HTI: Chapter 79

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the official version of Paper Cutting was launched simultaneously on all platforms. At the same time, the version of Reincarnation that Xie Yang sang at B City TV’s New Year’s Eve party was also edited separated by a marketing account and quietly climbed to the hot list.

On Weibo, everyone’s attention was still focused on the chat records exposed by He Rumin. This song wasn’t very popular and there was only a celebration among fans. Then two hours later, the play volume of Paper Cutting started to rise wildly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Xie Yang’s version of Reincarnation had also climbed to the front row of the popular positions and was just under Mu Zhouyi’s video of Remembering the Homeland.

The name Xie Yang appeared in the atmosphere of eating melons, attracting the attention of many melon eaters. Not long after, the topic of #I became sleep after listening to Xie Yang’s new song# inexplicably made it to the hot topic and the discussion continued to rise.

By the time Xie Yang shut it down and was ready to go to sleep, Paper Cutting had already climbed to the top of the new song charts on all major music platforms in terms of play volume and download volume.

The door opened and Qiu Xing, who had just gone out to answer the phone, walked back in with his mobile phone. Xie Yang placed his phone on the bedside table and lay down to watch Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing’s footsteps stopped for a moment before he walked to the bedside table, turned off the light and got into bed.

Xie Yang turned to face Qiu Xing. It took a few seconds for Qiu Xing to turn over and face Xie Yang. The hand in the quilt stretched out toward Xie Yang, holding the hand that Xie Yang had placed in front of him.

Xie Yang closed his eyes and prepared to sleep.

“The phone call just now was from Qinglin. He said he wanted to come over tomorrow to pay the New Year’s greetings. I agreed. Mom will definitely be happy.”

Xie Yang opened his eyes and tried to see Qiu Xing’s expression in the darkness. He asked, “Do you want to prepare a red envelope for Feng Qinglin in advance?”

“……” Qiu Xing gently squeezed Xie Yang’s hand and the sighs and complexity in his tone disappeared. His tone was low and filled with laughter. “You only thought about this?”

“More than that. I thought that Feng Qinglin shouldn’t be used to the food here. The last time he ate here, he obviously didn’t eat well.”

Qiu Xing’s tone suddenly became fierce. “He must eat even if he isn’t used to eating. You didn’t…”

Qiu Xing suddenly shut up. The room was quiet. It wasn’t known how much time passed before Qiu Xing’s voice was heard again. “Xie Yang, if I say to wait…”

Xie Yang opened his eyes again without speaking. Then he closed them a few seconds later.


The next day, the atmosphere of the small building was inexplicably tense since everyone got up. No matter whose phone rang, everyone looked over. In this strange atmosphere, Qiu Xing’s phone rang after 9 o’clock. Feng Qinglin had finally arrived. This time, Qiu Xing didn’t let Xie Yang pick him up and instead sent Zhou Miao out alone.

More than 10 minutes later, Feng Qinglin carrying a gift was welcomed through the door by the carer. He went to the small living room, put down the gift and then called out to Mother Qiu. “Grandma.”

Mother Qiu nodded and had Feng Qinglin sit. Feng Qinglin sat down and saw his uncle’s stern and emotionless face. He said, “Uncle, Happy New Year.”

Qiu Xing nodded.

Finally, Feng Qinglin’s gaze fell on Xie Yang. Xie Yang raised an eyebrow and waited for Feng Qinglin to say something. Feng Qinglin’s expression was awkward and stiff. He was silent for a long time before saying with difficulty, “Au…”

Qiu Xing straightened his back from beside Xie Yang.

“…Happy New Year, Mr Xie.” Feng Qinglin finally failed to say ‘aunt.’ Xie Yang’s face was really too young and didn’t match the identity of an ‘aunt’ at all.

Qiu Xing paused. The corners of his mouth lowered as he looked at Feng Qinglin with a frown. Feng Qinglin immediately turned his gaze to Mother Qiu. He clumsily asked about Mother Qiu’s body and pretended not to notice Qiu Xing’s stare.

Qiu Xing watched Feng Qinglin and gradually became gloomy. Xie Yang reached out to press a hand on Qiu Xing’s leg. He leaned forward and whispered, “Are you angry? Do you think his method of calling me is wrong?”

Qiu Xing retracted his gaze and held Xie Yang’s hand.

“I think he is correct.” Xie Yang broke away from Qiu Xing’s hand and patted the back of it lightly. “After all, we still have an unclear buying and selling relationship.”


Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang was also looking at Qiu Xing and he smiled. “Qiu Xing, I’m waiting.”

Qiu Xing fell silent and his eyes avoided Xie Yang’s gaze.


This time, Feng Qinglin stayed in the small building for a day for the New Year. He didn’t say goodbye until Mother Qiu fell asleep at night. Qiu Xing told Feng Qinglin to stay here for the night. Feng Qinglin glanced at Mother Qiu’s room and shook his head. “No, I have a job.”

Qiu Xing habitually reprimanded him. “What type of work is it that you are still busy in the new year?” He realized his attitude and added, “This is the time to have a good rest.”

Feng Qinglin was learning to understand the concern behind Qiu Xing’s cold word.s He digested the words and smiled. “I know.  However, now I can’t have a good rest until I take the Feng family into my hands.”

Qiu Xing’s eyebrows moved. “The Feng family?”

“Yes, the Feng family.” Feng Qinglin stared seriously at Qiu Xing, the eyes similar to Qiu Xing’s filled with dark emotions. “Uncle, I want to earn my things myself. I don’t understand some things and will take a while to figure it out, but you don’t have to help me.”


Feng Qinglin left and Qiu Xing didn’t go to send him off. Xie Yang consciously went instead of Qiu Xing.

As they approached the open-air parking lot, Feng Qinglin suddenly stopped and said, “Be careful of Hong Zhijie. This time, Mumu… Mu Zhouyi originally planned to move to Ka Xu after the He Rumin father and son were settled. She had a deal with Hong Zhijie but I don’t know the specifics of the transaction.”

Hong Zhijie was one of Ka Xu’s shareholders and the one who spoke at the V Group’s dinner against Xie Yang.

Xie Yang stopped and said, “I see, thank you.”

“There is also the Feng family… the Feng family has been staring at Uncle. Uncle’s body…” Feng Qinglin hesitated.

“It is getting better.” Xie Yang raised his hand to hold Feng Qinglin and pushed Feng Qinglin toward the car. He took the opportunity to plant a small vaccine in Feng Qinglin and said, “Your uncle will be fine, don’t worry about him. In addition, don’t contact Mu Zhouyi anymore. You can’t play with her.”

Feng Qinglin was forced to step forward. He glanced back at Xie Yang and finally got silently into the car to leave.

Xie Yang arrived back at the small building and found that Qiu Xing’s forehead was a bit wet. He had obviously washed his face. Xie Yang had a bad heart and wanted to ask if Qiu Xing was crying because Feng Qinglin became sensible. Then he thought of Qiu Xing’s ‘wait’ yesterday and swallowed down the words. He simply greeted Qiu Xing and went upstairs.

Qiu Xing who finally concealed his good mood and was prepared to communicate with Xie Yang, “……?”

Xie Yang went upstairs and entered the bathroom to take a shower. He finished the shower, saw Qiu Xing sitting on the sofa in the room and spoke casually. “I’m done, you go and wash.”  Then he picked up the laptop on the bedside table and went to sit at the small table beside the window. He turned on the laptop and started perfecting the personal piano music he had written for the young master Su Jingmo in ‘I See Xuangyuan.’

Qiu Xing was silent for a few seconds before getting up and walking to Xie Yang’s side. He asked, “Do you have a job?”

Xie Yang focused on the computer screen and his fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard. “Yes, I have to write a few pieces of piano music for a character.”

The crew of I See Xuanyuan had quickly sent the revised script and the contract to Yang Xing. On the basis of the original performance contract, they invited Xie Yang to write a few piano pieces for the young master Su Jingmo.

Xie Yang didn’t think about it and readily accepted the job. He would enter the crew at the end of March and the recording of the new album would start soon after the new year holiday ended. There wasn’t much time left for Xie Yang to write the piano music so he had to hurry.

Qiu Xing stood behind Xie Yang before turning and walking away.

Xie Yang’s hands that were tapping the keyboard paused before continuing smoothly. After concentrating on work, Xie Yang quickly forgot about other things. By the time he finished sorting out the initial scores and his senses returned, Qiu Xing had finished the shower and was sitting on the sofa, using the tablet computer to process documents.

Xie Yang glanced at the time, turned off the laptop and got up. He went to the bathroom to wash his hand. Once he came out, Qiu Xing had already put down the tablet. He said, “Xie Yang, I will go to the hospital for a review in the new year. You will come with me.”

This tone of command hadn’t been heard in a long time. Xie Yang turned to look at Qiu Xing but Qiu Xing had already lowered his head and was using his tablet to communicate with others. Xie Yang went to the bed and lay down, looking thoughtful at Qiu Xing’s side profile while working.

After returning from sweeping the grave yesterday, Qiu Xing’s lid, which had been half-open, showed signs of closing again. Now Qiu Xing suddenly asked to take him for a review… was he affected by Qiu Jingbang’s words and the atmosphere of the cemetery?

The two days of the dream immediately broke after being gently poked by reality.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing for a long time before pulling the quilt over him and closing his eyes.

On this night, Qiu Xing went to bed very late. Once he got into bed, it took a long time before he fumbled to hold Xie Yang’s hand. He gently rubbed Xie Yang’s hand for a long time.

Xie Yang closed his eyes to accompany Qiu Xing. It wasn’t until Qiu Xing’s body relaxed and he slowly fell asleep that Xie Yang opened his eyes again. He stared at Qiu Xing for a while and gently grasped Qiu Xing’s hand.


Among the most annoying things about Chinese New Year, being forced to receive relatives they didn’t want to receive was in the top three. On the third day of the new year, the large Liu family suddenly visited. A dozen people sat in the room and filled the small building.

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2 years ago

hahaha being forced to receive unwanted relatives on new year… I agree. plus they can come within the next 14 days!

2 years ago

Haha before I mingle from relatives to friends to neighbors during Christmas because I am pretty much a recluse that I need to balance out the social interaction. Now, I am still a recluse but this time I can’t handle too much visitors or outsiders

2 years ago

Thank you so much