HTI: Chapter 67

After stepping down, Ji Zehui didn’t let Xie Yang leave. He took Xie Yang to meet Zeng Min and his old friends. Xie Yang knew that Ji Zehui was taking him to make connections and went with Ji Zehui.

Ji Zehui took the lead and Zeng Min praised him. Even Huan Min praised Xie Yang’s voice. No matter what the senior singers thought in their hearts, they all gave some care to Xie Yang. They were kind and enthusiastic as they talked to Xie Yang and complimented him on his great performance.

After a round of greetings, Xie Yang said goodbye, explaining that he didn’t want to disturb their gathering. He had just taken a few steps when he was called by Shen Yan. Xie Yang walked over and wondered, “Senior Shen. Do you need something?”

“I’ll take you to my table to meet a few people.” Shen Yan motioned to Xie Yang to keep up and whispered while walking, “I will send you a message later. Pick up on my words, understood?”

Xie Yang’s mind turned and he immediately understood that Shen Yan was going to help him clear the rumours. He spoke sincerely, “Thank you, Senior Shen.”

Shen Yan shook his head. “You don’t need to call me Senior, just call me by my name. If it wasn’t for you, I might’ve got in trouble, I should thank you.”

Xie Yang immediately changed his words. “Thank you, Brother Shen.”

Shen Yan laughed and patted his back.


The location arranged by V Group for Shen Yan was very good. It was in the best and most central place in area A. The people at Shen Yan’s table were all bigshots who were at the top of the entertainment industry.

Everyone was a person with extensive experience. They saw Shen Yan bringing a newcomer over and took the initiative to say hello. Their attitude was casual and kind.

Shen Yan smiled and explained, “I’m bringing over a child to show everyone. This is Xie Yang, a newcomer I met in Director Xu’s crew. He is very good. He is a great composer and has even started a company. My cousin also thinks he is good and said that we must cooperate with him if there is a chance.”

His words contained a lot of information. First, it showed that Xie Yang had some strength to be invited by Xu Heng to the crew. Then he pointed out that Xie Yang had a status. After starting his own company, Huanyu would probably cooperate with Xie Yang in the future. He implied that this wasn’t a newcomer who they could create difficulties for at will.

Everyone understood and their attitude toward Xie Yang became kinder. They told Xie Yang to sit down.

Xie Yang thanked all the seniors politely and sat down next to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan didn’t over-introduce Xie Yang. After sitting down, he just made a vague statement about how Xie Yang and Long Shuyou had a good relationship. Then he chatted with everyone about other things, handing it over to Xie Yang from time to time to let Xie Yang enter the conversation.

Xie Yang was very knowledgeable and his attitude wasn’t excessively diligent. He only accepted what should be answered and didn’t grab the limelight. However, once there was really a topic on his head, he could definitely say something useful.

After chatting for a while, everyone basically understood Xie Yang’s depth. Two seniors in the movie industry took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Xie Yang.

The atmosphere had just become right when a filmmaker who was over 50 years old opened his mouth. “The Xie family, I know it. I often stay in your hotels when I am on business trips. I felt it was okay a few years ago but management has become a bit messy in the last two years.”

The table fell quiet.

Xie Yang raised his head in the direction of the person and glanced at the name plate in front of the person. It said Hong Zhijie. He told Hong Zhijie, “I’m sorry that Senior Hong had a bad experience. My father thought of opening a holiday villa in the past two years. He ran to T City and got a piece of land approved. Recently, he has been concentrating on it and neglecting the management of the hotel. Thank you for reminding me. I will definitely talk to my father about it when I go back.”

A holiday resort, T City, a piece of land… T City’s land wasn’t cheap or easy to obtain.

An actress who had a good relationship with Shen Yan said, “Look at what Old Hong said. Personally, I feel that it is very comfortable to stay at Xie Yang’s hotel. The paparazzi prevent is great. I go there eight out of ten times on trips.”

The atmosphere improved again.

At the right time, Shen Yan started a new conversation and prompted Xie Yang to talk about the establishment of Yang Xing. Xie Yang said that he established Yang Xing to cope with his family. It was because if he started a business, his father would give him more capital.

Hong Zhijie once again spoke in a joking tone. “It must be a lot. The rent of the building where Yang Xing’s office is located isn’t cheap.”

Xie Yang didn’t blush at all as he lied. “It was quite a loot. It started with nine figures but now it is gone. I have to earn my money by myself now. I’m not afraid of everyone’s jokes. In fact, Yang Xing has been losing money in the past months. It is thanks to my investments in other places that I’m making money to plug in the holes.”

Nine digits for a start up fund and other investments were making money. Many stars in the entertainment industry who had been around for years didn’t have this much wealth.

Everyone’s eyes shifted between Shen Yan and Xie Yang and there was a strange feeling in their hearts. They were wondering why Shen Yan suddenly introduced a newcomer so much. It turned out that the golden spoon master brought another golden spoon master to play.

The atmosphere on the table became friendlier. One actress couldn’t help asking about Xie Yang’s customized clothes. She wanted to use Xie Yang’s contacts to have clothes made for her. Xie Yang told her that his clothes were actually arranged by a family member and he wasn’t sure who had been found. He suggested that if his senior was interested, he would help ask.

Hong Zhijie once again opened his mouth. “Which family member? Your father?”

This was a very targeted question.

Xie Yang stared at Hong Zhijie. “It isn’t my dad, it is another family member who is on the same household registration book as me. Senior, if you are so interested, do you want me to bring my household registration book to you? Do you want to review it? Or do you want to see my bank account?”

The table fell quiet again and everyone looked at Xie Yang with caution.

This attitude was so hard. It seemed that Xie Yang really had his own capital. The phrase ‘on the same household registration book’ that he specifically emphasized had a deep meaning.

A smooth person diverted the topic. Hong Zhijie shut up. He couldn’t pursue Xie Yang any longer lest he appeared too aggressive.


As Xie Yang left, Shen Yan reminded him, “Hong Zhijie is one of Ka Xu’s shareholders.”

Ka Xu was Fang Chengnan’s company. It turned out to be like this.

Xie Yang thanked Shen Yan and returned to area C to join Qin Cheng.

Seeing Xie Yang’s return, the small artists in area C tried to come forward and talk to Xie Yang. Xie Yang avoided all of them and took Qin Cheng directly to the interview area to do the interview arranged by Qin Cheng first.

By the time the interview was over, the dinner had almost ended. Xie Yang, Ji Zehui, Shen Yan and the organizer said goodbye to each other and left.

Xie Yang was walking out when he caught sight of a familiar figure. He glanced sideways and saw Mu Zhouyi, who was wearing a long tulle dress, and Fang Chengnan walking out of area B. The two of them were talking and laughing and seemed to have a good relationship.

Xie Yang stopped for a moment before retracting his gaze and continuing to go outside.

In the original novel, Mu Zhouyi had been mixing in the movie and television circles and knew a lot of powerful and influential celebrities. She had nothing to do with traffic stars like Fang Chengnan because she would be torn apart by his fans once they got involved.

So what was going on now? Since when did Mu Zhouyi know Fang Chengnan?

Back in the car, Qin Cheng immediately spoke. “I inquired about it. The rumour about you being kept by someone originally came from the movie and television investment circle. It is strange since you haven’t even stepped into the circle. Who is so shameless that they would want to destroy your reputation in the circle?”

Xie Yang didn’t answer. He only concentrated on whether Mu Zhouyi and Fang Chengnan walking together was just a pure coincidence.


It was already past 11 o’clock when Xie Yang arrived home. It wasn’t a weekend but the lights in the living room were still on. He glanced at the yard and saw no strange vehicles. Xie Yang opened the door with a key and entered the house.

He returned home directly from the party. He was still wearing his outfit for the party and his hair wasn’t washed. It retained the style carefully crafted by the hair stylist.

A beautiful young man in ink-coloured clothing stepped inside. The warm lights spilled on him, reflecting some dark spots on the dark clothing. This made people think that someone stepped in starlight had entered.

Qiu Xing had already noticed that a car came back. The moment he heard the door opening, he deliberately looked up with a dark face. “Why are you—”

His voice abruptly stopped.

Xie Yang glanced over and saw Qiu Xing sitting alone on the sofa facing the entrance. He raised his eyebrows, leaned over and asked, “Were you waiting for me?”

Qiu Xing’s senses returned and he shifted his gaze by drinking water. Then he opened his mouth again, “I slept too long in the morning and I’m not sleepy now. Why did you come back so late? It was just a small activity. Was it worth your long delay?”

“It isn’t a small event. Most of the entertainers in the circle were gathered. “Xie Yang sat beside Qiu Xing and poured himself a cup of tea. “There are many people and many gossips. Today, many artists were talking about a rumour regarding me.”

Qiu Xing immediately looked over. “What rumour?”

“The rumour that I am being kept by someone rich. They said that the Xie family is facing bankruptcy and I might’ve really been sold by the Xie family. My Yang Xing and the clothing on my body are provided by this rich person. Where do you think the rumours that are so close to the truth came from?”

Qiu Xing’s expression sank.

Xie Yang turned the teacup in his hand and looked at Qiu Xing.

“It isn’t the Liu family. They are too afraid to spread things about me and they don’t know the real situation of the Xie family.” Qiu Xing spoke in a cold tone, the disappointment and anger in his eyes becoming deeper. “It isn’t my enemies in the group. They are busy fighting for power. Even if they know about your existence, they wouldn’t deal with you so painlessly while I’m here. They’re not that stupid!”

Xie Yang nodded and sipped his tea again. “Apart from the people close to us, there is only one other person who knows clearly the situation of my family and our relationship.”

Qiu Xing suppressed his temper. “Feng Qinglin.”

Xie Yang smiled. “However, Feng Qinglin wouldn’t be bored enough to go to the entertainment circle to spread rumours about me. It is more likely that someone in the entertainment industry knows the details of our relationship from Feng Qinglin and then used their big mouth to spread it. The only person in the entertainment industry that your nephew knows…”

“Mu Zhouyi.” Qiu Xing sneered angrily. “It’s very good. He casually told a woman he just met about the family affairs. How can he be mixed up in the business circle like this? Sooner or later, he will be chewed up until there are no bones left!”

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Araminthe Ispwitch
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if i had a golden finger like the mu zhouyi’s, would i be like that. perhaps at least i wouldn’t cause harm to others but i would definitely enhance my face and skills

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