INH: Chapter 10

In contrast to the dry, hot weather on the abandoned planet, Tuser was now in the midst of a rather cold winter.

The winter sky looked extraordinarily pure and was a quiet blue, like a polished gem. The entire Tuser Star was always under the reflection of this huge gem.

The cold and low temperature had little effect on the Zerg so all the high-grade Zerg present were wearing only the black military uniform. However, in their eyes, the young man carried by the silver-haired Zerg seemed to feel the cold breath of the air and woke up.

The discovery left every Zerg present feeling a bit overwhelmed and for a moment, they didn’t know how to act.

The dark-haired young man with sleepy eyes had a very soft outline. His hair and skin looked soft and his current half-awake appearance was more delicate and smooth than normal baby Zergs. They wanted to protect him.

A hollow formed in the cold and hard heart that was like ice. This strangely soft feeling in their chest was hard for the high-grade Zergs to understand. This emotion was hot but it was incredibly soft.

They looked at the young person who hadn’t completely woken up like they were waiting for a precious flower to open its small and fragile bud. They were always worried about the lack of rain or sun and was filled with a strong desire to protect.

This cold made Gu Huai reflexively contract his body. However, since he was held by Alves, shrinking back was equal to taking the initiative to get closer to Alves.

Such proximity made the person who was approached feel dependent on. Alves slightly tightened his body, removed his cold tail from the youth and turned towards the man standing blankly at the far right of the line. “Leo, use your ability to make a fire.”

As one of Tuser’s core seven executives, if someone asked Leo to do this then he would probably think he was being tricked and swallowed up the person with a roaring flame. However, the person who said this was his leader and he knew the other side’s intention was to let his fire warm up the youth. Leo stepped forward stiffly.

Out of his six colleagues, he was now the first to approach the king. Based on the high-grade Zerg’s cold expression, it was really difficult to see the joy in his heart if it wasn’t for his eyes.

The lack of feelings and therefore the lack of expression was something their race was accustomed to. Even now, the high-grade Zerg might be surprised and joyful at seeing Gu Huai but their faces looked cold and hard.

Several golden flames appeared in the air. The hot flames formed by Leo’s ability could burn through the protective layer of a ship but now they were carefully floating around Gu Huai.

“Do you still feel cold?” Leo lowered his voice and asked. The young man looked half awake and he was afraid his voice would scare the other person.

Gu Huai rubbed his eyes a bit blankly, only to find that he had come down from the warship. This meant that they had reached Tuser. The completely sober Gu Huai realized that the high-grade Zerg was still waiting for him to answer and he immediately responded, “It’s not too cold, thank you.”

The answer instinctively made the high-grade Zerg smile. This was barely a smile but it was already a clearly happy expression for them. Never before had he been so ecstatic that his ability was related to fire. This ability could drive away the cold from their king, making Leo feel proud.

“Put me down.” Gu Huai told the silver-haired Zerg who was holding him.

In order to avoid the other person misunderstanding that Gu Huai didn’t want him close, Gu Huai compromised to be held by Alves when sleeping. Gu Huai helplessly started to accept this habit of sleeping most of the 24 hours in a day. His mental strength was currently only at the level of a baby and it was instinctive to sleep. Still, as time passed by, Gu Huai felt the steady growth of his mental strength. After a while, he should be able to move normally.

Alves put Gu Huai down. There were several floating golden flames around Gu Huai, heating up his cold breath and Gu Huai didn’t quiver from the cold.

“Why didn’t you inform your subordinates in advance about bring His Majesty back to Tuser Star…” The chief of staff was now very anxious because it was too late to make any arrangements for the arrival.

“I forgot the contact code,” Alves replied.

Listen to this cold tone without any guilt. An army chief forgot the communication code of his capital star’s council. If it wasn’t for Gu Huai standing there, Ellis would’ve gone mad on the spot. However, the leader brought the king back to Tuser. With that, the chief of staff forgave everything the other side had done.

The chief of staff spoke, “Is it okay for  Your Majesty to stay in your mansion for the time being? Your mansion has always been taken care of and it is no different from before you left.”

The chief of staff naturally wanted to arrange the most comfortable place in Tuser for Gu Huai’s residence and there was no better place than their chief’s residence. They were supposed to build at least one palace for the youth but it was too late to start work now…

Alves gently nodding, expressing consent.

Permission was granted so the chief of staff knelt down on one knee in front of Gu Huai, bowing his head and asked respectfully, “What type of requirements do you have for your stay? For example, the layout of the room. What planet were you previously staying on? If you wish, we can transform your room into a familiar one.”

Several other Zergs descended from the Yula warship and several of Tuser’s senior staff saw the huge eggshell carefully carried by two Zerg soldiers. They immediately understood that the young man with the appearance of an adult had actually only been born for a few days.

Based on the calculated birth time, he was still a baby. The king was still a baby…

The moment they thought this, the coldness on the faces of the seven Tuser executives melted slightly, the cold and hard contour lines becoming a bit softer.

“The planet I was left on was an abandoned planet.” Gu Huai answered the question and then shook his head. “The original appearance is fine. Don’t change it.”

Abandoned planet—

This answer stunned the high-grade Zerg and they felt a stab of pain in their hearts. This person was such a precious treasure for them. How could he be born on an abandoned planet…

They thought about the first spiritual link that expressed pain and in the hearts of these high-grade Zerg, the strong feelings of regret made it hard for them to breathe. They should’ve gone looking for the king. If they had sent troops to find him, they might’ve been able to pick him up from the abandoned planet earlier.

Due to the shortness and remoteness of the spiritual link, the Zerg on Tuser Star hadn’t realized how important the owner of the link was to them. It was only now, with their own eyes, that they understood. Therefore, they were in pain.

Gu Huai quickly sensed these emotions and was at a loss for a second. He understood that these Zerg had such a reaction from finding out he had lived on an abandoned planet. Gu Huai thought about it and said to these Zerg, “This planet that you manage… Tuser is very beautiful. I like it very much.”

The sky was good and although the buildings to the side of the airport looked cold, there was a scientific and technical sense. He hadn’t seen any other places but he thought the scenery outside the airport definitely wouldn’t be bad.

Gu Huai said he liked Tuser, which was the highest recognition of their work. The chief of staff, who dealt with piles of work every day, was no longer bothered by it. Not only was it now boring, he felt he could go back and work for three days and three nights.

What could be more worthwhile than building a planet that their king liked? Nothing! They would be too happy if the king was willing to use Tuser as his home.

Just as the reactions of the high-grade Tuser Zerg changed from Gu Huai’s words, Alger spoke, “Then I will give you Tuser.”

Alves’ words caused all the high-grade Zerg familiar with him to freeze. They knew their leader’s temper wasn’t good. Most Zerg still had some emotions but their leader was cold without any temperature. Due to this familiar coldness, this group of high-grade Zerg was very surprised when the other party took the initiative to give a gift.

Gu Huai suddenly received a planet as a gift and was burdened by the eight of this gift. He wanted to wave his hand and say no but then he saw the slightly raised tail of the silver-haired Zerg and dropped it.

He didn’t know why but seeing the raised tail, Gu Huai felt that Alves should be in a good mood now. Was he in a good mood because he could give Gu Huai a gift?

Alves bowed his head to look down at him, seeming like a big and quiet cat. Therefore, when he saw the silver-grey tail moving up and down, Gu Huai couldn’t hold back from touching it. On the abandoned planet, Gu Huai had to admit he coveted the tail. It was because the weather was so hot that the silver-grey tail was very comfortable to hold. He just didn’t touch it at the time due to embarrassment.

Now he couldn’t help touching. Standing next to this silver-haired Zerg that was like a big cat, Gu Huai felt… a bit good.

Gu Huai didn’t know why he had this subtle feeling. The other person was clearly expressionless and indifferent, but whether it was because Alves took the initiative to disappear when he thought Gu Huai didn’t want him close or giving Gu Huai the planet, Gu Huai felt like he was a big cat venturing close.

This silver cat was proud so he didn’t know how to get close to people. At first, he only knew how to circle around people, wanting to get closer. After a long time, he knew to stretch out his paws to touch.

Giving this planet was like stretching out his paws. Gu Huai thought this and couldn’t refuse.

The high-grade Zerg changed from being stupified to completely freezing up when they saw their king touch their leader’s tail and their leader didn’t resist at all, not even frowning and removing his tail.

The silver-haired Zerg had his tail touched and seemed to be appeased in some way. He was motionless for a moment. Then once Gu Huai removed his hand from the tail, Alves spoke in a cold voice, “There are many planets owned by the army. If you want it then I can give it to you.”

Having said that, Alves seemed to think of something else and added. “If that isn’t enough, the other ethnic planets can be occupied.”

“No… no need, Tuser is enough.” Gu Huai hastened to dispel the other side’s thoughts. He didn’t want to start a war. If possible, Gu Huai actually hoped to change the situation of the Zerg where they had no allies.

Currently, there was no race willing to ally with the Zerg, mainly because the Zerg race itself didn’t want to establish diplomatic relations with other races. They always maintained absolute independence.

However, according to Gu Huai who was once a native of Earth and compared races to nations, a country would certainly suffer by not establishing diplomacy with any other country at all. If anything happened in the future, there would be no allies to help. In addition, there wouldn’t be any effective exchange of trade, technology, etc.

Gu Huai had a clear understanding of this current identity in the Zerg race. He hoped to change the race because he wanted his Zergs to live a better life. According to his identity as a king, he could lead the race to change but it would require taking step by step. Right now, it was time to settle in Tuser.

“Alves’ residence is a bit far from here but it will only take 30 minutes by suspension car. I’ll take you there now.” The chief of staff couldn’t wait to settle the young man on Tuser straight away.

“Okay.” Gu Huai nodded. Before leaving, Gu Huai approached the warship and spoke to the Yula warship, which had warm blue lights. “Next time, take me out to play.”

It was originally reluctant to leave because of Gu Huai. Then it heard Gu Huai say this and the Yula warship suddenly shook, making a clear sound.


“Kada, kada—!”

The suspension car headed to a large mansion and Gu Huai was led by the chief of staff to the first-floor room of this private property. This quantifier was wrong. It was the entire seventh floor of the mansion and this whole floor was counted as a room.

“The staff will deliver the clothes you need right away. If you need anyone then be sure to let your subordinates know. No matter what, they will do it for you.” The chief of staff did his best to control himself and left the room after saying this. He wanted to see more but he couldn’t keep bothering the king.

Clothing, food, etc were the most basic things. The chief of staff thought that he should search their army’s collection to see if there was anything worth giving to the king or perhaps give him a toy. A palace could be designed and construction started but what type of palace would be worthy of their king…

The chief of staff thought of many things to do as he heading to the military building’s conference room. For such an important thing, he needed to hold a meeting right away.

Once the door closed, Gu Huai lay down on the soft bed. Then he looked around to see his group of Tak Zerg nervously gathered around his bedside.

“We have a new home.” Gu Huai smiled as he gazed into the scarlet eyes of this Zerg.

Then Gu Huai sat up again and asked the tallest Zerg, “Karu, do you like it here?”

On the abandoned planet, Gu Huai had remembered the differences between the Tak Zerg and gave them names that matched. Hearing Gu Huai say the syllables ‘Karu’, the lead Tak Zerg understood that this young man was calling its name. It bowed its head and hissed in response.

For these Tak, the location where they lived wasn’t important. They were already very happy to be able to look after the young man. They might not be as strong as their kin who had advanced into humanoid form but they also wanted to take care of this baby. They wouldn’t hesitate to protect him with their lives if it was needed.

“Then we’ll live here.” Gu Huai smiled when he heard the response, his eyes curving.

The other three Zerg armies didn’t know that one of their armies had welcomed their king, nor did the other races the universe know it. Like clouds that quietly piled up in the sky, this coming rain was bound to catch them off guard.

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