HTI: Chapter 75

Xie Yang found a wooden swing in the small garden of the sanatorium. He walked over and sat down. The moment he took out his mobile phone, a WeChat message popped up.

Ji Zehui: Big gossip!

The temperature outside was low and Xie Yang didn’t want to reach out to type. He directly called Ji Zehui and asked, “What gossip?”

Ji Zehui’s side was a bit noisy. After a few seconds, the noise got further away and Ji Zehui’s deliberately lowered voice was heard. “I just heard through the grapevine that someone sent a lot of evidence about He Rumin and He Xun’s unspoken rules to the company. All the senior management in the company are shaken and an emergency meeting is being held.”

Evidence of the unspoken rules?

In the original novel, the protagonist helped Mu Zhouyi clean up Huangtian. It started by sending news of He Rumin and He Xun’s unspoken rules to Huangtian to scare them so they wouldn’t dare do anything to Mu Zhouyi.

Xie Yang hung up on Ji Zehui and called Feng Qinglin. The call was quickly connected but Feng Qinglin didn’t speak.

Xie Yang said, “If it is Feng Qinglin, make a sound. I’m afraid that someone’s brain is so bad that they can’t even manage their mobile phones, so that Mu Zhouyi secretly answered the call.”

“……” Feng Qinglin’s slightly suffocated voice was heard. “What do you want with me?”

Xie Yang asked directly, “Were you the one who sent evidence of He Rumin and He Xun’s unspoken rules to Huangtian?”

Feng Qinglin’s voice sank. “You found someone to investigate me?”

“I’m not that idle. Feng Qinglin, what are you going to do next? Force He Rumin and He Xun to leave the company? Let them never do anything to Mu Zhouyi? Unexpectedly, you are so tolerant. Mu Zhouyi’s fish pond is wide enough to be the sea yet you still have deep love for her.”

“No.” Feng Qinglin’s tone became more and more subdued as he explained, “The evidence was sent before I went to the sanatorium yesterday and it only arrived today. No matter how… bad Mu Zhouyi’s personality, it doesn’t excuse the company’s executives bullying and wanting those things from her.”

Xie Yang mocked. “Bullying? He Rumin gave Mu Zhouyi resources. Is this bullying? Let me tell you one thing. Mu Zhouyi gained the opportunity of Crazy Musician from He Rumin. Understood? She and He Rumin have long been in touch. The two of them tacitly traded with resources and beauty. It has nothing to do with bullying. The unspoken rules are voluntary between both parties. The current situation is that Mu Zhouyi has gained many resources from He Rumin but she doesn’t want to pay. Therefore, she brainwashed you and wants you to help her handle He Rumin. You have been used.”

There was a long silence before Feng Qinglin questioned, “Xie Yang, is what you said yesterday about my uncle true?”

“What do you mean?”

A pair of feet appeared in front of him. Xie Yang raised his head and saw a thermos cup. Qiu Xing wasn’t too confident as he ordered, “Drink the milk.”

On the opposite end of the phone, Feng Qinglin also spoke. “Actually, I went to the sanatorium yesterday because…”

“Wait a minute.” Xie Yang interrupted Feng Qinglin. He turned on the speaker mode of the phone, glanced at the milk and Qiu Xing and then he spoke to the phone. “Speak.”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds before a voice flowed out. “I was going to officially take Mu Zhouyi to see my grandmother for the New Year in order to… introduce her as my girlfriend.”

The awkwardness and uncomfortable feelings on Qiu Xing’s face disappearing. He frowned and looked at the phone in Xie Yang’s hand with anger. Xie Yang stood up and covered Qiu Xing’s mouth to prevent him from speaking. Then he asked, “You are already with Mu Zhouyi? You wanted to introduce her to Auntie?”

“Yes.” Feng Qinglin’s voice lowered. “My mother told me before she died that once I find my other half in the future, I must take her to see Grandmother first. I can’t remember many things as a child. It is only this sentence that I remember very clearly. Xie Yang, I want to talk to you again. Do you have time?”

The anger in Qiu Xing’s eyes was replaced by complex emotions. He raised his hand to pull down Xie Yang’s hand. He was still frowning as he spoke coldly to the phone, “Clean yourself up and come to the sanatorium.” Then he stretched out the hand still holding the thermos cup and wanted to hang up the phone.

Xie Yang hid his mobile phone and added, “Bring evidence of the unspoken rules of the He Rumin father and son.” He hung up when he finished speaking and raised the hand that was still held by Qiu Xing. “Mouse?”

The deep emotion on Qiu Xing’s face dissipated in an instant. He was about to release Xie Yang’s hand when he suddenly held it tightly and implicitly said, “Xie Yang, you know it clearly.”

“Know what?”

Qiu Xing frowned at Xie Yang.

“Qiu Xing, I don’t know anything.” Xie Yang took back his hand, leaned back on the swing and looked up at Qiu Xing. “I’m not a roundworm in your stomach. I can’t spy on all your thoughts and emotions and then give you a response when you need it most.”

“Qiu Xing, if you don’t say anything, how can I understand what you want? The reason why you and Feng Qinglin are this way is because he isn’t smart. Your refusal to say things is actually causing problems. I’m not always smart. You can’t expect me to know everything. What are you going to do if I become stupid one day?”

Xie Yang’s face was a bit red from the cold.

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang and stretched out a hand to touch Xie Yang’s face. He covered it with his palm and blocked Xie Yang’s eyes. “Xie Yang, you won’t be stupid, you can’t be stupid.”


After lunch, Xie Yang received a call from Qin Cheng.

“You and Mr Qiu were photographed by passersby but fortunately, the only photo was of you walking in the supermarket together and there are no traces of intimacy. What are you going to do?”

Xie Yang told Qin Cheng to wait and found Qiu Xing in the living room, listening to the news with his mother. He told Qiu Xing about being photographed and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Qiu Xing listened to the news while concentrating on trimming his mother’s nails. He replied without raising his head, “You decide.”

Xie Yang responded in agreement and turned away from the living room.

After Xie Yang left, Qiu Xing put down the nail clippers and glanced sideways at the entrance of the living room. He lowered his head and swept the cut nails into the trash can. Then he couldn’t help looking at the entrance of the living room again.

“What’s wrong?”

Qiu Xing’s attention returned and he hurriedly replied, “Nothing.”

“Don’t say that.” Mother Qiu took back her hand. “You have been cutting a few nails for more than an hour. Obviously, you have something on your mind. What’s going on?’

Qiu Xing didn’t speak.

“I can guess even if you don’t say it.” Mother Qiu abruptly raised her hand and hit Qiu Xing on the hand. “I really don’t know who you take after and how old you are. Don’t bully Xie Yang all the time.”

Qiu Xing retorted, “I didn’t bully him. Obviously it is him…” Then he closed his mouth, frowned and didn’t speak.

“Did you want to say that he is bad?”

Qiu Xing immediately denied it. “No.”

Mother Qiu took Qiu Xing’s hand and asked him, “Do you like him?”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer.

“I can see that he likes you too.”

Qiu Xing’s eyes softened. He gave a low cough and was somewhat embarrassed.

“However, he is someone you bought for 500 million.”

Qiu Xing frowned.

Mother Qiu waved her hand to stop Qiu Xing from speaking. “Ah Xing, this is a fact. Your relationship started from a complete disparity. He was bought and sold by his family and his life is determined by you. Do you want him to say to you ‘I don’t want to be a commodity anymore, why don’t you confirm my identity?’ This is bullying him too much. As long as he has the smallest bit of pride, he will never take the initiative to say these words to you.”

Qiu Xing was stunned and his frown deepened.

“He is really considerate of you and accommodates you. You are trying him like this yet he is still willing to show you goodness, hint to you and give you opportunities. Ah Xing, you have to learn to love him more. He is only 20 years old. He is still young. What are you going to do if he is bullied and runs away from you someday?”

Qiu Xing was in a daze and the hand held by Mother Qiu couldn’t help shaking.


Dinner ended and Ji Zehui sent new gossip to Xie Yang.

Ji Zehui: The chairman wants to persuade the He Rumin father and son to leave but they refused. Now the He Rumin father and son are investigating those who sent the evidence of the unspoken rules to the company. I heard that all the artists in the company who had an improper relationship with the two of them have been beaten once and some of them were deprived of their resources.

Ji Zehui: I feel that Huangtian is going to be in trouble. In case Huangtian is gone then I… you… you know, right?

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and typed: You want to come to Yang Xing?

Ji Zehui sent over a handshake expression.

Xie Yang: Wait until Huangtian is really a mess before talking about it.

Ji Zehui betrayed his company in an instant: There will be a big mess soon! A young girl who was half-forced by He Rumin into the unspoken rules tried to commit suicide today due to He Rumin’s suspicion. This person is still in the hospital. Her actions were so loud that many people in the company had found something is wrong. My guess is that the paparazzi will smell it soon.

Xie Yang was thoughtful.

This development was almost exactly the same as described in the original novel. In the original plot, the little girl who tried to commit suicide finally broken the net. She was interviewed and exploded news about He Rumin forcing her. She also provided some intimate photos with He Rumin, completely stunning He Rumin.

After that, Mu Zhouyi took the opportunity to reveal that He Rumin wanted to use the unspoken rules on her but she refused. The brutal suppression that followed aroused the sympathy of countless netizens. Mu Zhouyi also took the opportunity to explode some of He Rumin’s materials and set herself up as a ‘clean entertainer’. She took advantage of the trend in public opinion to terminate her contract with Huangtian.

At that time, Huangtian was being overwhelmed by the He Rumin scandal and had no energy to fight Mu Zhouyi’s termination lawsuit. They just ruthlessly split with Mu Zhouyi and let Mu Zhouyi leave.

This incident allowed Mu Zhouyi to max out the public’s favour and from then on, she became the representative of the ‘clean flow.’

Now Mu Zhouyi wanted to take the path of the original plot, muddying the waters of Huangtian and exposing the unspoken rules. Then she would set up a ‘clean flow’ personality for herself, whitewash all the black materials and leave Huangtian.

Xie Yang smiled coldly. Wanting to turn over? How could it be that easy?

He lowered his head and replied to Ji Zehui.

Xie Yang: Find someone to give He Rumin a message. Tell him that all the evidence of the unspoken rules sent to Huangtian was done by Mu Zhouyi. She asked someone to send it in order to run away again.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much

1 year ago

Ooooo drama!

1 year ago

I love mother Qiu. She tells QX that he actually needs to communicate instead of hiding.
I also love that XY tells QX upfront to be more communicative. You don’t see that in a lot of dramas, and lack of communication almost always leads to unnecessary angst

Jin Yi
11 months ago

I love the mother’s advice 👏🏻 usually in novels like this , the ML make the rules telling the mc to not cross the line bla bla bla but then when mc really abide the rules ML always get mad at mc , like bro u r the one who told them to not cross the line but u r also the one who got mad for no reason . It’s really unfair