HTI: Chapter 65

Xie Yang went down for breakfast the next day and was surprised to discover that Qiu Xing hadn’t gotten up yet.

The housekeeper was full of joy. “The boss’ sleep quality has been poor in recent years. Sometimes, he will get headaches and only sleep for half a night. It is a good thing that he can now sleep late. He will only become fatter after sleeping more.”

Xie Yang heard these words and gazed in the direction of the second floor. He walked up to it and gently opened the door of Qiu Xing’s room. The curtains in the room were half pulled shut and the morning light shone through the window to the bed. It gave the sleeping person a warm layer of gold.

Xie Yang walked over with light footsteps and watched Qiu Xing for a while. Then he bent over and stretched out a finger to touch between Qiu Xing’s eyebrows. He poured in all his ability that he had accumulated that night and then turned to leave.

The door closed before the person on the bed moved and turned over.

“Sneaky…” like a mouse.

Qiu Xing rubbed his forehead against his quilt. Then his mind became sleepy again. His body slowly relaxed and he fell into a deep sleep.


Xie Yang scanned Weibo as usual on the way to the company.

Yesterday’s interview video was already popular and topics search as #Xie Yang plastic surgery# and #Xie Yang wearing knockoffs# had disappeared to be replaced by #Xie Yang customized clothing#.

Under the interview video, a melon eating netizen examined the interview video with a magnifying glass and found a small, squiggly ‘Y’ in the corner of the design book and excitedly pointed it out in the comments. Then someone found that among several design sketches scattered around the table, two of them also had ‘Y’ written in the corners. One sketch only had half the page shown but the jacket in the design drawing was exactly the same as one that Xie Yang had draped over his clothes when he went out for an event.

The melon eating netizens were shocked! Xie Yang’s fans were also shocked! Yesterday, they vowed that Xie Yang must be wearing knockoffs because his clothes couldn’t be found at any fashion brand.

The people who knew the luxurious brand clothing were also shocked! Numerous marketing accounts deleted the previous posts following the trend of the knockoffs.

Weibo was strangely quiet. Then a fashion blogger weakly expressed everyone’s thoughts.

Fashion Cute Rabbit: I remember… a sister followed Xie Yang’s clothes since his debut and found that the brand of many of his clothing couldn’t be found. So were those clothes, including many regular clothes, all customized? Did H Brand’s official designer custom make it?

Another netizen weakly replied to the hot comment on this post: This is probably the world of the rich. Previously, I thought that Xie Yang wouldn’t be stupid enough to wear knockoffs. He isn’t just an artist. He is an entertainment company’s boss. A boss wearing knockoffs… ah…


After completing the styling, the car took Xie Yang to the event venue of the V Group.

The V group was one of the old domestic fashion magazines. For decades, it had hosted a fashion dinner at the end of every year, inviting artists with outstanding performances or positive images to gather together.

There was nothing fun about the party itself. Everyone gathered together to eat, drink, walk the red carpet and have photographs taken by reporters. However, the significance of this gathering made all the entertainers in the entertainment circle rush forward.

The V Group had a default rule. All artists who received the V Group’s year-end party invitation were likely to be on the cover of V Magazine in the next year or receive fashion magazines provided by the V Group.

In fact, Xie Yang’s current position meant he shouldn’t have been able to get an invitation letter from the V Group. One reason was because he had just debuted for half a year and didn’t have many works. His popularity might be high but his status wasn’t enough. The second reason was that the V Group preferred to invite actors. Few singers were invited apart from the top batch. It might be cruel but when it came to fashion resources, actors did indeed have a higher status than singers.

However, Qin Cheng did have some skills. He worked hard to get Xie Yang a specially signed invitation letter on the condition that Xie Yang perform at the dinner.

“The atmosphere of the dinner party is very relaxed. In addition to a few fixed performances, some old celebrities will take the initiative to sing for everyone and the atmosphere will become noisy. Your performance is first and I have booked the violin solo of IUD for you. It has style and you can promote yourself. Don’t feel pressure and don’t think that performing to others is an inferior thing. This is a good opportunity to show yourself. If you perform well, you won’t have to worry about resources next year, okay?”

Xie Yang nodded to show his understanding.

The car slowly stopped in front of the door of the party event. Qin Cheng glanced at the large number of reporters gathered at the door and didn’t say anything else. He just reached out to help adjust Xie Yang’s bowtie. “Very good. Go inside. Don’t shrink your shoulders because it is cold. It will be warm when you go inside. I’ll be inside waiting for you.”

Xie Yang tidied his cuffs and pushed the door open to get out of the car.

The media gathered at the door instantly pointed their cameras and the flashes burst out. Xie Yang didn’t even blink. He was just about to walk in when he found another car was coming and the front of the car happened to block his way.

Xie Yang stopped and looked over.

The elongated black luxury car showed off a charming luster under the flashes. In the front, the driver got out of the car and opened the rear door. A man in dark red clothing stepped down and smiled as he waved at the reporters.

“Ah! Fang Fang! Fang Chengnan! Look here!”

A group of girls gathered behind the reporters suddenly screamed and waved wildly at the man.

Xie Yang, “……” What a damn coincidence.

Afterwards, Fang Chengnan became aware of Xie Yang’s existence and looked back awkwardly. He hurriedly asked the driver to move the car away and took the initiative to walk to Xie Yang. “Excuse me, your car was parked too far to the side so I didn’t notice. Shall we go in together?”

Fang Chengnan had high popularity and status. He was still a senior and sending such an invitation meant he was taking the initiative to make the younger generation feel warm. His apology was also full of sincerity. Xie Yang would be ignorant if he refused.

Xie Yang smiled and made a ‘please’ gesture. “Thank you, Senior. Then please go in first.”

Fang Chengnan smiled and his gentle and delicate looks were made more charming by this smile. He also made a gesture of invitation before walking toward the entrance with Xie Yang, waving at the reporters’ cameras from time to time. He was very popular and there were many fans around the entrance screaming and constantly calling his name.

The entrance had completely become Fang Chengnan’s home and the reporters mostly focused their cameras on him. Xie Yang walked by Fang Chengnan’s side and didn’t do anything to steal the limelight. He even had to hold back a bit of his aura deliberately or else he would definitely be criticized by the media for being ignorant.

After entering through the door, Fang Chengnan nodded politely to Xie Yang and left with the agent he had found.

Xie Yang quickly joined up with Qin Cheng. Qin Cheng frowned. “He did it deliberately. He didn’t want you to stand out too much tonight.”

“It’s fine. He won’t be able to make trouble after the performance.”

As it turned out, Feng Chengnan really could make trouble.

Just as the dinner was about to enter the performance stage, someone from V Group informed them that Xie Yang’s performance had been blocked because there were two veteran actresses who wanted to take Feng Chengnan to perform an old song.

Qin Cheng sent away the staff who notified them and his eyes immediately sank. “This shows how afraid of you he is. Although you are good-looking, rich and capable… forget it, he really should be afraid of you. Once you enter the movie and television industry, it is unknown how many opportunities he will miss out on.”

Xie Yang’s performance was blocked but he was still in a good mood. He laughed at Qin Cheng’s words and patted Qin Cheng on the shoulder. Then he took out his phone from his pocket and made a call.

The call quickly connected and Xie Yang asked, “Do you have a performance tonight… no? Then come over now. We’ll go on stage together.

Qin Cheng immediately stared at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang hung up the phone and told Qin Cheng, “He has someone to take him and I have someone as well. Ji Zehui might be a bit stupid but he still has some status in the music scene.”

“You really are…” Qin Cheng smiled. “It is no wonder Hu Biao told me to ask you more questions when trouble happens. You really are a treasure.”

More than 10 minutes later, Ji Zehui found Xie Yang in the C area but he didn’t smile. “I was reminiscing with an old friend.”

“Then why don’t you call over your old friend and we’ll sing an old song together?”


Ji Zehui admitted defeat and sat down next to Xie Yang. He lowered his voice and asked, “Who did you offend? What’s going on? Why did I hear someone saying bad things about you in front of me?”

“What bad things?”

“That you are being kept by someone. I don’t know where the news spread but a lot of people know it.” Ji Zehui picked up an orange from the table and spoke while peeling it. “In addition, Mu Zhouyi is here tonight. She had that type of scandal before and V Group didn’t invite her. However, He Rumin actually gave one of Huangtian’s blank invitation letters to her. Lu Zhi will also be her agent again and she will continue to shoot Crazy Musician. I’m curious, how does she keep getting up?”

He Rumin was still poisoned and Mu Zhouyi still had her golden finger. It was normal for Mu Zhouyi to rise again.

Xie Yang told Ji Zehui, “It is just getting up. As long as she doesn’t come to pester my family, I won’t bother caring about her.”

“So, do you really have…”

Xie Yang stared at him with narrowed eyes. “What?”

“…It’s nothing. Nobody would dare to support you using money.” Ji Zehui ended the topic and chatted with Xie Yang about the performance.


20 minutes later, the performance stage arrived. The celebrities who were chatting sat back in their seats and looked toward the small stage in the centre.

The director of V Group personally came to the stage to act as the host. After some humorous jokes, the director took the lead to clap. Two old actresses smiled and came on stage together. Meanwhile, Fang Chengnan walked to the white grand piano on one side and opened the lid.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much

8 months ago

Really love the development between Xie Yang and Ji Zehui’s “friendship.” (Both are there for the gains so I dunno if I could really call it a “friendship” but I love it regardless. Developments are always great!)

3 months ago

onle gc dare to keep him with money