INH: Chapter 15

Gu Huai held the flower and the pure white flower shook in front of the silver-haired Zerg. The soft stem swayed and the flower danced.

Gu Huai didn’t know the type of flower but it looked a bit like a rose from Earth. It was just more beautiful than a rose and there were no thorns. There was no need to be worried about being stabbed when touched at will. The flower worked very hard to show the viewer its softness and beauty.

The white flower shook in front of his eyes. Using a hunter’s instinct, such dynamic things should be easy for Alves to capture instinctively. However, at this moment, there was a beautiful thing that attracted all his attention in front of Alves’ arm. His subjective desire to see it pushed every other instinct to the side.

Gu Huai waited a while and didn’t hear Alves’ comments on the flower. He looked up in a puzzled manner and found that the other person’s beautiful golden eyes were watching his face. Alves had a different aesthetic to the norm when blindfolded. It gave his expressionless face an abstinent and cold air.

Now the black cover was untied and the light golden eyes exposed, revealing a flawless beauty. He was like a big cat crouching on the ground and carefully watching something that was particularly interesting. Gu Huai was in a trance and couldn’t hold back from touching Alves’ hair.

This silver hair was very smooth and felt very good. Gu Huai indulged in touching it several times. Alves’ eyes narrowed when his hair was touched but he didn’t resist. He let Gu Huai move at will.

After a few seconds, Gu Huai reacted to what he did and hurriedly withdrew his hand with a cry. Previously, he was touching it to appear the person. Now he was casually touching a person’s hair for no reason and it was a bit impolite.

Gu Huai had just moved his hand away and didn’t have time to apologize when he saw Alves silently pull back the hand he just removed. This was… letting him touch?

At this time, Gu Huai didn’t know the special meaning of ‘grooming hair’ in the Zerg race. He saw a silver cat with a gentle appearance in front of him and couldn’t help touching the extremely soft silver hair several times.

“You won’t have to wear this in the future, right” Gu Huai’s right hand held the black blindfold as he thought about it. “You said that you feel quiet around me. Then at the very least, you shouldn’t have to wear it when you see me?”

“…Yes.” Alves replied after a moment of hesitation.

The shape of this world was very strange. It was clearly a familiar place but since his vision had been blocked for so long, Alves had a strange understanding of what he saw.

The shape and colour. Alves took a second or two to match what he saw to what he perceived.

“How long have you been unable to see things?” Gu Huai looked at the other person.

Alves was expressionless. “I don’t remember.”

His sense of irritability and uncontrollable desire for destruction had happened a long time ago. Alves couldn’t remember the passage of time since giving up his vision didn’t make him feel uncomfortable. Only a dark world could make him feel a bit quieter.

‘It should’ve been a long time ago,’ Gu Huai thought.

“Then seeing things now will make you feel…” Gu Huai paused and wondered if resistance or boredom was more appropriate. However, before he could figure out the final words, he heard Alves seem to respond to this question.

“I see you.” Alves’ voice didn’t have any fluctuations but it felt unusually serious. The scenery that he saw hadn’t changed. There was just one more person. It was like a star in the dark universe finding the moon. The world had never been so beautiful to Alves.

Gu Huai didn’t forget Alves’ previously words about wanting to see him. Therefore, Gu Huai slightly smiled and declared, “You can continue seeing me in the future.”

Alves blinked at the words. He didn’t even want to blink because it would make him unable to see this person for a very short time.

The picked flower needed care. Gu Huai got up to find a glass that could hold water. He filled half the glass with water before inserting the root of the white flower into the water. This should last at least a little longer.

Gu Huai placed the glass with the flower on the windowsill. He carefully poked the petals before walking back to Alves. “Thank you for the flower. It is very beautiful.”

There were no flowers on Tuser so Alves must’ve specifically gone to another planet to pick it for him. Gu Huai just felt it was a pity that this picked flower could only survive for a short period of time.

“Then why are you disappointed?” Alves noted the tiny change in Gu Huai’s expression and asked in a low voice.

“It isn’t disappointment, it is pity.” Gu Huai explained. “It is because this flower will fade after a period of time.”

“If there is suitable soil, it can be transplanted. However, Tuser’s soil isn’t suitable.”

A planet’s soil environment was very difficult to change. Flowers couldn’t be planted on Tuser. If he wanted flowers, he had to go and get soil from other planets and then make a potted plant or something. In this case, it wasn’t just to see the flowers. Gu Huai actually hoped that the Zerg living on Tuser Star could see more colours on this planet. There was no better embellishment than flowers for the overall view of a planet.

Alves, whose lips had turned into a very cold line, looked at the flower and was once again puzzled by the fragility that was different from his own. It was just removed from the ground and not completely crushed, yet it couldn’t survive.

The young man in front of him had a similar vulnerability. That’s why Alves was always afraid he would hurt this person.

The black eye mask used by Alves to block his vision was held in Gu Huai’s hand. Before returning this thing, Gu Huai was suddenly curious. He placed this mask around his eyes and casually tied a knot.

His field of view darkened in a distance. Although Gu Huai had been looking at things just one second before, he couldn’t tell what was there anymore. Compared to Alves who was able to move freely in this state, Gu Huai simply lost most of his mobility.

Unable to take a few steps forward, Gu Huai’s waist was surrounded by a silver-grey tail. Then Gu Huai heard Alves voice, “In front of you is the corner of the table.”

Gu Huai coughed twice. Since he couldn’t do anything, he removed the black eye mask and handed it back to the other side. There was Gu Huai’s residual body temperature on the blindfold. Alves held the black fabric in his hand without speaking a word. He felt that perhaps when he used this thing later, he would inevitably remember that it had been used by Gu Huai.

Whenever he wasn’t in front of Gu Huai, Alves still blindfolded his eyes. In order to discuss the soil of Tuser, Alves took the rare initiative to convene a meeting in the conference room of the military building.

On another day, the Second Army from Tamir Star arrived as scheduled. As previously mentioned, the other side did only bring the smallest fleet.

“Your subordinate, Capalia, has come at your summons.” The female figure with a cold expression knelt on one knee in front of Gu Huai. She tried to soften her voice but she failed because she had never tried to do it before.

In the face of cherished things, the Tak Zerg all seemed to act the same. Like the Tak Zerg who looked after Gu Huai once he was born, Capalia moved her left hand away from Gu Huai, the sharp edge being kept as far away as possible.

This was an instinctive act. It was precisely because they had more power that they needed to be careful with precious things.

Don’t talk about the upper echelons of Tuser, even the Zerg soldiers of the Second Army had never seen their leader like this. In fact, this could be called a very soft attitude that was different from her usual coldness.

“Let’s go in first.” Gu Huai said and brought the surrounding Zerg to the first floor hall of the residence.

The Zerg of the two armies, including the army leaders, didn’t respond to each other until Gu Huai entered the hall and suddenly reached out to untied Alves’ black blindfold. This move made all the Zerg on the scene instantly change expression. Capalia, who originally followed Gu Huai quietly, was in front of him in less than half a second. This should be described as a protective gesture more than a state of combat.

Capalia clearly knew what would happen once the black eye mask was removed. It was no secret to the other Zerg present and they tensed because they understood the serious consequences of the incident.

Gu Huai couldn’t react. Once he understood the reason, he slipped out from behind Capalia. Alves was looking at the surrounding Zerg with a tense and guarded look. Gu Huai couldn’t help walking over to pull the other person’s hand in this tense atmosphere.

“Your Majesty—” They hadn’t expected Gu Huai to do this action and the chief of staff suddenly panicked.

Gu Huai was now near Alves and the other Zerg didn’t dare act lightly. However, Gu Huai just pulled Alves and started to walk to his seat. The silver-haired Zerg held by the youth was obedient. His eyebrows drooped as he let Gu Huai lead him away.

For the other Zerg watching the scene, their expressions changed from fear and anxiety to a stupor.

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