HTI: Chapter 66

The venue gradually quieted down. Several media specially invited by V Group steadily aimed their cameras at the small stage.

Ji Zehui understood clearly. “After a few years, the movie empresses are singing and they are accompanied on piano by the flow prince. They want to make big news.”

“More than that.” Qin Cheng approached Xie Yang and spoke in a low voice. “The second male lead role that Director Zhou Huairen asked you to audition for is that of a piano player. If Fang Chengnan really earns a lot of heat from the piano accompaniment today, the producers will definitely be more interested in Fang Chengnan during the audition.”

Ji Zehui heard this and glanced at Xie Yang with surprise. “Audition? Are you going to act?”

Xie Yang didn’t answer. He stared at Fang Chengnan on the stage and thought about it before taking out his phone and making a call.

The call connected quickly. “Senior, did you attend V Group’s dinner party? Do you know how to play the piano? I want to ask Senior for help… I’m in the outer C area.”

Ji Zehui and Qin Cheng both watched Xie Yang.

Xie Yang put away his phone and explained. “It is Shen Yan. He has agreed to come and accompany us on piano. Senior Ji, how about Flowers in a Dream for the performance song?”

Flowers in a Dream was the late composer Han Yu’s representative work. It had been sung decades ago and had inspirational lyrics and a beautiful melody. It was included in the music textbooks of primary and high schools and was a very popular song.

However, those who sang it badly were easily mocked and it was also being mocked by the people of the entire country.

Ji Zehui’s voice was relatively strong but Flowers in a Dream was a very soft song. Ji Zehui stared at Xie Yang, not knowing if he should be surprised that Xie Yang could invite Shen Yan or condemn this person for arbitrarily choosing a song.

“Believe in yourself.” Xie Yang met Ji Zehui’s gaze and patted him on the shoulder. “Think about the feeling of breaking through when you recorded Angry Waves.”

Ji Zehui only remembered the fear of being tortured by Xie Yang at that time. Words of refusal were already in his mouth but he swallowed them down. He suggested, “This time, you sing the main parts and I’ll give you harmony.”

“No, you go up for a solo. I am a newcomer brought to the stage by you and you are a senior. I can only support you or else there will be articles flying tomorrow about how I love the limelight and disrespect my seniors.” Xie Yang smiled. “Senior Shen and I will accompany you. Shen Yan will play the piano and I will play the violin. Movie Emperor Shen is playing the piano for you. It is an honour.”

Ji Zehui, “……” No, he didn’t want this type of honour.

Qin Cheng understood what Xie Yang wanted to do and smiled. “You are too bad. Shen Yan is playing the piano and there is a contrast with Ji Zehui. The topic definitely won’t be lower than the performance of Fang Chengnan and the movie empresses. They are both playing the piano but how can Fang Chengnan dare compare himself to Shen Yan? He won’t dare to send any articles.”

Xie Yang smiled back. “He blocked my performance so I’ll block his articles. It is very fair.”

Shen Yan in a white suit came from the inner circle in area A to look for him. Xie Yang stopped talking and got up to meet him. Meanwhile, Qin Cheng consciously got up and gave his place to Shen Yan.

“I didn’t expect you to come too.” Shen Yan greeted Xie Yang, noted Ji Zehui and politely greeted JI Zehui.

Ji Zehui hurriedly greeted him back with a very polite attitude.

Once all the greetings were over, Xie Yang asked, “How has the crew been during this time?”

Shen Yan frowned. “Director Xu and I just want to finish filming as soon as possible. By the way, I heard some rumours about you earlier. What happened? Did you offend someone?”

Even Shen Yan heard it?

Xie Yang asked, “What are the rumours?”

Qin Cheng also watched Shen Yan.

“There are rumours that you are being supported. The Xie family isn’t as well off as they seem to be and they have already fallen into a bankruptcy crisis. The Xie family did sell you. It is said that your living conditions are far from what the Xie family can provide. The yearly rent for that office building is sky high and you have to support a company and two artists. Now all your clothing is custom-made…”

Shen Yan gave a reminder. “Xie Yang, you know that not even the Shen family will lavishly provide all custom-made clothing for their child. Even if the Shen family is willing, they wouldn’t necessarily hire the main designer of H Brand. It isn’t money that is making people believe the rumours. It is that your consumption is too much.”

Xie Yang heard Shen Yan’s reminder and replied, “Rest assured, I’m not being supported and the Xie family isn’t on the verge of bankruptcy. My father just took the funds from the hotel to invest in a resort project. As for my consumption… I can only say that my family doesn’t want me to be wronged when I work outside.”

Shen Yan nodded and chose to believe in Xie Yang.

Ji Zehui had learned his lesson early and hadn’t cared about the rumours from the beginning. Regardless of whether Xie Yang was being supported or not, it didn’t prevent Xie Yang from being able to clean up whoever he wanted to clean up.

Ji Zehui added, “I’ve also heard similar rumours. I think there are many people who believe it. However, the rumours have only spread to people in the circle as gossip and hasn’t gone outside. The person who spread the rumours should just want to ruin your reputation in the circle. The moment they hear these rumours, those who originally wanted to make friends with you and fear you because of your background will probably change their minds. Xie Yang, who do you think is harming you?”

Xie Yang already had a guess in his mind but he didn’t answer directly. He just shook his head and gestured for everyone to concentrate on watching the show.

On the stage, the movie empresses were singing an old and relaxed song. Fang Chengnan smiled while playing the piano and the scene was very eye-catching.

A few minutes later, the performance ended and everyone clapped.

Qin Cheng got up and approached Xie Yang. “I’ll try to find out where the rumours came from.”

Xie Yang nodded.


Half an hour later, the director invited Ji Zehui to come onto the stage.

Ji Zehui went up with a smile and took the microphone. “It is the end of the year so I will sing a song for everyone. Before I start singing, let me be honoured to invite my accompaniment guest Shen Yan to come on stage! Everyone, clap!”

Shen Yan was low-key. In the past when he attended such events, he always came in a low-key manner, gathered with his friends in a low-key manner and left in a low-key manner. He never took the initiative to come to the stage.

There was immediately a commotion among the celebrities in the audience. One song empress familiar with Ji Zehui shouted from the audience, “Xiao Ji, you are lying!”

Ji Zehui pretended to be angry. “Sister Huang Wei, you say this and I’m unhappy.”

Just then, Shen Yan walked onto the stage with a smile and Ji Zehui immediately said, “Sister Huang Wei, look, did I lie to you?”

Everyone laughed. Shen Yan took the microphone and greeted everyone. Then he sat down in front of the piano. In the audience, Fang Chengnan’s expression stiffened before quickly returning to normal. He laughed and clapped along with the audience.

“It is still too lonely with just one accompaniment. I will call up another one… just you, come up! Accompany Movie Emperor Shen!”

Fang Chengnan’s clapping stopped and he frowned.

Xie Yang came to the stage with a violin. To most people in the entertainment industry, he was just a stranger, a pure newcomer they had only heard rumours about. They clapped politely while watching Xie Yang.

Xie Yang calmly accepted the scrutiny. After politely greeting everyone, he walked to a corner near the piano. He bent down, opened the case and took out the violin.

On the stage, Ji Zehui announced the song he would sing. The previous song empress who knew Ji Zehui shouted, “Ji Zehui, you can’t spoil a senior’s song. Change it!”

“For what? I am singing this. Is it easy to let Shen Yan accompany me on the piano? Everyone can play and sing this song. That’s it!”

The atmosphere became thoroughly heated.

Shen Yan raised his hand and pressed the first note. The audience gradually fell quiet.

Shen Yan’s posture when playing the piano was very elegant. He happened to be wearing a white suit today and sitting in front of the white piano, he looked like a prince who walked out of a fairy tale. Everyone couldn’t help staring at him.

The beautiful prelude of Flowers in a Dream played. After a smooth piano solo, the violin cut in at the right time to better emphasize the song’s atmosphere. Everyone couldn’t help looking at Xie Yang playing the violin.

A handsome young man wearing ink-coloured clothing stood under the light. His expression was quiet and his eyes half lowered, his eyelashes creating a light shadow under his eyes. The corners of his eyes were slightly raised, the curvature of his side face was almost perfect and his white tone was set off perfectly against the violin. The quaint violin combined with the slender fingers looked noble and gorgeous, attracting people’s attention unknowingly.

The audience was completely quiet while beautiful and soothing music flowed slowly. Beauty and beautiful music, everything was the best enjoyment.

The prelude ended and Ji Zehui started to sing. The audience, who had been immersed in the atmosphere of the song, stared at Ji Zehui on the stage. They were speechless and wanted to laugh. This guy… looked like a beast among two princes.

Many senior singers familiar with Ji Zehui couldn’t help making noise. They booed and deliberately teased Ji Zehui to sing well.

The dinner party was meant to be a relaxing and lively event. The director of V Group was very satisfied with the current atmosphere and told the media to shoot Ji Zehui more fiercely. He wanted Ji Zehui to ‘have one’s reputation swept away!’

The beautiful accompaniment of Flowers in a Dream echoed through the hall. At the end of the first chorus, Ji Zehui couldn’t bear it anymore. He walked to Xie Yang and held the microphone to Xie Yang’s lips.

This was something that hadn’t been discussed previously. Xie Yang glanced at Ji Zehui with surprise. He smiled and found the right time to release the violin and approach the microphone.

The clear and low-pitched male voice cut in perfectly with the soothing and graceful tone. It was like a misplaced mechanism had returned to its original position. The people whose eardrums had been tortured by Ji Zehui for a while felt refreshed. They looked at Xie Yang with slight surprise.

In the audience, Huang Wen let out an exaggerated ‘wow’. Zeng Min, who was sitting across from her, laughed. “I said that Xiao Xie is a voice killer. He is really great.”

After this section, Ji Zehui took back the microphone and started singing. The audience mourned while Xie Yang started playing the violin again. Ji Zehui sang a few sentences before glaring at his old friends who were booing below the stage. Then he walked to the piano and raised the microphone to Shen Yan who was playing the piano.

The cheers and coaxing from the audience blew up. Shen Yan smiled and cooperated to continue the chorus. Shen Yan’s voice was gentle and was very suitable for Flowers in a Dream. After this chorus, Ji Zehui took the microphone back to the centre of the stage, enjoyed the last interlude and sang the last chorus.

From the perspective of heating up the atmosphere, Ji Zehui had to be given full points.

After the song ended, the director of V Group called out to Ji Zehui and the others who were about to leave and chatted with them separately. When it was Xie Yang’s turn, the director spoke with a deep meaning. “Handsome young man, you are very well-dressed today.”

Xie Yang thanked him politely.

The director laughed and patted Xie Yang’s shoulder.

Xie Yang stood on the stage with the modest attitude a newcomer should have and met Fang Chengnan’s complicated gaze. He raised his eyebrows and smiled politely at the other person.

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