INH: Chapter 14

Under the decision of Tuser’s council, the news that Gu Huai was brought back to Tuser was spread through Tuser. In fact, it wasn’t just Tuser. It was the entire First Army stationed on other planets. The Zerg soldiers heard the news and they all wanted to run to Tuser.

In such a short amount of time, Tuser’s airport entered an unprecedented state of excitement. Swarms of Yula warships arrived and the huge airport became a bit crowded.

The obvious movement of the Zerg attracted the attention of many interstellar races. There was no race that would actively approach the several galaxies occupied by the Zerg but it didn’t mean they didn’t pay attention to the movement of the Zerg.

Why were so many warships gathering at Tuser? Was the First Zerg Army gathering forces to prepare for war with a certain race…? This type of change puzzled and raised the vigilance of the races who knew how terrible the Zerg army was.

In fact, these Zerg soldiers rushed to Tuser because they couldn’t wait to see their king. They went to Tuser, hoping to stay on the same planet as their king.

“Do you give permission to play the previously recorded video on the soldiers’ terminals?” The chief of staff stood next to Gu Huai and asked. “We all really want to see you and the fastest way is to play the video.”

Speaking of recorded videos, Gu Huai immediately remembered yesterday’s incident and his eyelids twitched. The video of him drinking milk would be stared at by more Zerg…

However, these Zerg soldiers rushed over because they knew he was on Tuser. Thus, Gu Huai was only worried for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“They will be very happy to see the video.” The chief of staff spoke with an imperceptible smile. It was a new expression he had just learned and he wasn’t very skilled in it.

The Zerg soldiers of the First Army soon received the recorded video on their terminal. The Zerg soldiers watched the video of the black-haired young man eating. After reading this recorded video, the Zerg soldiers immediately saved it and happily watched it on their own personal terminal.

Gu Huai had woken up early today and drank half a cup of milk for breakfast. Then he spoke to Alves sitting next to him. “I don’t know the specific appearance of Tuser Star. Can you take me to visit.”

The silver-haired Zerg, who still dumped government affairs on the chief of staff after returning to Tuser, didn’t refuse. He spoke in a low and cold voice. “Where do you want to see first?”

“Anywhere is fine,” Gu Huai thought about it and replied.

The air outside seemed colder than yesterday. Gu Huai walked out of the mansion while being followed by a group of Tak Zerg.

Gu Huai was taken by Alves to visit several places. The first place they visited was the military building. Gu Huai found that his stay here seemed to have a great impact on the office. The high-grade Zerg weren’t able to work normally while he was present so he took the initiative to change locations.

Then they visited the mech hanger. Gu Huai looked at these mech weapons that only existed in imagination and didn’t blink for a few seconds. Due to his actions, he was given a key-shaped piece of silver metal.

“What is this?” Gu Huai blinked and asked the silver-haired Zerg who had placed the key in his hand.

“A mech button.” Alves replied and added, “The performance is better than the one you are looking at.”

It was another gift. Gu Huai thought this and saw the silver-haired Zerg next to him was expressionless. There was a layer of cold frost over his face and just standing made people feel arrogant and indifferent.

In such a cold air field, Gu Huai’s eyes involuntarily moved up to the black cover around the other person’s eyes. The eyes of different ability classes were different in colour. Based on Gu Huai’s observation, he knew that low-grade Zerg had scarlet vertical eyes, beta class Zerg had amber eyes and alpha class Zerg…

Gu Huai recalled the light golden vertical pupils he saw on the communication screen yesterday and glanced at Alves. “Are your eyes as golden as Capalia?”

Once Gu Huai asked this question, Alves slightly bowed his head to the youth and replied in a low voice. “Yes.”

Golden eyes…

They were separated by a layer of black cloth but Gu Huai couldn’t help imagining it. He always felt that his brain wasn’t good enough to imagine it and the other side’s eyes should be more beautiful than this.

“They must be beautiful.” He couldn’t see it at all but Gu Huai’s eyes still curved when he praised the person.

The moment he said this, Gu Huai caught a glimpse of the silver-grey tail behind the other side and heard Alves say, “I want to see you.”

This was a declarative sentence. It was hard to hear emotions from Alves’ calm and cold voice so he was stunned by this direct and unexpected statement. Before Gu Huai could say anything, he heard Alves add, ‘You make everything feel very quiet while wearing the blindfold. I shouldn’t go out of control.”

Based on the jump between these two sentences, Gu Huai understood that the silver-haired Zerg expressed the desire to see him.

His presence seemed to have a certain stability effect on the other side but it was unknown how far this stability went. It was probably because he didn’t want to get out of control and hurt Gu Huai that Alves didn’t take off his blindfold.

“Just look at the situation and then tie you up, so it shouldn’t happen?” Gu Huai said after thinking about it.

Gu Huai’s emotional perception of Alves wasn’t as clear and accurate as the other Zerg. He just felt that when Alves was around him, there was none of the repressed irritability and pain that Alves mentioned. Gu Huai felt that maybe this calming role could help the other person see the world normally.

He finished speaking and saw the expression of the silver-haired Zerg next to him. Alves didn’t speak but Gu Huai knew it was a rejection. After a few seconds, Alves told him, “If I lose control, you will be killed by me in less than a second.”

It was easy to break the neck or cut and pierce the skin and body. This vulnerability was a puzzle for Alves, who had never learned how to ‘protect.’ It was a very different subject from destruction in battle and was clearly more difficult for Alves.

Gu Huai scratched his cheek. He knew that it wasn’t the time to change the other side’s mind so he simply changed the topic and let Alves take him to the next place.

They finally went to the observation tower that was the highest building in Tuser. It was a black tower that was more than a thousand metres high. Gu Huai stood at the top of the tower and looked out at Tuser. In his eyes, there seemed to only be three colours: black, white and grey.

It was very scientific and technological but it seemed monotonous and cold. The colours of the buildings were one of these three colours and the green of the trees and flowers couldn’t be seen.

“Are these the only plant species on Tuser?” Gu Huai looked at the trees. The trees were also black and couldn’t add colour to the scene in front of him.

Speaking of these Tamu trees, Gu Huai had seen them on the abandoned planet. They were the dark trees he saw when he went to pick fruit.

“The Tamu trees are the only one that can survive in Tuser’s soil environment,” Alves replied.

After all, these trees could grow normally on the abandoned planet where corrosive rain often fell. Gu Huai had experienced the tenacious vitality of the Tamu tree.

“No flowers, no wonder why I didn’t see them along the way…” Gu Huai held his chin and spoke with a bit of regret.

In his original world, Gu Huai liked to grow flowers at him. It was because he sometimes got a headache writing scripts so he grew flowers to maintain his body and mind.

“Flowers…?” Alves slowly repeated the word and asked, “What is a flower?”

Gu Huai blinked in amazement that the silver-haired Zerg didn’t know about flowers. “When you first met me, there was a white one in front of me…”

Then Gu Huai hurriedly remembered that the other person couldn’t see and quickly changed his words. “It is an ornamental plant and many species look very beautiful.”

“If only there were flowers on Tuser too.” Gu Huai looked at the distant scenery and his eyes curved as he imagined it. If Tuser had more flowers then it would produce more colours and the planet would become even better.

Alves didn’t speak. He noted down Gu Huai’s words and after sending Gu Huai back to the residence, he spoke to his deputy.

“Which planet near Tuser can flowers be found on?” Alves asked with a blank expression.

Alger didn’t react and he didn’t understand why the leader was suddenly asking for flowers. Fortunately, this question wasn’t hard for Alger. He replied, “Recently, it can be found on Noam in the next galaxy. Most habitable planets have better soil than Tuser.”

“Come with me.” Alves got up and went out.

Alger was full of question marks but the leader’s orders had to be obeyed. He could only follow. It took only an hour or two from Tuser to Noam using the Yula warship. Alger found that his role was to act as the leader’s eyes. He took Alves to a place where many flowers grew and heard him ask, “Which one is white?”

Alger dutifully started to point them out. The specific shape and colour of the object couldn’t be seen but once the deputy pointed it out, Alves could clearly perceive it. He grabbed the other side with his hand.


The fragile flower stem was completely broken in Alves’ hand and suddenly crumbled. The clear sound of breakage stopped Alves’ actions and he threw the flower to the ground without any expression.

Alger watched his leader’s hand destroying the flower and couldn’t understand the purpose of this trip.

“What else is white?” Alves asked the deputy next to him again.

Alger looked at the white flowers sympathetically but went up and pointed to them.

The act of breaking was repeated several times. Alves had tried several times to control his own strength but these flowers were too fragile for him. His hands would destroy them even if he casually pinched.

By the time almost all the white flowers were destroyed, Alves finally managed to hold a small, pure white flower with his fingers.

“Go back,” Alves held the flower and left this place.

By the time Alves returned to Tuser, Gu Huai was taking a nap. Alves entered the young man’s room with the flower he brought back from the other planet. Since Gu Huai was asleep, he held the flower and quietly waited beside the bed.

Gu Huai napped for more than an hour. Once he rubbed his eyes and opened them, he immediately saw a silver-grey tail. Gu Huai froze for a moment. Then he looked up and saw the silver-haired Zerg quietly standing beside his bedside. The other person was holding a pure white flower. Gu Huai’s eyes fell on the flower and watched as the other side extended a hand to him.


Alves’ slender and well-defined fingers were holding the flower stem cautiously like he was afraid of accidentally pinching the flower. He handed the flower to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai looked at this flower and couldn’t help being slightly shocked. Compared to the flower, the thing Gu Huai was paying more attention to was Alves giving him the flower with such a careful attitude. It was impossible for his heart to not be stirred. Gu Huai felt that this big silver cat was really very cute.

He didn’t immediately take the flower. Gu Huai sat up in bed and looked up at Alves. He pulled at the other person’s clothes and motioned for him to squat down. Alves understood Gu Huai’s meaning and submissively crouched down.

Seeing that their heights were almost the same, Gu Huai reached out and gently touched the black eye mask covering Alves’ eyes. The layer of cloth blocking his vision was touched and Alves’ body visibly tensed. Still, he restrained his reflexes that wanted to react to Gu Huai’s touch. Alves knew that if he didn’t control his strength, the other person’s wrists would be crushed by him.

“The flower you gave me is beautiful. Do you want to look at it?” Gu Huai spoke warmly while his fingers moved tentatively to the place where the knot was tied.

“……” Alves was silent and his body tense. He didn’t nod in agreement but he didn’t move.

“You won’t lose control and hurt me.” Gu Huai quietly appeased. His hand, which had been placed on the knot, moved to touch the other side’s slightly cold and soft silver hair.

He appeased the silver-haired Zerg and felt his body slightly relax. He confirmed the acquiescence of the other party and moved closer. Gu Huai reached out his hands and gently untied the black eye mask.

The loosened cover suddenly fell. The next second, Gu Huai met a pair of light golden vertical eyes that seemed both light and shadowed. This pair of golden eyes was really very beautiful. Gu Huai couldn’t help blinking at the sight and saw the eyes copy his blinking action.

“This is a flower. Isn’t it good to look at?” After a while, Gu Huai took the white flower from Alves’ hand and showed it to the other person.

It had been a long time since Alves had seen anything other than darkness. The specific shape of the world had become strange to Alves.

Alves heard the voice and his eyes involuntarily looked at the young man with black hair in front of him. Once he saw the latter’s curved eyes and smile, his eyes couldn’t move from the other person.

Like seeing the most beautiful flower in the world, this flower bloomed in his heart.

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