HTI: Chapter 7

Tong Jian gritted his teeth and rushed forward to grab Mo Bin, raising his hand to hit this person.

Mo Bin stared straight at him. “Tong Tong, I am 28 years old and can’t afford it.”

Tong Jian’s actions stopped and he couldn’t punch this person. In the end, he broke down and asked, “Why didn’t you say it early when Brother Hao left? There was a meeting about whether to directly break up the team. You obviously—”

“What could I do then?” Mo Bin grabbed his hand and pushed him away. “You said that you wanted to sing and Ah Lan said that IUD is his first heart. The company didn’t want to lose IUD and I am the captain! IUD was built by me! Did you want me to say ‘Don’t hold on, let go. We can do it’? Did you want me to be the sinner?!”

Tong Jian stared at Mo Bin like he was knowing this person for the first time. Then he raised his hand and thumped his forehead before squatting down, pulling at his hair and crying.

Struggle flashed on Mo Bin’s face but it was only for a moment. He quickly adjusted his emotions and glanced at Ke Lan and Hu Biao. “I said it bluntly just now. You can cooperate with me and let Xie Yang carry the blame for the group splitting or I will refuse to participate in October’s commemoration performance. The new song I wrote won’t be brought out and you will finish with a blank spot. Ah Lan, you are 27 years old and you’re not young. Hu Biao, please consider if three artists who are already making money is more important or a newcomer who hasn’t debuted yet.”

Mo Bin left.

Ke Lan stepped forward and patted Tong Jian on the back as he asked, “Brother Baio, what will you… choose?”

Hu Biao was stabbed by an entertainer he raised and was so angry that he wanted to immediately block Mo Bin. However, he couldn’t. If Mo Bin was blocked then IUD was over and Ke Lan and Tong Jian would be over. The company wouldn’t allow him to do so.

“Think again… I will think again.” He placed his hands firmly on the table and lowered his face to them. “Xie Yang is only 20 years old. I signed him, it was me…”


Xie Yang found a guitar in the dormitory.

It was like finding a treasure. He played and sang for a long time, his fingering quickly changing from rusty to proficient. His singing also successfully changed from its original stiffness to an easy sound.

After finding his feelings, he tried to sing some of his favourite classics that he wrote in his last life. The more he sang, the happier he felt and the more open he felt. The inspiration that had been suppressed for many years by the apocalypse surged up like the wind and danced around his soul.

Destruction, collapse, gloom, despair, death… new life, hope, recovery of all things, the future was promising.

The tune under his fingers slowly changed and became a new piece full of the joy of life. After finishing the song, Xie Yang dropped the guitar. He ran to the desk to pull out brand new A4 pieces of paper, drew his own staff sheet music and quickly wrote down the song.

The lights were on all night. By the time Xie Yang woke up from the inspiration that kidnapped him, the sun was rising from the east.

His stomach was growling and his brain was heavy. The hungry and tired feeling that Xie Yang disliked the most from the apocalypse took control of his body when he woke up. He frowned and patted his cheek.

He couldn’t sleep and had to fill his stomach first. Otherwise, he would probably be so hungry that he couldn’t sleep.

He got up and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water, gurgling it. Then he searched through the refrigerator. He found it was empty and went back to the living room to pick up his phone and backpack, ready to go out for food.

He was changing shoes at the entrance when he inadvertently glanced over the large pile of sheet music scattered on his desk. He turned back, carefully sorted them and properly placed them in his backpack. He had to buy his own place. He always felt uncomfortable in another person’s house.

After eating and drinking, Xie Yang went to a nearby park and slumped on the lake bench. He was sunbathing while thinking about leaving IUD. A pair of leather shoes came into view and headed straight to this side. Xie Yang squinted against the blinding sunlight and glanced over there before looking away in a bored manner.

The bodyguard Wu Shui was very embarrassed. He pretended not to notice Xie Yang’s disgust and stopped in front of Xie Yang, greeting him politely. “Mr Xie, the boss is here to pick you up.”

Xie Yang wondered lazily, “What will you do if I don’t go over there?”

Wu Shui became even more embarrassed. “Mr Xie, I was wrong last time and had a bad attitude toward you. I’m sorry.”

“You are quite aware of current affairs.” Xie Yang got on his long legs and patted the bodyguard on the shoulder. “Don’t be afraid. I like to do things like watch people order dishes.”

Qiu Xing’s car was parked at the gate of the park. It was particularly easy to recognize because it was the cleanest and most expensive one. Xie Yang opened the door of the front passenger’s seat and sat down.

“Hum hum.”

Xie Yang stopped and glanced at Qiu Xing in the back seat. “Is your throat uncomfortable?”

“Can a boss with a conscience like me, spending 500 million yuan to hire an undergraduate university student, be uncomfortable?”


Xie Yang withdrew from the front seat and sat in the back seat, asking, “What do you want me to do?”

Qiu Xing was satisfied and raised his legs. “My mother wants to see her daughter-in-law.” He examined Xie Yang’s appearance critically and frowned. “What is your image, a garbage collector?”

Xie Yang glanced at the black card in his pocket and explained patiently, “I stayed up all night yesterday and went out in a rush this morning. I didn’t have time to change my clothes or wash my hair.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed in an instant. “Why did you stay up all night? Clubbing? A one night stand? Or drugs?”

“Mr Qiu, your understanding of the nightlife of today’s young people is too narrow. In fact, last night I…” He thought about it. “I stayed up all night playing games.”

Qiu Xing stared at him coldly. “Are you insulting my IQ?”

The temperature of the air conditioner in the car was just right and all of Xie Yang’s sleepiness was blown away. He had no energy to deal with his employer so he took off his backpack and threw it into Qiu Xing’s arms. He closed his eyes and said, “Look at what I did. Now let me sleep. You don’t want your mother to see me with dark circles.”

Xie Yang said he would go to sleep and he actually did. Qiu Xing’s  gloomy expression could be seen with the naked eye.

The driver in front shivered again. It was over. Mr Xie was becoming more and more courageous. He dared to leave the boss alone and go directly to sleep when the boss was talking to him. How could the boss bear it? It had always been the boss losing, losing, losing…

Qiu Xing slowly withdrew his death star from Xie Yang. He opened Xie Yang’s backpack and yanked out the contents. Qiu Xing pulled out music sheets. Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang for a while before pulling out the car’s blanket and throwing it over Xie Yang’s face. Then he looked down at the sheet music.

He looked at it and his expression wasn’t so dark. He raised his eyebrows and turned to stare at Xie Yang again. Then he reached out and pulled down the blanket on Xie Yang’s face. Qiu Xing stared closely at Xie Yang for a while before chuckling. He dropped the blanket and started reading the sheet music again.

Qiu Xing hummed along, seemingly unfamiliar with humming a song. Then his expression brightened to the naked eye.

…What nonsense about losing?

The driver pressed back his frightened heart and started the car in an expressionless manner. ‘I was too young.’

Once Xie Yang woke up, he was the only one left in the car. The window was half open and the bodyguard Wu Shui was outside the car. Xie Yang looked at the blanket on his body, opened the door and got out of the car. Then he asked, “What time is it? Where is this?”

Wu Shui turned to him and replied, “It is just after 12 noon and this is the underground parking lot of Rongding’s headquarters. Mr Xie, the boss told you to go with me after waking up.”

It turned out to be Rongding.

Xie Yang glanced around before taking his backpack from the car. “Let’s go.”

Unlike most overbearing presidents, Qiu Xing’s office wasn’t on the top floor but on the ninth floor, which had a better message. It was mentioned in the original novel that this office floor was personally set by Qiu Xing’s mother.

Xie Yang followed Wu Shui to the exclusive elevator. Once the elevator door opened, the living room of Qiu Xing’s super luxurious office was right in front of it, making things quite convenient.

The time at which they arrived was quite opportune. The driver had just brought Qiu Xing’s lunch and was placing the food on the table. Qiu Xing sat at the table with a bored expression, the words ’no appetite’ hanging all over him.

Xie Yang smelled food and his eyes immediately focused there. Qiu Xing looked up at the sound of the elevator and noticed Xie Yang’s gaze. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do you want to eat?”

Xie Yang honestly nodded, taking off his backpack and sitting down. “Yes, I’m hungry.”

Qiu Xing laughed in a terrible manner. “Beg me and I’ll give it to you to eat.”


Xie Yang took out his phone and started to search for takeaway. He read, “Chicken soup pot, crab meat pot, spicy hot pot, grilled fish on an iron hot plate, spicy bullfrog pot… there is a lot of hot pot? Rongding is in a good location. There are many types of takeaway around. I will see which dish has the highest evaluation…”

Qiu Xing couldn’t bear it and called out to the driver with a dark face, “Zhou Miao, give food to Mr Xie.”

Xie Yang put down his phone in a satisfied manner.

The driver Zhou Miao silently pulled out two sets of cutlery and two sets of dishes from the food box, placing them in front of Qiu Xing and Xie Yang respectively.

The room was soon only filled with the sound of cutlery clanging against dishes. Xie Yang’s eating style was quiet. He didn’t picky at food, slurp, drool or get food over his lips. The action of picking up vegetables could even be considered as elegant. If one had to pick something wrong with his eating style, it was that his eating speed was a bit fast. It might be delicious but it obviously wouldn’t be good for the eater’s digestion.

Qiu Xing’s meal was only half over while Xie Yang already had a second bowl.

Qiu Xing asked, “What are you doing so urgently? Is someone going to rob you?”

Xie Yang’s chopsticks paused and he shook his head. “I’m used to it.”

Qiu Xing was upset again. “How did Xie Xiu abuse you? I remember that his little son is as fat as a pig. Did he steal your food?”

Xie Yang nodded without any burden. “Yes.”

Qiu Xing rubbed his chopsticks together and painfully moved the only seasoned dish on the table to Xie Yang’s side by one millimeter. Then he ordered, “Finish everything and don’t waste it. My mother likes people who are fatter.”

After the meal, Qiu Xing abandoned Xie Yang and went into the office to deal with work.

Xie Yang guessed that this person should take him back to see his mother at dinner. Xie Yang found a quiet corner to sit in and took out two mobile phones, the old one and the new one. Finally, he chose to save the numbers on his old mobile phone to his new one.

Halfway through, a text message was received.

Tong Jian: Xie Yang, I’m sorry. You leave the group and I’ll send a post saying that I pushed you out.

He was planning to catch the mouse only for the mouse to be sent to his door.

Xie Yang picked up his phone and replied, “Are you free tomorrow? Come out and talk. If you can, bring Ke Lan.”

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2 years ago

Awww, Carrying the blame. TJ is a good bro. ☺️

1 year ago

Tong Jian is just naive😭 he’s no a bad person :((