HTI: Chapter 84

On Valentine’s Day, Xie Yang suspended the recording of the album for a day. He went to the release conference of Tong Jian’s new album with Ke Lan and Xu Chenhao.

After the press conference, news of the release of Thong Jian’s new album ‘Children’s Language’ quickly made it into the hot search list with the topic of ‘first public release of the new IUD after half a year.’ The MV of the title song Wutong also climbed up the hot list at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At almost the same time as the album release, Ke Lan and Yang Xing’s official website released the condensed version and official version of the micro-movie Doomsday Reincarnation. The other members of the new IUD helped forward it for publicity.

One plus one was greater than two. Tong Jian and Ke Lan sent enthusiasm to each other and their works quickly sparked widespread discussion.


In the small meeting room of Yang Xing.

It was rare for the new IUD and Hu Biao to gather together. They were waiting nervously for the public’s feedback on the micro-movie ‘Doomsday Reincarnation.’

Hu Biao couldn’t help expressing his thoughts. “This is the first work launched after Ke Lan announced his transformation. Whether the public can accept Ke Lan’s transformation smoothly or not depends on whether this work can explode. As long as this wave of performance is good, everyone will be more tolerant of Ke Lan even if the TV drama he stars in isn’t very good.”

Tong Jian was more nervous than Ke Lan and didn’t care about the new album he just released. He heard this and immediately worshipped the sky. “Bah bah bah! Brother Lan’s first TV drama will definitely have a good response. Brother Biao is talking nonsense. Gods, don’t believe it.”

“The comments have started to explode.”

The group heard Xu Chenhao’s words and bowed their heads in unison to look at their phones. Ke Lan took a deep breath and did enough psychological preparation before opening the comments section.

A few minutes later, they all looked at Xie Yang. Xie Yang put down his phone and glanced at them. “Ke Lan… it is too good. Everyone is too deep in the scene so they are only discussing the plot at first.”

Hu Biao stated, “They are obviously discussing which mad screenwriter wrote this story full of blades. They are crying and wanting to send blades to the screenwriter.”

Xu Chenhao continued. “Eight out of ten comments are crying. The remaining two are cursing the screenwriter.”

Tong Jian wiped his eyes with his sleeve. “No, I might’ve watched this micro-movie many times but I still want to cry when I see something related to the plot.”

Ke Lan asked carefully, “This should be a good result right?”

Everyone looked at Ke Lan. Then Tong Jian took the lead to cheer and rush toward Ke Lan. “Forget it! Of course! Brother Lan, you acted so well! It is hard for you to not be popular!”


Children’s Language and Doomsday Reincarnation had a big explosion of popularity.

In just one day, Children’s Language entered the new songs charts and hit charts of major music platforms. In addition to Wutong, three other songs all entered the top 10 of the charts and quickly approached the first place song, Paper Cutting.

Doomsday Reincarnation caused a large group of people to cry on Valentine’s Day. The discussion and popularity overwhelmed all the big movies released on Valentine’s Day. Netizens resentfully said that this was the ‘single dog’ screenwriter and star’s biggest revenge against lovers.

All investors in the industry who had been watching Yang Xing saw the future potential of Yang Xing through Tong Jian’s high quality album and Ke Lan’s high quality micro-movie.

To be precise, they saw the strength of Xie Yang, the boss of Yang Xing.

Children’s Language had a total of 12 songs and Xie Yang was responsible for producing eight songs. They were high quality products ranging from slow love songs for the public to sing, high-explosive fast songs for showing skills and high quality songs for pleasing professionals. The style was changeable and comprehensive and could be called full of sincerity. For the micro-movie Doomsday Reincarnation, the screenwriter was Xie Yang, the soundtrack was Xie Yang, the composer was Xie Yang… these two works were almost supported by Xie Yang alone.

This was a strong owner who deserved to be invested in and collaborated with.


Xie Yang received a call from Fang Chengnan.

“Sister Yang wanted me to ask you when you are free. She wants to invite you to a meal.”

It worked.

Xie Yang suggested, “Is tomorrow okay?”

“Yes, I’ll convey it.”

After the call with Fang Chengnan, Xie Yang returned to the small meeting room and joined Tong Jian and the others in starting the live broadcast at the promised time.

Everyone had discussed it before the live broadcast. The live broadcast would only last two hours. There were four people in the new IUD and one person was responsible for holding the phone for 30 minutes.

The content of the live broadcast had also been set. They would take the audience around and show them the rich surroundings, the storage room and the places where people gathered to practice singing and dancing, as well as play musical instruments for the audience.

As the boss, Xie Yang was naturally left to take the mobile phone last.

Tong Jian was the first to take the mobile phone. He was responsible for showing the audience the storage room. He flipped the camera to all the merchandise in the full room and the fans watching the live broadcast went crazy.

There was a barrage of screaming and begging on the screen, densely packed one after another and blocking the live broadcast screen.

Qiu Xing frowned and reached out to turn off the barrage. Then he looked at the various faces squeezed close together and his face became darker. No Xie Yang was visible. He put his phone aside and went to work. It was unknown how much time passed before something Tong Jian said attracted Qiu Xing’s attention.

“Don’t you want the doll merchandise? However, Yang Yang said he will no longer do doll merchandise. Brother Hao also won’t have any merchandise after going behind the scenes so even if there are dolls in the future, it will only be of me and Brother Lan. There is no way to make another set of dolls.”

“Why doesn’t Yang Yang want to do it? It seems that Yang Yang’s family doesn’t like it.”

Qiu Xing stopped flipping through his files and watched the live broadcast. Perhaps it was a coincidence but the moment he looked over, Xie Yang’s figure appeared in a corner of the screen. Xie Yang bent over and took out a Tong Jian doll from the box. After opening it, he skillfully took off the doll’s pants.

“Who is being a hooligan? Who is acting like a hooligan with me?”

Tong Jian’s puzzled voice was heard. Then the screen shook and aimed at Xie Yang before quickly approaching Xie Yang.

“Yang Yang, what are you doing taking off my pants? Put them back on quickly. A lot of viewers are watching!”

Xie Yang spoke with laughter in his voice. “Your doll is so cute. What are you afraid of people seeing?”


Qiu Xing closed the file, took his phone and turned off the live broadcast room.

10 minutes later, Qiu Xing suppressed his anger and turned on the room again.

At this time, the image on the screen had changed from the storage room to the dance studio. Xu Chenhao pointed the mobile phone to the middle of the dance studio. “Usually, everyone practices here. Now, let Tong Jian show you his new song. It is the first time the dance is being shown to the outside world so you are blessed.”

In the centre of the screen, Tong Jian had already started to sing to the music. His handsome and powerful movements were very eye-catching. However, Qiu Xing’s eyes fell on Xie Yang who was talking to Ke Lan in the corner.

So close?

Qiu Xing frowned.

Soon, Xu Chenhao also appeared on the screen. He sat beside Xie Yang. Xie Yang glanced sideways and patted Xu Chenhao’s shoulder with a smile, his body almost leaning on Xu Chenhao.

The hand on the document clenched firmly and his knuckles turned white.

A few minutes later, Tong Jian finished singing and dancing. He cheered and rushed to the three people sitting together. Xie Yang was in the middle and he was pounded on by Tong Jian. He was almost completely crushed under Tong Jian.


Qiu Xing was so angry that he slammed the phone on the desk and took deep breaths. What a mess… Why didn’t Xie Yang have any defenses? Why let people so close!

Qiu Xing persisted for 20 minutes before entering the live broadcast room again. This time, everyone in the new IUD had moved to the singing room. Tong Jian was singing some messy songs while Xu Chenhao accompanied him on the guitar. Ke Lan… Ke Lan was still talking to Xie Yang. They were particularly close and one of Ke Lan’s hands was placed on Xie Yang’s leg.

‘I’ll hold hands with them, hug them, kiss them and even go to bed with them.’

Xie Yang’s words entered Qiu Xing’s mind and his fingers twitched nervously. Then he reached out again to cover the phone. He didn’t feel anything when it was just words but once it became a picture… Qiu Xing leaned back in his chair and looked at the calendar on the table.

February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Qiu Xing’s eyes became a bit dark and depressed. After he died, would Xie Yang sit with someone very intimately for Valentine’s Day?


30 minutes later, Qiu Xing picked up the phone and entered the live broadcast room again.

Xie Yang’s face appeared in the middle of the screen while Tong Jian and the others were lined up behind him. Xie Yang looked at the screen and said, “I don’t know what to broadcast so I’ll just talk to everyone.”


Qiu Xing touched Xie Yang’s face on the screen. He hadn’t talked to Xie Yang for almost three days.

“Yes, I’ve been eating takeaway lately because the recording of the album is in a hurry.”

Qiu Xing frowned.

‘I’ve already told you not to eat takeaway. Why are you so disobedient?’

“The agent can’t control me because I’m the boss.”

‘Excuse me, is this why you can be so lawless?’

“Yes, Shuyou is helping me make an album. I met him during IUD’s break-up performance… okay, not break-up performance. Shuyou is very good. He isn’t bad to get along with and he treats me well.”

Long Shuyou, the son of the Long family, the little genius who loved music. The corners of Qiu Xing’s mouth lowered. Their interests were the same.

“Yes, the screenwriter of Doomsday Reincarnation is me. It isn’t revenge against lovers… is the partner selection mentioned previously true?”

Qiu Xing paused and watched Xie Yang. Tong Jian was jeering and Xie Yang picked up a pillow to throw it back onto Tong Jian’s face. Then he looked at the screen again and smiled. “Guess if it’s true?”


Qiu Xing tapped Xie Yang’s face on the screen and poked hard.

‘It must be fake! You sly liar!’


After chatting for a while, Hu Biao appeared behind the camera. He pointed to his wrist and signaled that two hours were almost up.

Xie Yang received the signal and changed the topic at the right time. “I wrote a song for this Valentine’s Day. It is called Miracle.” He stared at the camera with serious eyes, as if looking at someone through the camera. “Listen well.”

Qiu Xing realized something and his fingers on the table curled up.

Xie Yang moved his hands to the side and picked up the guitar Xu Chenhao had used before. He tried out the timbre, looked at the camera and plucked the strings. A gentle, healing melody was heard. After 10 seconds, Xie Yang told a beautiful story with straightforward and simple lyrics.

There was a rabbit in the forest with a strange disease. It had a strange temper and liked to be alone. One day, an injured bird broke into his home and couldn’t leave.

The rabbit was fierce to the bird but he awkwardly bandaged the bird’s wound. The two of them lived together in a confused manner, spending a winter dependent on each other and gradually falling in love with each other. However, when spring came, the rabbit wanted to cruelly drive away the bird because he was concerned about his illness.

After some twists and turns, the rabbit resolved his knot and decided to stay with the bird for the rest of his life. The bird found food for the seriously ill rabbit every day. Then a miracle happened. The rabbit gradually healed and the two of them lived happily all their lives.

The song ended and Tong Jian clapped enthusiastically.

Xie Yang looked at the live broadcast camera and smiled. “Sorry, this song was written temporarily. It is rather rough and the lyrics are also naive. I hope everyone won’t dislike it.”

He watched the live broadcast for a few seconds before ending it. “The live broadcast is going to end… Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Qiu Xing moved his stiff body and slowly reached out a hand to lightly touch Xie Yang’s face on the screen. Then he moved and clicked on the like icon in the shape of a gift. A small love heart flew out of the gift box and floated toward Xie Yang’s face.

His Adam’s Apple moved as he murmured, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Proofreader: Mnemo/ParanoidKitten

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1 year ago

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Great Olayinka
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crazy fujoshi
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