INH: Chapter 22

For how this scene actually happened, the time had to be rewound to 10 minutes ago.

This type of space transfer ability was relatively rare among all the stars. Shen Mu happened to be one of the few owners. Each use of this ability consumed a lot of mental power. The further the distance, the greater the mental power consumption.

During the period where they were captured by the Black Sands pirate group, Shen Mu and Hammer were interrogated several days in a row. They were exhausted just dealing with the interrogation. They only got the chance to recuperate during their fortnight’s stay in Tuser’s prison.

After recovering and accumulating enough mental strength, the first thing the two men held in the small room by the Zerg was to naturally plan their escape. They might’ve been locked up for a fortnight but they hadn’t been severely tortured or suffered any ill-treatment. Their prison stay was peaceful and stabile but they were humans after all.

There wasn’t a friendly relationship between humans and Zergs. The Zerg couldn’t kindly release them or consider talking to the Earth Federation to exchange them for something. They were captives on a planet where prisoners were directly killed by the Zerg in addition to being locked up. Since there was no good ending, it was better to fight with luck.

Since he never stepped foot on Tuser and was locked up in the room, unable to see the external environment, Shen Mu’s space transfer could only transfer them to a random location. This was the time to fight for luck. If they didn’t meet any Zerg in the place they randomly transferred to then they could take the next step in their escape plan.

The result of this space transfer suggested that the two of them still seemed a bit unlucky. Now before their eyes, there were one, two, three… around two dozen Tak Zerg surrounding them. It was also unknown what made the Tak Zerg enraged but their eyes were currently in a state of rage.

Was it because the Tak Zerg saw them as humans? The relationship between the two races might not be good but to go on a rampage as soon as they met?

Once Hammer found that the young man subdued by him wasn’t a Zerg but a human, he quickly relaxed his grip. The situation might be extremely tense but he couldn’t help exclaiming, “F*k, is there a mistake? It isn’t bad to meet a compatriot but why at this time—”

They randomly moved somewhere using space transfer and met a human on the Zerg’s stronghold of Tuser, this luck was simply too much. There was no joy about meeting a compatriot. They were currently on a planet of Zergs and it wasn’t happy to see another human here because they might all die here.

From Gu Huai’s point of view, he had been knocked to the ground who fell from twisted air. Things happened so suddenly that he couldn’t react. Gu Huai didn’t expect this to be the first time he came to see humans after coming to this world.

“How did you get out of prison? Do you also have a space ability?” As he asked this question, Hammer quickly built a defensive barrier around them with his ability. He held the wrist of the young man next to him and pulled him up from the ground. His eyes were on the Tak Zerg surrounding them as he spoke.

It might be a question but Hammer had basically identified this situation. It was because there couldn’t be a second explanation for this matter.

“Um…” Gu Huai hesitated.

Since the two people regarded him as a human, Gu Huai quickly considered the advantages and disadvantages of the matter. Then he didn’t deny the other side’s guess. If they regarded him as a human, they wouldn’t take the initiative to attack him. This would make it easier for him to deal with them.

These two people had fallen down and one of them hit the snowman Gu Huai had just piled up. The snowman was wrecked on the spot and the prototype couldn’t be seen. The two red gems that were originally used as eyes also fell into the snow.

After being pulled up, Gu Huai saw the glass ball falling out of his pocket to his feet. This scene was still very safe for Gu Huai and he really liked this glass ball, so his first reaction was to bend down and pick it up.

‘We might all die here. What are you in the mood to pick up—” He saw with the corner of his eye the item that the young man picked up. Hammer’s voice suddenly stopped and his tone became higher. “An energy crystal?!”

Hearing this, Gu Huai looked at the glass ball in his hand in a puzzled manner. Wasn’t this just a regular glass ball? Gu Huai remembered that when he watched this glass ball, Alves had quietly put the glass ball in his hands. Gu Huai always thought it would be a gem at most.

Presumably, Gu Huai’s puzzled eyes were so obvious that the man with blond hair and blue eyes was speechless.

“These Tak Zerg are surrounding you because you stole the energy crystal they were protecting.” Hammer took the energy crystal from Gu Huai’s hand and examined it, his expression changing slightly.

The purity of this energy crystal was extremely high. Only a few such energy crystals could be found among all the stars. It might be worth an A-grade planet. This obviously wasn’t something an ordinary person could have.

It was said that some birds died for food and now Hammer was really convinced. How could someone escape from prison without thinking about how to escape the planet? Instead, they ran to steal an energy crystal??

In particular, the other person didn’t know it was an energy crystal and probably just thought of it as a gem. Hammer felt that this compatriot next to him was one who cared more about money than his life.

Then at this time, Hammer saw the dozens of Tak Zerg outside his defense barrier staring at the energy crystals in his hand with flashing eyes. It was as if they were further enraged and they let out threatening hisses from their throats.

Not only did these two humans knock their baby to the ground, they also dared to snatch the toy ball from him right before their eyes—! Either of these things were enough to make the Tak Zerg angry. However, these enemies were too close to Gu Huai. The Tak Zerg might be extremely angry and in a frenzied state, but they couldn’t attack lightly.

It was as expected. Looking at the reaction of these Tak Zerg, Hammer became more certain of his thoughts. Despite understanding that it was hard to protect himself, years of education at the Earth Federation’s Military Academy made Hammer stand up and pull the black-haired youth behind him. They were soldiers and needed to protect the people.

However, this wasn’t good. The moment he did this, the Tak Zerg letting out threatening sounds were ready to shed blood.

“It would be better for you to let me go quickly.” Even without his ability to sense emotions, Gu Huai knew that the Tak Zerg around him must be extremely angry right now. It was a type of rage that he wasn’t certain he could calm down.

His wrist was still being pulled and Gu Huai could only come out a bit from behind the person blocking him, trying to let his parents see him in the hope it would make them less angry.

In fact, Gu Huai could solve this situation on his own. The person next to him currently didn’t have any defenses against him. Gu Huai could use his mental strength to directly attack this person’s mental field and he would probably succeed.

Gu Huai didn’t do this because he could fell that the two people wanted to protect him in this dangerous situation. He felt the two men should be good people and had admirable qualities.

The current Gu Huai wasn’t sure of how much mental strength he had. If he casually attacked a person who was completely unprepared, he didn’t know how bad the damage would be. The other side might never regain consciousness.

“Don’t move!” It was already a struggle to maintain the defensive barrier and Hammer immediately stopped the youth behind him.

The moment he raised his voice to the youth, Hammer saw the Tak Zerg in front of him show sharp teeth and screamed at him in a louder voice. Hammer was slightly startled by the scream. To be honest, he felt something strange about this Tak Zerg. They surrounded Hammer but didn’t attack. It was as if they were worried about something.

In theory, low-grade Zerg didn’t think too much about the face of the enemy. They just entered battle immediately and didn’t have the habit of making such threats or screaming before they fought.

This human first pressed the baby down, snatched the baby’s toys and was now scolding the baby they cared for. If Gu Huai hadn’t been dragged by the human, the Tak Zerg would’ve immediately rushed up and used their sharp forearms to cut the defense barrier. Then they would’ve torn the other’s body into pieces with their teeth.

“Shen Mu, are you okay?” Hammer’s nerves were tight as he held the barrier. He didn’t know why the Tak Zerg were slow to attack but it was a good thing for them who needed time.

Humans couldn’t run past the Zerg with their two legs. Thus, when they found themselves surrounded by the group of Tak Zerg, Hammer immediately set up a defensive barrier for buy time for Shen Mu to use the space transfer.

The random space transfer allowed them to meet a group of Tak Zerg but it wasn’t the worst case scenario. They were a bit lucky because these were low-grade Zerg without many intelligence. As long as they used another space transfer, the Tak Zerg would lost their target.

“Give me three seconds.” Shen Mu answered from the rear.

Gu Huai didn’t see what was happening behind him. He heard this sentence and then suddenly carried on the back of the man in front of him. The three second cooldown ended and the space nearby was torn apart with a loud sound. Hammer didn’t hesitate to carry the person into this space crack.

Once all three people in the defense barrier entered the space crack, the twisted space created by the human disappeared, leaving only a group of Tak Zerg behind. The second space transfer was completed.

Perhaps it was continuously using space transfer in such a short period of time or the overload of another person but Shen Mu’s expression at this time was a bit pale and ugly.

“This place is safe for the time being.” Hammer made sure there were no Zerg around them and relaxed his tense nerves.

Shen Mu also scanned the area and thought calmly. “The next step is to confirm the direction of the airport…”

Usually, there would be a very tall tower near the airport. They could use this as a marker to find the location of the airport.

Generally speaking, the soldiers stationed at the airport carried organic mech armour buttons, allowing them to cope with the war situation at any time. The ultimate goal of the escape plan was to grab a button from a single Zerg soldier. If they had to assess the task difficulty, their escape mission must be classified as an SSS-grade nightmare difficulty, not to mention they were now escaping with an incapable, ordinary people.

In the face of this unexpected change, Gu Huai was stunned. He was thinking about how to peacefully mediate the situation and hadn’t expected to be directly transferred to another space. He also couldn’t be put down. In this position, the necklace Gu Huai was wearing around his neck ended up falling outside.

“This… a mech armour button?” Hammer marvelled at how many treasures this man was carrying. Wasn’t this the armour button they wanted at the moment? This mech button meant they could leave the planet in minutes!

Gu Huai’s mech button was given to him by Alves but it was basically used as a necklace hanging around his neck. He had no opportunity to use it. It wasn’t difficult to understand that the two people wanted to fly the mech armour to escape Tuser Star but Gu Huai felt he might not be able to meet their wishes. In any case, the mech button was given to him by Alves and he couldn’t casually give it to others. He couldn’t leave Tuser with these two people.

However, just as Gu Huai was ready to establish a spiritual link, the familiar sense of drowsiness overcame him at an extremely inappropriate time. Gu Huai wanted to keep himself awake but in the past, he had no way to resist this instinctive sleepiness.

“S-Sleeping?” Hammer was shocked. What type of godly figure was on his back? This heart was almost as big as a planet. They were escaping from the Zerg’s base only to fall asleep?

“…” Next to him, Shen Mu also felt choked up.

There was no time to be shocked. It was a race against time. Hammer quickly summoned the silver mech from the button. It opened in a second and the three people entered the cockpit together. The silver armour gave Shen Mu a sense of familiarity, as if he had seen it somewhere before. However, the current urgency of the situation didn’t allow him to think about it.

“Great, this armour can make a space jump!” Hammer exclaimed with surprise.

The ability to warp was only for very advanced mech armour. Ordinary armour had no relocation function and they could 100% escape now. The mech armour button was used as the key to start the mech. In this remote forest covered with snow, the silver mech smoothly started and warped away.

In another second, the cold and beautiful looking silver mech disappeared into the forest.

10 seconds before this, the Tak Zerg left in the courtyard of the mansion had almost completely lost their sense of reason. Their most precious and important  treasure was stolen in front of them and they couldn’t accept it.

The Tak Zerg stood in place and emitted near shrieking sounds from their throats. The sound spread a long way and the other Zerg who heard the sound received the message.

The king—

Thus, in the military building’s conference room, the valuable black rock table ushered in a disaster. There was a loud bang and the table that should be incredibly strong was broken directly into powder. Every Zerg’s expression was cold enough to freeze the air.

“Seal off the entire area.” Alves stood up and ordered blankly.

Alves’ eyes were covered with a black blindfold and even without looking, the other person’s voice contained no temperature, his side profile terrible. The planet turned on the highest level of alert mode and the sound of the planet’s sirens made the hearts of the two humans leaving Tuser jump.

What the hell was going on? This alert shouldn’t be because of them, right? The planet’s highest alert mode was opened. Once it turned on, it represented a full state of readiness for the planet. At this time, all forces on the planet could leave without reservation. Was it because the three captives went missing that the Zerg made such a fuss? How was that possible??

They couldn’t return and had to continue to run. Their whereabouts hadn’t been found yet so Hammer hastily drove the armour through several space jumps. It was only when they were a few galaxies away that he calmed down a bit.

They would’ve liked to return to the Earth Federation but now they had to find a planet to supplement the energy of this mech armour. After all, it wasn’t a warship and the energy consumption was very fast.

In the end, Hammer was still frightened by the over-exaggerated actions of the Zerg and carefully chose a small planet separated from Tuser by six galaxies. They had run so far and the Zerg definitely wouldn’t bother to chase them…

The three captives had no particularly important value and had run away normally, so Hammer was at ease.

On Tuser, the Zerg were so angry about losing their most precious treasure that they prepared countless Yula warships above the planet. The number was enough to completely obscure the sky and cast a huge shadow on the ground.

In addition, this was just the strength of one army.

“My troops will be here in a minute.” Capalia declared coldly. She looked calm but in fact, her sharp blade-like left hand that destroyed the ground was enough to tell the truth.

This day happened to be the day when the other two Zerg armies arrived at Tuser. The Zerg soldiers of the Third and Fourth Armies were happy at the thought of seeing their king on Tuser. Before they arrived, their eyes were already lit up with anticipation. As a result, they reached Tuser and the following conversation took place—

Them: “Where is the king?”

Tuser’s Zerg: “Taken away by two humans.”

There was nothing to say. The Zerg soldiers of the Third and Fourth Army automatically joined the ranks. In the entire interstellar history, this was probably the first time that the Zerg had mobilized their entire army.

The author has something to say:

Count the things the two men did!

1. Smash the snowman

2. Press down Huai Bao.

3. Snatched Huai Bao’s toy ball.

4. Was fierce to Huai Bao

5. Took Huai Bao to another planet

I couldn’t help laughing when I wrote this, thinking about a huge burial.

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Oh no praying for those two ah you have 4 alpha zerg coming after ya

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Hua Cheng's Bitch
11 months ago
Reply to  Littlegremlin

And his several parents

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1 year ago

It was so funny! XD But I hope Treasure gets his gifts back~

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Lit up candles for these guys 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

5 months ago

The two human prisoners: we must protect our own kind and take this random human away with us to escape!

Literally the entire Zerg species: how dare they take our baby!

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