INH: Chapter 23

The Yula warships gathered outside Tuser in such a large number that the planet was blocked. Viewed from afar, the people would mistakenly think this was a giant black hole.

The entire Nordra Galaxy where Tuser was located was the territory of the Zerg. If they had to mention which forces among all the stars that were paying the most attention to the Zerg’s movements, it was undoubtedly the races that lived in the adjacent galaxy.

Having a dangerous neighbour was like living in an earthquake zone. it was known to be potentially dangerous and most people were reluctant to leave their homes. They could only pay more attention to their neighbours to prevent anything from happening in advance.

On this supposed sunny day, the three races living next door the Nordra Galaxy, the Zerg neighbours were in a trance. Their neighbours had given them a magnitude 10 earthquake.

Countless Yula warships gathered and the number of these cold and terrible black warships kept rising. It was far beyond the size of one army. Once this was discovered, the top leaders of the races were nervous. They immediately convened and were ready to turn on the planet’s highest level of alert.

The four Zerg armies had different logos. Based on these logos, the several races in the next door galaxy easily knew that the warships gathered over Tuser were a collection of the four Zerg armies.

The above news was sent back by a scouting ship dispatched to the boundaries of the galaxy. This left the top leaders of the races filled with tension. Weren’t the four Zerg armies antagonistic to each other? How could they suddenly assemble together at Tuser next door to them?

This event was enough to shock any race in the stars. As the closest neighbour to this terrifying army, the three races had already raised their alertness. What did these Zerg want to do? Not only were the four armies communicating with each other, they were now directly assembling their troops.

The neighbours weren’t optimistic enough to think that the Zerg had assembled an army of this size in Tuser just to see if they met the standards for a full war. The strength of one Zerg army was already quite considerable. If the four armies were united, it was hard to imagine any race in the stars that would dare to fight against such an army.

It wasn’t just a military problem. The execution of orders from superiors and the racial nature of absolute obedience to their superiors gave the Zerg an excellent discipline that was unparalleled to any other race.

The problem was that they hadn’t heard of any race that had recently provoked the Zerg, especially enough to bring together all four Zerg armies. Or did these Zerg decide to just invade in the new era—

This speculation left the neighbours in the next door galaxy to be filled with anxiety. As the ones closest to Tuser, they would be the first to have an unlucky encounter with the Zerg. They were just weak races that didn’t have a place in the stars. If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t find another planet to live on, they wouldn’t be living next door to the territory of the Zerg! A confrontation was impossible. The senior leaders of the three races started to arrange for people to evacuate, trying to get more people on escape ships ready to flee the planet.

Before long, the Yula warships on Tuser had assembled and the ship lights were red, showing the mood of these Yula warships. The neighbours in the next galaxy were one-sidedly nervous but it didn’t take long for them to find that the Zerg army had no interest in their planet.

A large number of terrifying black warships quickly flew past their galaxy with successive space jumps, as if the target was clearly heading in a certain direction. Every planet that this black fleet passed by were equally frightened and the story was the hottest discussion on the Star Network.

The core question fell along the same line. Who was this Zerg alliance going after? A day later, the Zerg told them the answer.

The number of Yula warships was large enough to cover the sky of a blue planet. The dark cloud of black warships even separated the sun from this planet. The warships appeared outside the planet’s defense circle. They didn’t break in but this was undoubtedly a scene of great pressure.

To tell the truth, in the face of the emergency situation of the Zerg army’s arrival, the first response from Earth was to enter a state of emergency preparation. Needless to say, this didn’t stop the government from being confused about the situation.

The relationship between the Zerg and humans wasn’t unfriendly but it wasn’t the frequent wars like the old era. The new era was peaceful on the whole. There might be friction with the Zerg race but these were basically small fights. There had been no large-scale war between two races in this new era.

The Zerg weren’t a race that invaded blindly. They had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Even if the Zerg really wanted to invade in the new era, the first target they should find wasn’t the human race. Shouldn’t the Zerg start with the neighbouring weak races? Besides, their human race recently hadn’t bothered the Zerg. This group of Zerg suddenly gathering together the four armies to fight them was completely unreasonable.

The Zerg race was going to war with humans—

The news spread on the Star Network in just a few seconds. All the races among the stars were now focused on the Earth side. The atmosphere was too tense for the other races watching.

The Zerg army arrived but they didn’t immediately launch an attack. They stopped outside the Earth’s defense circle and this made the Earth Federation aware that there was an opportunity to communicate. Before they could communicate, the Zerg made a one-sided statement.

“If the king isn’t returned to us in a day, this will be seen as a total declaration of war by humanity against the Zerg.” The chief of staff declared in his announcement.

The two captives who escaped from Tuser were humans and based on their clothes at the time of capture, they were two human high-ranking officer. For these two people, what type of threat was most direct and effective? Alves believed it was the safety of the entire Earth Federation.

The Zerg army had been divided into two parts. The main force came to Earth while the fleets of the Third and Fourth armies were dispersed across the galaxy to search.

The Earth Federation: ???

It was too late to be shocked by the news that the Zerg had given birth to a king. The upper echelons of the Earth Federation now wanted to hit people.

‘Your Zerg king is gone. Why come to our Earth to do something—?!’

It wasn’t done by them! At this time, the two human generals staying on a small planet didn’t know they were silently expelled from the human race.

The Zerg definitely had an image of the prisoners. However, a few seconds before the Zerg was about to release the image to the Earth Federation, Gu Huai woke up. Gu Huai had slept for a long time. While he was asleep, the two human generals in the same room were in a state of amazement.

It was because they felt power unconsciously drift out from the sleeping youth. This made the surrounding space slightly fluctuate.

The ability that the Zerg generally developed in their baby period was the initial growth. However, Gu Huai was quite special. His body was already an adult when he was born and the ability he was born with was special.

His mental power was only in the baby state. So the completion of the ‘initial growth’ for ordinary Zerg babies became the advanced level for Gu Huai. At the advanced level, he would passively go to sleep. Gu Huai needed to go through two spiritual advances for the initial growth. Gu Huai was now taking his first advancement.

A Zerg baby wasn’t proficient in using their ability and there was a certain probability of their ability rioting. Now Gu Huai was advancing in his sleep and his ability was in a state of disorder. This was a very thorough riot.

Therefore, the two humans in the house were passively subjected to indiscriminate attacks such as tables floating up, chairs hitting them and visible cracks appearing in the ceiling. The chandeliers also fell down after shaking a few times.

Gu Huai frowned during the process of spiritual advancement. This state clearly wasn’t comfortable for him.

Finally, the advancement was completed and Gu Huai woke up. The moment he woke up, he perceived the anger of the Zerg. They weren’t on the same planet but it was enough to show how intense the emotions were. All the Zerg were feeling the exact same thing.

Gu Huai didn’t think much about anything. His first reaction was to immediately establish a spiritual link.

「 I’m here. 」

This was no longer a spiritual link with one or a few Zerg. Gu Huai completed his first spiritual advancement and could now establish a spiritual link with the entire race. The link time wasn’t too long but it was longer than when Gu Huai would fall asleep after only establishing a single link.

It wasn’t necessary for Gu Huai to describe the specific location. The Zerg who received the spiritual link automatically knew where he was. The next second, in what was originally a tense confrontation, the fully prepared Earth Federation watched as the huge fleet of warships outside their defense circle suddenly turned around and did several space jumps.

The Earth Federation: …???

What the hell were these Zerg doing??

“You’ve slept for over a day. It is fine now so do you want to eat…” Looking at the young man who finally woke up, Shen Mu wanted to ask the other person to eat. However, they didn’t have time to finish their words when the two human officers heard the alarm sound familiar to them. They had heard it only two days ago.

The planet had turned on the highest level of alert mode. Shen Mu and Hammer were stunned. Was the highest alert mode a cabbage in the street? Why was it opened so easily? They hadn’t heard it for more than two decades of living and now they heard it twice in the last few days.

The two men wanted to go out and observe the situation. They had just gone out and didn’t have time to check what happened to the planet when the space nearby was torn apart by a powerful force that made them pause. Then from the twisted space, the two human generals saw a figure that chilled their hearts.

Silver hair, blindfolded eyes and a cold silver-grey tail behind him. Such iconic features, Shen Mu and Hammer wouldn’t be soldiers if they couldn’t recognize the silver-haired Zerg in front of them.

Alves, the leader of the First Zerg Army.

The two human officers had incredulous looks on their faces. They really couldn’t understand why the silver-haired Zerg had appeared in front of them. This was the same space ability but based on the energy fluctuations he just felt, Shen Mu was deeply aware of the gap in ability between him and the silver-haired Zerg in front of him.

The Zerg had probably transferred directly from another planet. The space manipulation had reached a point that could only be described as terrifying. Space abilities itself was rare and the limitation was usually transferring one person. The other side’s ability was too taunting.

Did they make a mistake? Three inconsequential captives escaped. Did this group of Zerg have to pursue so closely that even the army leader came to personally capture them? The two human officials thoroughly doubted their lives.

Then Shen Mu and Hammer understood why the planet had turned on the highest alert mode. It was because the Zerg army had come. The Yula warship had appeared in the sky and countless black Yula warships were seen covering the city… even the sky. More and more Zerg soldiers landed on the planet and surrounded their location. It was an endless tide of Zerg and the terrible scene made Shen Mu and Hammer completely speechless.

Such a terrible scene only existed in the history textbooks of the old era. What type of emotions did they feel when the scene described in words became reality in the books? Shen Mu and Hammer were frozen and their hearts were beating quickly.

They didn’t know that this army was only the Third and Fourth Armies’ search force. The main army was still coming. They didn’t even have a chance to escape.

Their bodies were directly pinned in place by the absolute suppression ability. Shen Mu and Hammer couldn’t move at all. The ability was getting worse. The two people who couldn’t move even started to have trouble breathing. Their bodies felt like they were being squeezed by some invisible force. The time from when the silver-haired Zerg appeared to the present was only a few seconds but the two people felt it was as long as a century.

At this time, Gu Huai had also come out of the house. His figure was almost immediately captured by the silver-haired Zerg nearby. Gu Huai hurriedly approached without waiting for the other person to come.

“Are you crazy? Don’t go over there!” It wasn’t easy to recover a bit of breath to speak. Hammer watched his compatriot take the initiative to near the silver-haired Zerg and his scalp was numb.

It was close to the other side’s tail range. Hammer could imagine that the young man would definitely have his body or head pierced by the Zerg army leader’s tail. Gu Huai still continued to move close but before he could take more steps, Alves moved.

In the eyes of the two human officers, this action was Alves taking the initiative to attack. Sure enough, once he reached the attack range, the two humans saw the tail of the silver-haired Zerg move.

Shen Mu and Hammer held their breaths and couldn’t help looking away. They didn’t want to see the image of their compatriot being brutally killed in front of their eyes. However, the picture that appeared seemed to be completely different from what they imagined.

The cold, silver-grey tail did nothing to harm the young man. It circled the youth in an almost cautious manner and the owner of the tail held the young man up. Alves had never made such a move when Gu Huai was awake but he wanted to do it now. It was only through this way that he could contain the destructive desire accumulated in his heart.

Then Shen Mu and Hammer saw the silver-haired Zerg in front of them take the initiative to remove the blindfold from his eye, revealing a pair of indifferent golden eyes. Then he put the black blindfold into the hand of the young man surrounded by him, the meaning was to give it for safekeeping.

The two people seeing the entire process: ???

Wait a minute. Wait—

No matter how hard their brains turned and how unbelievable the scene in front of them, the two human officers watched the scene and realized the problem. Looking at the silver-haired Zerg showing a protective posture to the young man in his arms, Shen Mu and Hammer almost wanted to take a breath of cold air.

An incredibly terrible guess was taking shape in their hearts…

Did they do something extremely life-threatening??

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