HTi: Chapter 98

Not long after, Ji Zehui and Tong Jian came to the hotel together. The three of them went downstairs, got into the extended luxury car provided by the hotel and headed for the banquet venue.

Tong Jian touched the soft seat under his buttocks and exclaimed, “This hotel is so amazing. It even provides such a good car. I have used the car service when staying at the presidential suite of another hotel but I have never been given such a good one.”

Xie Yang just smiled and said nothing.

Ji Zehui, who knew who was standing behind Xie Yang, gazed at the silly Tong Jian sympathetically. He inexplicably had the sense of superiority of being a ‘confidant’ and said, “Tong Jian, you don’t understand. Not everyone who lives in the presidential suite of this hotel can take such a good car.” This was the treatment that only the boss’ wife had.

Tong Jian looked at Ji Zehui in a puzzled manner. “Eh? Why?”

“It is because the hotel just got a new car.” Xie Yang answered instead. He sent a warning look to Ji Zehui and asked Tong Jian, “Are Chenhao and Ke Lan here?”

The new IUD had been shortlisted for many awards. Xu Chenhao and Ke Lan were members of the new IUD and also received invitations to the ceremony.

Tong Jian was immediately distracted. “Brother Lan is busy filming and can’t spare time. He can only attend tomorrow’s ceremony. Brother Chenhao doesn’t like to attend parties so he only plans to go to tomorrow’s ceremony. They are both taking a plane tonight.”

Xie Yang nodded to show his understanding.

Halfway there, Tong Jian received a call from his agent and went to the corner to talk to the agent. Upon seeing this, Ji Zehui sneakily approached Xie Yang and spoke in a low voice. “I have new gossip.”

Xie Yang glanced sideways at Ji Zehui. Ji Zehui glanced at Tong Jian before speaking. “All the cooperations and endorsements that Huangtian lost some time ago were suddenly made up again. I don’t know where Huangtian got the resources.”

Xie Yang’s heart moved.

“Mu Zhouyi has gained many resources recently. Huangtian wants to release an album for her and the production team has been gathered. Yuan Pang is one of them. Huangtian also invested in a big heroine palace fighting drama and their desire is for Mu Zhouyi to play the heroine. Also, Qianli’s skin-care products series with a high national standard has suddenly designated Mu Zhouyi to endorse it. This is incredible just based on Mu Zhouyi’s current reputation. Tsk, she is really with Hong Zhijie…”

Ji Zehui watched Xie Yang with an expression of gossip.

Qianli was one of Fenghua’s subsidiaries and it was where Feng Qingbai was now. Xie Yang digested the information and rewarded Ji Zehui’s desire for gossip. “There is more than just Hong Zhijie.”

Ji Zehui was surprised and then became even more excited. “Oh my god, she is really—”

Xie Yang made a ‘shh’ gesture. Ji Zehui shut up quickly and sat back with a stomach full of gossip. It was unknown what his mind was making up but the emotions in his eyes kept changing.

10 minutes later, the car stopped outside the party venue. The pre-ceremony party organizing committee had specifically arranged a resort hotel banquet hall and a large lawn outside the hall with a forest theme.

Xie Yang, Tong Jian and Ji Zehui got out of the car one after another. They walked across the simple red carpet under the flashes of the invited media and stepped into the venue together. The host of the banquet sent someone to greet them. Xie Yang put on a smile and greeted the reception staff.

After the exchange, the three of them said goodbye to the organizers and went to the venue for free activities.

Ji Zehui had been in the circle for a long time and knew many people. He took the initiative to take Xie Yang around the venue to help him expand his contacts. During this period, many people took the initiative to talk to Xie Yang and he responded politely each time.

After one circle, Xie Yang didn’t see Mu Zhouyi anywhere. He was just wondering if Qin Cheng’s information was wrong when he saw Mu Zhouyi and Yuan Pang walking into the banquet hall from the corridor leading to the back accommodation area.

So she was already here?

Mu Zhouyi seemed to perceive Xie Yang’s gaze and suddenly raised her eyes toward Xie Yang. The two of them looked at each other. The smile on Mu Zhouyi’s face briefly faded before she pasted it back on. She moved her gaze away and took Yuan Pang in the other direction.

Xie Yang also retracted his gaze while thinking. Mu Zhouyi had indeed changed. Her appearance was still the same but her eyes were no longer as worry-free and confident as before. There was a clear calculation and worldly air. Sure enough, setbacks made people grow.

He temporarily suppressed the idea of using his ability immediately and walked back to Tong Jian, who was eating snacks. He glanced down and covered a decorative potted plant beside him with his ability.

Before leaving B City, he routinely exhausted his ability on Qiu Xing. Now only a few hours had passed since consuming his ability and it hadn’t recovered much. Even if it was used on Mu Zhouyi, it was estimated that it would be difficult to produce an effect. Since he was going to act, he should do a big one.

After sitting for a long time, a man suddenly stopped in front of Xie Yang. “Hello.”

Xie Yang raised his gaze and looked at the visitor. It wasn’t someone he knew but he stood up politely. “Hello.”

“I’m Zhou Zibin.” The man who came was tall with good looks. After his introduction, he handed a business card to Xie Yang with deep meaning. “If Mr Xie is bored in W City, you can come to see me and play. I promise to show Mr Xie a different side of W City.”

Xie Yang took a look at the business card. The job information under Zhou Zibin’s name was a contracted model of a certain company. He politely said, “Thank you but you might be disappointed. I will leave W City tomorrow.”

Zhou Zibin chuckled and looked at Xie Yang with eyes that said ‘You and I both know’. Then he replied, “Many people say that on the surface Mr Xie, I’ll be waiting for your contact.” Then he turned and left.

Xie Yang watched Zhou Zibin leave and sat back on the sofa.

Next to him, Tong Jian spoke stupidly, “Did he give you his business card in the hope of acting in your MV?”

Xie Yang glanced at the business card and shook his head. “Probably not.” This attitude was more like an appointment.

30 minutes later, the dinner entered the most lively stage. Xie Yang called Tong Jian and went to find Ji Zehui together. While passing by Mu Zhouyi and Yuan Pang, he moved his fingers slightly and flicked his ability at her. The ability ball succeeded in touching Mu Zhouyi’s clothes and Xie Yang immediately cut off his connection with it.

It might be tempting to spy on Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger with his ability but he wasn’t ready to take the risk until he was sure he wouldn’t be attacked or eaten back by the golden finger. Qiu Xing’s body hadn’t recovered so he had to always ensure the absolute safety of his ability core.

After the ability was upgraded, the time that the uncontrolled ability took to work in the human body was shortened from one hour to 30 minutes. These 30 minutes would be used to observe Mu Zhouyi’s reaction.

Later, Xie Yang would check on Mu Zhouyi at regular intervals.

In the first five minutes, Mu Zhouyi didn’t show anything unusual. She was smiling and talking to a senior. In the 10th minute, Xie Yang didn’t know if it was an illusion but he felt that the skin of Mu Zhouyi’s exposed arm was a few degrees darker and was no longer as radiant as before.

In the 20th minute, Mu Zhouyi’s long black hair became rough and dim. In the 30th minute, Mu Zhouyi suddenly shook as she walked with Yuan Pang to the next investor. She grabbed Yuan Pang’s arm while her body tilted forward.

The two of them stopped at a position very close to Xie Yang and Xie Yang successfully heard their conversation.

Yuan Pang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Zhouyi replied, “I suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable. Brother Yuan, can you help me sit down for a while?”

Xie Yang couldn’t help cocking his head before quickly turning back. If he was right, the faint spiritual attraction in Mu Zhouyi’s voice seemed to have disappeared during the conversation?

The two of them had gone away and Xie Yang could no longer hear them. Xie Yang took back his attention and took a sip of his drink.

He didn’t know if his ability had damaged Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger but judging from the series of changes in Mu Zhouyi’s body just now, it seemed that the various changes brought about by her golden finger could be purified using his ability.

Did this mean that the Love Value Exchange System in Mu Zhouyi’s brain that wasn’t part of the human body could be purified as well?


On the way back to the hotel after the party, Ji Zehui had new gossip. He lowered his voice and told Xie Yang, “Huangtian helped Mu Zhouyi and actually won her an opportunity to sing at the awards ceremony. She is the third from last to sing.”

Xie Yang paused after hearing those words. Then he couldn’t help laughing.

Singing at the awards ceremony… Mu Zhouyi was so ambitious that she wanted to brainwash a large group of important people in the entertainment circle with her singing. If it was previously, he would definitely find it troublesome after hearing the news. However, now he just wanted to laugh. Could Mu Zhouyi still sing with her current voice?

Ji Zehui was surprised by the laugh and asked Xie Yang, “What is it?”

Xie Yang shook his head. He thought of something and looked at Tong Jian chatting with people on WeChat. He asked, “When will Chenhao and Ke Lan arrive? Will they be staying at the same hotel as you?”

Tong Jian looked up when he heard this question and nodded. “Yes. They have already arrived and are heading to the hotel.”

Xie Yang said, “No need. Have them go directly to the hotel where I live. You will move in too.” Then he looked at Ji Zehui. “You too.”

Both were stunned.

Ji Zehui wondered, “Why suddenly move us? In addition, it is so late. Will there be any vacant rooms in your hotel?”

“Yes.” Xie Yang explained, “In order to avoid paparazzi pretending to be guests and taking sneak photos, my family member has booked all the rooms on the floor where I live.”

Ji Zehui, “……”

After returning to the hotel, Xie Yang asked Qin Cheng to arrange for someone to go to the hotel where Tong Jian and Ji Zehui had been staying to take away their luggage. Then he called Qiu Xing and reported that he would move Ji Zehui and the others into this hotel.

Qiu Xing obviously liked Xie Yang’s behaviour of not arranging strange people around him behind Qiu Xing’s back. For once, he didn’t eat vinegar as he said, “Let them stay. You can ask the hotel if you have any requirements. They will try to satisfy you.”

Xie Yang asked him, “Tomorrow’s awards ceremony will be broadcasted live on the Internet. Will you watch it?”

“If you want, I’ll take some time to see it.”

Xie Yang followed this kindness. “I want.”

Qiu Xing was silent for a few seconds before snorting. “Then I’ll take the time to have a look.”

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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Shagun Gupta
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