INH: Chapter 18

This wasn’t a hologram. Gu Huai was certain of it after hearing the cry and feeling the real weight of the body.

He was in a daze and didn’t move for a while. Then his first reaction was to reach out to the Zerg baby watching him with vertical eyes. He touched the cub’s soft fluff and it felt quite good. In childhood, a Zerg’s fur hadn’t faded or the cold, hard shell grown. The cub’s body was still soft and covered with fluff. The cub’s body temperature was warmer than that of an adult Zerg.


After being touched by Gu Huai, the fluffy creature chirped loudly. Then he slightly lowered his body, expressing his willingness to be touched by Gu Huai. This might not be a real Zerg child but the ‘like’ meaning of this move was the same.

The Zerg sometimes licked and combed the hair of another Zerg young but it was something that was only done for those who liked and wanted to be close to each other. On the other hand, if a Zerg baby was willing to accept combing, it must be because they liked the other person. This was what it meant to comb hair in the Zerg race.

Adults could lick each other’s fur like cubs. This was a means of expressing good feelings but due to the lack of emotional nature, the probability of the above occurrence was very low and could be called rare.

The fluffy Zerg baby was nice to touch. Before Gu Huai could think of anything, he had touched the cub’s back several times. In his final touch, Gu Huai even used his fingers to hook the small silver-grey tail behind the Zerg cub. Once he realized what he had done, Gu Huai hurriedly stopped his actions.

“Alves…?” Gu Huai sat up and put the cub in front of him. He bowed his head and tried to calmly confront the other person. However, the moment he bowed his head, his eyes meet a pair of pale gold eyes. Alves’ eyes usually revealed emotional indifference so Gu Huai couldn’t help smiling.

“Chirp.” This was the response. The chirping sounds were a bit soft. After all, it was a baby.

How could he take this scene seriously? Gu Huai couldn’t help his eyebrows curving. “Why did you become this way?”

The Zerg cub in front of him was not only fluffy but also a bit round. He was a bit bigger than a rabbit. The four short legs couldn’t be seen when sitting down. At first glance, he was like a white furball. The fluff had only faded from the tail. This familiar silver-grey tail caused Gu Huai to smile.

To Gu Huai’s surprise, the cub still had a pair of small wings on his bag. Gu Huai had seen it in the video but he couldn’t help being surprised. These wings should become silver wings with an icy surface like the tail after the fluff faded. Alves tail was the only racial feature in his humanoid form so Gu Huai never knew the other side had such body parts.

After asking the question, Gu Huai remembered that there was no way for the other person to answer in this form. He knew that Alves should’ve used an ability to change himself to cub form but he didn’t know why Alves did so.

Gu Huai was sitting on the sofa in a somewhat lazy position at this time. He was looking at the Zerg cub with golden vertical eyes when there was a flash of light in his mind.

“Yes… because I said you were cute?” Gu Huai subconsciously slowed down his voice.

“Chirp chirp.”

The small wings on his back fluttered. The cub’s pale golden vertical eyes were like clean and beautiful gems. They didn’t require any polish and looked very pure.

Hearing the positive response, Gu Huai was slightly startled. He was touched by the directness and couldn’t help picking up the round and fluffy creature in front of him. Then he reached out to touch the wings and tail.

“You’re very cute.” Gu Huai raised the Zerg cub who didn’t struggle at all. This was a heartfelt compliment. He already knew that Alves didn’t mind being praised using this adjective and added. “You are usually as cute as you are now.”

Who would’ve expected the arrogant and cold big cat to be so cute?

The moment Gu Huai spoke this second sentence, the pale gold eyes of the Zerg cub opened like a glass ball and the silver-grey tail behind him shook subconsciously. The moment Gu Huai said these words, he looked into the cub’s eyes. The other side’s appearance was so deceptive that Gu Huai didn’t think too much and kissed the fluffy forehead.

The silver-grey tail stopped swinging and the pale golden pupils suddenly contracted. A second later, the cub disappeared from Gu Huai’s eyes. This was a space transfer. The location of the transfer wasn’t decided so it was subconsciously set to a familiar location. It was the military conference room. Alves returned to adult form while making the space transfer.

“First… Leader?” They didn’t know why the leader was suddenly here. The Tuser executives meeting in the room were a bit confused. The doubts were silenced as they found that Alves’ state was a bit strange.

Alves’ expression still seemed cold and it was difficult to interpret the true mood of the golden vertical pupils. However, the side of his face was slightly tight and his mouth slightly twitched. His slender neck not covered by the military collar had a slightly red colour climbing up.

This strange state didn’t last long. In the eyes of Tuser’s top executives, Alves was silent for a few seconds. Then he soon returned to his true expressionless face. After the recovery, the other side left without a room, leaving the seven Tuser in the conference room to look at each other in confusion.

Alves left the conference room and actually returned to the mansion. It was just that due to some emotions he didn’t understand, he hid his body. Alves didn’t know why he suddenly left with space transfer. He didn’t want to leave Gu Huai’s side but some emotion made him unable to stay in place.

Then after he left, he wanted to go back. He still wanted to see Gu Huai but he didn’t dare appear. He could only secretly do this thing. Once Alves tried to hide his body, no one could find him.

Gu Huai was still in the same posture in the first floor’s hall as before Alves left. The only thing that had changed was that the small quilt over his body had been moved to the side. Gu Huai was sitting on the sofa and surrounded by the Tak Zerg watching him. He faced the Tak Zerg and grabbed his hair while thinking.

Gu Huai was wondering if the other side had been offended when he kissed the fluffy forehead and left angrily. Since the face was that of a plush cub, Gu Huai had felt no psychological burden when he kissed the forehead. Now looking back, he felt as if he had done an excessive thing…

Gu Huaiwasn’t embarrassed but he didn’t know Alves’ thoughts. The other side hadn’t seemed angry before leaving.

“Shy…?” Gu Huai thought about how the silver-grey tail suddenly stopped swinging and inexplicably came up with this idea. He discovered that this idea seemed more reasonable and couldn’t help blurting out, “So cute…”

Alves, who had hidden his body and returned to the mansion, heard the young man saying these words. He stood silently in the shadows and watched Gu Huai. Alves remained in this state for the rest of the day until Gu Huai fell asleep. Then he quietly emerged from the dark shadows.

The Tak Zerg watching over Gu Huai weren’t alert to Alves’ presence. The tall silver-haired Zerg approached the bed and looked down at the sleeping youth.

Alves’ slender fingers touched the part on his forehead that had just been kissed. His eyes circled Gu Huai’s body before stopping on Gu Huai’s hand.

Kissing was a means of expressing good feelings. For the first time, Alves wanted to do such a thing but he remembered that he couldn’t touch precious things at will. Thus, he finally chose Gu Huai’s finger.

It might not count as a kiss because Alves only touched his lips to the tip of Gu Huai’s finger. Like a snowflake falling on the person it liked and trying not to let the other side feel cold, he tried to only gently touch and not land completely on the other person.

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Shy Chirp Chirp playing hide-and-seek

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Too friggin cute

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SO CUTE. I cannot wait for more Zerg to start experiencing complex emotions that they have never felt before. They are all going to be slowly changed and humanized because of their delicate little king.

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