INH: Chapter 17

Alger felt there was nothing more life-threatening than talking about the leader’s secret and being caught. Alger had relatively active emotions among the Zerg but this was still limited. He was tense at this time. There was no panic on his face but his body was slightly frozen.

By this time, Alves had arrived in front of the two people.  Alger tried to be invisible but he couldn’t slip away. He could only continue to bear the enormous pressure from his leader.

Gu Huai didn’t know about Alger’s psychological state. He looked at the approaching Alves and then turned to look at the fluffy, round Zerg baby in the image. The curve of his mouth became even more obvious.

It was really… the difference was too great. If it wasn’t for Alger showing him this memory image, Gu Huai really couldn’t imagine that the cold, tall and beautiful silver-haired Zerg in front of him would be like this as a baby.

“You’re cute.” Gu Huai said with a smile. Then he thought that most men wouldn’t be happy about being cute and hurriedly remedied his words. “That is when you were young. It has nothing to do with you now.”

In fact, the current Alves also inexplicably made Gu Huai feel he was a bit cute. For example, the other side’s actions of giving him the flower and holding the flower so carefully gave him this feeling. Nevertheless, Gu Huai couldn’t say this. It was related to a man’s self-esteem.

Gu Huai didn’t know if it was his illusion but once he finished speaking, he saw that Alves seemed to pucker up his lips, making the corners of his mouth flatten into a straighter line.

“Cute?” Alves looked at the image, his voice cold and low.

Gu Huai saw the other person wasn’t angry and nodded. “Yes, very cute.”

Hearing Gu Huai’s words, Alves’ face slightly tense and there seemed to be some subtle changes in the indifference expression.

“However, there is only the back. Is there no front image?” Gu Huai blinked and asked Alger standing next to him.

Alger had been trying to reduce his sense of existence since a few minutes ago, driven by a sense of survival. Now that he was being questioned by Gu Huai, he opened his mouth and couldn’t answer immediately.

In fact, there was an image but Alger’s short silence made Gu Huai mistakenly think there wasn’t one. Thus, Gu Huai showed a bit of regret.

The Zerg were fluffy creatures during their baby period. Then the fluff gradually faded and the Zerg would grow a hard shell. In adulthood, the Zergs above the delta class would advance to a humanoid form that retained some ethnic characteristics.

The Zerg’s baby period wasn’t very long so their fluffy period was actually very previous. They might not look like a fluffy creature after one or two years. The baby’s originally soft skin would be covered with a cold and hard shell. Their body would grow rapidly, making them one of the most dangerous and frightening in the eyes of other races.

That’s why seeing the baby’s plush back was actually so good. Then Gu Huai soon changed his mentality. He didn’t have time to hear why Alger said that Alves’ nickname was related to a cry from childhood. Gu Huai looked at the person in front of him and decided to ask directly.

“It is because that’s what my cry sounded like.” Alves lowered his eyes and didn’t avoid Gu Huai’s question.

He couldn’t remember who gave him the nickname because it was too long ago or some other reason. Alves’ memory of the matter wasn’t clear. As for whether someone gave him this nickname during his childhood or if he self-identified it because of his own cry, Alves couldn’t remember.

“Chirp chirp… this call?” Gu Huai casually imagined Alves making this sound during his childhood period and suddenly couldn’t look directly at the other person’s pale gold eyes. The contrast was a bit of a foul.

Next to him, Alger wanted to escape. He didn’t forget that another army leader had once imitated Alves’ childhood cry and that army leader was beaten down. Alger felt that his own leader definitely wouldn’t do anything to the king but he himself was finished.

However, Alves didn’t even look at his deputy and simply hummed. “Yes.”

Generally speaking, Zerg babies made low noises like a bark. Alves’ call at an early age could be said to be very special.

“You were really cute as a baby.” Gu Huai couldn’t stop his eyes curving. Gu Huai’s word ’cute’ only referred to childhood. Alves heard this and the expression on his face changed more and more.

The word ‘cute’ meant to like it. In fact, such a word didn’t exist among the Zerg but it was in the interstellar common language and Alves could roughly understand the meaning of this word. Thus, the young man told him that he was like this when young but not anymore.

“It is only the baby that is cute?” Alves bowed his head to look at Gu Huai.

Gu Huai didn’t react for a moment. Then he sat the other side ask, “Now I’m not cute?”


Gu Huai was stunned for a moment. He looked up at the expressionless silver-haired Zerg and there were no fluctuations in his voice when he asked this sentence. For a while, he didn’t know if he should answer yes or no.

Gu Huai hesitated for a moment before tentatively replying, “Now you are also… cute?”

Gu Huai carefully observed Alves’ expression, ready to immediately change his words if the other person showed any signs of unhappiness. Then he saw Alves relax his mouth a bit more and the silver-grey tail behind him flicked up and down.

Since Alves wasn’t unhappy, Gu Huai could also rest assured that the other side didn’t mind being called cute. He didn’t have to worry about accidentally using the wrong word to praise Alves later.

Gu Huai sat down and asked, “How do you feel today? Are you still uncomfortable when going to the military?”

“It is around the same as before,” Alves responded while looking down at the fabric around his left wrist.

Now Alves would automatically remove his blindfold when he returned to Gu Huai’s side and the black cloth was tied around his wrist.He said it was around the same but in fact, after experiencing the feeling of quiet, the noise he experienced became more unbearable and needed to be suppressed.

Gu Huai thought about it and said, “Then if you feel bored outside, think about me? Will that be better?”

He didn’t know the exact theory of this pacification but if he could let Alves alleviate the pain then Gu Huai didn’t mind being the other person’s tranquilizer.

The moment he finished, he was stared at by a pair of golden eyes for a while. Gu Huai always felt that his reflection in these eyes became clearer and clearer. After a while, he heard the other side’s low reply, “Okay.”

Flowers were beautiful but a very fragile thing. Alves had gained this idea during a trip back to Noam to pick the flower. As a flower bloomed, it great brighter and more gorgeous. Alves didn’t know how to refuse this beauty.

This was the world’s most beautiful and precious flower. Due to his awareness of how precious it was, Alves didn’t dare reach out to touch the petals. He could only stand guard by the side to watch the flower’s growth.

However, what to do when he really wanted to touch but didn’t know how to touch without hurting the other person? What if he was rejected or hated?

Alves looked closely at the back of the young man. Then he shifted his gaze and spoke to Alger. “Follow me to the study.”

Alger’s expression was slightly stiff. He thought about what was coming and nodded with a numb scalp. Alger entered the study with great fear but he wasn’t held accountable for anything. Instead, he was thrown work that needed to be done as usual.

In his original world, Gu Huai had the habit of napping. This habit was maintained after coming to this world. Instead of returning to his room, Gu Huai lay down directly on the couch, found a comfortable position and was ready to sleep.

“I’ll sleep for a while.” Gu Huai spoke to the Tak, who were watching him. Then he closed his eyes after hearing the low response. Once Gu Huai fell asleep, the two Tak Zerg used their sharp forearms to carefully pull up the quilt and covered Gu Huai with this quilt.

Gu Huai had napped after lunch and this time he only slept for around 30 minutes.

He woke up to find he had an extra layer of quilts and realized that it was the Tak Zerg who covered him. He just woke up and was still sleepy. Gu Huai didn’t notice that the quilt had an obvious bulge and there was a light weight on his legs. It wasn’t until Gu Huai sobered up and moved his leg a bit that he looked at the bulging part of the quilt. Gu Huai felt the pressure on his legs start to move to his upper body.

A few seconds later, an unknown creature with golden vertical eyes emerged from the quilt and pressed against Gu Huai’s chest. Gu Huai happened to meet the unidentified creature’s golden eyes and then saw the silver-grey tail behind it.

Gu Huai was stunned for a moment. These two characteristics were too obvious and he had only recently seen the relevant image.


Before Gu Huai could react, the Zerg baby with a small silver-grey tail let out a cry.

The author has something to say:

“Am I cute?” (Do you like me?)

“Cute.” (I like.)

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