INH: Chapter 3

The deep sleepiness made Gu Huai sleep soundly, combined with the eggshell being regularly pushed. Gu Huai subconsciously struggled to wake up but the last of his willpower was erased and he fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.

In his sleep, Gu Huai passively received a large amount of information. There was no opportunity to refuse as all the information entered his head.

Gu Huai managed to sort out all the information passed onto him and finally had a more intuitive understanding of this world and his current situation.

The world he travelled to was set in an interstellar future in which there were all types of extraterrestrial races in addition to humans.

In the former interstellar era, there were frequent wars between various races. The scenes of invasions and being invaded were staged on different planets almost every day.

It wasn’t until the founding of the Star Alliance that they entered a new era of peace. Many races started to send friendly signals and establish diplomacy as they became harmonious under trade and business.

There was only one race that was the exception. They had no allies even in the new era.

There were no allies and many enemies. In particular, they had been fighting with the human race from the old era to the new era. This relationship was so poor that it could be described as mortal enemies.

This race was the Zerg and it was the race that Gu Huai now belonged to.

The Zerg had a distinct label in the eyes of the other interstellar races.

Brutal, dangerous and couldn’t be easily provoked.

In the old era, the Zerg were the most terrible invaders. Every Zerg was born an excellent soldier and wasn’t afraid of death. Their lack of emotions made them show no mercy to their enemies.

The Zerg forces were more effective than any other races and were absolutely obedient to the orders of their superiors. They never questioned orders, making the Zerg forces extremely terrifying.

After the transmigration, he wasn’t even a human. Gu Huai spent some time trying to accept this fact but this wasn’t the most difficult thing for Gu Huai.

The most difficult thing for him to digest was that his current identity seemed to be… the newborn king of the Zergs.

The Zerg society had very distinct classes, like a pyramid. The Zerg in the low section of the pyramid didn’t feel any dissatisfaction and they unconditionally surrendered to the higher-grade Zergs.

This was determined by the nature and instincts of the Zerg. It was sometimes very difficult to understand in the eyes of the other races.

On the other hand, Gu Huai was now at the top of this pyramid.

He didn’t know how long he slept before waking up. He opened his eyes and found himself lying down in the enclose state where he first stayed. He couldn’t help freezing for a second.

Unlike before, the place where he was lying regularly swayed from side to side. He lay inside and could clearly feel the shaking.

Well, it wasn’t a dream.

He was unfamiliar with it the first time but he soon became accustomed. This time he didn’t have to work hard to break the shell. Gu Huai’s actions were quite skillful as he sat up and poked his head through the hole above him.

This time, Gu Huai didn’t experience an accident. He faced dozens of pairs of scarlet eyes and was able to understand the reason for the shaking.

In front of him, a huge Tak Zerg was using its forearm to gently push the eggshell.

Yes, it was an eggshell.

The light in the cave was brighter than before. In this environment, Gu Huai finally saw the interior of the large egg where he was lying.

Gu Huai remembered that at the beginning, he imagined that he had been in an egg. He never thought that this type of fantasy would become a reality.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or not but when Gu Huai stuck out his head from the eggshell, the scarlet eyes of the Tak Zerg brightened for a moment. Their eyes were serious as they stared at him.

A baby stuck his head out of the eggshell to observe the outside world. The Tak Zerg watching this process all developed the same psychological feelings.

So cute.

This term didn’t exist in the vocabulary of the Zerg. It was hard for the lower-grade Zerg without much wisdom to understand the meaning of the world but these Tak Zerg clearly touched these extremely scarce emotions.

The moment that Gu Huai protruded his head from the eggshell, the eggshell stopped shaking.

Baby was awake = no need to coax him to sleep = no need to push the eggshell.

This recognition made it difficult for the Tak Zergwaiting in line to push the eggshell. They slightly shrank back and a low unidentified sound continued to be heard from their throats.

After Gu Huai fell asleep in the eggshell, the eggshell was been pushed by the Tak Zerg who first tried it. Then the other Zerg in the cave saw this and wanted to push it as well.

They all wanted to coax the youth to sleep but there was only one eggshell. Thus, after a brief exchange, the Tak negotiated a ‘queuing’ approach.

Every Zerg would push 600 times before being replaced. By the time Gu Huai woke up, these Tak Zerg had changed shifts several times.

The Tak  Zerg in front of Gu Huai had only pushed 200 times when Gu Huai emerged. This Tak Zerg didn’t stop him but it made a low sound as it slightly lowered its head.

This made Gu Huai’s action of jumping out of the eggshell stop halfway.

There wasn’t any language or dialogue but based on the performance of the Tak Zerg and the perceived emotions, Gu Huai found that the Tak Zerg in front of him seemed to want to continue pushing the eggshell.

These Zerg thought of him as a sleeping baby…

This perception made Gu Huai fall silent for a few seconds. However, it was an obvious love performance and was so simple and direct that Gu Huai couldn’t ignore it.

Otherwise… let’s lay down for a bit longer.

Gu Huai had this thought in mind as he slowly raised his hands and rubbed his eyes, seeming a bit sleepy. Then he retreated back into the huge eggshell under the watchful eyes of the Tak Zerg.

Since his line of sight was blocked, Gu Huai didn’t see that when he lay back inside the eggshell, the scarlet eyes of the Tak Zerg in front of the eggshell brightened. It immediately raised its forearm and gently shook the eggshell.

The image wasn’t seen but Gu Huai could clearly feel the joy of the Tak Zerg. This made them happy and there was nothing wrong with that…

Gu Huai lay in the eggshell for a while. Once the eggshell’s shaking paused, he finally got up and out of the white egg.

Gu Huai emerged from the eggshell and immediately sensed tension from the surrounding Tak. In particular, once he took a step forward, these Tak Zerg tensed and stared at the ground.

Gu Huai, “…”

It was mostly out of fear that he would fall again. Gu Huai was almost able to understand the thoughts of these Tak. After a moment of hesitation, Gu Huai smiled helplessly. “I won’t fall again. You don’t have to worry.”

They didn’t understand. It was due to their lack of intelligence and the difficult to understand language. Still, the Tak Zerg saw Gu Huai’s curved eyes and happily let out a low hissing sound.

The youth showing such expressions represented joy. Their king was willing to smile, making them very happy.

He crossed to another world and also became the new king of an alien race. To tell the truth, Gu Huai had no clue what to do.

Just looking at the present, Gu Huai had to consider how to live with these Tak Zerg guarding him.

The first thing that needed to be addressed was the food problem.

His stomach suddenly ‘growled’ in protest. The sound was quite loud in the silent cave and Gu Huai belatedly felt hunger.

Without waiting for Gu Huai to take action, the Tak Zerg started to pile up a variety of… probably fruit-like things in front of him.

These fruits were food that the Tak Zerg had been preparing for a long time. Although they didn’t know when the baby in the white egg was willing to be born, they had been filled with anticipation and prepared a lot of food in the cave.

Now that the baby was born, they could use these fruits as supplementary food to the eggshell.

If the food was rotting from being stored too long, they would go out to find new food.

Day and night meant nothing for these Tak Zerg. They had been quietly waiting with the thought that their king would one day be willing to break out of the shell. This meant the long wait was also filled with joy.

Gu Huai picked up a fruit from the ground. The fruit was a little strange. It was around the size of a coconut but had a layer of hard, black shell around it. There were also triangular thorns like durian.

Gu Huai used his hand to break off a thorn on the fruit. He found that the thorn couldn’t be broken and knocked the egg against the ground like an egg, trying to create a crack in the shell.

However, after such hard work, Gu Huai found that the fruit in his hand didn’t budge at all.

It was embarrassing…

Relying on himself failed. Gu Huai looked around at the watching Tak Zerg. He walked to the nearest Tak Zerg and stood still in a worried manner in front of it. Then he finally raised the fruit to the other person.

The baby couldn’t bite the fruit. The Tak Zerg in the cave suddenly understood the youth’s actions.

It must be the fault of the fruit for being too hard, the Zerg judged.

The Zerg children were quite aggressive compared to other races and their teeth could even penetrate steel. The youth in front of them was very weak.

He hurt himself just from falling and the youth’s skin didn’t have as much defense as the higher-rated Zerg. No matter what, this youth was unsuitable for fighting.

Gu Huai didn’t wait long. The Tak Zerg in front of him quickly used the tip of its forearm to cut a hole in the front. Then it waited for Gu Huai to start eating.

Gu Huai held the fruit with a hole in it and easily felt the expectations in this group of Zerg.

Gu Huai couldn’t bear to eat in front of so many onlookers but seeing the happiness and expectations of the Tak Zerg, he immediately gave up. In any case, it wasn’t like he would drop any pieces of meat.

This strange fruit was like a coconut. The hole was opened and he could drink the juice inside. Gu Huai took a few sips. The sweet juice moistened his mouth but it only slightly alleviated his hunger.

At this time, Gu Huai’s gaze moved to the eggshell not far away. Then something happened that made Gu Huai’s eyelids jump. He looked at this huge white eggshell and had a moment of hunger.

Was he too hungry??

The eggshell was the best nutritious food for newly born babies. Gu Huai’s inherited memories didn’t include this detail but his racial instincts indirectly told him.

The strong appetite made it hard for Gu Huai to resist. He stood staring at the eggshell for a while before finally breaking off a small piece from where he cracked it.

Gu Huai hesitated for less than a second before putting the eggshell into his mouth and biting it.


It had a milk flavour and was crispy.

He only ate a small piece but Gu Huai soon had a feeling of fullness. His entire body overflowed with a warm feeling that was very comfortable.

He couldn’t be the only one who was full. After eating the eggshell, Gu Huai picked up a few fruits from the ground and raised them to the Tak Zerg staring at him.

They thought that the youth wanted to drink fruit juice and the Tak soon inserted a hole in the hard fruit in the youth’s hands.

“I don’t want it. It is for you to eat.” Gu Huai explained as he continued to raise the fruit, ears peering at the scarlet vertical pupils in front of him.

The Tak Zerg cocked their heads at Gu Huai’s words. Finally, it understood that the young man was trying to pass the fruit to him and the Tak Zerg carefully raised its forearms, extending it to clamp the fruit.

This required really careful control of its strength so that the fruit wasn’t crushed.

To tell the truth, the size of the fruit was enough for the huge Tak Zerg to make it disappear in two bites.

However, the Tak Zerg that received the fruit didn’t put it inside the mouth filled with sharp teeth. The Tak stared at the fruit for a long time before hiding it in the cave, treasuring it.

‘Don’t eat because this is what Gu Huai gave.’

Gu Huai couldn’t quite understand this feeling but he found himself being stared at closely by the Tak who hadn’t received a fruit.

He felt very warm and hoped these Zerg who were good to him would be happy.

Ultimate, Gu Huai had to hand each Zerg a fruit, which was what he originally intended to do.

The Tak Zerg received their gift and carefully hid it. It was only a fruit but it was different because the youth had given it to them.

The more they watched the black-haired youth in front of them, the more the Zerg in the cave understood the meaning of ‘protection.’

Their world, surrounded by the black universe, was too cruel for the young child.

The youth in front of them was too weak to fight but it didn’t matter.

Their king should be protected.

The living conditions might not be very good but Gu Huai was quite optimistic about living together with these Tak Zerg.

Gu Huai lived with the group of Tak Zerg just after being born on this remote, abandoned planet. He didn’t know the violent turbulence that was occurred among the Zerg in other star regions outside this planet due to the spiritual link he subconsciously made when he fell down.

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Soooo cute

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