HTI: Chapter 76

Ji Zehui was shocked and responded in seconds.

Ji Zehui: Is it really Mu Zhouyi? Or do you want to put Mu Zhouyi again?

Xie Yang: It is her. Just do it.

Xie Yang finished talking with Ji Zehui and glanced at the time. It was 8:30. After dinner, Qiu Xing had talked to He Jun again about ‘business’. It was estimated that he would take a while to return to the room.

He put down his phone and got up to wash.

At 9:30, the door was finally pushed open. Xie Yang raised his eyes.

Qiu Xing walked in with her mobile phone and looked at Xie Yang without saying anything. He walked to the closet, took out his pyjamas and put his pyjamas in the bathroom. Then he walked out again and stopped by the bed.

Xie Yang looked up at Qiu Xing from where he was leaning against the bed and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qiu Xing’s expression was very deep. He watched Xie Yang for a few seconds before reaching out to touch Xie Yang’s hair. “It doesn’t matter if you become stupid.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and sat up. Qiu Xing crouched down beside him. Xie Yang looked down at Qiu Xing again.

Qiu Xing didn’t look at Xie Yang. His eyes were half-lowered as he reached out a hand, drew it back, stretched it out again and finally, he completely held the hand that Xie Yang placed on the quilt. Xie Yang didn’t move and let Qiu Xing hold him.

“It doesn’t matter if you become stupid.” Qiu Xing raised his eyes to look at Xie Yang. His mouth opened but he only repeated once more, “It doesn’t matter if you become stupid.”

The sugar jar was working hard to take the initiative to open the lid.

Xie Yang gently held Qiu Xing’s hand in silent encouragement. Qiu Xing closed his mouth and looked at their hands. A long time passed before he straightened up. “Xie Yang, you aren’t a commodity… the trading relationship between us is over.”

Xie Yang wanted to laugh but he held it back and asked seriously, “Do you want to divorce me?”

Qiu Xing’s expression was broken in an instant. He frowned and his face darkened. He stared at Xie Yang with disbelief and unknowingly raised his voice. “What?!”

“Our deal, isn’t it that I get married to you and you will give me money? Now that you say it’s over—”

“It isn’t over!” Qiu Xing quickly interrupted Xie Yang. He clung to Xie Yang’s hand and held back for a long time before finally exploding as he stared at Xie Yang. “You are pretending to be stupid again!”

Xie Yang shook his head. “I’m not.”

“Then don’t interrupt!”

Xie Yang shut up and used his eyes to signal Qiu Xing to continue.

Qiu Xing watched as Xie Yang obediently leaning against the bedhead in his pyjamas and let Qiu Xing hold his head. He endured it and endured it until he abruptly bent down and reached out to hug Xie Yang. He raised his hand to hold the back of Xie Yang’s head and rubbed it hard. After a while, he told Xie Yang, “Don’t irritate me… I know what you want. I will give it to you. Be obedient.” Then he released Xie Yang, turned and strode into the bathroom.

The bathroom door closed. Xie Yang kept his posture for a moment before lowering his head and laughing.

Qiu Xing probably heard the sound of Xie Yang laughing from the bathroom. There was the sound of something falling to the ground and then the sound of water became louder, barely suppressing Xie Yang’s laughter.

An hour passed before Qiu Xing finally came out of the shower. Xie Yang had closed his eyes and was lying down. The light was turned off and the mattress sank as a man lay next to him. The next second, the hand by the side of his body was held. Xie Yang’s eyelashes moved and he wanted to open his eyes.

“You’re asleep.” Qiu Xing gripped Xie Yang’s hand and then interlocked their fingers. “You are asleep and don’t know anything.”

“Yes, I’m asleep.”

“……” Qiu Xing tightened his grip and exclaimed angrily, “Those who are sleeping don’t talk!”

“Isn’t it okay to talk in my sleep?”

“…No way!”

The room quieted down. Xie Yang tried to hold Qiu Xing’s hand back. After a long time, Qiu Xing turned over and faced Xie Yang, pulling Xie Yang’s hand to his side.


It was a night without dreams.

Qiu Xing was already awake when Xie Yang woke up the next day. He took a look at the quilt that covered him tightly and smiled. Then he left the quilt and got out of bed.

He finished washing up and came to the dining room. Sure enough, Mother Qiu and Qiu Xing were already there. He said good morning and Qiu Xing shifted his gaze away uneasily. Then he quickly moved it back and told Xie Yang, “Today’s milk needs to be drunk.”

Xie Yang saw Qiu Xing’s feigned calm face and replied, “Okay.”

Mother Qiu’s gaze shifted between the two of them and she kept quiet out of interest. Not long after breakfast, Feng Qinglin arrived. Xie Yang received Feng Qinglin’s call and returned to the small living room. He bent over Qiu Xing’s shoulder and whispered, “He is here.”

The warm breath sprayed on him and Qiu Xing instinctively straightened his back and grasped Xie Yang’s hand on his shoulder. He tilted his head to look at Xie Yang and then glanced at Mother Qiu who was flipping through an album. Qiu Xing whispered, “Let Zhou Miao go and pick him up.”

“No, I’ll go.”

Qiu Xing thought about it and nodded. Xie Yang straightened to leave. He was just taking a step when he stopped and turned back, moving the hand that was still held by Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing’s senses returned and he hurriedly released Xie Yang’s hand. He demanded sternly, “Go and return quickly. Don’t be lazy. Put on your hat and scarf.”

Xie Yang responded and left.


Feng Qinglin didn’t have a pass for the sanatorium and his car could only park outside the gate. Xie Yang asked Zhou Miao to drive him out and once he reached the entrance, he lowered the window and beckoned to the location of Feng Qinglin’s vehicle.

Feng Qinglin got out of the car and got into Xie Yang’s car. Zhou Miao turned the car around and drove deeper into the sanatorium.

After getting in the car, Feng Qinglin said, “I broke up with Mu Zhouyi.”

Xie Yang shifted his attention from his phone. “Congratulations to you for jumping out of the fish pond.”

Feng Qinglin was quiet.

The car parked in the open-air parking lot. Xie Yang put away his phone and got out of the car. Feng Qinglin followed one step later. Xie Yang took Feng Qinglin to the small building and hinted, “I hope you have really figured it out.”

Feng Qinglin replied, “I don’t dare say that I have clearly figured it out but I want to know how much I have missed.”

Xie Yang turned to observe Feng Qinglin. He vaguely felt that this person was much calmer than the last time they met and raised a hand to pat Feng Qinglin on the shoulder. Feng Qinglin stopped and looked over at Xie Yang with a frown. “What are you doing?”

Xie Yang’s ability penetrated through the clothes and into the body. After searching and confirming that there was none of the golden finger remaining, Xie Yang retracted his hand with satisfaction. He wondered, “Did Mu Zhouyi agree to break up?”

Feng Qinglin’s expression was bleak and he shifted his gaze to the small building that had appeared in front of him. “She didn’t agree… she cried a lot on the phone and asked me why I wanted to break up.”

“How did you answer it?”

“I asked her if Crazy Musician and the New Year’s Eve solo performance were resources given to her by He Rumin. She didn’t answer. She just cried and asked to meet. Then I hung up the phone… Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang met Feng Qinglin’s eyes.

“What type of person does my father seem like to you?”

Xie Yang asked, “Do you want to hear the truth?”

Feng Qinglin nodded clearly.

Xie Yang retracted his gaze and answered, “I haven’t been in contact with Feng Dian but this doesn’t prevent me from being sure that he is a scum who deceives and exploits emotions. Back then, the Qiu family didn’t have your uncle. Auntie only had one daughter, your mother. What does this mean?”

Feng Qinglin slowed down and didn’t speak.

Xie Yang replied on behalf of Feng Qinglin. “It means that whoever married your mother was likely to get Rongding. Feng Dian was the youngest son of the Feng family. He was doomed to be unable to inherit his family’s business. If he didn’t find another way, how could he compare with his older brother? In addition, what a relief it would be for the Feng family to gain the enemy’s daughter.”

Feng Qinglin stopped completely.

Xie Yang turned to look at Feng Qinglin and continued. “Don’t look at your feelings of gratitude and resentment. From the perspective of interests, you will soon find that everything becomes extremely clear. Everyone’s behaviour is reasonable and destined. Feng Dian approached Qiu Jing in order to grab Rongding. However, the Qiu family and Qiu Jing broke off their relationship. Auntie gave birth to Qiu Xing at an old age and made a will in advance to keep Rongding and warn the Feng family. However, this also forced your mother to wake up. The moment this move was made, your mother became an abandoned chess piece. Therefore, her marriage to Feng Dian took a turn for the worse.”

Feng Qinglin’s cheeks tightened and his lips were tightly pressed together.

“However, Feng Dian didn’t divorce your mother because he wanted to control your mother to give birth to you. This would increase his bargaining chips to fight for power against your uncle in the future. Later, your mother committed suicide. Who do you think made her so desperate? In addition, why did she tell you before you died that you should take your partner to meet Auntie?”

Feng Qinglin let out a breath and barely managed to adjust his expression. “I want to see Uncle.”

Xie Yang stepped out of the way. Feng Qinglin stepped forward.

“After the Feng family did these things, your uncle wants to completely destroy the Feng family. Is this too much?”

Feng Qinglin paused and then strode toward the small building at almost a run. Xie Yang followed. Rather than entering the small living room, he sat down in the big living room and took out his phone to scan Weibo.

An hour later, Qiu Xing walked out and sat down beside Xie Yang.

Xie Yang looked up from his phone. “Did your talk finish?”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer. He stared into the air for a long time before reaching out to hold Xie Yang in his hands. He raised his chin and rubbed it against Xie Yang’s hair. Then he closed his eyes and slowed down his breathing.

Xie Yang’s fingers moving on the phone stopped before continuing. The two of them silently hugged for a moment. Then Xie Yang opened his mouth. “I’ll tell you some good news.”

It took a few seconds for Qiu Xing’s mind to return and his voice was a bit hoarse. “…Hmm?”

“Huangtian who bullied Yang Xing is going to be finished. Mu Zhouyi will also have bad luck soon. She will never have the opportunity to be your nephew’s wife in this life.” Xie Yang turned his head and his gaze fell on Qiu Xing’s beautiful neck. His breath sprayed on Qiu Xing as he talked. “Are you happy?”

“……” Qiu Xing’s Adam’s apple moved and he pressed hard against Xie Yang’s head. “Be obedient.”

Xie Yang smiled, turned around and continued to use his phone.

On Weibo, the young star who attempted suicide was holding a live interview. The topic of #Huangtian’s unspoken rules# was at the top of the hot search list and the discussion degree was so high that Weibo was paralyzed several times.

No matter how much Xie Yang refreshed, he couldn’t open the hot list and the live broadcast room of the interview. He regretfully gave up and looked at the wall clock. “Today is New Year’s Eve.”

Qiu Xing’s arms tightened and he spoke warmly, “I know. The New Year’s Eve party you attended is going to be broadcasted. You are the eighth program.”

“I’m not talking about that.” Xie Yang turned his head again. “It is New Years. Will you give me a red envelope? If so, what is the amount? I will be short of money for some time in the future. I hope you can be generous.”

“……” Qiu Xing couldn’t bear it and pressed on Xie Yang’s head again. “When have I ever not been generous with you? Don’t talk anymore. Be obedient or your red envelope will be gone!”

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crazy fujoshi
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