HTI: Chapter 64

Xie Yang stood up according to Qiu Xing’s movements. He didn’t accept Qiu Xing’s actions. He just looked at Qiu Xing, the expression on his face definitely not surprise or kindness.

Qiu Xing noticed Xie Yang’s expression and paused before lifting up the scarf to cover Xie Yang’s face. He asked, “Are you angry?”

Xie Yang remained silent as his head was wrapped like a potato. Through the gap in the scarf, he saw that Qiu Xing’s face was paler than before he left. He also looked at Qiu Xing’s strangely lighter lips and suddenly reached out a hand and pressed it against Qiu Xing’s chest.

Qiu Xing’s body stiffened before he pulled down Xie Yang’s hand, gently gripping it.

“Why are your hands so cold?” He rubbed Xie Yang’s hand and pressed the other hand to Xie Yang’s head. Then he compared it to himself. “It seems that you’ve grown a bit taller.”

Xie Yang still didn’t speak but he didn’t pull back his held hand.

“I brought you a present. Come back to the house.”

Xie Yang finally moved. He grabbed Qiu Xing, who wanted to pull him into the house. Then he raised his unheld hand and placed it against Qiu Xing’s chest again. He patted Qiu Xing’s chest lightly and stated, “I will be lenient if you confess, strict if you resist and divorce you if you tell a lie.”


Qiu Xing looked over at Xie Yang and asked, “Can’t you pretend to be gentle?”

Xie Yang let out a mocking sound.


Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang and suddenly smiled. He raised his hand to flick Xie Yang on the forehead before leading Xie Yang into the villa.

Xie Yang followed Qiu Xing and gazed down at the hand held by Qiu Xing. He noticed that Qiu Xing’s nails had become lighter in colour. He looked up to watch Qiu Xing’s back, the guess in his heart becoming more certain.

As mentioned in the original novel, Qiu Xing’s illnesses mutually affected each other. One was brain cancer and the other was a heart disease.

There were several treatments for brain cancer and the most effective one was to perform a craniotomy. The tumor in Qiu Xing’s brain was malignant and the growth position was very troublesome. The success rate of the craniotomy was very low and even if the operation was successful, it would leave a lot of aftereffects. In addition, Qiu Xing had a heart disease and there were more concerns about a craniotomy. Therefore, Qiu Xing gave up on a craniotomy as a treatment and only used conservative methods to extend his lifespan as much as possible.

Qiu Xing’s heart disease wasn’t something that needed to be paid attention to. However, after the diagnosis of Qiu Xing’s brain cancer, his heart disease started to worsen. Surgery was necessary to treat a heart disease but Qiu Xing had brain cancer and his condition wasn’t optimistic. He never met the conditions for heart surgery so the treatment of his heart disease was delayed.

The two diseases mutually restrained each other. They prevented Qiu Xing from getting effective and quick treatment, forcing him to delay his life conservatively and wait for his death.

Now Qiu Xing seemed to have done heart surgery. Xie Yang just inserted some of his ability into Qiu Xing’s body when he touched Qiu Xing’s chest. He found that the clotted up feeling he would get when he tried to treat Qiu Xing had disappeared. Disappearing meant his health had improved.

Was it because he used his ability to relieve Qiu Xing’s condition that Qiu Xing’s body finally reached the conditions for heart surgery? Or did his ability slightly reduce Qiu Xing’s heart disease so that the requirements for treating it were no longer as high as before?

“I went for a physical examination.”

Xie Yang’s senses returned and he found that Qiu Xing had pulled him into the house and was removing his scarf. He stared at Qiu Xing and wondered, “Then?”

Qiu Xing set aside his scarf and replied in an understated manner, “Then I had a heart operation, a very small one.”

It really was like this. Xie Yang raised a hand to press against Qiu Xing’s heart and inquired, “What was the result of the operation? Are you okay?”

Qiu Xing glanced down at Xie Yang’s hand and his eyes were dyed with a rare softness. “Yes… I no longer have to worry about ending up in hospital because you angered me.”

Xie Yang didn’t forget to give some medicine. “It isn’t me who will put you in hospital because of anger. It is your excellent relatives and your ingrate nephew.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang. “Why are you so stingy and hold onto a grudge so much?”

Xie Yang didn’t deny that he was stingy and could hold onto a grudge. He withdrew his hand and asked again, “This place is good. What about the other place?”

The smile on Qiu Xing’s face became smaller.

“The other place…” He turned sideways and covered up his expression by taking off his coat. “It needs time. Come in and I’ll give you the present.”

The present that Qiu Xing gave to Xie Yang was a shares contract.

“The company is independent from Rongding and has someone managing it. If you need it in the future, you can take over it at any time. This is the business card of the person in charge there and he will regularly report the company’s earnings to you.”

Xie Yang didn’t ask and didn’t even look at the document. He directly bent down to pick up a pen and signed the document.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m selling you?”

Xie Yang finished signing and pushed the documents away. “I’m not stupid.”

This overseas company was obviously the back road that Qiu Xing arranged for him. If Qiu Xing had an accident in the future, Xie Yang could rely on this company to move abroad, going far away and staying away from the domestic chaos.

It seemed that once again, the doctor failed to give a suitable treatment plan for the tumor in Qiu Xing’s brain. However, Qiu Xing finally stopped avoiding the disease and stopped waiting passively for death.

The suffocating feeling in Xie Yang’s heart dissipated a bit. He put down his pen and glanced at Qiu Xing. “Before going out for treatment next time, I hope you can inform me in advance. If possible, you better take me with you.”

Qiu Xing was silent again before saying, “Xie Yang, if something goes wrong with my treatment—”

“Then I will take all the assets you gave me and fly away immediately. I won’t even attend your funeral.”

With some people, warm words really couldn’t be mentioned at all.

Qiu Xing’s face darkened and he didn’t have a good air. “You won’t be sad if I die?”

“Then shall I bury you?”

“…Nonsense!” Qiu Xing picked up the documents and got up. “Why are you just sitting? Go eat dinner. I haven’t seen you in half a month and you’ve become thinner!”

Xie Yang corrected him. “It isn’t half a month. It’s almost 20 days.”

Qiu Xing stopped and he turned back. “Go wash your hands first.”


During dinner, Qiu Xing took the initiative to serve Xie Yang a bowl of soup but his mouth was strange. “Your group of fans is really conscientious. They only praise you for being handsome when you lose weight. They are shallow.”

“How do you know my fans are praising me for being handsome?”

“……” Qiu Xing filled a bowl of soup for himself and didn’t look at Xie Yang. “Why do you have so many words when eating? Concentrate on eating.”

Xie Yang smiled and picked up his soup to drink the soup.

For this meal, Qiu Xing didn’t leave immediately after he finished eating. Instead, he sat at the table and waited for Xie Yang to finish his meal. As he waited, he talked about some things. “Rongding is about to hold an annual meeting. I will be working overtime these days and you don’t have to wait for me to eat.”

Xie Yang nodded in understanding.

“Rongding’s annual meeting… do you want to go to it?”

Xie Yang raised his eyes to look at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing seemed to just be mentioning it casually. “There are prize draws and performances at the annual meeting. I can take you around if you want to go.”

Rongding’s annual meeting would be attended by all Rongding’s employees. It was evident what being brought around by Qiu Xing on such an occasion would represent.

Xie Yang shook his head. “I won’t go.”

Qiu Xing’s expression was dark.

“My work schedule before the new year is full and I don’t have time to go. Moreover, Yang Xing is also holding an annual meeting. Do you want to go to Yang Xing’s annual meeting?”

Qiu Xing’s expression looked better. He took a glass of water and raised it to his lips for a sip. Then he also refused. “No time.”

Xie Yang smiled.

“What are you smiling at?”

Xie Yang answered, “I’ll leave you a gift. This time, the company has given me new merchandise.”

Qiu Xing got up in a disgusted manner. “Who cares about your childish things?” Then he strode upstairs.


That evening, Xie Yang was in a very good mood. He was still smiling even when he looked at Weibo and saw news that he was wearing knockoffs everywhere.

Qin Cheng sent him a WeChat message: The lawyer’s letter has been sent. I have found a way to get you an invitation letter to V’s end of year dinner. You will wear a new outfit tomorrow and I have arranged a press interview for you. The reporter will ask you questions about plastic surgery. You are free to play.

Xie Yang replied: Okay.

Qin Cheng: I have probably guessed the identity of the person spreading around that you’re wearing knockoffs. Fang Chengnan is the newly signed image ambassador of H Brand. Soon after the topic of you wearing a knockoff came out, a marketing account started to send out highlights of Fang Chengnan’s new H Brand advertising campaign. This provides Fang Chengnan with an image of someone with a high-grade face who is favoured by big brands. These articles might not be directly stepping on you but they obviously want to guide the public to compare you with him to suppress your image.

Qin Cheng: This is a practice that Ka Xu has always loved to do. Fang Chengnan is popular but he has only been mixing in with the TV circle. He has always wanted to enter the big screen and this opportunity to star in a movie directed by Zhou Huairen is very important to him.

Qin Cheng: He is preparing for the role. Next Monday is the audition. If you keep having negative news then the producer will probably pass you. A person is fighting so hard to suppress you. You should work hard when you audition.

Qin Cheng: Now the topic is hot enough and it can be reversed. It is good to clarify that you aren’t wearing knockoffs. Do you have credentials about your clothes being customized?


Xie Yang turned to Qiu Xing’s WeChat and started typing.

Xie Yang: Do you have any proof about my clothes being customized for me? Someone is spreading around that I’m wearing knockoffs. I need to clarify it.

It took a while for Qiu Xing to reply: I’ve solved it for you.

It was solved? Xie Yang wanted to ask in detail when Qin Cheng sent him another message.

Qin Cheng: No credentials are needed. Even the rumors about plastic surgery don’t need to be managed.

Qin Cheng: Look at this.

It was followed by an external video link. Xie Yang clicked on the link.

The page jumped and an interview video uploaded only an hour and a half ago popped up. In the interview footage, an old foreign man with grey hair was sitting behind a table. He was holding a booklet while introducing his latest design work to reporters.

Around 10 seconds later, the old man turned to a page in the design book and happily pointed to a set of dark blue clothing. “This is the work I’m most satisfied with recently. Since I like it so much, we’ve modified this set of clothing and launched a new series for the H Brand. Oh, sorry, this set of clothing was customized by an old customer of mind for his family member. I only made one and sent it over. I can’t show everyone the real thing.”

Speaking of this, the old man turned another few pages and pointed to another set of clothing. “This set was also designed by me for that customer. During this period of time, he suddenly grew taller and his face opened up. His temperament changed a lot and this inspired my creativity. Thus, I immediately created this set.”

Xie Yang looked at the old man’s exaggerated expression and cut back to WeChat to find Qin Cheng had sent another message.

Qin Cheng: This video has been moved to Weibo by a marketing account and I will send it to the hot spot. With this, you’ll lose the rumors about plastic surgery and knockoffs. However, I still suggest you go to the dinner tomorrow. It is said that Ji Zehui will attend. Find a way to be in the same frame as him and I will find someone to take a photo. Then I will send an article about your height based on him to deepen the whitewashing impression.

Xie Yang answered ‘okay’ again.

Qin Cheng suddenly asked: Have you reconciled with Mr Qiu?

Xie Yang thought about it for a while.

Xie Yang: No.

Xie Yang: But he came home.

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crazy fujoshi
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