HTI: Chapter 70

The pretense had been broken by Xie Yang’s words and there was no need to act friendly. Fang Chengnan sorted out the script in his hand and spoke in a quiet tone, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is that so?” Xie Yang laughed and glanced at Fang Chengnan’s mobile phone under the script. “Do I need to pretend that I don’t see you secretly recording?”

Fang Chengnan gripped the script tightly and frowned at Xie Yang. “Xie Yang, you are a newcomer. I can understand your nervousness and sharpness but you shouldn’t go too far.”

“Mu Zhouyi told you the rumours at the V Club party and then you found someone to spread it, right? What did Mu Zhouyi exchange with you for this? A guest spot on the special episodes of Extreme Combat?”

Fang Chengnan’s expression changed.

“Fang Chengnan, no one is a fool. Three people are fighting for a role. Yan Xin belongs to Huanyu and you don’t dare to move against him. Therefore, you stared at me. Do you think I am easy to bully? Xie Yang plastic surgery and Xie Yang wearing knockoffs, they are really good hot topics. Thank you for taking the initiative to send me some heat.”

Fang Chengnan barely stabilized his expression. “Xie Yang, don’t slander me.”

“It seems that you haven’t given up and still want to pit me.” Xie Yang approached Fang Chengnan and lowered his voice.  “What did Mu Zhouyi tell you? Xie Yang is being supported by someone and she saw it with her own eyes? Or ‘he was sold by the Xie family to the family member of my ambiguous partner’? She took the initiative to approach you. Do you really think she is kindly giving you my handle? You never wondered if she was actually giving you a poisoned meal?”

Fang Chengnan stared at Xie Yang.

“Didn’t Hong Zhijie also get the wrong message from you? Have you ever thought about what would happen if I wasn’t supported and you offended me?”

Fang Chengnan finally couldn’t hold back. “Xie Yang, in the end you—”

“Senior, not all newcomers will obediently swallow their grievances after being suppressed.” Xie Yang interrupted Fang Chengnan before straightening and smiling at Fang Chengnan. “I have always repaid grudges. You should pray that Yang Xing and I don’t develop or you will become more and more miserable in the future. In addition, I urge you to reflect on why you believe whatever Mu Zhouyi says even though you haven’t known each other that long.”

After speaking. he glanced at Fang Chengnan’s mobile phone hidden under the script. He smiled, took out his phone from his pocket and shook the recording interface in front of Fang Chengnan’s eyes.

“In addition Senior, you can do it and I can as well.”

Fang Chengnan’s eyes widened as he saw the mobile phone Xie Yang took out. He stared into Xie Yang’s eyes that were smiling yet were cold and he got a chill down his spine. He finally realized that he seemed to have kicked the iron plate.

Fang Chengnan took his phone and went out to make a call.

Xie Yang continued to prepare for the audition. A few minutes later, the door of the lounge opened and Yan Xin walked in after auditioning. The staff member who came in with Yan Xin told Xie Yang to get ready. Xie Yang nodded and asked Yan Xin, “How was the audition?”

Yan Xin sat down next to Xie Yang. “I tried my best and I won’t be ashamed if I don’t get it. I’m cheering for you. I think you can do it.”

“Then I will borrow Senior’s good words.”


Xie Yang followed the staff into the audition room and saw that it was a small auditorium that was decorated. The room for the scene was simply set up on the auditorium stage. The furniture of the room was classical and exquisite. Only the piano in the middle was somewhat modern.

A group of people, including the screenwriter of Director Zhou’s movie, sat in the audience. Xie Yang recognized Director Zhou Huairen among them. Zhou Huairen was over 50 years old , was tall and slightly fat and had artistic half-length hair and a beard.

Xie Yang came onto the stage and greeted everyone in the audience politely.

Zhou Huairen told him, “Just start.”

Xie Yang nodded, turned around and closed his eyes slightly. Once he opened his eyes, the maturity and calmness that belonged to Xie Yang’s face had disappeared and was replaced by pride that flew out of his bones.

Since he had decided to do this, he had to go all out. After receiving the audition notice, Xie Yang didn’t have hope to gain the role but he still prepared carefully. During this period, he went through all the original owner’s textbooks and notes whenever he had time and occasionally consulted Yang Xing’s acting teacher.

He also read the script and analyzed every one of the young master’s words.

In the first birthday plot, the young master didn’t only play the piano to wish his mother a happy birthday. He also wanted to show his mother the beauty of the piano and his talent in his area in order to persuade his mother to fund his piano school.

At this time, the young master was proud, confident, sincere and dazzling. He wanted to show everyone the greatness of the piano, he wanted his mother to be happy and he wanted to use small calculations to make his mother give him money. He was a cunning fox with smooth fur, pampered and proud.

Xie Yang walked to the piano and reached out to touch the lid of the piano. His actions were gentle, as if he was touching his lover. He turned sideways, gaze falling on the empty chair near the round table in the room. “Mother, you must watch me well.”

Zhou Huairen’s expression changed. The others also showed surprise. This Xie Yang… no, the one standing on the stage right now was the beautiful and proud young master in the script.

Xie Yang at this time had completely brought out the emotions of the young master. He sat down in front of the piano, thinking about what would make his mother happy and what would make her willing to help him run the school.

He was distressed but not particularly distressed. It was because he knew his mother loved him and couldn’t bear to refuse his request directly.

Once he lifted the lid and placed his fingers on the keys, the distress in his heart disappeared and the desired melody jumped out naturally. It was lively, brisk and warm. it was like a butterfly in the spring garden, flapping its beautiful wings and flying in the sun.

He looked out at the stage. His mother started to smile so he also smiled. He looked at the keys, raised his eyebrows and suddenly changed the melody mischievously, making the music joyous.

He looked at the stage again and saw that not only his mother but the other guests in the room also showed a happy appearance. Then he showed a trace of pride. Yes, the piano had this type of magic. You see, how worthy it was of everyone’s love and learning.

He started a series of complex and dazzling skills before reducing the melody back to the spring garden. He enjoyed the feeling of using music to influence other people’s emotions. He must let them know how good the piano was.

The last melody finished and he looked at his mother with pride. “Mother, does it sound good?”

The next second, the smile on Xie Yang’s face turned back to polite calm. He got up and walked to the front of the stage, bowing slightly to Zhou Huairen and the others below the stage. “The first performance is over. Can I start the second stage immediately?”

Zhou Huairen and the others woke up from the emotions created by Xie Yang. They glanced at Xie Yang with surprise and whispered to each other. Only Zhou Huairen immediately urged, “Go on, go on.”

Xie Yang nodded politely and turned to look at the piano. Then he slowly walked towards the piano.

He walked while recalling the plot, bringing in the emotions of the young master. His walking posture changed little by little and by the time he reached the piano, there were no more traces of Xie Yang.

He stroked the piano.

The young master who decided to die wasn’t desperate or in pain. He had no vitality left but in fact, he still had some affection for the world. He knew what he was doing and accepted it all.

This was the best result.

He bent down and carefully wiped the dust off the piano bench. He sat down, took out a well-protected photo frame and gently placed it on the piano. “Mother, I’m starting.”

The air was quiet and no one responded.

He bowed his head and opened the piano lid.

His fingers were broken and the piano was damaged. The few notes he just played must be unpleasant to hear. He paused for a moment, his fingers tensed as he raised his head toward the photo. “Mother, I’m sorry. I have neglected to practice recently.”

There was still no response.

He was still for a long time. Then he controlled his mind and lowered his head again. Earnestly and with a bit of paranoia, he raised his fingers and gently pressed the keys. He played slowly and connected the notes slowly.

He could still play. The mutilated left hand was always missing notes but it didn’t matter as long as he could still play. He could still play. He closed his eyes and devoted himself to playing.

Jerky, stiff, dry… gradually, the melody filled with warmth.

The broken piano seemed to be restored. His mother walked out of the frame and sat on the stage with a smile. There was the fragrance of flowers floating in the air and it was another beautiful spring day.

He still remembered the novelty when he first touched the piano. He had wondered what type of monster could make such a special sound. He still remembered his mother’s surprise and pride when he played a complete piece for the first time.

He held piano parties for his family, teaching everyone to dance and sing. His first student was a beggar who lost his parents in the war. He drew the keys and taught the child to play, ridiculously simulating the sound of the piano with his throat. He still remembered the bright and joyous eyes of the child. It should be the same as him back then.

He smiled and the tune changed. It was a spring day again. His mother was sitting on the stage with a smile, the sun shone, there was the smell of cakes in the air and the housekeeper was singing loudly outside.

One piece of music was complete.

He slowly opened his eyes. The fantasy of spring disappeared and everything in front of him was ruined. The expression on his face slowly faded and he stared blankly at his mother in the photo. Suddenly, he smiled again, smiling as tears fell.

“Mother, is it hard to hear?”

“Mother, we are home.”

“Mother, I will stay with you this time and never leave again.”


At the end of the performance, Xie Yang wiped away his tears and stood up. He walked toward the front of the stage and bowed to Zhou Huairen and the others under the stage. “My performance is over.”

Zhou Huairen carefully watched Xie Yang and asked, “What piece did you just play?”

“It was one that I wrote specifically for the role of the young master after reading the script.”

Zhou Huairen leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Yes.”


By the time Xie Yang returned to the lounge, Fang Chengnan had already finished his call. He immediately looked over when Xie Yang returned.

Xie Yang looked back at him. “Senior, it is your turn.”

Fang Chengnan actually responded to Xie Yang’s slightly provocative words. “Xie Yang, I hope we are only competitors this time.”

Was this softening?

Xie Yang replied, “It depends on Senior’s sincerity.”

Fang Chengnan no longer spoke. He got up and left with the staff member. A quarter of an hour later, Fang Chengnan returned from his audition.

A few more minutes later, Director Zhou came to the lounge in person. He told everyone that he was thankful for their hard work in the audition and said that the audition result would be out one week later at the latest.

Everyone responded politely. Xie Yang took advantage of shaking hands with Zhou Huairen to probe Zhou Huairen’s brain. He found a small amount of golden finger remaining and swallowed it.

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2 years ago

I cried too:(
Thank you so much

Alien whale
Alien whale
2 years ago

I love when the stories involving acting describe the scene their doing in such detail that you can see it. Really makes you feel connected. 😭

1 year ago

I cried like this when it was only just this, I don’t want to imagine what would be the state of my poor eyes if this was a real movie…🥹