HTI: Chapter 73

Qiu Xing’s good mood ended the moment they reached the door of the sanatorium. Their car was driving in when a car parked at the door suddenly flashed its lights. Then Feng Qinglin, who had been missing for a while, got out of the car.

Xie Yang turned to watch Qiu Xing. The joy in Qiu Xing’s eyes dissipated like smoke. “Stop.”

Zhou Miao pulled the car over and stopped. Qiu Xing didn’t get out of the car. He just lowered the window.

Feng Qinglin came to the car and bent over to look at Qiu Xing. He glanced at Xie Yang next to Qiu Xing and said, “Uncle, I want to see Grandma.”

Qiu Xing was cold and didn’t look at Feng Qinglin. “It turns out you do remember you have a grandmother.”

Feng Qinglin was silent for two seconds before his tone softened. “Uncle, I know I was wrong before but… you can’t stop me from seeing Grandma.”

Stop? Qiu Xing’s expression that had just eased froze. He laughed angrily. “Stop? Feng Qinglin, you really—”

“Don’t be angry.” Xie Yang held down Qiu Xing. “I’ll deal with it.” He reached out to close the window on Qiu Xing’s side and told Zhou Miao, “Send Qiu Xing back to the sanatorium.” Then he opened the door and got out of the car.

Qiu Xing called out. “Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang turned while holding the door and bent over to meet Qiu Xing’s gaze. “I think helping my employer clean up his ignorant nephew is part of my duties. You go in first and I’ll come later. Don’t worry. I won’t bully your nephew. I just want to educate him. Once the education is over, I’ll take him to see you.” He shut the car door.

The car was still for a few seconds before driving away.

Xie Yang turned to Feng Qinglin who was watching him with a frown. “You came at just the right time. We have to settle the accounts.”


Half an hour later, the two people were sitting in a private box in a coffee store. Feng Qinglin’s attitude was clearly resistant and vigilant. “Xie Yang, what do you want to do? Why interfere in the family matter between my uncle, grandmother and me?”

“Then I have to ask? Why did you tell the completely irrelevant Mu Zhouyi about my family’s affairs and my relationship with Qiu Xing?”

Feng Qinglin paused and evaded the question. “Why are you suddenly mentioning her?”’

Xie Yang’s voice was cold. “You tell me first. Did you tell Mu Zhouyi about the fact that the Xie family almost went bankrupt and I was given to Qiu Xing by the Xie Family?”

Feng Qinglin explained, “Last time, she saw you and Uncle together and then you were working together on a crew. She was afraid of a misunderstanding so she asked me. I explained it to her to avoid her thinking anything. Xie Yang, don’t change the subject.”

“I’m not changing the subject. You’re the one who can’t grasp the point.” Xie Yang leaned forward and stared at Feng Qinglin. “I’ll tell you what Mu Zhouyi did after receiving the information from you. She took the initiative to contact my competitor Fang Chengnan and exchanged this information for a guesting opportunity in the special episode of Extreme Combat. This led to rumours about me being supported to spread in the entertainment industry. You should really thank her for not telling Fang Chengnan your uncle’s name or Qiu Xing would now be the talk of the entire entertainment industry.”

Feng Qinglin was stunned and then shook his head. “That is impossible. Perhaps she just accidentally—”

“Accidentally completed the transaction of information for resources with Fang Chengnan? Feng Qinglin, you are so ridiculously stupid.” Xie Yang suddenly reached out and firmly pressed Feng Qinglin’s hand to the table. Then he shot all the ability energy he recovered today into Feng Qinglin’s body.

Feng Qinglin stared at Xie Yang with shock. Then his eyes became dazed and he pressed a hand against his forehead.

The strong sense of swallowing and cleaning came back. There was so much left of the golden finger in Feng Qinglin’s brain that Xie Yang no longer felt angry. He roughly swept out all the garbage from Feng Qinglin and immediately retracted his hand. He wiped it on the table and waited for Feng Qinglin’s reaction to pass.

After two minutes, Feng Qinglin slowly lowered his hand. He shook his head in a confused and dazed manner and frowned at Xie Yang, as if he was humiliated by a person he disliked. “What were you doing just now?”

Xie Yang watched Feng Qinglin. “I was going to beat you up but you were so shameful pretending to be uncomfortable. I suddenly didn’t want to fight. You coward.”


Feng Qinglin explained, “I really did feel uncomfortable just now. When you touched me—”

“Don’t slander me. It wasn’t touching. It was fighting. I’m not interested in human-shaped trash like you.”


Feng Qinglin once again raised his hand to rub his forehead. “Get back to the topic. Xie Yang, I’m not here to talk about Mu Zhouyi. I want to see my grandmother. You better not stop me.”

“I can’t stop you but it depends on why you want to see Auntie.” Xie Yang looked at Feng Qinglin. “Go ahead, why do you want to see her? Let me say something in advance. If it is because you heard that she won’t live long and want to take the opportunity to play the family card in front of her, cheating Auntie to leave a bit more inheritance for you, then I can only say that you are a beast.”

Feng Qinglin’s face was green. “Xie Yang, don’t maliciously attack me.”

“If you aren’t going to be a beast then how am I maliciously attacking you? Feng Qinglin, just tell me. Why do you want to see your Aunt? If it isn’t for your inheritance, did you suddenly discover your conscience? What a miracle. An ingrate like you who can tell your uncle’s private affairs to a strange woman actually has a conscience?”

Feng Qinglin was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He stood up and declared, “I have nothing to say to you. I want to see Uncle.”

“You might have nothing to say but you should say something to me. If you don’t convince me, I promise that you’ll never see your uncle again in your life.”

Feng Qinglin’s footsteps stopped and he glared at Xie Yang. He spoke coldly, “Xie Yang, don’t take yourself too seriously. You are just a tool for joy.”

Xie Yang stared at Feng Qinglin with cold and sharp eyes. “Then I also advise you not to take yourself too seriously. Qiu Xing and Auntie might be soft-hearted because you are their nephew. Wait until they find out your wolf’s ambition. Then will put away the last touch of affection for you and you will just be the son of an enemy who deserves to be killed.”

Feng Qinglin couldn’t bear it. He stepped forward and grabbed Xie Yang’s collar in anger. “Xie Yang, you are an outsider. What do you know? Shut your mouth or you might not even know how you died.”

“I hate someone threatening me.” Xie Yang kicked Feng Qinglin away. Before Feng Qinglin could get up from the ground, he bent down and forcibly grabbed Feng Qinglin’s collar. He pressed a knee against Feng Qinglin’s stomach and stared into Feng Qinglin’s eyes. “How many times have I reminded you to look at things with your heart, not just your eyes! You treat your sincere uncle and grandmother as enemies while you trust the ill-intentioned Mu Zhouyi. There are also the scumbags in the Feng family who treat you as a joke and a bargaining chip. I’m really curious, how did the Feng family brainwash you? What makes you think that your uncle, who is struggling on the border between life and death, will be bored enough to waste the remainder of his life to harm you?!”

Feng Qinglin struggled but he couldn’t get rid of Xie Yang’s restraint.

“Do you know what your uncle planned? He originally planned to handle your restless family before he dies, grab the Feng family’s company and deal with the enemies. Then he will give it all to you so you can be a comfortable winner in life. He even wanted to sharpen your knife by placing himself as an enemy to make you stand up on your own!”

Feng Qinglin’s struggles came to a sudden halt.

“However, that was previously. Now I’m here and Rongding can only belong to Qiu Xing…” Xie Yang let go of Feng Qinglin and reached for his mobile phone. He stared at Feng Qinglin in a condescending manner. “I will teach you a good lesson. Raise your ears and listen well.”

He turned to Ji Zehui’s number and called while turning on the speakerphone. He asked, “He Rumin gave Mu Zhouyi the invitation to the V Club dinner, right?”

“Why are you suddenly asking me this again? I told you last time that He Rumin gave it.”

“Then what about the solo performance at Z City Satellite TV New Year’s Eve party. She shouldn’t be able to get a solo performance with her bad reputation.’

“He Rumin helped her fight for it. I really find it strange. Previously, Mu Zhouyi was looking for Shen Yan to change companies. He was furious but now He Rumin is helping Mu Zhouyi with all his heart. I even suspect there is some type of invisible transaction between them.”

“Thanks.” Xie Yang hung up and then called Shen Yan.

The call was soon connected.


“Brother Shen, is Crazy Musician finished? Is Mu Zhouyi still haunting you?”

“Why are you asking this?”

“I’m teaching a lesson to my brainless relative who is chasing Mu Zhouyi. He is here next to me. Can I trouble you to say something to him? He doesn’t believe my words at all.”

“…….” Shen Yan spoke cautiously after a while. “This… relative, Mu Zhouyi isn’t a good match. I suggest you think about it again.”

After Shen Yan, Xie Yang called Long Shuyou and Fang Chengnan to ask them about Mu Zhouyi’s attempt to get Long Shuyou to make an album and Mu Zhouyi’s exchange of information for resources.

Feng Qinglin’s expression became more dazed as he listened and finally, his face was full of shock.

Xie Yang hung up the phone. Then he wrote a text message and sent it to Feng Qinglin. “These are the names of the people who just talked to me. As long as you don’t disturb them, you can check the information that came from their mouths. If there are any sentences that are false, please come and confront me. Feng Qinglin, you are such trash that you can’t even see a woman who has a bad heart and casts a wide net everywhere. Your uncle isn’t cruel to do. Do you think you can be successful now if he was? Are you awake now? Do you understand your own strength and your level compared to other people? The Feng family really had ulterior motives when nurturing you to be narrow-minded, stubborn and self-righteous… the thing you need to do now is rebuild yourself.” Xie Yang finished talking, put away his phone and turned to leave.

Feng Qinglin’s expression shook and he instinctively called out, “Xie Yang!”

Xie Yang stopped, turned to look at Feng Qinglin for the last time and put on his mask. “Go back and think about why you want to see Auntie. Don’t go to the sanatorium until you wake up. Don’t disturb the rare happy times of the elderly.”

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Reply to  FluffyKuma

lowkey poor FQ for honestly also being such a large victim to the golden finger incapacitating his brain. I’d imagine that a lot of his irrational feelings now are bc of it. hopefully he’ll finally get his brain back lol

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Thank you so much

Alien whale
Alien whale
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Me: *rummaging through my bag*
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crazy fujoshi
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