INH: Chapter 32

The central courtyard of Noam Star was a place where the residents liked to come for a walk. As he passed by the outer ring of the courtyard where the flowers could be picked, Gu Huai saw the small wreath hanging from the Tak Zerg’s sharp forearm and went into this area.

The flowers in this area weren’t Eleanor flowers but a different goose-yellow flower.

Gu Huai went to the target tree and happened to see a young male Popolts in distress as he looked up at a small ball stuck on a branch. Gu Huai easily reached out and took the ball down. He turned and handed it to the other. “Here you are.”

Staying with the Popolts on Noam Star always gave Gu Huai the illusion that his height was simply too good. However, as long as he faced his Zerg, especially Alves, Gu Huai was forced to return to reality. Originally when he drank the eggshell milk, Gu Huai thought that his body could grow a few centimeters higher but this wish hadn’t been realized.

The young Popolt wanted to say thank you when he saw the Zerg in the rear. He immediately changed expressions and told Gu Huai, “You quickly hide behind the tree.”

The young man who helped him grab the ball was obviously human and the relationship between humans and Zerg weren’t good. This was known to everyone in the interstellar world. The Popolt didn’t want the other side to be injured.

Gu Huai looked at the other side incredulously. Why hide? As Gu Huai thought this, Alves and the Tak Zerg came close.

They saw Gu Huai look up at the tree so the Tak Zerg automatically thought that Gu Huai was interested in the things on the tree. Thus, one Tak Zerg moved in front of Gu Huai and did an action that could be described as skillfully leaning down. It picked up Gu Huai with its forearm and placed Gu Huai on its shoulder.

The young Popolt, “…??”

Gu Huai saw the other side’s expression, understood the reason and kindly explained, “I’m not human.”

The Popolt’s senses hadn’t returned when Gu Huai reached out to pick the flowers from the tree. He sat on the shoulder of a Tak ZErg and the flowers on the tree were in reach for Gu Huai. Gu Huai picked several flowers, bowed his head and started to fiddle with them.

After a long time, Gu Huai barely managed to make a successful wreath. Then he placed the yellow wreath on the head of the Tak Zerg carrying him. The Tak Zerg wore the wreath and its scarlet eyes slightly shrank. It didn’t make the movement of tilting its head. It just stayed motionless like it was afraid of dropping the garland on its head.

The Tak Zerg let out a low hissing sound. Based on its careful actions, it was clear that the Tak Zerg placed great importance on the wreath that Gu Huai gave it. The moment he saw the Popolt child giving the wreath, Gu Huai came up with the idea of making a wreath for each of the Tak Zerg who cared for him. Therefore, he did it now.

“This type of thing is called a wreath. It might not have a substantive function but it looks good…” Here, Gu Huai looked at some of the wreaths he made and had to change his words. “I made them ugly. Normally they look good.”

Now every Tak Zerg around Gu Huai had a yellow wreath on their heads. There was a wreath and the dangerous feeling that the terrible looking Tak Zerg gave people suddenly weakened.

Listening to Gu Huai’s words, these Tak Zerg started trying to think and understand. They might not be able to fully understand Gu Huai’s words but the Tak Zerg thought hard about Gu Huai’s meaning and then gave a response.

The low-grade Zerg were lacking in intelligence. There were obvious differences between their intelligence and that of the Zerg who advanced into a humanoid form. This didn’t mean it was impossible for them to change. Gu Huai found that the Tak Zerg around him could understand more than before. There was still an overall lack of intelligence but there was some progress. This was why Gu Huai always told them things. He wanted to let these Tak Zerg understand more and more things.

After completing his first spiritual advancement, Gu Huai was able to use more mental strength than before. He got off the shoulder of the Tak Zerg carrying him and stood in front of the Tak Zerg to establish a spiritual link with them.

The spiritual link could play a guiding role. His king’s instincts allowed Gu Huai to know how to use his power to guide the low-grade Zerg. This was Gu Huai’s attempt. He hoped that through his guidance, the low-grade Zerg could have normal intelligence in the future and possibly advance to a human form. This matter would undoubtedly take a long time to see any effect and might not succeed but Gu Huai still wanted to work hard.

For the Tak Zerg who received the spiritual link, it was like Gu Huai calling them. The baby who they were watching over called out. The baby might not say anything but the Tak Zerg carefully watched Gu Huai with scarlet eyes.

“Okay.” He established a spiritual link that lasted several minutes and shrouded the Tak Zerg in his spiritual field. Then his lips curved and he nodded at the Tak Zerg. It wasn’t clear that Gu Huai had done but the Tak Zerg still responded.

“Then let’s go back.” His exploration was almost done so Gu Huai spoke to the quiet Alves.

Alves nodded slightly, his face cold but still showing signs of submission. There was a gap of more than half a head. Gu Huai compared himself to Alves’ height and couldn’t help sighing. Why wasn’t he this tall?

Alves looked down at him. “Why are you sighing?”

“That…” Gu Huai was worried for a bit. It was really embarrassing to say the reason but he didn’t want the big cat in front of him to misunderstand. He told the truth. “It is because I want to be tall but I can’t grow any taller. I’m a bit disappointed.”

Gu Huai pinched his ears after speaking. The tip of his ears would turn a bit red when he felt embarrassed.

In front of him, Alves didn’t immediately say anything. He just moved the silver-grey tail behind him. Gu Huai thought he would be encircled by this tail but he didn’t expect to be passively placed on top of the icy tail.

Gu Huai’s feet were removed from the ground. He hadn’t reacted yet when the silver-grey tail lifted him up so that Gu Huai’s line of sight was over Alves’ head.

“Taller than me.” Alves moved his tail back behind him and started to go back.

Alves’ pace was very quiet and steady. It wasn’t fast or slow, even in the face of the enemy. This type of pace subconsciously made people feel a type of easy arrogance and danger. It was just that there was a person sitting on his grey tail behind him and this dangerous feeling was forced to dissipate. Others would be killed when touched by the silver-grey tail but Gu Huai was now sitting on it.

In the beginning, Gu Huai was still stunned and didn’t react. It was only after walking a few steps that his senses recovered. This big cat came up with this method of making him ‘taller.’ It was a bit cute…

Alves was very obedient to him. Gu Huai could clearly feel this and since Alves was too obedient, he couldn’t help wanting to coax Alves when the other side was unhappy. Just like now when he was carried by Alves’ tail. Gu Huai thought of the other person’s serious attitude and sat still, letting Alves carry him.

Gu Huai was carried back like this. Shen Mu and Hammer happened to be near the palace and were silent when they saw the scene. This time, Alves ignored them and walked by. The welcome party prepared by the Popolts for the Zerg was very grand. Once it ended, Gu Huai formally concluded a friendly alliance with the leaders of the Popolts. The Zerg established their first diplomatic relations among the stars.

In the meantime, things happened among the stars. For example, in the middle of last night, another small group of star pirates came to Noam. The star pirates received news that Noam was attacked by star pirates and came here with the idea of getting a share. As a result, they were scared half to death by the Yula warship that emerged and was ruthlessly annihilated.

The Star Alliance’s rescue forces finally arrived late. They entered the vicinity near Noam only to find that nothing was happening to the planet. There were no pirates. The planet’s protective layer was normally open and it wasn’t like being invaded. Or had the star pirates already captured and now occupied the planet? If this was the case, their rescue troops couldn’t easily go deep or they might be wiped out if they weren’t careful.

The Popolts leaders were thinking about how to entertain the Zerg and hadn’t thought about anything else. It wasn’t until the Star Alliance’s rescue forces arrived that they remembered they forgot to withdraw their request for help from the Star Alliance.

At this time, many races on the Star Network were talking about whether Noam Star had been occupied by the star pirates or not.

The star pirates had always been a source of concern for people of all races. For the weaker races in the stars, these star pirates were like a shadow looming over their heads, making them feel worry from time to time.

[(Upaz Galaxy): Noam’s troops certainly wouldn’t last until the Star Alliance’s rescue forces arrive Now it is likely that most of them have been looted by the star pirates or their planet is directly occupied.]

[(Keto Galaxy): The Popolts asked for help from the neighbouring system but no one was willing to help them.]

[(Esso Galaxy): Noam isn’t a developed planet. There are no great benefits from rescuing them. They encountered the Griffin Star Pirates this time. It is normal that no one is willing to help them in this situation.]

There was a lot of talk on the Star Network but at this time, there was a comment from the galaxy where Noam was located, Pandora. It stunned everyone on the Star Network.

[KK (Pandora Galaxy): The Zerg came to our rescue. They are now guests of our planet.]

Guests? What dream—??

The millions of people on the Star Network didn’t believe this comment. They even thought that someone went to Pandora Galaxy to make this false statement.

First of all, it was impossible for the Zerg to be willing to provide assistance. It was even more outrageous to be a guest. Did this person want to make up false statements to gain attention? No one took it seriously. It wasn’t until the Star Alliance received a message from the leader of the Popolts that it was confirmed.

This confirmation was like a huge stone hitting the surface of the water. It immediately created a stir throughout the stars.

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