INH: Chapter 2

It was impossible to wait in place to die but he really didn’t want to run naked.

The contradictory thoughts brought about a brief pause in Gu Huai’s actions and there were two thoughts in his mind.

1. Try to escape.

2. Want clothes.

Gu Huai had maintained the posture of one head sticking out and his hands were on the edge of the eggshell. The moment he demanded clothes, something happened that he couldn’t understand with common sense.

A palm-sized piece of the white eggshell he was touching suddenly disappeared in the air and at the same time, simple clothes appeared on his body.


His body reacted faster than his mind. Gu Huai pushed hard with his hands and quickly jumped out. Then he ran at his fastest speed through the gap that was the only possible survival route.

Gu Huai thought as he ran. The dangerous creatures originally slowly surrounding him instantly burst into high-speed movement as they chased.

People of an interstellar race would have numb scalps in the face of a Zerg swarm. It was because this was an assault that didn’t fear death.

There was no fear of death. The Zerg soldiers who accepted the orders of their superiors would ignore pain and destroy the enemy with a cold and unsympathetic attitude. They didn’t even see their own death as a sacrifice but as a natural tactic.

At this moment, only Gu Huai could say his mood as he was chased by the Tak Zerg…

He couldn’t run anymore.

The cave was so dark that it wasn’t easy for Gu Huai, who had no night vision, to see the road ahead.

In addition, this cave was too big. Gu Huai wasn’t sure if he was running in the direction of the exit or deeper inside the cave, but he couldn’t care about that now.

Even if the chance of survival was small, struggling was better than not struggling.

However, the result of running in a state where he couldn’t slow down or see the path was that the running Gu Huai suddenly tripped an obstacle that he didn’t notice, his right knee directly hitting the ground.

“Hiss…” This fall wasn’t light and Gu Huai reflexively hissed.

This was a cry of pain. The Tak Zerg chasing knew this even if they didn’t have much intelligence.

This understanding caused the Tak Zerg to almost instantaneously enter a frenzied state that normally only occurred when they were seriously injured. They let out a low threatening sound from their throat and the scarlet vertical pupils let out bloodthirsty killing intent.

The young man’s cries of pain were a great stimulus for these Tak Zerg. They couldn’t tolerate such a thing but couldn’t find a target that could be their enemy.

Gu Huai had stopped running because of the fall. The Tak Zerg chasing behind him once again surrounded him.

There was no chance…

The moment he was surrounded, Gu Huai had to accept his fate.

There wasn’t even a chance to get up. Gu Huai watched the large creature raise its dangerous forearm that was like a jagged blade to his side.

It was sharper than a real knife. The moment this blade descended, Gu Huai couldn’t help gritting his teeth and closing his eyes.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…?

The expected pain didn’t appear. Gu Huai slowly opened his eyes and found that nothing happened to him. It was just that the obstacle he stumbled over was completely flat.

The terrifying creature who completed this action lowered its forearm and along with its kin, continued to surround Gu Huai in silence.

Gu Huai suddenly realized that these creatures didn’t want to attack him.

Gu Huai’s heartbeat slowed down at this realization and he didn’t know if it was his illusion but he gradually… seemed to be able to vaguely sense the emotions coming from these alien creatures.

They were very angry but this anger wasn’t directed at him.

Combined with the flattening of the obstacle that made him fall, Gu Huai had a thought that stunned him.

They were so angry because he was hurt.

Gu Huai wasn’t sure because he didn’t know why he thought this. In order to verify it, Gu Huai lowered his head and made a sound like a gasp.

It was like a signal to the already extremely angry Tak Zerg around the youth. They became further enraged and entered an oppressive quiet state. The sharp tip of their forearms plunged into the ground, directly creating several holes in the hard rock surface.

Gu Huai, “…”

The reaction of these Tak Zergs directly verified Gu Huai’s speculation. Gu Huai finally understood that these terrible creatures surrounding him were trying to protect him, not treating him as prey.

It was a protective circle. They were guarding him.

Gu Huai didn’t know why but once he understood this, many of his perceptions changed.

For example, dozens of red eyes were still closely watching him but Gu Huai didn’t think about how to escape. Now he couldn’t feel much tension.

Based on their appearance, the alien creatures in front of Gu Huai were indeed very dangerous and terrible. Regardless of whether it was the sharp forearms that can be stuck deep into the ground or the sharp teeth, they were full of deadly threats.

Once he determined that he was being protected by them, Gu got up from the ground and took a deep breath before approaching the biggest one.

The closer he got, the clearer Gu Huai perceived their rage. There was no sense of reason in the scarlet eyes that stared at him but even so, they never left his side.

Gu Huai took the initiative to approach the Tak Zerg and he saw the dangerous creature move its forearm back a bit, adjusting the angle to let the sharpness avoid him.

Gu Huai was somewhat taken aback. This feeling of being carefully protected was too obvious and ‘protection’ wasn’t enough to describe it. He should use ‘care’…

This feeling of care had rarely appeared in Gu Huai’s life. After all, he was a child of a welfare home.

Most of the carers in the welfare homes were kind but the homes needed to take care of many children. The amount of care divided to each child will be limited.

This type of care was also different from the love that parents showed their children.

Gu Huai was very clever and quick-witted so he had recognized the difference early in his childhood. However, he wasn’t disappointed because he felt that the kind care he received was equally valuable and appreciated.

He blinked and watched these dangerous creatures that obviously showed a protective attitude. Then he started to think about one thing.

What could be done to calm their anger?

He could sense the emotions of these creatures like it was an innate ability. Previously when he fell and was in pain, Gu Huai had a momentary illusion.

The illusion was that Gu Huai felt he had established some type of spiritual link with them, allowing him to convey his consciousness directly to this creature.

「 I’m fine. Don’t be angry…? 」

He didn’t know if this would work but Gu Huai tried it anyway. He tried to recall his state at that time and tried to appease the large creatures around him.

He was accustomed to looking in the other person’s eyes when talking. Gu Huai raised his head with great effort and finally looked at this Tak Zerg’s red eyes despite the size gap.

The Tak Zerg in front of Gu Huai was the lowest class of Zerg soldiers. They couldn’t advance to a humanoid form and didn’t have high intelligence or language skills.

The Tak might not be able to answer in words but they still responded.

The needle-like pupils slightly relaxed and the huge, fearsome creatures bowed their heads to the youth. The sharp forearms fell like they finally left their combat state.

Nevertheless, they weren’t completely relaxed. Gu Huai thought this as he reached out to pat the Tak Zerg’s sharp forearm. “I’m fine. Don’t be angry.”

This sentence wasn’t conveyed using the spiritual link but this Tak Zerg seemed to understand Gu Huai’s meaning. Once the young man patted its forearm, the Tak Zerg let out a very low hissing sound from its throat and then continued to hang its head in a motionless manner.

This was undoubtedly a sub gesture. If a third person was present at the time, any member of the interstellar races would doubt their eyes.

The Zerg was synonymous with ruthlessness and cruelty in the entire universe, not to mention that the Tak were the most vicious and violent among the Zerg.

It could be said that on the battlefield, the Zerg army was the enemy that all race wanted to face the least. Among them, the bug soldiers of the Tak ethnic group were the most frightening.

These Tak Zerg would go on a violent rampage on the battlefield. Once they entered this rampage, they wouldn’t stop unless completely incapacitated or the enemy was completely destroyed. The Tak would continue to fight as long as there was a body part active.

It was impossible to appease the Tak in this violent state yet the only exception appeared on a remote planet.

The completion of these appeasement moves didn’t take long. It was just that due to the mental power consumption, Gu Huai soon felt sleepy. There was an intense drowsiness that made him want to close his eyes and sleep. He finally fell directly to the ground.

The moment that Gu Huai slept, the Tak Zerg guarding him instinctively came closer like they were attracted.

The youth fell asleep.

The pair of scarlet eyes reflected the sleeping Gu Huai. The non-humanoid Tak Zerg seriously and intently watched the young man falling asleep. They got closer and were reluctant to look away.

It was normal for babies to like to sleep.

Although Gu Huai was already an adult based on his appearance, these Tak Zergs had witnessed the other side’s process of breaking out of the egg. To them, the black-haired youth was just born and he was still a baby.

They stared for a few seconds. Then the Tak Zerg subconsciously didn’t want to let the young man lie down on the hard, cold ground and they moved the sleeping youth back to their previous eggshell.

The eggshell wasn’t completely destroyed. Only the top was torn apart. This way, the eggshell still had a special warm effect on the young man lying inside.

“Huwu…” Gu Huai sleeping in the eggshell let out a sound.

This sound should be a sign of an uncomfortable sleep. Once they heard the young man’s noise, the Tak Zerg surrounding the eggshell couldn’t help letting out a hissing sound.

The Tak didn’t know how to take care of babies. Strictly speaking, there was no concept of caring for the young among the Zerg.

It was about intuition and instinct. The Tak Zerg reached out to the white egg and controlled their strength, carefully pushing the eggshell.

The eggshell shook.

Push again…

The eggshell shook again.

It was like a cradle. The young man originally sleeping in a restless manner gradually relaxed his eyebrows and his breathing became shallow and gentle.

Based on the breathing sounds, it could be seen that the young man was now sleeping more uncomfortably. Therefore, the Tak used the eggshell as a cradle and continued to push the eggshell at a regular frequency.

They stared at the young man sleeping soundly and once again felt a strange emotion.

This emotion first emerged when they found the big white cave on this distant planet.

The second time it appeared was when they watched the young man breaking out of the shell.

This emotion made them feel as high as anger but it was quite different. Anger aroused their destructive desires while this emotion was strange.

Rather they trying to destroy everything, everything seemed to be pleasant.

It was like flowers appearing on the dry wilderness. The lovely little flowers decorating the original cold and barren wilderness made the canvas known as the ‘world’ become colourful.

It was an emotion called joy.

The author has something to say:

Huai Bao (treasure/precious) was born.

Parents: Super invincible delight.jpg.

Huai Bao fell.

Parents: Angry.jpg

Then a knife leveled the ground (。)

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