INH: Chapter 1

This is an expansion on the first world of the author’s previous novel, the King’s Game, which can be found on Chrysanthemum Garden. There might be some similarities in the beginning but a lot more detail is added and it becomes very different. It does not matter if you’ve read King’s Game or not, but it is also a good read.

Morning dew soaked into the grass, the trees were bathed in sunlight and the little sparrows on the branches shook their feathers and made a cheerful sound.

“Big Brother, when will you come back to see us?” The little girl holding a teddy bear raised her head in a careful manner, dark eyes revealing her hopes.

The young man being questioned was surrounded by children because he was too popular. Gu Huai smiled. “Next week, I’ll bring you some presents.”

This was a child welfare home in the suburbs of A City. Thanks to Gu Huai’s financial support, it had recently been renovated and the overall environment was warm and comfortable.

There was nothing special about Gu Huai’s support for the welfare home. It was just because he was once a child adopted by the welfare home and he wanted to repay them now that he was capable.

In a few days, A City would cool down and it would officially enter winter. Gu Huai planned to bring new winter clothes to the children the next time he came here. This was the gift he promised.

After visiting the children at the welfare home, Gu Huai went home and sat at the computer table to start his work today.

Gu Huai was a professional screenwriter. He might be young but he had a reputation in the industry. The big and small trophies in the room could add up to a table and almost every one was gold.

However, even the most powerful screenwriters sometimes couldn’t get rid of procrastination. Gu Huai had a headache as he looked at the script that was approximately 90% completed.

90% of the work had been done. Shouldn’t it be easy to finish? It was true. However, what if tomorrow was the cut-off day?

Gu Huai, “…”

It was really making him bald.

Fortunately, this was an adapted script and the difficulty of the adaptation wasn’t high. Gu Huai thought that he should be able to finish it if he stayed up all night today. To be honest, this script reminded Gu Huai of a Jinjiang novel he had adapted before he became famous. He had desperately rushed to finish all of them by the closing date.

The crisp sound of the keyboard continued to fill the room. Starting from 9 o’clock in the morning, Gu Huai was busy as the sky outside the window became completely dark and then light again.

Apart from breakfast in the morning, the remaining two meals were ignored by the working Gu Huai.

Despite his procrastination, Gu Huai didn’t like to drag things out. Therefore, he would break out every time the deadline approached.

The more than 20 hours of non-stop high-intensity work was very tiring on the body. Gu Huai had just finished when he heard the sound of the neighbour’s chicken crowing.

Gu Huai relaxed his tense nerves the moment he finished the script. In this second of relaxation, everything in front of him suddenly became black.

To describe it, this experience was like a string that had been tightened for too long. It finally couldn’t stand the pull and broke.

People in the face of death would have an intuition. Their body couldn’t move and they gradually became cold, but the consciousness was still maintained for a short period of clarity.

In the very short time before a complete loss of consciousness, Gu Huai thought of many things.

He first thought that it was fortunate he had made a will. After his death, all the money he earned would be donated to the children’s welfare home he came from.

Then he thought about today’s hot search on Weibo. If the director couldn’t wait for him to hand in the script and came in person, today’s hot search would be ‘sudden death of genius screenwriter XX at home.’

Finally, Gu Huai humbled himself. Wasn’t it a bit shameless to call himself a genius? Forget it. The dead were dead.

Gu Huai’s consciousness completely disappeared here. He thought he would never wake up again but he found that his eyes were only closed and he could open them like he was alive.

Still, rather than rejoicing at living, his flexible mind first let Gu Huai realize that his situation was a bit unusual.

He clearly made the action of opening his eyes but his vision was still dark.

Gu Huai’s first reaction was to fear he was blind. Then he reached out and touched a layer of obstacles. This made him understand that he was currently lying in a narrow and enclosed space.

First of all, it wasn’t a hospital.

C…Coffin? This idea emerged for less than half a second before it was immediately snuffed out by Gu Huai.

This couldn’t be a coffin. He had never heard of someone being buried in a coffin without any clothing.

He was currently naked and his skin seemed to be stained with a nameless sticky liquid.

This situation was too strange. Gu Huai didn’t move carelessly and made sure that his body was intact and he could move around freely. Then he carefully explored the space he was in.

This space was really completely closed off but the shape wasn’t square like Gu Huai initially thought. It seemed to be round and if viewed from the outside, it might look like an egg…

As a screenwriter, Gu Huai had a rich imagination. He could imagine that he was currently in an egg, which explained why he wasn’t wearing any clothes and why he was covered with a sticky liquid.

It was well-founded and convincing.

He took back his disordered thoughts. In order to prevent himself from suffocating here, he had to carry out self-help actions.

The impact of his growth environment meant Gu Huai had an independent personality since he was young. In the face of this abnormal situation, his first action wasn’t to try and call for help. Rather, it was to think of a way to solve it himself.

Gu Huai maintained his lying down posture and reached out to knock on the top of the space.


It was very light and Gu Huai didn’t use much force. This knocking allowed him to discover that the ‘barrier’ around the space wasn’t very hard.

If he knocked on it a few times, he should have a chance to crack this thing from the inside.

Ta, tata.

One after another, successive knocks filled the dark hidden cave. The moment this soft sound was first heard, dozens of pairs of scarlet vertical pupils suddenly appeared in the darkness. They locked on the source of the sound and stared intently.

The scarlet eyes looked more daunting in the darkness. They were cold and fierce, without any humanity or human feelings. They clearly weren’t human eyes.

The non-human organisms hiding in this dark environment were huge in size. Every part of their body was made for fighting.

The cold and shiny body made them look like they had very strong defenses. The forearms looked like serrated blades and the sharp teeth had an obvious terrible biting force when viewed with vision alone.

Each one was at least several times the size of an adult human and the horror-like creatures undoubtedly had the ability to easily pierce and tear their prey apart.

These fearsome creatures were Zerg and were among the most vicious and aggressive ethnic groups, the Tak.

Like they were guarding something important, these Tak zerg surrounded the big white egg lying in the middle of the cave. It was a protective circle that they silently guarded.

The tapping occurred from inside the big white egg and the more the sounds rang out, the more the Tak narrowed their vertical pupils, until the pupils were needle-like.

Based on the eyes alone, it could be seen that these massive and dangerous creatures had entered a state of high alert.

Any creature that dared to break into the cave they were protecting would be judged as a threat by these Tak zergs and would be furiously torn to pieces.

Perhaps it was too tiring but the knocking from inside the eggshell stopped for a moment.

During the time when the sound stopped, the Tak zerg surrounding the big white egg were a bit restless.

Their protection instinct told them to keep alert to possible dangers around them but on the other hand, they didn’t want to move away from the egg.

Inside this egg was a treasure that was very precious and important to them.

Gu Huai was indeed tired. The knocking on the brittle layer of shell was unexpectedly quite hard.

After a break, Gu Huai continued to break through. Every time he struck hard, the crack at the place he hit became more pronounced.

Finally, this quantitative change became qualitative.


There was a clear breaking sound and the top of the enclosed space had a fist-sized hole hammered out by Gu Huai. Nevertheless, there wasn’t much light that entered through the hole.

Gu Huai realized that the outside environment was also very dark.

Gu Huai didn’t stop the work at hand and continued to destroy this small space. Once he expanded the fist-sized hole enough for him to come out, Gu Huai carefully stuck his head outside.

The sight that he saw in the outside world made Gu Huai stunned.

Dozens of scarlet eyes stared at him the moment he stuck his head out. The owners of the cold vertical pupils had a huge body size and fearsome body structure. As the person being stared at, Gu Huai reflexively held his breath.

The bit of panic from Gu Huai made the Tak zerg around him become restless again. Some even let out hissing sounds from their throats.

As long as this youth showed any negative emotions, regardless of whether it was uneasiness, fear or sadness, the Tak zerg guarding him would become angry.

This anger was unreasonable.

The most important existence to them was conveying his anxiety and in order to reassure the young child, the Tak zerg once again narrowed the circle of protection.

No enemies would be able to pass through them.

Gu Huai didn’t know he was being protected. He knew nothing about the real situation and was shocked by the behavior of these terrible unknown creatures surrounding him.


Was it too late for him to hide now?

At this line of life or death, Gu Huai’s heart sped up but his brain was forced to calm down.

Seeing these terrible creatures that clearly didn’t belong to Earth, Gu Huai realized that he might’ve transmigrated and the place and timing of his transmigration were very awkward.

He quickly searched for a possible escape route with his eyes and in less than two seconds, he found the only path to survival.

Due to the sheer size of these organisms, there was fortunately a gap in this circle that he might be able to run out of.

There was a problem that wasn’t very serious but was annoying. He wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Gu Huai didn’t expect that he would encounter a situation like this in his 20 years of living.

If transmigration after death was the treatment of the protagonist, he must be the most miserable protagonist in history. Which protagonist had to face thousands of knives after transmigration?

Run naked or die in this place?

Gu Huai’s mouth twitched.

Dear ones, those who suggested a non-human theme should be beaten.

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