INH: Chapter 19

Gu Huai didn’t see Alves for one day. Once he woke up, the other person appeared by his side as usual.

After two days of observation, Gu Huai felt that the two armies on Tuser Star were peaceful and friendly. There was no rejection with each other and the acceptance was faster than imagined. Thinking about this matter, Gu Huai decided to go to the military building.

“Hold.” Once out of the mansion gate, Gu Huai turned and held out a hand to the Tak Zerg who had gone out with him. It wasn’t that Gu Huai was too lazy to walk. He found that the Tak Zerg were particularly fond of letting him sit on their shoulders to see the world, so he let them.

These Tak Zerg now understand that Gu Huai holding out a hand and saying ‘hold’ was a sign to put him on their shoulders. Thus, the Tak Zerg in the lead slowly lowered its body and reached out a sharp forearm to carefully pick up the young man, placing him on its left shoulder. The large body with a scary shape carried Gu Huai and the Tak Zerg let out a low hissing sound from its throat. The cold scarlet eyes were a bit brighter and this was obviously a happy look.

The military building wasn’t far away from Alves’ residence. Gu Huai was carried by the Tak Zerg all the way. On the road, Gu Huai looked at the sky and then spoke to the Tak Zerg carrying him. “Once it snows, we will go out to see the snow.”

The snow was falling late. It had been brewing in the sky for several days. The Tak Zerg used to live on the abandoned planet. They hadn’t experienced snow or know what it was. Winter on the abandoned planet was much colder than Tuser. Every winter, before the egg was broken, the Tak Zerg went outside in advance to look for some huge, soft leaves. Then they would bring the leaves back to the cave and gently cover the big white egg lying there quietly.

They didn’t feel cold but they instinctively worried that the baby in the eggshell would be frozen. They didn’t know what snow was but the Tak still let out a sound in response to Gu Huai.

“I will pile up a snowman like Karu.” Gu Huai spoke while patting the shoulder of the Tak Zerg carrying him, a smile on his face.

Hearing its name, the vertical pupils of the Tak Zerg slightly shrank. It thought the baby was calling to it and continued to make a clear hissing sound from its throat to prevent Gu Huai from thinking it didn’t hear him.

The military building had 17 floors and the conference room was on the 16th floor. The top floor was Alves’ private office but he wasn’t in it much since he left most of the work to the chief of staff. The second he entered this towering white building, Gu Huai received attention from the high-grade Zerg in the building.

All the Zerg stopped their work and some even left their posts to follow him. As he moved, more and more Zerg followed behind him. Thus, once Gu Huai entered the elevator, he looked helplessly at the group of high-grade Zerg who wanted to squeeze into the elevator but had to watch him from outside the elevator door. There was a lot of space in the elevator but the Tak Zerg around Gu Huai filled the spaces, creating this scene.

Gu Huai came to the military department to tell Alves and other senior personnel that he wanted to contact the other two armies. Since he had the highest authority, Gu Huai entered the conference room unimpeded.

The moment he entered the conference room, Gu Huai first saw the cold expression of the chief of staff and other senior officials. Then he was stunned by the contents of the virtual screen suspended above the conference table.

【 10th Interstellar Cutest Creature Award 】

This seemed to be a voting page. Gu Huai saw that his name was currently in second place, followed by a long string of votes.

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai’s arrival was immediately noticed by the Zerg in the conference room. It wasn’t just Alves and the Tuser executives, but also Capalia and her close subordinates. They first set their eyes on Gu Huai.

“Your Majesty, why are you here?” The chief of staff asked as he quickly placed a chair beside Alves’ seat, so that Gu Huai could sit.

Gu Huai might be the new master of Tuser Star but the chief of staff wouldn’t let Gu Huai worry about this planet’s affairs.

“I wanted to come to tell you that I’m going to contact the other two armies..” Gu Huai spoke while still looking at the virtual screen on the conference table. In particular, Gu Huai’s expression changed as he saw his number of votes still growing.

Previously, the chief of staff would’ve hoped for Gu Huai to contact them later. On the other hand, he didn’t want the Zerg of other armies to gain Gu Huai’s attention. On the other hand, he didn’t know how the Zerg of the other armies would react after knowing about the king’s existence.

Now, after watching the attitude of the Second Army toward Gu Huai and combined with the ongoing vote, the chief of staff spoke decisively. “This subordinate will follow your wishes.”

From the outset, Alves let Gu Huai do whatever he wanted. That’s why he didn’t speak at this time. Capalia, leader of the Second Army, bowed her head to look at Gu Huai. “My subordinates are transferring the elite troops to Tuser. They will arrive in around a day so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Initially, Capalia only brought the smallest sized fleet to show her sincerity. Now that Tuser’s top executives trusted her attitude to Gu Huai, they naturally didn’t mind Capalia moving her elite troops to Tuser.

The more guard forces there were to protect Gu Huai, the better. They would protect Gu Huai in the safest place. Capalia’s meaning was that if there were rebels in the other two armies, they could suppress them. Thus, Gu Huai could do whatever he wanted.

Gu Huai could now establish a spiritual link to two distant planets at the same time. Before establishing the link, Gu Huai wanted to figure out one thing first.

“What is this?” Gu Huai pointed to the virtual screen on the conference table and asked.

The chief of staff pushed up his glasses and replied, “It is a selection released by an association affiliated with the Star Alliance. It is said that the selection results have a high degree of recognition among the stars.”

For the species voted first in this category, the interstellar merchants would launch various merchandise associated with it. The sales proved to be really good. Due to the biodiversity of the universe, this voting option was set to be optional. Added options could be chosen by others and the ‘Gu Huai’ option had been added by the Zerg.

“…” Gu Huai was silent for two seconds. He seriously looked at the title of this award again and then his name in the second position. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“Every Star Network account can vote once a day. Just now, you were pushed from first place and we were just discussing this matter.” At this point, the chief of staff let out a rare frown. He obviously wasn’t satisfied with this result.

The cute creature among the stars was naturally their king.

During the time before Gu Huai entered the conference, room, the Tuser executives had been staring at the virtual screen so hard there was almost a hole through it. What type of creature was the ‘Pache?’ Why was it overtaking their king’s votes so many times?

The Zerg of both armies had been voting these days but the votes were repeatedly reversed. This led the Zerg soldiers of both armies to wonder if they should go and wipe out this creature called the ‘Pache’. Then their king would be the cutest.

The Zerg soldiers didn’t feel there was anything wrong with such logic and seriously considered the feasibility.

The soldiers of the First and Second Armies weren’t happy but at this time, a large number of Pache enthusiasts and the peanut gallery were feeling confused. Why type of biological species was ‘Gu Huai’? Why had they never heard of it before?

The Pache was currently the most popular domestic pet in the stars. It had won the title three times in a row and it was by an overwhelming number of votes. This time, they suddenly encountered a difficult situation and first place wasn’t guaranteed. This forced enthusiasts to vote every day and it was barely stable.

For the party involved, ‘Gu Huai’ was speechless after hearing the chief of staff’s answer. No… why were they seriously discussing this type of thing in the military conference room?

“In fact, you don’t have to care so much about this vote. I…” Gu Huai wanted to express that he wasn’t interested in getting first place but he saw the chief of staff raise his head.

“No.” The chief of staff’s expression was cold and it was the first time he showed a firm attitude in front of Gu Huai. It wasn’t just the chief of staff. Gu Huai saw the same serious expression on the faces of the other high-grade Zerg. He fell silent and finally helplessly decided to indulge the two Zerg armies.

“I will get in touch with the other two armies now.” With this in mind, Gu Huai reluctantly removed his gaze from the selection page and closed his eyes to immerse himself in his spiritual realm. He quickly identified the two other bright spots in the field.

Select, confirm, establish a link.

At this point, on two planets with huge environmental differences, the owners of both planets reacted immediately by shrinking their pupils. For this one-way spiritual link, Gu Huai used the same opening words as last time and expressed his desire to meet, asking if the other party would come to Tuser.

The response was almost immediately the same as Capalia. A communication request was sent to Tuser in the next second. The communication was connected and Gu Huai saw two people with very different images.

One was almost as big as the Tak Zerg around Gu Huai. He was covered with a hard outer shell and looked a bit fierce. The other person had a normal body and a cold experience. He was wearing white robes with a rather complicated style and his expression was calm and quiet.

Gu Huai asked, “Would you like to come and see me?”

In the communication screen, the huge Zerg almost immediately showed his loyalty to Gu Huai. The army commander didn’t his head to Gu Huai and spoke in a dull voice, “Simodo will obey your command.”

Compared to the other Zerg ethnic groups, the Camus’ abilities were very average. Still, according to Simodo, they wouldn’t lose to any other ethnic groups when it came to their loyalty to the king.

Their ethnic group consumed their vitality in exchange for a large outbreak. They could only use self-destruction as a means of killing enemies. If it was to protect the king then they wouldn’t be stingy with their lives. It could be said that the Camus Zerg looked ordinary during normal times but if someone threatened Gu Huai, they would become as crazy as the Tak Zerg.

“I will follow your will.” On the other communication screen, a calm and cold voice was heard.

The owner of the voice had the golden vertical pupils that represented the alpha class. It was just that these golden eyes were particularly light and seemed to shine with things that made his eyes illusory. When looking at Gu Huai, the illusory things in his eyes seemed to become close to the truth.

The leaders of the four Zerg armies happened to belong to different ethnic groups. Aiyi was the leader of the Third Army and he was born in the Isadore ethnic group. The Zerg born in the Isadore ethnic group were strong in spiritual power and were better at using this power to destroy the enemy, rather than close-up attacks. Aiyi had the special talent of foresight.

This ability of prediction allowed Aiyo to see into the future for a second or two, so his eyes didn’t look at reality. Yet when faced with Gu Huai, he wanted to see the existing reality.

It was at this moment that Aiyi understood what his unintelligible dream represented. In addition to the very short foresight, Aiyi sometimes saw the distant future through dreams. He once dreamed of a situation related to Gu Huai. At that time, he couldn’t see Gu Huai’s face in the dream. Now Aiyi added the image of the youth to the dream.

As long as they were in the Zerg race, no matter which ethnic group they belonged to, they would certainly love the king. Gu Huai’s appearance meant the unification of the four armies would soon be complete. The chief of staff and the other high-grade executives of Tuser recognized this.

In this case—

The chief of staff pushed up his glasses and sent the voting page to the two army leaders. Their two armies were already voting. Couldn’t the four armies vote together?

Gu Huai watching this scene, “…”

It was clearly the serious image of race unification. Why did the style become so strange?

Gu Huai once again fell silent. 10 minutes later, the interstellar people watching the annual selection saw the second place creature suddenly began to rise madly. Not long after, ‘Gu Huai’ reached first place and it was almost double the number of votes.

The peanut gallery, “?”

The Pache enthusiasts, “???”

How could they fight this? Looking at the sudden doubling of votes of the competitor, the Pache enthusiasts were speechless.

Thus, the result was settled.

【 10th Interstellar Cutest Creature Award 】

First place: Gu Huai

Second place: Pache

Third place: Yilislong



So who was going to tell them what type of creature Gu Huai was??? Before knowing about the birth of the Zerg king, the many people of different races already remembered Gu Huai’s name.

The author has something to say:

Pache: Prefer extinction (shivering.jpg)

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