INH: Chapter 21

A female Zerg who seemed to have no weapons and was as slim as an ordinary human woman sat on the sofa and waved a scarf with two wooden sticks. The two human officers imprisoned in the small room could only watch while doubting life.

Although the female Zerg sitting down and weaving a scarf seemed unguarded against the two humans, they didn’t dare to act recklessly, even if there were no guards outside the house. If it was human society then the cognition that women were usually weaker wasn’t wrong. This was genetically determined. Human women who didn’t exercise generally weren’t as strong as me.

It was just that this perception wasn’t valid in the Zerg family. For example, the leader of the Second Army was a woman and her fighting ability was enough to cause fear in the soldiers of any race.

The scene of the female Zerg weaving the scarf was seen for several hours and the two human officers gradually went from nervous to relative silence. Were they really captives in a Zerg stronghold? Shen Mu and Hammer couldn’t help having these doubts in their minds.

At this time, the female Zerg in front of them suddenly stopped moving her hand. It should be time for the king to eat.

Lisa looked at the two human prisoners next to her, thought for a moment before getting up and smiling at them. “I will have a good chat with you next time. There is no time today.”

Originally, Lisa did come today to interrogate the two men about why a human fleet came to Tuser’s adjacent galaxy. The human fleet might’ve been unlucky to encounter the star pirates but the original purpose was worth exploring.

It was only when she came into the room that Lisa thought about how the king wanted something called a ‘scarf.’ She didn’t know what it was so she asked the two humans. Weaving a scarf was much more important than an interrogation. Lisa thought of the young man staying in the mansion and her face became cold for a moment. Then she looked at the two humans in front of her and smiled again. “By the way, the nutritional recipes you previously provided were good. Thank you very much.”

Food was made according to the recipes and Gu Huai quite liked to eat them. Lisa kept this in mind and considered telling Tuser’s chief of staff that the humans could be let go if she confirmed in later interrogations that they had no bad intentions.

“…You are welcome.” The two humans reluctantly squeezed out the answer.

The two humans didn’t know why they were having such a conversation with a Zerg. Were they not awake or had the universe changed?

The two humans sighed with relief when the female Zerg left with the woven scarf. They didn’t know what the other side was trying to do with the poisonous scarf. This type of toxic wire contained neurotoxins and only a thin one wrapped around the body would be very life-threatening.

Now the other side was weaving these silver threads into a scarf. The two people didn’t dare imagine it. The person wearing the scarf probably wouldn’t even have a chance to struggle and would quickly die of rigidity.

Lisa left the small room and put away her unwoven scarf. She rushed to the sprawling private residence not far from the military building.

Gu Huai’s dinner was arranged at this time. There was still a cup of milk but Gu Huai was now able to feel normal drinking milk in front of a group of Zerg. There was dessert after eating dinner. Gu Huai saw the female Zerg usually by Capalia’s side give him a pudding in a cold manner. Then he suddenly wanted to ask why she was so cold when she saw him.

However, Gu Huai didn’t open his mouth. He took into account that there were too many Zerg around him and decided to find an individual chance to chat. Gu Huai wanted to know if she had any dissatisfaction with him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know if he had unintentionally done something wrong that led to this result.

Due to his thoughts, Gu Huai found that his gaze had stopped on Lisa for a few seconds. Then he saw the female Zerg’s eyes become colder. The discovery caused Gu Huai to quickly move his eyes. Staring at people was really wrong. It was only when he took his gaze away that the other side’s expression softened a bit.

Gu Huai didn’t find the chance to talk to her alone this evening. He rubbed his eyes and sighed, thinking that he had to find another chance tomorrow.

Gu Huai didn’t know that the female Zerg he thought hated him returned to her resting room and turned on the room light. Lisa sat by the bed and started the continue weaving the scarf she hadn’t finished this afternoon.

In fact, Lisa wasn’t wearing a toxic silver thread as the human captives thought. The toxic wire containing neurotoxins was only needed to deal with enemies. Lisa could make ordinary thread free of toxins if she wanted. However, this was the first time she made the ordinary silver wire.

How could she make this scarf a bit more beautiful…

After all, she wasn’t familiar with weaving a scarf. After studying the tutorial on the Star Network, Lisa spent all night knitting. The next morning, Gu Huai woke up and was going to his first floor room when he happened to see the female Zerg he had been trying to talk to yesterday standing by the table.

Gu Huai took the last step down the stairs. Before he could walk to the other person, he saw the amber-eyed female Zerg step towards him.

Lisa handed the item in her hand to Gu Huai, hesitating for a moment before speaking with a cold expression, “I heard you say yesterday that you wanted a scarf. I don’t know if the ‘scarf’ that you want is this thing?”

Gu Huai couldn’t react immediately when he saw the silver scarf handed to him. During the time when he was stupefied, the scarf was steadily presented by the female Zerg in front of him. This scarf was obviously handwoven. Gu Huai looked at the eyes that were waiting for his reaction and understood that this scarf must’ve been woven for him by the other person.

Gu Huai asked, “It is for me?”

“Yes.” Lisa nodded before bowing her head and asking slowly, “It is my first attempt so the scarf is relatively simple and not good enough… if you don’t like it, I’ll weave another one for you in a few days.”

Gu Huai immediately shook his head and quickly reached out to take the scarf. “This is very good. I like it very much.”

The moment he said he liked the scarf, he saw a smile appear on the cold face of the female Zerg for a second or two.

Looking at the other person’s tiny smile, Gu Huai couldn’t help asking, “Why did you never smile in front of me?”

Sending him this scarf meant she didn’t hate him. Gu Huai was certain of it. Then why did the other person become cold-faced at the sight of him? Gu Huai still didn’t understand.

Lisa hadn’t expected Gu Huai to ask this question and frowned. “This subordinate can’t face you with a false expression.”

Lisa smiled when necessary. Most of the high-grade Zerg had very good appearances. In order to make their enemies moved by this appearance and reduce their caution, some Zerg wouldn’t hesitate to use it to their advantage. Expressions and even emotions were things that could be imitated to convince the enemy. Lisa was the leader of this type of Zerg but in front of Gu Huai, she only wanted to show her real side.

Gu Huai spent several seconds understanding what the other side was saying. Then he blinked and his eyes curved. “You are smiling now.”

Lisa was obviously a bit stunned by the words. She hurriedly raised her hand to touch her mouth and found that the corners really were slightly curved.

It wasn’t the smile that she was used to imitating. Lisa was unfamiliar with this smile and the expression seemed completely out of her control. Even if she wanted to push down the angle of her mouth, she inexplicably couldn’t do it. This was because it was a natural expression of joy.

“This type of smile isn’t a fake smile so it doesn’t matter if you smile like this.” Gu Huai now understood what the other person was thinking and quickly spoke to appease her. Lisa hesitantly put down her hand. For her, this was her first real smile.

After a day, the snow in the courtyard had fallen thick enough.

Gu Huai didn’t want to wear his new scarf immediately. He took the Tak Zerg with him to the courtyard outside the mansion, which was wide enough to cover an entire grove of trees. He was ready to fulfil his promise to build a snowman with these Tak Zerg.

“This is Karu.” Gu Huai set two blood-red gems as the snowman’s eyes and pointed to the snowman he just made. He looked up at the Tak Zerg next to him and smiled.

In fact, this snowman didn’t look like this Tak Zerg. Perhaps only the eyes were similar. However, the Tak Zerg just heard his name and let out a hissing response. The other Tak Zerg around Gu Huai stared at the snowman with scarlet eyes and called out to Gu Huai.

“I’ll pile it up for you now. I’ll start the second one.” Gu Huai was ready to build a snowman for every Zerg. Gu Huai took a step sideways and squatted down to touch the snow on the ground.

At this time, there was a wave of energy fluctuations at Gu Huai’s location. This was the space transfer ability. Then two humans fell from the twisted space and hit Gu Huai. They didn’t see the person the hit. The two human officers finished the space transfer and identified the other person as a Zerg. They immediately subdued the other person by pressing him to the ground.

The result was that they saw each other’s faces. The two human officers showed a surprised expression at the same time. “…A human?”

The eyes were round pupils and there were no Zerg-like racial traits. The black-haired youth in front of them was undoubtedly a human being. Encountering a Zerg after the space transfer, this could only be counted as their bad luck. The result was that they ended up meeting a fellow countryman?

Their compatriot was surrounded by a group of Tak Zerg. Facing such a scene, Shen Mu and Hammer had a headache. Now what should they do?


The hissing of the Zerg became sharp in an instant as they stared at the two men with scarlet eyes. No matter what these people wanted to do, the Tak Zerg saw their baby being bullied by two humans and entered a collective rage.

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