INH: Chapter 33

The Star Network instantly became busy.

Of course, in this highly technologically advanced interstellar era, the interstellar network wouldn’t collapse. It was just that in a short period of time, the number of online users suddenly skyrocketed and the number of visitors reached a considerable height.

Previously, only a small number of interstellar people paid attention to the Popolts being attacked by the star thieves. Now that it involved the rescue of the Zerg, the number of people paying attention increased dramatically. Almost every race in the stars heard about it.

At first, even thought this statement was confirmed by the Star Alliance, many people didn’t immediately believe it. It wasn’t until someone collected the relevant information and published some information on the Star Network, the fact that the Zerg went to rescue the Popolts was completely confirmed.

Thus, at this time, many people from various ethnic groups living on different planets made incredulous expressions as they stared at the Star Network with surprise.

The coldness and brutality of the Zerg were etched into their racial nature, their lack of emotions making their behaviour very cold. Don’t mention externally, they were apathetic even internally. In such a state, the Zerg took the initiative to rescue the Popolts. This was as strange as red rain falling from the sky.

[(Upaz Galaxy): It’s true! I heard the news that the Griffin Star Pirates were wiped out by the Zerg’s Yula fleet., None of the warships failed to flee and they were all sunk by the Yula warships!!]

[Siva (Sepa Galaxy): It wasn’t only the Griffin Star Pirates. There was a smaller group of star pirates who arrived later and they were also solved by the Zerg.]

[(Danga Galaxy): Why are the Zerg willing to go to the rescue? Is it that the Zerg also consider the nearby galaxies their territory so the star pirates aren’t allowed inside? However, the Popolts said that the Zerg are guests on their planet…]

The discussion on the Star Network was rising. AT this time, a comment with a strange point of view appeared in the vision of the interstellar people.

[(Esso Galaxy): Maybe… the Zerg are overbearing and don’t allow others to move against their neighbours? Only they can move against their neighbours.]

This comment silenced many people. Then they thought about it and it seemed like it wasn’t impossible.

Regardless of what the interstellar people were currently thinking, Gu Huai’s side had established diplomacy with the Popolts. They opened up trade and other exchanges between the two sides.

When it came to trade, Tuser had soil problems and their food needs had been addressed by transporting it from several other planets in the same galaxy.

However, the planets needed to ensure their own food supply and it wasn’t easy for the planets next to Tuser to meet Tuser’s food needs. This meant Tuser had to bring food supplies from territories slightly further away.

Now that trade had been established with the Popolts, Tuser would be able to import the materials from Noam, a neighbouring galaxy. This would make it easier to solve the planet’s food needs.

In order to thank the Zerg for rescuing Noam, the Popolts sent many valuable things to the Zerg. Once the two sides signed the agreement, the leaders of the Popolts planned to sign it but the last special condition added to the agreement made the Noam leaders stunned for a moment.

[Agreement X: In every ‘Interstellar Cutest Creature’ competition from now on, the Popolts will vote for Gu Huai.]

Noam Star’s top decision makers, “……???”

Gu Huai looked at the faces of the Popolts opposite him. AT this time, he silently raised a hand to cover his eyes, mood rather helpless.

Gu Huai wasn’t good at making treaties or writing specific agreements. Of course, he didn’t need to do it as a king. He chose to leave it to his chief of staff who was good at this type of thing.

He came to this meeting in order to learn from the side. In order to not make mistakes using his identity of a king and affect his race, Gu Huai tried to get in contact with the aspects he needed to master.

He looked at the agreement drawn up by his side. It was normal from the beginning to end, until the last special agreement. Gu Huai couldn’t help his mouth twitching.

Gu Huai didn’t know why his Zerg was obsessed with this matter. He tried to dispel his ideas as he slowly said, “This final condition…”

He just started speaking when Gu Huai faced the silent gazes of all the Zerg around him. These Zerg should unconditionally obey Gu Huai’s requirements. No matter what Gu Huai wanted, they would try their best to do it. However, if they really wanted to insist on something then they would act like this, watching Gu Huai silently. They used their silence to express the hope that Gu Huai would change his meaning.

Gu Huai looked helplessly at his Zerg who were in silent agreement and had to compromise. “…Whatever you want.”

Gu Huai said so and quickly sensed that the Zerg around him were a bit happier. For a time, they didn’t know how to feel. This last special condition was a bit confusing but the Popolts leaders quickly signed the contract. They formally established a friendship treaty between the two parties.

Meanwhile, the two human observers watching from the sidelines were taken aback by the last condition. Interstellar Cutest Creature Award… what was this? How could every word be understood but the combination was so confusing?

Shen Mu and Hammer knew many things but their lives were full of ups and downs. How could they pay attention to something like this? They rushed to the Star Network to find that this year’s 10th Interstellar Cutest Creature Award was over. The result was posted on the Star Alliance’s official page.

Gu Huai watched the two humans open it and didn’t want to see it a second time. Every time he thought about it, he felt like he was being publicly sentenced to death.

【 10th Interstellar Cutest Creature Award 】

First place: Gu Huai

Second place: Pache

Third place: Yilislong



The Pache wasn’t first? Shen Mu and Hammer glanced at the results and didn’t immediately check what was in first place. it was because they were shocked to see the Pache in second place. As a three-time winner of the competition, the Pache was popular among the families of most races in the stars. Shen Mu and Hammer were well aware of how popular the Pache were in the stars. How could it be squeezed into second place?

The two people moved their eyes up and saw the word ‘Gu Huai’ written in first place. Then their thoughts froze for a few seconds.Wait—

‘Gu Huai’ was…

‘Gu Huai’ seemed to be like…??

“It’s me.” Gu Huai saw the two men’s faces showing a more colourful palate and spoke as calmly as possible.

Shen Mu and Hammer, “……”

The amount of information was so great that the two people couldn’t speak for a long time.

They were unable to not know the truth of the matter. Shen Mu and Hammer searched the Star Network for what people were saying about these results and saw many remarks that made their scalps tingle.

[What type of species is Gu Huai? Is it cuter than the Pache? I want to raise it…]

[How can I not find any relevant information? I want to see what Gu Huai is like. Who knows how cute a Gu Huai is?]

[This year, my family was finally willing to let me raise a little cutie. The Yilislong is a first-class protected species and there is no way of raising one. I originally intended to raise a Pache but now I want to raise a Gu Huai. I hope that a Gu Huai isn’t protected like the Yilislong.]

No… you really can’t afford it. The faces of the two human officers was a bit purple and they both had a stomachache. This wasn’t a protected species. It was the only interstellar being protected by the entire Zerg race. For the Zerg, this was their most precious and important treasure.

Shen Mu and Hammer had no doubts that if the black-haired youth in front of their eyes was the slightest bit injured that the cold-faced Zerg would become furious on the spot. Don’t even talk about being injured. If Gu Huai showed a sad appearance then the Zerg would become very irritated and wouldn’t be happy seeing anything.

They wanted to ask who could afford such an existence. Even if they could afford it, it wouldn’t be good to raise Gu Huai!

The two human officers didn’t have a stomachache for long. Once the agreement was completed by the Popolt leaders of Noam, the leaders released the matter of this agreement to the inhabitants of the planet.

People on the planet knew about the agreement. The Popolts who followed the competition and were confused about the result were now filled with a deep silence. Then they couldn’t help sharing their feelings with the Star Network.

[(Noam of the Pandora Galaxy): You know, the king of the Zerg… his name is Gu Huai.]

The location was precise and accurately pointed to a planet. There was no doubt that a Popolt had made this comment. The Zerg king was a focus of attention for various races. Now that they heard the king’s name, the various ethnic groups browsing the Star Network had their spirits struck. By the way, why was the name ‘Gu Huai’ a bit familiar?

They soon recalled the result of the Cutest Creature Competition and made the same move as the two human generals. Then they all fell into a long silence. Gu Huai was the king of the Zerg race. Looking at the 10th Interstellar Cutest Creature Award where ‘Gu Huai’ had more votes than the Pache and was firmly ranked in first place, the Star Network became quiet for a while.

Then the winner of this year’s Cutest Creature competition… was the Zerg king?? All the various races who discovered this became extremely messy. The interstellar people browsing the Star Network imagined the four Zerg armies coming together to vote and were speechless.

Then they saw a new message from Noam Star, stating that the Zerg and Popolts had established a diplomatic relationship. There was a special condition asking the Popolts to vote for the Zerg king in the future.

Rather than being shocked that the Zerg had established a diplomatic relationship with the Popolts, the first thought that came to the interstellar people’s minds at this time was…

The Zerg race were all poisonous to their king—??!

The author has something to say:

Poisonous Zerg (blank expression): Those who say the king is unlovable or have higher votes than our king have to die—all have to die!

Here, ‘poison’ doesn’t have a derogatory meaning. It is the slang term used to describe something that is addictive e.g. Internet meme.

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8 months ago

LOL, arguably this is the most important inclusion of the treaty for the Zerg. Their Gu Huai must be universally acknowledged as the cutest.

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