HTi: Chapter 85

Xie Yang and Ka Xu’s boss, Yang Qing, met in a private restaurant run by a friend of Yang Qing. By the time Xie Yang arrived with Qin Cheng and Liu Sha, Yang Qing and Fang Chengnan were already there, talking together.

Xie Yang entered through the door and the two people immediately stopped talking and got up. As the intermediary, Fang Chengnan introduced Yang Qing and Xie Yang.

Xie Yang and Yang Qing greeted each other and shook hands. After that, Xie Yang introduced Qin Cheng and Liu Sha to Yang Qing and Fang Chengnan respectively. Then he took a seat under Yang Qing’s urging.

After sitting down, Xie Yang looked at Yang Qing. Yang Qing was three years older than Hong Zhijie. She was 52 years old this year and well-maintained. She looked like she was in her 40s. Her features weren’t outstanding but her temperament was very gentle and comfortable. There was fatigue between her eyebrows. Even when she was smiling and talking politely, there was always a lingering gloom and depression in her eyes.

Xie Yang learned that Yang Qing might be the boss of Ka Xu but she didn’t like seizing power and was more friendly. This was a woman with a strong opinion but she wasn’t a strong woman.

The waiter quickly put the dishes down before smartly exiting and closing the door.

Yang Qing took a sip of water and got to the point. “Boss Xie, is the cooperation proposal that you put forward with Chengnan still there?”

Xie Yang replied. “Naturally. Boss Yang, what do you think of my proposal? Do you have any ideas?”

Yang Qing touched her teacup. “Yang Xing is now about to take off. Tong Jian’s new album has exploded and Ke Lan has successfully transformed. He is going to film in a crew soon. Your strength is beyond doubt. Although there are few artists in Yang Xing, every one of them has potential and each agent has strength. The resources obtained are all top-notch and you aren’t short of money… so why do you want to help the poor Ka Xu? If you want to find a partner, there might be many better choices than me.”

“There are indeed many choices but you are the only collaborator who won’t cause trouble to me.” Xie Yang liked to talk about cooperation with bright and sober people. He pointed at Fang Chengnan. “One of the reasons for seeking your cooperation is him, Fang Chengnan. I want to sign him. He is a walking cash cow. He also has a rare scheming mind and is knowledgeable about current affairs. After grinding him down and training him, he can definitely go to the next level.”

Fang Chengnan, “……”

Yang Qing had already guessed this point. “However, now Ka Xu only has Fang Chengnan who is doing well. The other artists are developing tepidly. You don’t need to absorb Ka Xu’s entire mess for Chengnan. In addition, what do you mean by the fact that we won’t cause trouble?”

Xie Yang didn’t immediately answer but continued speaking. “The second reason is that I like Ka Xu’s movie and television department and the various movie and television cooperation channels in Boss Yang’s hands. Yang Xing is a new company and our contacts in this area are very weak. It needs to be expanded urgently.”

Yang Qing’s expression changed.

“The third reason is that I’m very interested in the two TV drama projects in Boss Yang’s hands that were suspended because of Hong Zhijie’s departure. The fourth reason is that I don’t like Hong Zhijie and Mu Zhouyi and they shouldn’t like me either. An enemy of an enemy is an ally. Boss Yang, don’t you want to retaliate against Hong Zhijie who pitted you so much?”

Yang Qing was taken aback before understanding. “This is the reason why you said I won’t cause you trouble?”

Xie Yang nodded. “There is Hong Zhijie and you will never betray me.”

Yang Qing stared at Xie Yang in a daze for a long time before suddenly laughing. Then she let out a sigh. “It seems you have thoroughly understood Ka Xu. Then I will no longer keep you on tenterhooks. Ka Xu is the result of my painstaking effort. To tell you the truth, I didn’t have the idea of incorporating it into Yang Xing.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “However, Hong Zhijie will definitely use all types of means to force Ka Xu to go bankrupt. If you take Ka Xu and merge it with Yang Xing then the resources in your hands are still yours and you can fight for it. If you don’t merge with Yang Xing, the only thing waiting for Ka Xu is to fall apart. Your chips will become less and you will no longer be able to take Hong Zhijie on.”

Yang Qing was silent.

“Furthermore, talking about the previous things, I’m not Huangtian’s chairman. I won’t treat you like he treats Hong Zhijie. After you merge with Yang Xing along with your resources, I won’t allow you to interfere in Yang Xing’s affairs at will. I can give you the position of vice-director, put you in charge of the movie and television department and distribute shares of Yang Xing to you according to the resources you bring. I will also treat the artists and talents you bring over well. I will give you the things you should take and won’t let you take what isn’t yours. Boss Yang, you have to think about it clearly. You have only one chance to choose.”

Fang Chengnan frowned. Xie Yang was clearly telling Yang Qing that Yang Xing’s absolute boss would only be Xie Yang and that Yang Qing shouldn’t use Yang Xing as a tool and springboard.

He looked at Yang Qing. Yang Qing didn’t say anything. There were only three roads in front of her now.

First, bankruptcy.

Second, reduce the size of the company and linger. Continue looking for development opportunities while guarding against the pressure and blockade that Hong Zhijie would definitely exert. Even the artists who were willing to stay with her to share the hardships would be in a difficult situation.

The last option was to find a big tree and give up the identity of a boss. Willingly work for another person while preserving most of the resources in her hand. The artists under her would also have a new start.

Yang Qing looked up at Liu Sha who was sitting next to Xie Yang. ”I remember you used to be an executive of Rongding and you are trusted by the Qiu family?”

Liu Sha replied, “I still have the trust of the Qiu family but I am Yang Xing’s vice-president.”

This was a hint. Yang Qing understood. She finally stopped frowning and got up to reach out to Xie Yang. “Happy cooperation.”

Xie Yang smiled and got up to shake Yang Qing’s hand. “Happy cooperation.”

Next, they had a discussion on the specific cooperation mode. The discussion ended at four in the afternoon. Xie Yang and Yang Qing agreed on a time to sign the contract and got up to leave.

“Wait.” Yang Qing suddenly called out to Xie Yang. She walked to Xie Yang’s side and spoke in a low voice, “Hong Zhijie has already got on the boat of Fenghua through Mu Zhouyi.”

Xie Yang was surprised and looked down at Yang Qing. “Are you sure?”

Yang Qing nodded. Her eyes were cold and filled with hatred. “I’m sure. The bargaining chip that Mu Zhouyi brought to Hong Zhijie must be high enough. Otherwise, how could Hong Zhijie divorce me when he only cares about profit?”

Fenghua. It was the Feng family’s company. Xie Yang was thoughtful. After returning to the car, he immediately called Feng Qinglin. “Did you take Mu Zhouyi to meet the Feng family during your relationship with her?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Just answer.”

Feng Qinglin was silent for a moment before replying, “I didn’t specifically take her to meet them but she met my cousin Feng Qingbai several times at my place. Why?”

Sure enough. In the plot of the original book, Mu Zhouyi captured the hearts of several high-quality men around Feng Qinglin in the process of being together with Feng Qinglin. Among them, Qiu Xing was one and Feng Qingbai, the son of Feng Qinglin’s uncle and the successor of the Feng family, was also one.

Feng Qingbai’s ability wasn’t bad. He was six years older than Feng Qinglin and had a fiancée he was well-matched with. In the later stages, Feng Qingbai’s fiancée acted as the face slapper for Mu Zhouyi. She assisted the female protagonist in successfully securing the position of Feng Qinglin’s girlfriend and also helped Feng Qinglin seize the Feng family by opening a gap.

It seemed that no matter how much the butterfly flapped its wings, the main storyline couldn’t be changed.

Xie Yang thought of the ‘vicious female supporting lead’ in the original book who dared to love and hate and said, “Mu Zhouyi helped Hong Zhijie to get on the same boat as Feng Qingbai. How does it feel to have a prairie above your head?” (Referring to the saying where one wears a green hat if they’ve been cheated on. The prairie is a grassland so Xie Yang is saying that Feng Qinglin has a lot of green above his head)


Xie Yang had no patience and demanded, “Speak.”

Feng Qinglin’s tone was wronged. “What do you want me to say?”

“Tell me how you’re going to kill and take over the Feng family. Feng Qingbai is your strongest competitor. Now he is bewitched by Mu Zhouyi and the situation is very beneficial to you.”

Feng Qinglin said nothing again.

Xie Yang really disliked Feng Qinglin’s personality and didn’t want to talk nonsense. He directly said, “I suggest you find someone to take photos of Mu Zhouyi and Feng Qingbai. If there are any interesting photos, you can take it to Feng Qingbai’s fiancée and gain an ally. You can also make use of your identity as Qiu Xing’s nephew and use the Feng family’s hatred toward Qiu Xing to make the Feng family value you. That’s all. I’m cheering for you.” Then he hung up the phone.


That evening, Xie Yang returned to Yang Xing after a day of work and unexpectedly saw Zhou Miao holding a thermos food jar downstairs in the Yang Xing building. He asked Wu Shui to drive the car over and lowered the window to look at Zhou Miao. “Why are you here?”

Zhou Miao hurriedly stepped forward and handed the thermos over through the car window with a smile. “Little boss, this is something that Master Liao asked me to bring to you. He said that when he watched your live broadcast, he found that you had lost weight again. He was worried about you and made a pot of soup for you.”

Master Liao?

Xie Yang took the thermos. “Is the Master Liao you mentioned taller than me?”

Master Liao was in charge of cooking for Qiu Xing and he was a short, chubby and kind uncle. He wasn’t as tall as Zhou Miao.

“……” Zhou Miao scratched his face uncomfortably and avoided it. “Little boss, you drink first. I-I have to go pick up the boss. I will be going first. Goodbye.” He wanted to slip away.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhou Miao immediately stopped, looked back at Xie Yang, and asked cautiously. “What else do you want?”

“I’m not going to eat you. What are you afraid of?” Xie Yang touched the thermos and continued, “Thank Master Liao for the soup. Tell him to pay more attention to his body and that I wish him a long life.”

Zhou Miao, “……Okay.”

Then Xie Yang let Zhou Miao leave.

Back in the office, Xie Yang opened the thermos and drank a bit of the soup. Then he took a photo of the thermos and made a Weibo post.

[Xie Yang: Adding another criteria for choosing a partner. I like people who will give me soup.]

Below was the photo of the thermos food jar.

A few minutes later, Qin Cheng called Xie Yang. “Do you know how many people will guess that you’re in love after you posted this? In addition, how many paparazzi will start to watch you?”

“I know. Let them guess.” Xie Yang placed both hands on the keyboard and his phone was on speaker mode. “It can wash away some fans. I don’t need too possessive girlfriend or boyfriend fans. The paparazzi can watch me if they like. I have nothing that I can’t show them.”

Qin Cheng guessed something and asked, “Do you want to make it public?”

“I don’t want to.”


Qin Cheng smartly hung up the phone. Xie Yang hadn’t given any orders but Qin Cheng still decided to prepare for the public opinion if Xie Yang and Qiu Xing’s relationship was exposed.

The next morning, Xie Yang went out and saw Zhou Miao downstairs again.

“Um… Master Liao is in a good mood today and cooked too much breakfast. He had me bring you some.”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow, took the breakfast, and asked, “Does Master Liao have a good appetite today?”

“…Very good. He ate half a bowl of porridge.”

Xie Yang was satisfied. He rolled up the car window and left.

At noon, the takeaway brother Zhou Miao brought two large boxes of food to the recording studio. He guiltily avoided Xie Yang’s gaze and said, “Master Liao is studying new dishes recently and he accidentally made too much.”

Long Shuyou asked incredulously, “Who is Master Liao?”

“The mouse in my family.” Xie Yang put aside the lyrics in his hand and walked to Zhou Miao. He looked at the dishes in the containers that weren’t light at all and asked, “What did Master Liao eat at noon?”

“It is still the same.”

Xie Yang nodded. “Have Master Liao stop cooking for me.”

Zhou Miao was immediately nervous and asked carefully, “Why? Don’t you like it?”

“It’s not that I dislike it. After the Weibo I posted yesterday, many people around me are guessing if I’m in a relationship or not. Paparazzi are also following me. You are always around me and it is easy to be photographed by a paparazzi.”

Zhou Miao sighed with relief. “It’s okay if it is revealed. I am just a small person and it is fine to be photographed.”

“It isn’t okay.”


Xie Yang moved closer to Zhou Miao and lowered his voice. “You are Qiu Xing’s driver and many people have met you. Although you and I know that these meals are delivered by ‘Master Liao’, the media doesn’t know this. After they find out who your real boss is, they will definitely guess my relationship with your boss. So for the sake of your boss’ reputation, don’t come here in the future.”

Zhou Miao, “……”

Xie Yang stepped back and patted Zhou Miao on the shoulder. “Do you know what to say when you go back?”

Zhou Miao wanted to cry as he nodded.

That afternoon at dinner time, the real Master Liao came to the recording studio with a hot meal and smiled at Xie Yang. “Yang Yang, you should eat while it is hot. I made it for you.”

“……” Xie Yang gave a low laugh and stopped struggling. He went to eat obediently. Then he took out his phone and made a Weibo post after eating.

[Xie Yang: Thank you, Mouse.]


Starting from this day, Xie Yang would receive love for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He also occasionally received desserts. However, on WeChat, Xie Yang never received any messages from Qiu Xing. The two of them also didn’t call each other.

March arrived and Ka Xu finally integrated their resources and dropped the company’s brand. The entire circle was watching Ka Xu’s movements and guessing who ate this fat meal for a cheap price.

On March 5th, Yang Xing’s official website announced the happy news that they signed Ji Zehui.

There was a stir in the circle that quickly subsided. Yang Xing might be a new company but it had great potential. Its three artists were praised everywhere. It was normal for Ji Zehui to choose to sign with Yang Xing.

After the news came out, the happiest ones were the CP fans of Ji Zehui and Xie Yang. They had been silent for a long time and finally became active again. They excitedly posted and placed the topic #Grey Sheep are a family# (TL: If you don’t remember the earlier note, Grey Sheep is the CP name for Ji Zehui and Xie Yang based on the characters in their names)

Ji Zehui was so scared that his head almost exploded. He hurriedly asked Xiao Jin to find a way to withdraw the hot search. After entering Yang Xing, he finally knew the identity of the person standing behind Yang Xing. These CP fans were asking for him to die! He came to Yang Xing to hug a thigh, not to find smaller shoes to wear!

A few days later, Mu Zhouyi finally appeared in public after lying low due to the unspoken rules incident. She was invited by a makeup brand and accepted an interview with a media outlet.

In the interview, she explained that the recording wasn’t made by her. She didn’t know about what the He Rumin father and son had done. The chat records released by He Rumin were also fake. She didn’t know He Rumin and didn’t know who wanted to harm her. She was grateful to her company for trusting and protecting her after the incident and she hoped that people wouldn’t just follow the majority.

This interview quickly went on the hot search. Then the water army and marketing team went to the scene and analyzed the source of the recording. They said there was indeed no evidence that the recording was made by Mu Zhouyi. She was whitewashed and the direction of the wind went in her favour.

Just as the water army and marketing team were dancing happily, Yang Xing’s official Weibo announced the news that Yang Qing was appointed as the vice-director of Yang Xing. After that, Yang Xing released a series of welcome XX messages, just like the previous Huangtian. All these artists had signed a contract with Yang Xing.

At this point, everyone’s questions had been answered. The fat piece of meat Ka Xu was taken away by Yang Xing. Everyone was shocked. Yang Xing that was set up half a year ago actually ate Ka Xu! It was incredible!

Someone was curious enough to draw up a list of the current artists and agents of Yang Xing and were shocked to find that Yang Xing had unknowingly cultivated and concentrated together a group of top artists and agents. It even had its own movie and television network.

This was only half a year. Yang Xing had only been established for half a year. However, Yang Xing’s actions still didn’t stop.

After announcing a series of artists who had been signed, Yang Xing successively announced three TV drama projects. There were the investigation drama Xie Yang got for Ke Lan and the suspended dramas Yang Qing brought from Ka Xu. One was a palace fighting drama and the other was a spy war drama.

The impact of Ka Xu’s artists signing with Yang Xing was too great. Soon, no one cared about Mu Zhouyi’s whitewashing. All the Weibo news was related to Yang Xing.


In the recording studio, Xie Yang took the food from Master Liao and said, “The recording of the album is over. I will fly to X City tomorrow to shoot the MV. After the MV shooting, I will go directly to J City to meet the crew. I won’t return to B City in the middle.”

Master Liao’s smile froze and he asked, “So fast?”

Xie Yang raised his head and smiled at Master Liao. “So from tonight, you don’t have to come and bring me food. I will be going to dinner with the team and won’t come here again.”

Master Liao frowned and sighed as he turned to leave.

“Master Liao.”

Master Liao stopped and looked back.

“I’ll be back later tonight and I’ll probably be drunk.”

Master Liao instinctively wanted to tell Xie Yang to drink less. He had just opened his mouth when he understood the meaning in Xie Yang’s deep eyes. He quickly relaxed his furrowed brows and spoke happily. “It is good to be drunk, good to be drunk. Yang Yang, you wait. Uncle Liao will help you. Just wait.” Then he turned and hurriedly left.

Xie Yang turned sideways with satisfaction and met Long Shuyou’s disapproving gaze.

“You must protect your throat. Don’t indulge yourself just because the album is over. Alcohol can be drunk but you can’t get drunk.” Long Shuyou was particularly bitter-mouthed and his eyes were burning. “So when will you start making your second album? Have you come up with any new inspirations and written new songs?”

“……” Xie Yang picked up the music scores on the table without any expression and placed his hand on Long Shuyou’s face.

At 11:30 in the evening, Xie Yang was sent back to Yang Xing by Wu Shui while full of alcohol. There was no suspicious car downstairs and Zhou Miao couldn’t be seen at all. Xie Yang retracted his gaze and his expression became more indifferent.

After arriving at the parking lot, Xie Yang sent Wu Shui away. He entered the elevator and went to the floor where his office was.

It was late and everyone in Yang Xing was off work. The company was dark and empty. Xie Yang was too lazy to turn on the lights. He returned to his office in the darkness and walked directly to the small bedroom.

“Coming back late, drunk and alone after drinking. Xie Yang, you are really capable.”

The voice that hadn’t been heard for a long time suddenly rang through the room. Xie Yang stopped and glanced sideways in the direction of the sound.

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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Thank you so much

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