INH: Chapter 20

Once Gu Huai knew that his votes in the ‘interstellar cutest creature’ competition were far ahead of the competitors, his mood could be described with an ellipsis. In his speechless state, Gu Huai silently accepted this fact.

He couldn’t stop the Zerg of the four armies from voting for him. It was because Gu Huai saw the bright stars in their eyes when they started casting their votes for him. Gu Huai thought about it and decided to forget it. They loved to vote.

In fact, looking at the Star Network, Gu Huai felt that the second place Pache was really quite cute. It was like a short-legged cat with three squirrel tails. When walking on the four short legs, the big fluffy tails shook behind them like a small fan. They were particularly pleasing when swinging three big tails and looking at you with round amber eyes.

Gu Huai, who carried the four Zerg armies on his back, even secretly cast a vote for the Pache but his vote had no effect on the result.

Meanwhile, the merchants prepared to released products around this selection were worried. They searched the information the Star Network and the Interstellar Biological Encyclopedia. They didn’t know what planet the species who won first place in this year’s selection lived on.

They asked on the Star Network and no one knew. How on earth did these vote come about? The people who followed the voting were all confused. It was impossible to fix the votes. Votes were bound to personal terminals and the vote must be true.

Damn, this—!

At this point, the interstellar people might break their heads thinking but they would never imagine that the nearly 20 billion votes were cast by the four Zerg armies. Once they later learned the truth, they could only be speechless.

The capital stars of the Third and Fourth Army were a considerable distance away from Tuser. Gu Huai was waiting for the arrival of these two armies on Tuser Star. As he waited, the deep and serene blue sky of Tuser Star brought about the first snow since he arrived on the planet.

“It is finally snowing.” Gu Huai looked out the window with interest at the snow slowly falling outside.

Previously, Gu Huai had told the Tak Zerg that when it snowed, they would go out together to see the snow and make a snowman. He just needed to wait for the snow outside to become a bit thicker and the snowman could be made.

Sitting by the window, Gu Huai played with a light gold glass ball the size of a marble. He played with it for a while before putting it back in his pocket.

The glass ball had been given to him by Alves. On the day that he contacted the other two armies, Gu Huai had seen the glass ball placed in a black crystal box on the table of the military conference room.

Gu Huai felt like the glass ball was very similar to the eyes of the baby Alves and he had looked at it twice. As a result, the ball came into his hand. The glass ball was beautiful. Thus, Gu Huai was recently always holding it to play.

Gu Huai found that every time he played with the glass ball, the Tak Zerg around him would always stare at him with slightly shrunken scarlet eyes, as if they enjoyed watching him play with the glass ball…

In fact, in the eyes of the Tak Zerg, Gu Huai was holding this glass ball as his toy. Gu Huai playing with it was like a baby playing with a toy. Thus, they particularly liked to see it.

The snow hadn’t yet piled up on the ground. During the time when it was still small, Gu Huai went to the courtyard with the Tak Zerg and Alves, who happened to be staying in the mansion. He had just gone outside when Gu Huai was covered by a huge shadow. A Tak Zerg following him was covering him with its huge body, scarlet eyes staring at the snow falling from the sky.

“It doesn’t matter, don’t block it.” Seeing that the Tak Zerg wanted to stop the snow from falling on him, Gu Huai reached out to pat the sharp forearm. Then he walked out of the shadow that enveloped him.

“This is snow but there isn’t much at the moment. We might only be able to make a snowman tomorrow.” Gu Huai pointed to the snowflake that fell on the Tak Zerg’s forearm.

The Tak Zerg twisted its head and raised the sharp forearm carrying the small snowflake to look at it with vertical pupils. Since the Tak Zerg’s body didn’t have a high body temperature, the snowflake that fell on its forearm didn’t melt.

The Tak Zerg remembered the flower that Gu Huai liked to put on the windowsill of his room. It thought that Gu Huai liked flowers so the Tak Zerg stared at the snow with scarlet eyes for a while before holding out its sharp forearm to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai was startled and after a few seconds, he realized that the Tak Zerg wanted to give this snowflake to him.

Gu Huai didn’t speak. He reached for the snow, closed the palm of his hand and pretended to put it in his pocket. In fact, due to his body temperature, the snowflake soon melted away. Even so, Gu Huai felt like he had received a gift.

Seeing Gu Huai put the snowflake in his clothes pocket, the Tak Zerg in front of him suddenly made a low sound. The sound lasted for around five to six seconds. It was a very happy performance.

“The snowflake can be treated as a flower. Once it snows, we can see flowers on Tuser.” Gu Huai spoke to Alves standing next to him.

Gu Huai saw that the other person wanted to say something, but Alves eventually lowered his eyes and said nothing. There had been discussions with the senior officials about Tuser’s soil but things weren’t clear yet. Thus, Alves didn’t want to say it now.

“I’ll give it to you.” Gu Huai learned from what the Tak Zerg had just done and grabbed a snowflake. Then he put the cold and pure white snowflake on the palm of the silver-haired Zerg.

The high-grade Zerg might have a low body temperature but they still had a temperature. Alves watched the snowflake gradually melt into a water drop in his hand and his lips pursed silently. Gu Huai saw the other person staring at the water drop on his hand and felt a sudden sense of guilt for bullying this big cat. He hadn’t expected Alves to be so serious.

“Don’t worry about the water drop.” Gu Huai coughed twice and reached out to wipe the water drop away from the other person’s hand. Then he promised, “Once we go to another planet in the future, I will send you a flower that doesn’t melt.”

The palm of his hand briefly felt the temperature of the young man next to him. Alves gently responded, “Okay.”

It was so easy. Gu Huai looked at Alves’ side profile. He thought that this big silver cat was a bit too obedient. Alves was just standing in front of him but it was really likable. It would take some time for the snow on the ground to accumulate enough to build a snowman. Walking in the courtyard was enough so Gu Huai returned indoors.

“It is much better to have a scarf.” Gu Huai whispered as he sat on the sofa. He touched his neck that was a bit cold form the wind and suddenly felt some nostalgia for the earth product.

At this time, Capalia came with her deputy and Gu Huai looked over.

“This subordinate will leave first.” The female Zerg followed Capalia bowed and immediately turned away.

Gu Huai looked at the latter hurrying away. Once her figure couldn’t be seen anymore, Gu Huai hesitated for a second before asking Capalia. “Lisa… does she hate me?”

It wasn’t just because the female Zerg immediately left. Gu Huai found that the female Zerg smiled at other people but would be completely cold in front of him. This allowed Gu Huai to get the idea that the other person hated him.

Capalia felt a rare surprise when she heard Gu Huai’s words but the subtle change of expression wasn’t evident on her frosty face. She bowed her head and replied, “That kind of thing can’t happen.”

If she hated the king then she wouldn’t follow Capalia into the mansion to look at the young man sitting on the couch before going to interrogate the prisoners. Originally, the captives on Tuser wouldn’t be questioned by Capalia’s deputy but their two armies were now consolidated together and Lisa was good at intelligence.

Lisa left the mansion and didn’t walk to Tuser’s prison. Instead, she went to a small room guarded by a dozen Zerg soldiers. Seeing the gentle smile on the face of the female Zerg, the two human officers held in this room tensed and their hearts sank.

She came again…

What did she want this time? This wasn’t the first time that Shen Mu and Hammer had seen this female Zerg. However, they were on alert every time they saw her. It was because once they relaxed, they might say something that shouldn’t be said.

The female Zerg in front of them wasn’t like a Zerg. The varied emotions on her face were too confusing and were completely different from the general ruthless performance of the Zerg. It was a disguise but it was real enough that it was hard to tell. This made them feel creepy.

“Do you know what a scarf is?” Lisa sat down in front of the two wary human officers and smiled at them. The two human officers were a bit stunned. The vigilance they worked hard to establish was broken in half. Once they managed to relax, they quickly put themselves on guard again.

Speaking of recent encounters, Shen Mu and Hammer thought there was probably no one more unlucky than them in the entire universe.

Their fleet, which hadn’t been close to Zerg territory, was unlucky enough to run into the notorious Black Sands star pirates in the next galaxy. The two men became captives of the pirates.

Originally, Shen Mu and Hammer thought they were dead after being taken captive by the star pirates. Unexpectedly, the Black Sands group sought death and stroked the whiskers of the Zerg. Not long after they were taken captive, the star thieves were attacked by a Yula battleship.

Rather than killing all of them, the Zerg fleet left some alive as captives. The two of them were caught and brought back to Tuser. They went from being the star pirates’ prisoners to the Zerg’s prisoners.

Their experience was almost enough to cause tears. Then after spending half a month in the Tuser prison, the two human officers found that the Zerg just locked them up. It was unknown if they had been forgotten but no one was sent to interrogate them.

Thus, Shen Mu and Hammer ate a quiet prison meal on Tuser Star for half a month. This lasted until three days ago when they were transferred from prison to this comfortable small room. The Zerg finally came to interrogate them.

However, the questions that Shen Mu and Hammer heard in recent days made them feel like they had a problem with their ears.

The first day, they were asked if they knew a nutritious diet.

The next day, they were asked how humans generally pampered their children.

The third day, the other person didn’t come.

Then today, she asked them if they knew what a scarf was. Was this a strategy to let their guard down?? The two human officers didn’t dare to relax. At this time, Shen Mu was calm enough to answer, “It is a textile wrapped around the neck and plays a warming role. You can search on the Star Network.”

“Thank you.” Lisa thanked them with a polite smile before opening her personal terminal and searching the Star Network. Soon after finding what she wanted, Lisa emitted a silver wire from her fingertips under the watchful eyes of the two human officers.

“—!” The two human officers were frightened. They knew the identity of this silk line.

Shen Mu and Hammer actually knew the identity of the female Zerg in front of them. The other side was the deputy of the Second Army’s leader.

Why did the deputy of the Second Army’s leader appear on the capital star of the First Army? Shen Mu and Hammer weren’t clear about the reasons. Did it mean that the two Zerg armies had united? Even if this was the case, they couldn’t bring this information back to Earth now.

The silver wire emitted from the other person’s fingers was a toxic wire containing neurotoxins. The toxin was so scary that as long as their body was tied up by these poisonous strains for more than three seconds, their mobility would be completely lost and their heartbeat would soon stop.

Don’t look at this female Zerg’s gentle smile. Shen Mu and Hammer knew that this was just an imitation disguise that the other person put on to let her prey relax their vigilance. This female was actually a cold Zerg with no feelings.

Since the other side was using this poison wire in front of them, it should be showing them that they had no more value and would now be killed. The two men watched this scene calmly. They were already prepared to die for humanity.


The wooden table next to them was split apart by the female Zerg. The two surprised humans watched as the other side cut down the wood into two pointed sticks. Then the female Zerg put the wire containing terrible toxins around these two wooden sticks. Then she sat in front of them and used the two sticks to…


Weaving a scarf??

The present reality stunned the two human officers and they started to doubt life.

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