HTI: Chapter 95

Huangtian’s loss of cooperation and endorsements aroused the speculation of countless people in the industry. Everyone made guesses but no one guessed that Huangtian’s misfortune was actually related to Xie Yang.

After serious analysis, everyone agreed that Huangtian lost the cooperation and endorsements because the scandal of Hong Zhijie and Mu Zhouyi made investors and brands disagree with Huangtian, which was frequently exposed to scandals. They were unwilling to risk cooperation.

The investors and brands switching to Yang Xing was also well understood. The Golden Song Awards were about to open. This time, Yang Xing had three popular albums that could win awards. Anyone with a bit of perspective could see that Yang Xing was really going to take off.

All in all, Qiu Xing’s behaviour of showing his territory was regrettably not discovered by anyone.

“Stupid!” Qiu Xing threw away a magazine with an analysis article written by a senior investor in the entertainment industry. “What is this analysis? They didn’t even find that the withdrawal of Huangtian’s cooperation and endorsements had something to do with Rongding!”

He Jun barely managed to stabilize his expression and suppressed his smile. Then he told Qiu Xing, “Boss, it is natural. The companies cooperating with Huangtian are all subsidiaries of Rongding and shallow-sighted investors won’t treat them as being linked to the head office. Even if they do have a deep vision and connect it, they won’t dare think about it or say it.”

Qiu Xing looked at He Jun with a gloomy expression. He Jun decisively changed the subject. “Dr Kirkman has invited you to have dinner.”

Qiu Xing paused and his expression slowly sank. He looked at the Yang Xing Building opposite him and said, “I know.”


In May, the shortlist for the major awards of the Golden Song Awards were released one after another. As Qin Cheng had previously estimated, ‘IUD’, ‘Children’s Language’ and ‘Broken Cocoon’ all successfully squeezed onto the list.

Among them, ‘IUD’ was only a digital album and had a small number of songs on the album so it was nominated for fewer awards. Still, this couldn’t hide its brilliance.

Relying on this mini-album, the new IUD was shortlisted for Best Singing Group, Best Orchestra, Best Song of the Year, Best Singles Producer and other awards. It was only one step away from the glory of the first year when IUD debuted.

Throughout the Golden Song Awards shortlist, Xie Yang’s name almost dominated the screen. From composition, lyrics, arrangement, album production, group singing, etc. Xie Yang was everywhere.

It wasn’t until seeing this list that all the people in the industry who only heard of Xie Yang’s name finally realized his terrifying strength. However, this horror wasn’t over yet.

At the end of May, ‘Crazy Musician’ released the final version of the trailer. In the trailer, the music played by Shen Yan ran throughout the entire trailer video. The amazing melody almost instantly grabbed at people’s nerves.

The end of the trailer had subtitles showing the producer of the song: Xie Yang. After that, the subtitles showed the soundtrack makers of the entire movie: Xie Yang and Long Shuyou.

Xie Yang, Xie Yang, Xie Yang… His name was everywhere. This summer, all those who loved music were destined to go crazy about the name Xie Yang.


The crew’s hotel.

Xie Yang handed his packed luggage to Wu Shui, put on a hat and mask and walked outside with Qin Cheng who came here specifically.

Qin Cheng spoke as he walked. “I have already talked to Director Zhou and he has given you five days off. After five days, the crew will go to N City to shoot the outdoor scenes. You must arrive there on time. The Golden Song awards are on Wednesday. After going back this time, you must show me the outfits and accessories you haven’t worn at home so I can let the stylist design your style.”

Xie Yang nodded and inquired, “Did you tell Vice-President Liu that I was going back to B City?”

“No, no one in the company knows.”

Xie Yang glanced back at Wu Shui. Wu Shui hurriedly told him, “I didn’t tell Mr Qiu anything.”

Xie Yang was satisfied and withdrew his gaze. The three of them borrowed a car and a driver from the crew and headed straight to the airport. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the plane landed and Xie Yang set foot on B City. He Jun had arranged for a car to pick him up and Xie Yang sat in it. He took out his mobile phone and turned it on.

There were a few messages sent by Qiu Xing in WeChat. As usual, they were all about whether he had a good meal and rest. Xie Yang responded one by one. Then he quit WeChat, found He Jun’s phone number and sent a text message.

Xie Yang: Has the treatment begun?

He Jun replied in seconds: It’s starting.

Xie Yang: I’ll be there in around an hour and a half.

After communicating with He Jun, Xie Yang put down the phone. He sensed the full power in his ability core and leaned back to close his eyes and rest.

He made a video call with Qiu Xing a few days ago and noticed that there was a case book and something similar to a treatment sheet on the corner of Qiu Xing’s desk. He asked Qiu Xing who said it was just a file. He had wondered if Qiu Xing had started a new stage of treatment so he asked He Jun.

He Jun told him that after over two months of research and observation of Qiu Xing’s condition, Dr Kirkman finally formulated a treatment plan that was most suitable for Qiu Xing’s current physical condition.

Today was the first attempt at the treatment plan. Starting today, Qiu Xing would completely abandon the conservative and prolonged treatment methods of the past and actively invest in the pursuit of health.

Xie Yang slowed down his breathing. It was finally officially starting.


More than an hour later, the car stopped in the parking lot of the private hospital Xie Yang had previously been too. Xie Yang said goodbye to Qin Cheng in the car, opened the door and strode towards the hospital.

He Jun was waiting at the elevator entrance and rushed forward to meet him.

Xie Yang pulled the mask off his face and asked, “Is the treatment still going on?”

“It’s almost over. Once it is over, the boss will be sent back to the ward.”

Xie Yang stopped suddenly. “I’m going to the yard below for some fresh air. Call me when Qiu Xing’s treatment is over.”

He Jun nodded.

Xie Yang went back downstairs, found the most luxurious flower bed in the hospital yard and sat down beside it, dispersing his ability. Half an hour later, He Jun called. Xie Yang withdrew his ability and entered the hospital building with an ability core that was filled to the brim.


The ward door was ajar and it was quiet inside.

The fat and kind Dr Kirkman waited outside the ward. After Xie Yang came over, he stepped forward and extended his hand to Xie Yang, whispering, “Hello, I am Dr Kirkman, Mr Qiu’s attending doctor. Qiu is currently a bit weak. The treatment will cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. If you accompany him then he should feel better.”

Xie Yang reached out and shook Dr Kirkman’s hand, speaking sincerely, “Thank you.”

The doctor who treated Qiu Xing in the original book was also Dr Kirkman. It could be said that if there was no Dr Kirkman, the Qiu Xing in the original book wouldn’t have survived for so long.

Dr Kirkman said, “Everyone wants to thank you. You saved Qiu. Love has created a miracle.”

There was a noise from the ward, interrupting the two people’s greetings. Xie Yang withdrew his hand and looked inside the ward. Then he nodded at Dr Kirkman and pushed open the door into the room.

In the ward, Qiu Xing was trying to get out of bed.

Xie Yang spoke in time. “Did you hear my voice?”

Qiu Xing’s actions stopped and he looked up at Xie Yang. Perhaps it was because the uncomfortable feeling from the treatment hadn’t passed but he had no expression on his face and his eyes were a bit slow. He stared straight at Xie Yang and then pressed a hand to his forehead, looking suspicious of life.

Xie Yang walked up to Qiu Xing. “Would you like to confirm if I am real or fake?”

Qiu Xing slowly put down his hand. He looked at Xie Yang again and reached out a hand to try and hold him. He squeezed Xie Yang’s hand and then pulled him down. Xie Yang bent over cooperatively.

Qiu Xing pulled Xie Yang to a height that was face to face with him. He stared at him for a while before raising his other hand to press behind Xie Yang’s neck, bringing Xie Yang forward. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and went along with Qiu Xing’s strength.

The two people slowly approached until they finally met.

Then Qiu Xing suddenly laughed and moved back. He raised a hand to rub Xie Yang’s head like a pet and hummed. “Sure enough, it is an illusion caused by the side effects. How can Xie Yang be so obedient.” Then he tugged at Xie Yang’s ears.

Xie Yang, “……”

He also raised a hand to press against the back of Qiu Xing’s neck. Then he leaned towards Qiu Xing again and took a bite. The smile on Qiu Xing’s face froze.

Xie Yang stepped back, pointed his finger at Qiu Xing’s eyebrows and sent a bit of ability inside. “Who is being disobedient? Why didn’t you tell me about the secret treatment?”

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2 years ago

I like how this story is different from other novels that has a sick ml and healing power mc. Here, they use modern medicine and xie yang’s power is like only for catalyst. And qiu xing’s charac development is so great, he no longer goes “after i die blah blah”, instead, he’s now “you’re mine, nobody will bully you, you’re mine in life and death” ❤️❤️❤️

2 years ago

Thank you so much.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
11 months ago

“Then he leaned towards Qiu Xing again and took a bite. The smile on Qiu Xing’s face froze.”

Was… Was that a kiss?! 😂