HTI: Chapter 77

Xie Yang shut up and peacefully acted as a human-shaped pillow to Qiu Xing. At the same time, he didn’t give up and continued to refresh the Weibo page.

After a few minutes, Weibo finally reacted. The hot search list was no longer stuck. Xie Yang was satisfied and was ready to eat melons. Suddenly, the person holding him moved away. Before leaving, Qiu Xing straightened Xie Yang like a doll. Then he sat down at least one meter away from Xie Yang and picked up the water cup on the small table to drink.


Xie Yang watched Feng Qinglin coming out of the small living room and told Qiu Xing, “That cup of water is mine.”

“…Cough.” Qiu Xing almost choked. He glanced at Xie Yang in a warning manner and then asked Feng Qinglin, “Why did you come out? Where is Grandmother?”

Feng Qinglin’s eyes were a bit red. He must’ve been crying. At this time, his brow was tightly furrowed and his tone was at a loss. “Uncle, there is something wrong with Grandmother. She just called out your name.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed. He quickly put down his water glass, got up and walked to the small living room.

Xie Yang also got up and followed.

In the small living room, Mother Qiu murmured nervously. Her eyes were staring into the air and there was no focus. Qiu Xing strode over, grabbed his mother’s hand and bent down to stare into Mother Qiu’s eyes. He spoke warmly, “Mom, I’m here. What do you want to say?”

Mother Qiu’s eyes fell on Qiu Xing and she squeezed his hand firmly. “Ah Xing, I seem to hear your sister crying again. Have you gone to pick her up? Has she come back with Qinglin? Go and pick them up.”

Xie Yang noticed that Feng Qinglin had come in and stopped abruptly after hearing Mother Qiu’s words. Xie Yang strode to Mother Qiu’s side, grabbed her other hand and poured his ability into it.

“I’ve picked them up. They are home. Don’t worry.” Qiu Xing skillfully coaxed his mother. He held her in his arms and patted her back comfortably.

Mother Qiu gradually calmed down. She leaned back in his chair and whispered that she wanted to see the stars.

Xie Yang released his hand, took a step back and frowned slightly. His ability wasn’t omnipotent. Mother Qiu was very old and multiple organs in her family had failed. The supernatural power could only help relieve Mother Qiu’s old age and make her body more comfortable. It couldn’t revive her organs.

In other words, he could only try his best to make Mother Qiu pass the last period of her life more comfortably. He could delay things but he couldn’t help Mother Qiu survive. There was no solution.

In the original novel, Mother Qiu died at the end of February. This meant… Xie Yang was taken aback as he suddenly realized something.

The current Mother Qiu might indeed be in poor health but she definitely wasn’t going to die soon. Judging from the situation he just detected with his ability, Mother Qiu could last at least another six months.

The difference between half a year and half a month was really big. The reason for this difference… Xie Yang frowned and moved his gaze to Feng Qinglin.

In the original plot, before the death of Mother Qiu, Feng Qinglin had taken Mu Zhouyi to meet her. They only met once and Mu Zhouyi won Mother Qiu’s approval and appreciation. After that meeting, Mother Qiu’s condition took a turn for the worse. Before she died, she not only gave Feng Qinglin an inheritance but she also left some money to Mu Zhouyi.

The original book’s explanation for Mother Qiu’s fast death was that when she saw her partner had a partner, her wish was relieved and her body quickly collapsed.

However, just now, Xie Yang had another guess. It was known that Mother Qiu’s body was very poor. She had multiple organ failures and was always confused. Meanwhile, Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger was similar to a mental ability. In the original novel, Mu Zhouyi used the good will skill on Mother Qiu and Mother Qiu’s condition worsened. Could it be because she was too weak to bear the impact of the supernatural ability?

Xie Yang quickly clenched his fists.

Mu Zhouyi!


By lunchtime, Mother Qiu’s sanity still hadn’t recovered. Qiu Xing personally fed Mother Qiu and called the resident doctor of the sanatorium to have him check Mother Qiu’s body. There was nothing serious about the results. Mother Qiu suddenly fell into a worse condition because her emotions were agitated when she saw Feng Qinglin, whom she had been worried about.

Qiu Xing barely let go of his worry.

The doctor left and the carer settled Mother Qiu down to sleep. The remaining three people headed to the dining room for a late lunch.

During the meal, Feng Qinglin asked, “Uncle, has Grandmother been like this the whole time? When she is confused…” He didn’t finish speaking. It seemed that the following words were hard for him to express.

There was no expression on Qiu Xing’s face as he replied, “It’s always been like this.”

Feng Qinglin squeezed his chopsticks. “Why… does she want to see the stars?”

“It is because your mother said as a child that she would go to the sky to be a star when she dies.”

The atmosphere of the table was silent.

Feng Qinglin said goodbye after the meal and Qiu Xing didn’t try to make him stay. Xie Yang offered to send Feng Qinglin off. Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang and didn’t say anything. It was a silent acquiescence.

The two of them got in the car. Feng Qinglin got out of the car after arriving at the gate and Xie Yang followed. He asked, “Did you bring the evidence of He Rumin and He Xun’s unspoken rules that I asked you to bring?”

Feng Qinglin frowned and wondered, “What do you want to do?”

“Clean up the scum and murderer.”


Xie Yang stared coldly at Feng Qinglin. “After evidence of the unspoken rules was sent to Huangtian, He Rumin was suspicious and started beating everyone he was involved with. There was a victim who tried to commit suicide but was finally saved. Feng Qinglin, you almost killed someone indirectly.”

Feng Qinglin was startled. His expression tightened and he was in a deadlock with Xie Yang for a few seconds. Then he took a USB out of his pocket. Xie Yang reached for it.

“Mu Zhouyi…”

Xie Yang stopped, spread open his palms and spoke bluntly, “Mu Zhouyi sold me once. Don’t expect me to show mercy to her.”

Eventually, Feng Qinglin closed his eyes and placed the USB drive on Xie Yang’s palm. Then he turned around, strode to his car and started the car to leave.

Xie Yang went back to the small building and didn’t see Qiu Xing in the living room. He called the nurse and learned that Qiu Xing was in his mother’s room. Xie Yang wisely didn’t disturb them. He went back to their room on the second floor, took out his laptop and inserted the USB disk into it.

There were many photos, records and a few recordings. These things were too explosive. They could obviously only be obtained by people who were really close to He Rumin. It seemed that while the male lead had been collecting these evidences, Mu Zhouyi had been around to help.

Xie Yang quickly browsed through these things and picked out a few audio recordings that not only exposed He Rumin and He Xun’s hidden rules, but also obscured the victim’s information. He performed secondary processing and editing and closed his laptop. Then he took out his phone and opened Weibo.

After emergency repairs and expansion, the long paralyzed Weibo finally returned to normal. The Weibo post with the live interview of the female star was at the top of the popular list and had more than 100,000 comments.

All types of topics about Huangtian were on the hot search and were mixed with topics related to the next year. Half were about an ugly world while the other half were about peace and prosperity. It seemed ironic and ridiculous.

It was just like the development of the original plot. It was unknown if the little star did it deliberately or if she was principled. In the interview, she stabbed the He Rumin father and son about the unspoken rules but she didn’t name the victims. No matter how the reporter asked, she wouldn’t mention someone’s name.

However, sometimes it was easier to incite people’s imagination by not saying it. In the comments area, the netizens who ate melons smelled blood. They listed the artists signed by Huangtian and analyzed them one by one.

Xie Yang turned off Weibo and contacted Qin Cheng. He sent the recording and asked to explode the recording in Mu Zhouyi’s name, while also helping buy some hot searches for Mu Zhouyi.

Qin Cheng was shocked and asked, “Where did you get this? No, what are you doing?”

Xie Yang replied, “My brainless relative and Mu Zhouyi have broken up.”

“……” Qin Cheng silently hung up the phone.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, the New Year’s Eve parties of the major TV stations started but no one on Weibo paid attention to these parties. Everyone was passionate about eating melons and couldn’t stop.

At 8:40, Qiu Xing came to the small living room after Mother Qiu fell asleep.

Xie Yang told him, “My show is over.”

Qiu Xing frowned. “So soon? Isn’t it the eighth program? I clearly counted the time—”

Xie Yang laughed.

“……” Qiu Xing realized that he had been tricked. He strode over with a dark expression and pressed down firmly on Xie Yang’s head. Then he sat next to Xie Yang, firmly held Xie Yang’s hand and watched the TV screen.

At 10 past 9, Xie Yang’s program began. Qiu Xing watched the TV screen intently while Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing intently. A few minutes later, once the performance was over, Qiu Xing’s posture slightly relaxed.

Xie Yang asked, “How is it?”

Qiu Xing quickly controlled his expression and replied in a reserved manner, “It’s fine.”

“Just fine?”

Qiu Xing avoided answering, turned off the TV and urged the other person to go to bed.


Before going to bed, Xie Yang looked at Weibo again.

Mu Zhouyi’s New Year’s Eve performance was over and many people affected by Mu Zhouyi’s voice took the initiative to praise Mu Zhouyi’s excellent performance. Just below the topic about Mu Zhouyi’s beautiful singing, there were topics like #Mu Zhouyi isn’t afraid of the unspoken rules#, #He Rumin recording# and #Mu Zhouyi clear flow#. It looked very funny.

Xie Yang was very satisfied with Qin Cheng’s efficiency and turned off his mobile phone with ease.

He had helped Mu Zhouyi take the first step in betraying He Rumin. Next, he would see how He Rumin would react after knowing the truth.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much

9 months ago

Can I be honest? I hate the FL, and she should be punished, but the story seems to be blaming her for being approached by a creep who wanted to take sexual advantage of her? Her powers might’ve saved her, but his intentions were still evil. I don’t care that she agreed to that and then didn’t want to give them “favors.” By blaming her it feels like it’s victim blaming the other women as well. Like… the creep is in the wrong for that, not the victims. They prey on weaker and unsupported women for a reason. THESE MEN are the only ones morally in the wrong, not any of the actresses who were forced into this if they wanted to keep their jobs.

8 months ago
Reply to  Abbbbb

Mu zhouyi is only being blamed for actually agreeing to unspoken rules willingly and then pretending to be a victim hence actually insulting the other victims suffering. Also the perpetrators are being pointed put as villains but in a subtle manner as this is only a minor plot point to move the story forward and pit the villainous fl. Pay close attention to the text and you will notice

2 months ago

I lowkey dislike the MC’s logic for some of these when rereading.

  1. MC claimed a few chapters ago that the unspoken rules were a consenting agreement between both parties so it’s fine. But the unspoken rules actually aren’t? There’s been surveys and accounts of people who’ve refused the unspoken rules encountering difficulties in their career after. When you’re faced with these rules against your literal boss, power dynamics make consent dubious and coercion very possible. But I brushed this off bc later there’s a girl who was coerced into the unspoken rules included here
  2. Feng Qinglin released evidence of unspoken rules online, leading to the He Rumin punishing those he had unspoken rules relations with, then leading to a girl almost dying. and then MC says that it’s Feng Qinglin’s fault that the girl almost died. No, it is not his fault AT ALL. Sure, he could have thought about the consequences more, but it’s HE RUMIN who should be held responsible. Feng Qinglin was not the guy holding He Rumin’s hand to make him punish those he had relations with. He Rumin was the one at fault.