HTI: Chapter 86

A figure sitting on the single-seat sofa could vaguely be seen. Due to high backrest and the fact that its position was on the inside, Xie Yang hadn’t noticed it when he entered the room. The corners of his mouth curled up before he quickly lowered it. “Master Liao, why are you here?”


Qiu Xing stood up, went to the door, and turned on all the lights in the room. Then he strode to Xie Yang. Xie Yang squinted uncomfortably after being suddenly exposed to light and he raised his hand to his eyebrows.

He was persuaded to drink a lot of alcohol during the dinner and he really was a bit drunk. Although he could purify all the alcohol with his ability, he was a bit reluctant since he wanted to leave all of his ability to the mouse who wouldn’t be seen for the next few months.

Qiu Xing grabbed Xie Yang’s hand that was pressing against his eyebrows and looked at Xie Yang’s reddish eyes. There was a fire in his voice as he asked, “Do you have a headache? How much did you drink?”

“Not much. A few bottles of beer, a few cups of white wine and half a glass of red wine.”

Qiu Xing couldn’t believe it. “You actually dared to mix drinks?”

Xie Yang squinted at him and smiled. “Why? Can’t I?”

Qiu Xing was taken aback. He frowned and called out, “Xie Yang.”

“Why? Can’t I?” Xie Yang asked again. He pulled back his hand, pulled at the neckline of his clothes and took a few steps to the side to lean against the armrest of the sofa. He raised a hand to his chin to watch Qiu Xing. “Why can’t I? I am an adult. Can’t I drink alcohol?”

“You’re still growing—”

“I’m not growing anymore. My height has been finalized when you hid and secretly became Master Liao.” Xie Yang pulled at his collar again. Since he was drunk, his voice was much hoarser than usual and his words a bit softer. “Guess how tall I am now? Do you want to know? I won’t tell you. You deserve to miss the last moments of my growth into an adult.”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang and his lips tightened.

“This is just the beginning. You will miss more about me in the future. An artist has to travel frequently. If I fire Wu Shui, you won’t even know where I am in the future.”

Xie Yang took out his phone from his pocket, opened it in front of Qiu Xing and turned it off. Then he smiled again and said, “There is this. As long as I turn this off, you will never be able to contact me again.”

“Xie Yang.” Qiu Xing stepped forward and grabbed Xie Yang’s hand. He wanted to say something but finally suppressed it forcibly. “Don’t be angry. You are drunk. I brought you some sobering tea. You should drink it and then take a shower before resting.”

Xie Yang didn’t smile as he watched Qiu Xing without any expression.

Qiu Xing and Xie Yang looked at each other. Then Qiu Xing lowered his eyes to avoid Xie Yang’s gaze. He reached out a hand to help Xie Yang rise and said, “Don’t lean against the sofa. Sit down and drink some sobering tea—”

Xie Yang suddenly reached out to hug Qiu Xing. Since he was sitting on the armrest of the sofa, his head happened to lean against Qiu Xing’s heart. Qiu Xing froze for a long time. He raised his hand and placed it on Xie Yang’s shoulder, not pushing this person away but not hugging him either.

“You’ll get better. Trust me.”

The hand on Xie Yang’s shoulder suddenly tightened before relaxing. He tried to push Xie Yang away as he said, “Xie Yang, you don’t—”

“Even if you don’t get better, I would rather you die in my arms. I don’t want to wait for your funeral where I won’t have the right to erect a monument to you as a family member.” Xie Yang’s tone was calm but his words pierced people’s hearts. “Qiu Xing, you have to live or die as mine.”

Qiu Xing’s fingers trembled and tightened the hand that was pressed on Xie Yang’s shoulder.

“Qiu Xing, are you willing to let go of me?”

Qiu Xing pressed Xie Yang into his arms.

Xie Yang smiled and leaned against Qiu Xing in a relaxed manner. “Qiu Xing, what are you afraid of? I’m not afraid. We will all be widowed in the end. Why don’t you be more generous and give me good memories before you go? After you leave me, at least I will think of you with a smile.”


Qiu Xing’s hand on Xie Yang’s shoulder moved to his back and he half hugged Xie Yang.

“In addition, what if you get better? It isn’t impossible for your disease to be completely cured.” Xie Yang suddenly raised his head and met Qiu Xing’s deep and gloomy eyes. “I bet that you will be able to win.”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer and just watched Xie Yang. Xie Yang pulled Qiu Xing’s head down. Qiu Xing froze for a moment before lowering his head without any resistance. Xie Yang smiled and raised his head towards Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing’s eyes struggled before he closed his eyes like he was making a compromise. His body was as stiff as stone.

Just as they were about to meet, Xie Yang stopped suddenly. He reached out to push Qiu Xing away and left Qiu Xing’s embrace. He took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa, unbuttoning his cuffs. “It’s fine if you don’t want to bet. Continue like this. It doesn’t matter if you hide and stay silent. Yang Xing has already developed and I will soon earn 500 million. I will return everything you gave me and at that time, we will break up. I am tired of a trading relationship. I want a real relationship.”

The cuffs opened to reveal beautiful sleeves. Xie Yang headed in the direction of the small bedroom.

“I’m looking for someone who is honest and means their words. He will stay up with me at night and won’t monitor my movements using my mobile phone. He won’t place ‘spies’ around me. I will drink with him and eat together with him. He will see all my appearances and I will share all the details of my life with him.”

There were no footsteps behind him. The reflection on the French windows showed that Qiu Xing was still staying beside the sofa. Xie Yang retracted his gaze and turned to the bathroom in the small bedroom. “He will see all my looks. Happy, unhappy, clothed, naked—”

Footsteps approached quickly and Xie Yang’s vision became dark. The hand holding the bathroom door handle was removed and Xie Yang’s body was pulled into a tight, muscular embrace. His head was pressed hard by the other person.

“That’s enough.”


Xie Yang felt it wasn’t enough and continued. “…He will see a lot of me. When I sleep on the same bed as him, he won’t just hold my hand. He will soon know that there is a red mole on the side of my waist. Perhaps he will like it very much and touch it admiringly—”

His face was forcefully raised. Qiu Xing approached with an expression that could be called ferocious.

Qiu Xing spoke patiently. “Xie Yang, don’t be angry with me.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “What’s wrong with you? What will you do to me? You are just a coward—”

A shadow fell and all his words were blocked.

Xie Yang was forced to look up.

A few seconds later, Xie Yang closed his eyes.


The clumsy and fierce movements slowly became hesitant and stiff. Xie Yang knew that Qiu Xing had calmed down. He deliberately raised a hand to hug Qiu Xing’s back and then bit down with his teeth.

Qiu Xing stiffened.

The smell of blood spread.

Xie Yang stepped away in a satisfied manner. He touched the blood on his lips and wiped it off on Qiu Xing’s suit. “I will go to take a shower. I’m so drunk thanks to your mouth.” Then he turned around to leave.

Qiu Xing instinctively grabbed Xie Yang’s waist. Xie Yang stopped and looked down at the big hand on his waist.

“Haven’t you taken enough advantage of me?” He knocked on Qiu Xing’s elbow and broke free of his restraint. Then he raised a hand to touch Qiu Xing’s ear and gave a low laugh. “Hot.” After that, he stepped back and closed the bathroom door.

The moment the door closed, Qiu Xing stepped back and touched his lips. Then suddenly, the door opened again. Qiu Xing hurriedly put down his hands and straightened his back.

“Go and get me my pyjamas.”

Qiu Xing frowned.

“Go get it.”

Qiu Xing stopped, turned around and went to the closet to take out Xie Yang’s pyjamas.

“In addition, the underwear. It is in the drawer below.”

Qiu Xing froze, unable to reach out a hand. He looked sideways at Xie Yang, his voice hoarse and low. His tone was strange like he was covering his emotions with anger. “You don’t—”

“You just took advantage of me.”


Qiu Xing opened the drawer at the fastest speed in his life, took out a piece of underwear, stuffed it into the pyjamas and walked over to Xie Yang. After placing the pyjamas in Xie Yang’s arms, he turned to leave.

“I’m drunk. In case I fall in the shower…”

Qiu Xing stopped.

Xie Yang laughed arrogantly and closed the door.



Xie Yang came out of the shower and found Qiu Xing sitting on a chair beside the window, pretending to be deep in thought. Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing before walking to the closet. He took out a new set of pyjamas from inside before bending over to open the drawer below, pulling out new underwear. He placed them in Qiu Xing’s arms and said, “Go take a shower.”

The two people had just kissed and one of them took the initiative to tell the other to take a shower…

Qiu Xing’s Adam’s Apple moved and he refused with an indifferent face. “No, I’ll return to Rong—”

“Drunk people are prone to vomiting at night. If I accidentally vomit in the middle of the night and choke on it in my—”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang with a dark expression. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Xie Yang shut up and gestured to the bathroom with his eyes. Qiu Xing frowned and pursed his lips. He glanced at the bathroom then at Xie Yang. Suddenly, he got up, rubbed Xie Yang’s head vigorously and headed into the bathroom.

20 minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Qiu Xing stepped out with his pyjamas buttoned to the top. Xie Yang had fallen asleep. He opened his eyes dumbly when he heard the sound before rolling over, burying his head in the pillow and closing his eyes again.

After dozens of seconds of silence, the light was turned off. Another dozen seconds of silence passed before footsteps finally approached the bed. The mattress sank and someone lay down.

The bed in the small bedroom wasn’t big. It was only 1.5 metres in size and two men over 1.8 metres tall were lying on it. It was hard not to touch. However, apart from feeling the quilt move, Xie Yang didn’t feel like there was a person around him.

He closed his eyes and waited.

Qiu Xing didn’t let him wait for long. After a minute, an arm reached out but it didn’t grab his hand. Instead, it boldly took his waist. Xie Yang was brought into this person’s arms and the hand tightened a little bit.

“Xie Yang, you always have a way of driving me crazy.”

Xie Yang didn’t move.

“As long as I’m alive… you can’t belong to anyone else.”

Xie Yang turned over.

The man who was just holding him immediately let go. It turned out to be a mouse. Xie Yang didn’t move. After a long time, his body was hugged again. His hair was gently rubbed and a kiss fell between his eyebrows.

“Good night.”

Xie Yang placed his fingers on Qiu Xing’s pyjamas and his ability slowly penetrated this person.

Good night.

It was a night without dreams. Xie Yang woke up earlier because he had to catch a plane. When he woke up, he was still being held in Qiu Xing’s arms. Qiu Xing was asleep because he received too much of the ability at once.

Xie Yang tried to sit up and get up. Qiu Xing frowned suddenly and tightened his grip.

Xie Yang stopped his movements and waited for Qiu Xing to settle down again. Then he touched Qiu Xing’s forehead and sent all of his ability that had recovered after a night of sleep into Qiu Xing’s body. It wasn’t until his ability core was exhausted that he withdrew his hand.

The arm around his waist slowly relaxed and Xie Yang successfully got up and went to the bathroom to wash.

Xie Yang was about to go out when he looked back at Qiu Xing on the bed. He thought about it and headed back. He looked Qiu Xing up and down and smiled slightly. He lifted the quilt neatly, stripped off Qiu Xing’s clothes and threw them on the ground. Then he rubbed the clothes he had changed out of and threw them on the ground as well. Finally, he covered Qiu Xing with the quilt and patted Qiu Xing on the forehead.

“Let’s see how you hide this time.”

Then he walked out of the room with light footsteps. He called Zhou Miao and Liu Sha respectively and asked them to come over to cover up the affair and return the chairman to Rongding.

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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Mei mei
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