INH: Chapter 16

The chief of staff and other top Tuser executives felt a moment of concern. Then they found that Alves didn’t appear out of control after removing the blindfold. The golden eyes, which hadn’t been seen for a long time, glanced at them with no temperature, but normal sanity was maintained.

It was just that their inherent impression was too deep. The chief of staff didn’t know if this was a moment of calm before Alves lost control. He didn’t dare to calm down when it came to Gu Huai’s safety.

“Your Majesty, you can’t stay here. Please allow your subordinates to take you away.” The chief of staff seemed a bit anxious. Among the many confused Zerg, he was the quickest to react and came to Gu Huai.

Capalia, who was prepared for battle, hadn’t moved. The unexpected development made her reexamine the situation but her eyes continued to focus on the immediate danger. Alves was expressionless and didn’t seem surprised, but he didn’t explain anything.

He might indeed be able to maintain his sanity for a short time and felt that everything was very quiet without the need for destruction, but Alves couldn’t absolutely guarantee that he would never lose control.

However, he saw the young man raise his hand and Alves moved his tail. The cold silver-grey tail gently rubbed against Gu Huai’s hand. It didn’t make any circling action but it slowly touched Gu Huai’s fingers.

Since knowing that winter temperatures made Gu Huai feel cold, Alves rarely let his tail touch the other person. It was okay across clothes but direct contact with the skin wasn’t possible. Gu Huai’s fingers were warm and the feeling of being touched by Alves’ tail was naturally very obvious.

Gu Huai looked down at the silver-grey tail rubbing against his finger and then up at the quietly watching Alves. It was like the big silver cat was saying to him that it could be good, don’t throw it away.

Thus, Gu Huai subconsciously hugged the tail that was ready to retract after rubbing against his fingers. This tail wasn’t really friendly to hold in winter. Gu Huai held it and his hand suddenly froze. For example, it felt like touching the iron railing outside in winter.

However, Gu Huai saw that Alves’ expression was a bit wrong and in order to not let the big cat feel discarded, Gu Huai had to use this action. If there was a cover then holding the tail should be a bit warmer?

“I won’t leave.” Gu Huai shook his head at the chief of staff and sat down on the sofa with the tail in his hands. He also tugged at Alves’ tail and motioned for the other person to sit down with him.

The latter sat down obediently. Once this happened, Gu Huai put the silver-grey tail in his hand onto his lap. Always holding it was a bit tiring but in front of such an obedient big cat, Gu Huai didn’t have the heart to put it down.

Gu Huai didn’t have any awareness of the impact this scene had on the surrounding Zerg. He just didn’t want Alves to be looked at with such wary and panicked eyes. It was clear that this big cat was really good. Gu Huai thought this and calmly touched the silver-grey tail placed on his lap, letting the other side know that he wasn’t afraid.

Alves made a slightly squinting expression, which had previously meant a dangerous gesture when his eyes weren’t blindfolded. If he showed this expression in better than the enemy would be frightened and wouldn’t live long.

The chief of staff and other Zerg had such memories of this expression yet now they only saw Alves move his tail slightly when touched by the youth. Like a feline with fur, he squinted and was unusually meek.

The tension in the hall only lasted a moment. It soon dissipated due to Gu Huai’s actions. Alves didn’t lose control or go mad after taking off his blindfold. The Zerg in this place slowly accepted this fact and let go of their worries.

“Why did you summon us?” Capalia calmly followed and bowed her head as she asked Gu Huai, showing an attitude similar to surrender.

Since it was a serious matter and related to the entire Zerg species, Gu Huai immediately sat up and looked at the other person.”I hope to end this state of confrontation and independent between the armies. Currently, the antagonism between armies is leading to a division in the Zerg. I don’t want to see this continue.”

“So… can you have your army stop opposing Tuser?” Gu Huai scratched his cheek as he spoke. he knew that he had made a big request as soon as he opened his mouth. If the other side didn’t agree then Gu Huai was ready to continue persuading them.

The female Zerg looked cold but Capalia replied in a steady follow, “Your subordinate will do whatever you expect.”

Gu Huai couldn’t react and only blinked after a few seconds. This matter was so easily settled?? Although Gu Huai felt that the attitude of the other three Zerg armies towards him should be the same, he still felt touched in the face of such unconditional good behaviour.

The speed of this matter was beyond Gu Huai’s expectations. He thought it would take him a while to unify the four groups of Zerg but now it seemed like it would soon be completed.

Gu Huai felt the same emotions from Capalia and the Second Army as he did from the Zerg on Tuser, making Gu Huai suddenly have an idea. He felt… as long as he appeared in front of the four Zerg armies, all the Zerg would soon be unified.

The sudden thought left Gu Huai silent for a moment but it seemed to be the closest thing to reality.

“Then do you want to stay on Tuser for a while? I can be your guide if you want to explore Tuser.” He might’ve only become familiar with the planet for the past few days but Gu Huai still smiled and took the initiative to make this suggestion.

The follow-up was very important. Gu Huai wanted the two Zerg armies to become more familiar with each other.

Capalia lowered her eyes to answer. “Since you choose to live on Tuser then Tuser will be the only capital star. This subordinate will definitely stay here.”

Things were settled and the chief of staff reacted quickly. One more army leader was staying on Tuser and Tuser’s defensive strength would rise significantly. From the perspective of protecting Gu Huai, the high-grade Zerg of Tuser immediately recognized this matter.

“These subordinates will stay as well.” The soldiers of the Second Army had bright eyes and quickly seized the opportunity.

All Zerg hoped to have an opportunity to live on the same planet as the king. They had to take advantage of this time to settle down quickly.

Gu Huai quickly read the thoughts of these Zerg soldiers and blinked. “Welcome to Tuser.”

The unification of the Zerg went smoothly and half the work had been completed. As for the remaining two armies, Gu Huai was going to wait until this side got along for a few days before contacting them.

As the two Zerg armies started to get along, Gu Huai inadvertently saw a scene.

Tuser’s natives recently liked to take out the recorded video on their personal terminal and watch it over and over again. Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Second Army hadn’t seen the video and walked over as soon as they saw it.

“Can you send a copy of this video to my terminal?” The Second Army Zerg staring at this hologram didn’t blink. Their faces were cold but their eyes were bright.

Tuser’s natives saw they liked the king just as much and replied simply, “Yes.”

The scene was filled with the ‘as long as you like the king then we are good friends’ atmosphere.

Gu Huai, “…”


It was fine. At least he didn’t have to worry about the Zerg of the two armies getting along. The sky was about to snow. Gu Huai didn’t go out today and stayed inside. In order to not let him feel bored, Alves threw his deputy into the residence to entertain Gu Huai. Alger felt that it really wasn’t easy to be an adjutant. He needed to know everything and like a brick, he needed to move wherever he wanted.

However, Alger was naturally really happy to be transferred to Gu Huai’s side. He was too happy that he accidentally said something.

“The chief had a nickname called…” Alger suddenly stopped speaking, desperately keeping his mouth shut and not daring to go on.

“What is it? Gu Huai immediately asked curiously.

Alger hesitated for a second. On one side, there was a desire to survive. On the other side was the king’s question. Facing this pair of eyes, Alger’s mouth moved on its own. “He was called Chirp Chirp.”

Even if someone knew this nickname, they wouldn’t dare to call it out at all. If it wasn’t for Gu Huai then Alger would’ve never dared to take out this nickname. He could only pray that the leader didn’t know about it or he would die.

Gu Huai was stunned. He confirmed he hadn’t heard wrong and the expression on his face subtly changed.

So cute?

Gu Huai thought about Alves. This big silver cat always looked cold and difficult to approach. His height advantage and powerful force made the other side feel a sense of oppression. Once Gu Huai linked the nickname ‘Chirp Chirp’ with Alves, he was in a subtle mood and Gu Huai couldn’t help his lips curving.

Gu Huai felt incredulous. “Why is there such a nickname?”

“It is because… he made that sound in childhood…” Alger thought about it. In any case, there wasn’t much difference between death and worse death so he extracted part of his memories into an image. The image was displayed in holographic mode in front of Gu Huai’s eyes.

Few outsiders knew that the Zerg would appear in the form of a fluffy animal in their infancy. During the baby period, the fluff on the Zerg insect didn’t advance and they looked like babies. In this memory image, Gu Huai instantly saw a Zerg baby with a silver-grey tail.

The fluff on the tail had shed the earliest but the body was still fluffy. The Zerg baby dragged the small silver-grey tail behind him and looked particularly cute. However, this image wasn’t dynamic and only the back of the baby could be seen. If he could see the front then Gu Huai would be able to see a pair of round golden eyes.

Alger was preparing to explain why the leader’s nickname was related to the cry when Alves returned to the mansion. It was before the memory image could be closed. Alger saw Alves glance coldly at the image before continuing to approach without any expression.

Alger: Died on the spot.jpg.

The author has something to say:

Alger: How to survive the leader!

Huai Bao (Huai Treasure/Precious): What?

Chirp Chirp (Eyes drooping): …

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There’s something unbearably sweet about a person who was once an orphan gaining a massive (and highly dangerous) family who adores him unconditionally.