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HTI: Chapter 71

They left the old theater. Fang Chengnan fell behind and waited for Xie Yang before saying, “I can’t get this role.”

Xie Yang didn’t move as he replied, “Senior, you don’t need to be so pessimistic.”

Fang Chengnan fell quiet. Xie Yang sped up in order to go ahead.

“Mu Zhouyi was really the one who told me those things about you.” Fang Chengnan caught up and lowered his voice. “The guest spot in Extreme Combat can be changed from Mu Zhouyi to you.”

Xie Yang stopped and finally looked at Fang Chengnan. He carefully examined Fang Chengnan’s expression before raising his eyebrows and accepting this person’s gesture. “I don’t have time to participate so change it to Ke Lan.”

Fang Chengnan was stunned. He looked like Xie Yang was a complicated problem to be solved and said, “I will go and communicate with the program team.”

Xie Yang took the initiative to hold out a hand to Fang Chengnan.

Fang Chengnan was once again surprised. Then he reached out to shake hands with Xie Yang. “I wish Yang Xing to spread all over the world.”

“Thank you, it is no wonder that Senior can reach such a high place.” Xie Yang smiled and used his ability to clean the virus from Fang Chengnan. Then he withdrew his hand and smiled in a meaningful manner. “It is better for Senior to be more defensive against women with ulterior motives in the future.” After giving this warning, he moved quickly and joined Qin Cheng waiting at the exit of the old theatre.

He got in the car and Xie Yang asked Wu Shui to drive to Rongding. Then he took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: I am going to your place. Is it inconvenient?

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: Inconvenient.

Xie Yang: Then I’ll return to Yang Xing.

After a moment, the phone vibrated.

Qiu Xing: Come here.

Xie Yang put down his phone in a satisfied manner. Dozens of minutes passed before the car stopped in Rongding’s underground parking lot. Xie Yang took the special elevator up to the 9th floor. The elevator opened.

In the living room, Qiu Xing was sitting on the sofa holding a document. He gave off the impression ‘I’m very busy, you better speak quickly.’ Xie Yang walked over and sat down.

Qiu Xing asked lightly without raising his eyelids, “What is it?”

Xie Yang glanced at the obviously freshly brewed tea on the coffee table and the delicious snacks placed on them. He poured himself a cup of tea and opened his mouth. “I want to ask you to rent a room for a piano.”

Qiu Xing immediately frowned and glanced over while repeating, “Rent?”

“Yes, rent. After all, you have repeatedly stressed to me that our relationship is that of a tenant and a landlord.”


Qiu Xing tossed aside the papers he was using to pretend to be busy and stared straight at Xie Yang. “What happened to your cheekiness in the past?”

“I understand.” Xie Yang put down the cup of tea he had just drunk and got up. “I will go and buy a piano and choose a room. Thank you for your generosity. You are busy so I will leave first.” After speaking, he turned and left, never returning.

The elevator doors slowly closed.

Qiu Xing stared at the elevator in disbelief. After a long time, he glanced sideways at He Jun who was standing in the corner. “What does he mean? What tenant and landlord? He knows he… why is he doing this?”

He Jun thought hard. “The little boss… he should miss you and found a reason to see you. Then he saw through your intentions so he was shy. He just—”

Qiu Xing’s tone was gloomy. “Do I look stupid?”

“…The little boss is deliberately trying to anger you.” He Jun told the truth.

Qiu Xing was silent for a while. “Impossible. I didn’t make him angry again… it must be the rebellious period! He is 20 years old and his rebellious period hasn’t passed! How come he is growing so slowly?! Remove this tea!” He picked up the papers and headed back to his office.

He Jun, “……”


That night, Xie Yang waited in the living room for Qiu Xing to come home after working overtime. He calmly stepped forward and shook Qiu Xing’s hand. Then before Qiu Xing could speak, he said goodnight and headed upstairs.

All the words Qiu Xing had been preparing the entire day ere choked in his throat. He stared at a corner of the stairs where no one was present and took deep breaths.

The next morning, Xie Yang didn’t go to Qiu Xing’s room.

For the next few days, Xie Yang never went to Qiu Xing’s room in the morning. He only shook Qiu Xing’s hand every night and always left after shaking his hand, never staying too long.

Qiu Xing’s face became darker every day. He wanted to question Xie Yang but he didn’t know how to say it. After all, Xie Yang wasn’t ignoring him. He just wasn’t getting close to Qiu Xing. In addition, the two of them were really busy. Either Qiu Xing came home later or Xie Yang came home late. Every day, they could only say a few words before going to bed and occasionally at breakfast. There was no time to communicate.

In the blink of an eye, a week passed and the recording for the New Year’s Eve party for B City TV Station ended. Xie Yang was waiting for the audition results from Director Zhou.

Xie Yang looked at the smiling Qin Cheng with surprise and confirmed it. “I passed? I got the role?”

“Yes, they said that the contract will be drawn up and sent as soon as possible. Filming is expected to start in April next year. Director Zhou requires all actors to go to the location to adapt for a period of time before shooting starts. Therefore, you must join the crew in late March at the latest.”

Xie Yang still felt this wasn’t real. He thought about it and guessed that his music must’ve moved Director Zhou. He said, “In that case, the production time of the new album will need to be adjusted.”

The new album was originally scheduled to begin production in the new year. However, if the movie was accepted then the production of the album and the filming of the movie would definitely collide.

Qin Cheng told him, “The shortest filming time for this movie is four months. The movie has to be produced so it might only be released at the end of next year. You can’t have no exposure for a whole year. I suggest that you don’t push the production of the album to after the filming is over.”

“Then don’t postpone it. Advance it. The songs for the new album are ready and they will be recorded quickly with Long Shuyou’s help. However, I might not be able to participate in the filming of the MV.”

Qin Cheng’s brow relaxed. “It’s okay. You can invite professional actors to shoot the MV. You just need to shoot some simple lip synching scenes. Then it shall be arranged like this?”

Xie Yang nodded.

After another few busy days of work, Xie Yang finally finished all his work as an artist and concentrated on the company’s annual meeting. On the Internet, the major broadcasting stations started to promote their New Year’s Eve party.

On the second day after the annual meeting ended, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing took a car to the sanatorium to accompany Mother Qiu for New Year’s Eve. On the way, Xie Yang was bored and scanned Weibo. Not surprisingly, he found Mu Zhouyi’s name on the hot search.

#Mu Zhouyi sang Remembering the Homeland#

After clicking on the topic, he found rehearsal footage of the evening party sent by Z City Satellite TV at the top of the page. Xie Yang found headphones, plugged them in and clicked on the video.

The video screen was a bit dark. He saw Mu Zhouyi wearing a low-key dress and standing in the centre talking to the host on the stage with only a few lights. Then Mu Zhouyi picked up the microphone, closed her eyes and sang a few words.

The soft and cold female voice came out like ice and snow knocking on the window. It made people’s brain’s become numb and shaken. An amazing sound effect was matched here at the right time. Then an emoticon pack of a cartoon villain applauding appeared on the screen.

The behind-the-scenes video was over.

Xie Yang used his ability to dispel the discomfort caused after hearing Mu Zhouyi’s voice. He took off his headphones and clicked on the comments.

Surprisingly, there were many comments under this video. There were obvious traces of a water army. Many people said they didn’t expect Mu Zhouyi to sing so well. They said that Mu Zhouyi looked calmer and more low-key than before. They sympathized with Mu Zhouyi for being scolded last time and encouraged Mu Zhouyi to cheer up. Real passersby expressed their dislike of Mu Zhouyi but they were labelled aggressive.

“Mom is getting better lately and her time of confusion is becoming shorter every day.

Xie Yang put down his phone and looked at Qiu Xing after hearing his words. Qiu Xing didn’t look at Xie Yang. His eyes were on the magazine in his hand as he spoke seriously, “Xie Yang, I hope you haven’t forgotten our cooperation.”

Xie Yang understood and replied, “Naturally, I didn’t forget. I was bought by Auntie as your… husband.”


Qiu Xing shifted his posture in an uncomfortable manner and still didn’t look away from the magazine. He maintained his serious tone. “That’s right. We will be staying with Mom for some time in the future. During this period, I hope you can cooperate with me and… cough, act as a husband.”

Xie Yang wanted to laugh but he held it back. “This is natural. However, this is the first time I am acting as a husband for someone. I don’t know what type of obligations I should perform as Party B. Therefore, I hope that you, Party A, can explain it to me in detail.”

Qiu Xing had been waiting for this sentence. He seemed to think for a few seconds before speaking in a particularly noble, cool and indifferent tone. “You don’t need to do anything special. You just need to be close to me in front of my mother. Behave… more intimately and love…. cough, just love me more.”

“Have you caught a cold?”


“I keep hearing you cough.”

“…Don’t pretend to be stupid! Do you understand what I said?”

Xie Yang immediately nodded. “I know.”

Xie Yang agreed so easily that Qiu Xing became suspicious. He frowned and glanced sideways at Xie Yang. “Do you really understand?”

“I really understand.” Xie Yang suddenly held Qiu Xing’s hand placed on his leg. He slowly inserted his fingers between Qiu Xing’s fingers and clasped Qiu Xing’s hand. Then he raised his eyes to look at Qiu Xing. “Closer?”

Qiu Xing’s heart beat fiercely as he stared at Xie Yang. His fingers moved tentatively and he squeezed back. Then he calmly retracted his gaze and praised, “Yes, you did well.”

Xie Yang moved closer to Qiu Xing.

This person’s body was leaning closer. It was only the arm against his arm but… Qiu Xing’s Adam’s apple moved and he turned his head to look at Xie Yang. His voice inexplicably became lower as he asked, “What is it?”

Xie Yang sensed his hand being clasped tighter and smiled with satisfaction. He sat upright and pulled his hand back while promising, “I know what to do. Don’t worry. During the Chinese New year, I will do my best to perform my duties dutifully.”

Qiu Xing’s face collapsed as he stared at his released hand. Then he looked at the distance between them and Xie Yang’s business-like face. Qiu Xing’s expression changed and he felt choked up. He picked up the magazine and flipped through it.


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crazy fujoshi
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