai worked hard and could still maintain a normal expression.

So what could he do? If Gu Huai insisted on withdrawing this special condition, his demand would be met. However, Gu Huai didn’t want the silently watching Zerg to be disappointed…

In the end, it was the result now.

This year, the Zerg king won the cutest creature competition and the melon eaters on the Star Network were stunned. Meanwhile, the merchants in charge of the distribution this year were worried bald.

Previously, they were going bold because they didn’t know what biological species ‘Gu Huai’ was. Now they thought it was better to not know. How could they release merchandise…?

Forget the fact that the Zerg hadn’t released their king’s image yet. Even if it was released, they didn’t dare make money from it! If they didn’t release merchandise for the first place and only released it for the second and third place, it was unknown if the Zerg would feel dissatisfaction with them. They were really worried bald.

The establishment of a diplomatic relationship between the Popolts and the Zerg soon spread throughout the universe. The races scattered across various galaxies were still in a state of astonishment.

The brutal and cold image of the Zerg remained in their hearts. It was hard to believe that the Zerg was willing to establish diplomatic relations with another race. In addition, even if the Zerg were willing to establish diplomatic relations with another race, how could it be with the Popolts?

The Popolts were a weak race and the development of their civilization wasn’t ranked at all. They weren’t outstanding in technology or other aspects. In particular, there were no rare resources on their planet to export.

The powerful races among the stars wouldn’t necessarily deal with such a weak race. A considerable number of people speculated that the treaty signed between the Zerg and Popolts might be oppressive. For example, there might be some unequal condition in the contract and the Popolts were forced to sign it.

However, the moment such speculation came out, the Zerg didn’t say anything but the Popolts were unhappy. They might have a residual fear for the powerful Zerg but they were even more grateful. The Popolts didn’t want to see the Zerg being stigmatized.

[Ritchie (Pandora): We didn’t sign an unequal agreement. If the Zerg really want to crush us then they wouldn’t need an unequal agreement. They have the ability to directly occupy our planet.]

[Edo (Pandora Galaxy): We are all grateful for the help of the Zerg. They are our benefactors.]

[(Pandora Galaxy): The Zerg are very friendly to us!!]

The word ‘friendly’ was very magical when it came to the Zerg. Yet in the two or three months since the Zerg returned to Tuser after visiting the Popolts’ planet, the interstellar people watched the development of the two races. There was a normal interaction and they were almost like harmonious neighbours.

The interstellar people found that the Zerg really didn’t move against their neighbours.

After the establishment of this diplomatic relationship, star pirates who thought weak races wouldn’t be able to hold on for reinforcements from the Star Alliance attacked the remaining two Zerg neighbours. These group of star pirates were all wiped out by the Yula warships sent by the Zerg.

As for the Zerg neighbours, they had been forced to live in the dangerous ‘earthquake zone’ of the Zerg because they were weak and had no other planets to live on. Now this ‘earthquake zone’ had become a place where the interstellar safety factor was probably the highest.

The Zerg not only didn’t act against them, but the Zerg also protected them from the threat of the star pirates. Now there were no star pirates in the galaxies adjacent to the Zerg territory. This situation made all the relatively weak races among the stars who had to worry about pirates feel a bit sour.

[(Norz Galaxy): Are the Zerg so friendly to their neighbours… I also want such an overbearing neighbour, envious.]

[Otto (Ritchie Galaxy): Our planet is constantly harassed by the star pirates and it is really hard to endure it. If it wasn’t for the fact that there are no more habitable planets in the Pandora Galaxy, I want our race to move planets. Buying a planet might be very expensive but it is better than staying here in the long run… I just don’t know the Zerg’s attitude towards neighbours who just moved.]

[(Safin Galaxy): I also hope for our race to move. The Popolts, Kewei and Horne all say that the Zerg are friendly to them. I feel that the Zerg shouldn’t be that terrible.]

After a series of recent events, the image of the Zerg started to undergo subtle, secret changes in the hearts of the interstellar people. The three neighbouring races of the Zerg didn’t expect that there would be a day when they were admired by other races. The people of these races used to sympathize with them and now they were envious.

Gu Huai used the precedent of the Popolts to quickly establish diplomatic relationships with the two other neighbours of the Zerg. This time, it wasn’t Gu Huai who took the initiative. These two neighbours raised their courage and tried to show their good side to the Zerg.

Thus, the number of diplomatic relationships changed from 1 to 3. There wasn’t any problem with the growth and Gu Huai nodded with satisfaction. Next, keep it up!

People of certain races said on the Star Network that they wanted to move to the Zerg’s area. They really weren’t just talking about it. Several senior decision makers of these races held meetings to discuss this matter.

Before they could negotiate a result, Tuser received a private communication. The message was from a goblin merchant called Chiata. He was the largest brand merchant for the Interstellar Cutest Creature Competition every year and the communication was received by the chief of staff.

“Dear chief of staff, I would like to ask you something.” The goblin businessman, who controlled a vast consortium, appeared to be very cautious. There was a warm smile on his face as he looked at his guest and collaborators.

In the past, Chiata wouldn’t have enough courage to contact the Zerg race. It was just that the recent performance of the Zerg race gave him the courage to test it.

The chief of staff responded to him with a look and the green-skinned goblin businessman quickly got rid of his smile. “My company will release merchandise for the first place winner in the Cutest Creature Competition every year. This year’s first place is the noble king of the Zerg. I am wondering if His Majesty will allow us to release the merchandise related to him?”

Chiata had previously consulted with the company’s top executives about this matter. Regardless of whether they released it or didn’t release it, they were afraid of offending the Zerg. The best way was to ask directly about the Zerg’s wishes.

“For example, the merchandise will make a pocket-sized person like this.” Chiata took out the mini-sized version of an ordinary Zerg, which was around the size of a palm.

The cold-faced chief of staff paused when he saw the pocket-sized person. If this type of pocket-sized version was made of their king…

A tiny king with black hair, black eyes and a smile. All the Zerg in the conference room stared as they imagined it.

The chief of staff pushed up his classes. “I will need to consult His Majesty before getting back to you.”

Chiata said he understood and was looking forward to a response before he ended the communication. The moment the communication screen ended, the Zerg in the conference room stared at the chief of staff, silently expressing their thoughts.

“I will do my best but I suggest you come with me to meet His Majesty.” This shouldn’t be the case but the chief of staff had discovered how to best persuade Gu Huai.

The king’s attitude towards them was gentle rather than cold. This gentleness was very rare among the Zerg but it made them feel happiness. So much so that they couldn’t imagine how sad they would be if one day they were to face a cold king.

They would still obey if the king was cold towards them but they wouldn’t be full of happiness anymore. The gentle treatment from their king caused them to instinctively surrender and feel more love, so they also hoped that Gu Huai would get the best of everything.

Gu Huai was currently at Alves’ mansion and browsing the Star Network to understand the other races’ attitude change towards the Zerg. The change might be limited but there was still progress. The most obvious change in perception was from their three neighbours, who were now stable allies of the Zerg. Their words would have an impact on the rest of the interstellar races.

Since living in the palace on the Popolts’ planet, Gu Huai felt that his previous decision to refuse a palace was correct. It was too time-consuming and laborious to build a palace. Gu Huai felt it was very comfortable living in this mansion. Just as Gu Huai was thinking so, the Zerg from the military conference room came up to them.

“?” Why did it feel like they were going to talk to him about something? Gu Huai cast a puzzled look at the chief of staff.

The chief of staff fell to one knee in front of Gu Huai and explained this matter very solemnly. “There is a business who wants to release merchandise of you. This subordinate came to ask your opinion. The business will issue a pocket-sized person like this. Do you agree?”

The image of the pocket-sized person had been captured by the chief of staff from the communication and it was now presented in front of Gu Huai. It was the chibi version of a little doll. Gu Huai looked at it for a few seconds in silence. This would be issued in the name of the Cutest Creature Competition to all the stars. Wasn’t this a public punishment?

Gu Huai looked at the chief of staff in front of him and the other Zerg in the rear and actually understood. “You want me to agree…”

Based on the light in the eyes of the Zerg, Gu Huai could almost accurately read the word ‘want’. Gu Huai barely held on for a few seconds before reluctantly giving up and covering his eyes. “…I can agree but I have to talk to them about profit sharing.”

Since there was no way to refuse, Gu Huai could only consider how to maximize the benefits. The other side had taken the initiative to seek consent to use his image for merchandising. This meant their profit share request should also be reasonable.

Gu Huai left the matter to the chief of staff to deal with. Before long, a chibi version of the doll based on his image was released. The circulation in the beginning wasn’t very large. It was because the business considered the sales issue and felt that this chibi version wouldn’t be as good as the Pache in previous years.

After all, Gu Huai’s votes were cast by the Zerg and the Zerg wouldn’t necessarily buy the merchandise. The passersby from other races would buy a limited amount…

However, once this merchandise was really released, the merchants found out how wrong they were. The first batch was all sold out in seconds!

The purchasing power of the Zerg was amazing, not to mention that some people from other races were curious about the appearance of the Zerg king. Many of them bought it at the same time. Then once they received the black-haired, dark-eyed doll, their hearts couldn’t help feeling…

The king of the Zerg seemed a bit cute?

The reaction on the Zerg side was even greater. Due to the small volume of the first batch of sales, the number of dolls that was snapped up by the Zerg was small.  At this moment, in the military conference room of Tuser, the group of senior executives were sitting around a long table of black stone and staring at the centre of the table with an indescribable expression.

The item placed on the table was a chibi version with dark hair and dark eyes. The Zerg sitting around the table had been gazing at the little person for almost half an hour. The small version of their king was so cute.

The Zerg around the table showed some signs of difficulty in breathing. They turned around and tried to take a few breaths before looking back at the little person. The Zerg had always felt sorry that they hadn’t seen Gu Huai’s baby form. This little doll wasn’t the baby form but the miniature version of the adult form was still very cute.

Gu Huai had to watch from the side. At first, not many Zerg had his pocket-sized doll but not long after, many had one. Fortunately, these Zerg didn’t want the pocket-sized person to be covered in dust and didn’t carry it with them. Gu Huai felt some comfort from this.

Alves saw some Zerg touch and hug the chibi version of Gu Huai and his eyelids dropped. It was hard to see but there was a subtle low pressure around him. He wasn’t sure what these emotions were but under the guidance of these emotions, Alves went to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai had just raised his head and didn’t have time to speak when he was suddenly surrounded by the big cat with a silver-grey tail, being hugged into Alves’ arms. This was the desire for possession, an exclusive desire that would be produced as long as they loved someone.

Alves didn’t understand but instincts still made him react.

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