INH: Chapter 27

A circle of big snowmen with red eyes was surrounding a little snowman with black eyes. Once Gu Huai saw the black stones imbedded in the snowman’s face, he knew this snowman represented him.

Gu Huai looked at the piled-up snowman that didn’t look very good for a few seconds. However, he didn’t go and make the snowman more refined. He just looked up and asked the Tak Zerg around him, “Is this for me?”

It might be obvious but Gu Huai still intended to ask. The Tak Zerg stared at the little snowman with their scarlet eyes and made a definite hissing sound. Gu Huai blinked and didn’t speak, but the Tak Zerg just squinted stoically. This expression showed that Gu Huai liked the little snowman. The Tak Zerg understood this meaning and suddenly became happier.

The two humans had a complicated expression as they saw the Tak Zerg piling up the snowman and showing a clear fondness for Gu Huai.

The various performances of the Zerg in front of them was a bit different from the ferocity and coldness of their inherent impression. It made them feel a sense of contradiction and confusion, their cognition shaking.

The complex emotions weren’t too obvious. The two human officers looked at the gemstones embedded in the snowman’s face and couldn’t help their mouths twitching. In particular, the two of them were silent when they saw the black stone. For humans and other races, the black stones were scarce resources. Yet it had been reduced to a snowman’s eyes on Tuser. This was a luxury to a certain extent…

Gu Huai didn’t let the two people be idle for long. After completing the first thing, he had the two humans do the second thing.

“Thank you for your help in making the snowman. Then… next one of you needs to push the other to the ground. It is best if the action is exaggerated.” Gu Huai spoke with a straight face.

The two people looked at each other after hearing Gu Huai’s words. Finally,  Shen Mu calmly asked, “Should you come or I come?”

“Of course, I will come.” Hammer didn’t hesitate in making the decision. The next second, he pushed the young officer next to him into the snow, just like he previously subdued Gu Huai. Hammer suppressed Shen Mu like a golden-haired dog throwing itself at its owner. This action was indeed very exaggerated.

Gu Huai saw that it was almost the right feeling and walked over. “I will now press your down. You should lie on the snow.”

Gu Huai pushed the blond man’s back. The latter was just gently touched by Gu Huai and immediately fell to the ground.

Gu Huai, “…”

Wasn’t this a bit too much? This idea passed through his head. After pushing the person down, Gu Huai helped him up and spoke to the Tak Zerg. “This is playing a game and it isn’t serious.”

The Tak Zerg didn’t immediately understand Gu Huai’s words. Their cold scarlet eyes stared at the two humans for a long time. Finally, once one of them was pushed down by Gu Huai a second time, the Tak Zerg cocked their heads and understood that their baby was playing.

Then previously these humans pushing down their baby was also playing? They confirmed that Gu Huai’s body wasn’t injured and previously, Gu Huai hadn’t expressed any pain. The Tak Zerg had limited wisdom and finally accepted this matter.

Seeing Gu Huai motion to them, Shen Mu elbowed his companion and saved himself from the situation of being crushed by the golden dog. The two human officers sensed that the hostility of the Tak Zerg had decreased by a few points and were thankful that the ones who saw them pressing Gu Huai to the snow was the Tak Zerg…

If it had been seen by other high-grade Zerg then they would’ve have believed the humans were playing with Gu Huai. Their bodies would already be half lying in a coffin.

Due to this move of pushing the young man down, the two of them would become the sinners who triggered an all-out war between humanity and the Zerg in the new era. At this thought, the two human officers immediately became covered with cold sweat.

He didn’t notice the two men’s sudden tension. Gu Huai took out his favourite glass ball from his pocket and threw it at the two men.

“Take it,” Gu Huai stated.

The two people standing opposite him were stunned but they were well-trained soldiers. Their reflexes were very sharp and Shen Mu easily reached out to catch the energy crystal. This was equivalent to catching an A-grade planet. There was a ripple on Shen Mu’s calm face and he didn’t understand Gu Huai’s intentions.

“Now throw it back at me.” Gu Huai put his hands together and made a gesture of waiting to catch the ball. Shen Mu didn’t understand the situation but he still accurately threw this energy crystal ball back to Gu Huai’s hand.

“Okay.” Gu Huai caught the glass ball and put it back in his pocket. Then he smiled at the two of them.

“Since you previously took this glass ball from my hand, Karu thought you stole my toys…” When it came to the word ‘toy’, Gu Huai added, “Now let them know that you’re just playing with me.”

The glass ball was like a toy ball in the eyes of these Tak Zerg. Gu Huai’s mouth was a bit strange when he first discovered his. Hearing Gu Huai say so, the two human officers were silent for a few seconds. An energy crystal worth an A-class planet was… a toy ball? This was probably the most extravagant and expensive toy in all the stars.

In the end, what was the significance of the ‘king’ to the Zerg? Their observation time might be short but Shen Mu and Hammer had a very clear and profound understanding of his issue.

Precious, unique and supreme. He stood at the top of the pyramid and had absolute control over the entire Zerg race. As long as he gave the command, all the Zerg would sacrifice themselves for him.

The previous anger points had been resolved. The Tak Zerg originally hostile to the two humans around Gu Huai now had no thoughts of attacking them. It was the result of a change of concept. The identities of these two humans had changed in the eyes of the Tak. The identification of these two men had changed from the enemy to Gu Huai’s playmate so their attitude naturally improved a lot.

Their sharp forearms hung down as the terrible Tak Zerg let out hissing sounds to the two humans in front of them. Since Gu Huai was smiling when playing catch with these two people, the Tak Zerg automatically understood it as the two playmates making Gu Huai happy.

This could almost be seen as a friendly performance. Shen Mu and Hammer didn’t expect that they would receive friendly treatment from the Zerg because of this thing, especially the Tak Zerg who were recognized as the most ferocious and brutal among the Zerg. His plan of making the Tak Zerg watching him no longer hostile to the two humans was a success. Gu Huai was ready to enter the room and the two men sat face-to-face to talk.

“We will go back.” Gu Huai spoke to the Tak Zerg around him.

Generally speaking, these Tak Zerg were extremely obedient to Gu Huai’s words. It was just at this time, the scarlet eyes seemed a bit reluctant as they stared at the more than 20 snowmen nearby. In particular, there was the little snowman in the middle. The Tak Zerg were worried it would rain or snow again and the little snowman would be destroyed by the rain and snow.

“It is okay to leave them like this.” Gu Huai stated because it was easy to understand what these Tak Zerg were thinking.

Winter would continue and the snowmen piled up in the courtyard of this mansion won’t melt for a while.

However, spring would always come to the planet. Gu Huai thought about it and added, “It doesn’t matter if this years’ winter passes. Once Tuser snows again next year, I’ll make more for you.”

The Tak Zerg facing Gu Huai were motionless for a few seconds but the sound coming from their throats was much clearer. The nearest Tak Zerg lfted up Gu Huai and carried him on its shoulder, taking Gu Huai back to the house.

Gu Huai had a personal terminal set up. Now he received a message from the chief of staff about the identity of these two humans. Gu Huai’s current mental strength meant he could quickly scan through the information he needed. It was difficult for him to forget.

“I invited the two of you to Tuser because I wanted to under the Earth Federation through you. However, I have discovered the identity of your family and my idea has changed a bit.” Gu Huai sat down and spoke his thoughts freely to the two people opposite him.

Gu Huai wanted to break the status quo of the Zerg’s zero diplomacy status. There were many old grievances between the human race and the Zerg race. This meant it wasn’t suitable for humans to be the first diplomatic target but this didn’t prevent Gu Huai from seeking a breakthrough point in advance.

On the human side, the decision making of the Earth Federation was done by the Federal Parliament whose members were the masters of the major families, followed by outstanding people elected to the position. The two young human officers in front of Gu Huai belonged to two different large families in the Earth Federation and they were also members of the immediate family.

“I have the idea to let the Zerg establish diplomacy with other races or even join the Star Alliance. If this goal is achieved, we will one day get in contact with humans.” Gu Huai sat up straight and all the high-grade Zerg in the room didn’t refute his words.

There were many races in the Star Alliance. Why didn’t Gu Huai want the Zerg to join the Star Alliance? It was mainly because after joining, they could get greater convenience and benefits in trade and other aspects. If there was an emergency in the future, there will be a lack of assistance.

However, it wasn’t so easy for the Zerg to join the Star Alliance. They didn’t have any diplomatic relations currently and the members of the Star Alliance needed to vote before a race could join the Star Alliance. It would be very difficult for the Zerg to obtain the majority of the votes.

The two humans were in a stunned state after hearing Gu Huai’s words. The Zerg were always cruel, cold and independent. They didn’t communicate with other races at all. In this way, it was impossible to join the Star Alliance aiming at peace.

If they had to say which race was least likely to establish diplomatic relations with the Zerg, it was estimated to be the human race. Now the young man in front of them actually said that one day the Zerg would contact humans, making Shen Mu and Hammer difficult to imagine it.

“Since you are saying this, what do you want us o do?” Shen Mu was silent for a moment before questioning.

Gu Huai looked at the other people and spoke frankly. “I don’t want you to do anything. Just stay on Tuser for a while and confirm the change of our race through your own eyes.”

That way, one day when the Zerg and humans reached a point where they needed to be in contact, the relationship between them might have a breakthrough.

A change in the Zerg race?

The two human officers looked at the gentle and harmless young man before solemnly nodding. They also wanted to know how the Zerg would develop with a king in the future.

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