HTI: Chapter 62

The mention of his father who had passed away for many years finally caused Qiu Xing’s expression to change. He frowned and was about to open his mouth when a familiar voice came from the door.

“What will you do after there is an heir? Use it as a bargaining chip so you can grab Rongding from your collateral relatives in the Qiu family in the future?”’

The moment these words came out, the atmosphere in the room froze immediately. The old man’s expression was stiff and then sank. He looked toward the source of the sound while the young man playing with the phone finally put it down and looked up.

Xie Yang threw open the door, took a big step into the living room and took off his scarf and clothes. Then he sat directly on the arm of Qiu Xing’s armchair, threw his scarf and gloves at Qiu Xing and took the tea from Qiu Xing’s hand for a sip. He glanced at the two people sitting across from him and smiled politely. However, he was talking to Qiu Xing. “Qiu Xing, don’t you usually have a big temper? Relatives who want you dead are coming to you but you have become Buddha.”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang for a moment before suddenly smiling. He took back the tea cup from Xie Yang’s hand and told him, “What are you going to do with cold tea?” Then he called the housekeeper and asked the housekeeper to bring Xie Yang’s hot glass of milk. The two men sitting across from them were directly ignored.

“Ah Xing, who is this. Do you mind introducing him to your uncle?”

Qiu Xing glanced at the old man and made the introductions while rubbing his tea cup. “Uncle, this is Xie Yang. My mother picked him as my other half. Xie Yang, these two are my uncle Liu Jiang and cousin Liu Shixuan.”

Liu Jiang’s expression changed instantly the moment he heard ‘my other half.’ He frowned at Xie Yang and shouted, “Your mother is really confused! How did she pick—”

“So what?” Xie Yang met Liu Jiang’s eyes and raised his eyebrow slightly. “No matter what I do, I still want Qiu Xing to live. It is much better than you who is looking forward to his death. Don’t calculate things. Qiu Xing won’t die. Rongding currently belongs to Qiu Xing and it will only be Qiu Xing’s in the future. Once Qiu Xing dies of old age, I will immediately donate Rongding to society. I don’t want to take advantage of other people’s glory.”

Liu Jiang’s face became darker the more he heard. Finally, he hit the sofa and stared at Qiu Xing angrily. “Ah Xing, are you allowing such a person to scold me? Don’t listen to what he is saying. You—”

“Uncle.” Qiu Xing interrupted Liu Jiang’s words. “Don’t scold my person in my home. You have seen that my mother has helped me with my marriage so there is no need to bother you. I have thought about it. I don’t want a surrogate and I don’t want a baby for the rest of my life. It is late so please go back.”

These words were no different from tearing off polite pretenses. Liu Jiang’s face was extremely ugly as he stood up. “You truly don’t understand good intentions. Ah Xing, how can an outsider have sincerity to you? Don’t believe this villain’s words. Uncle said everything for your own good. Think about it for yourself. Shixuan, let’s go!”

Liu Shixuan got up and supported Liu Jiang. He glanced secretly at Xie Yang before walking forward.

The living room was silent again and the housekeeper delivered the milk. Xie Yang took the milk and got up to sit in the chair beside Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing put down the tea cup, folded the scarf and gloves on his legs, placed them beside him and asked in a rare gentle voice. “Is the genius back?”

“I originally intended to come back in advance to surprise you.” Xie Yang took a sip of the milk and stared at the beautiful crystal chandelier above his head. “As a result, I didn’t expect you to give me a surprise first. Don’t you constantly turn off the power on weekdays while I’m here?”

“……” Qiu Xing explained, “There were special circumstances today. Relatives came to visit me.”

“You call that type of calculating person a relative?” Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Qiu Xing, can you tolerate things unconditionally as long as they have a blood relationship with you?”

Qiu Xing leaned toward Xie Yang. “Are you angry?”

“Can you guess?”


Qiu Xing got up, walked to Xie Yang and sat down. The distance between the two of them was shortened and their legs were almost touching.

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing.

“I won’t unconditionally tolerate all people who are related to me. The length of my patience with the Liu family depends on how long my mother can stay with me.”

Xie Yang finished drinking the milk, leaning over to place the cup on the table and held Qiu Xing’s hand. Qiu Xing stiffened but he didn’t break away. He stared at Xie Yang with deep eyes.

Xie Yang quickly withdrew his hand. “Qiu Xing, you just told Liu Jiang about my existence. Paper can’t withstand fire. I believe it won’t take long for everyone who cares about you to know my existence. I just spoke those words. After you die, do you think those who covet Rongding will unite to dismember me or will they put me to death later?”

Qiu Xing straightened and exclaimed in a deep voice, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“How is this nonsense?” Xie Yang patted Qiu Xing’s arm. “Even if there weren’t all those people waiting for you to disappear, Xie Xiu no longer being obedient to me is enough to cause a headache. Qiu Xing, do you want me to be buried along with you?” He stood up and headed upstairs.


It turned out that falling asleep while in a temper could affect the quality of sleep. Xie Yang awakened from a nightmare and stared at the ceiling. Then he suddenly got out of bed and hurried out of the room. He went downstairs, rushed to Qiu Xing’s room and opened the door.

In the dim light, Qiu Xing was sleeping on the big bed with his back to the door, breathing long and steady. Xie Yang stopped and stood there for a while. Then he walked down and crouched beside the bed to see Qiu Xing’s gentle, sleeping face.

In the apocalypse, Xie Yang had travelled with a psychologist for a while. The psychologist said that after experiencing extreme danger, people were easily attached to the first good will they encountered after the danger.

The first good will.

Xie Yang thought of the little girl who gave him candy after he transmigrated and couldn’t help smiling. No, he wasn’t attached to the first good will.

He reached out to Qiu Xing and gently touched between Qiu Xing’s eyebrows. He was attached to a big sugar jar.

“A person’s new life is still a bit boring.” He rubbed his fingertip against Qiu Xing’s brow like he was touching his favourite toy. “I might be able to rely on myself but it feels good to hug someone’s thighs. Come on and live.”

There was the sound of the door closing and silence returned to the room.

Qiu Xing’s hand on the quilt slowly relaxed and a long time passed before he turned over.


Xie Yang arrived at the company early after eating breakfast. He also took two boxes of clothes with him when he left.

Qin Cheng had arrived early with the styling team and photography team of Yang Xing. The moment Xie Yang arrived, he pushed Xie Yang into the make-up chair and flipped through the schedule. “I have communicated with Director Xu. He is very satisfied with the first draft of the song you submitted. In addition, Master Long asked Director Xu to work with you on the movie soundtrack and I agreed.

“In addition to this, I picked up a magazine cover for you. It is also the end of the year and there are various festivals. Many invitations have been sent to you and there are occasions you need to attend. Can you resolve the clothing yourself or shall I help you contact a brand to borrow it?”

Xie Yang remembered there were more than two sets of clothing in the wardrobe at home and answered, “No, Qiu… my family has many outfits made for me.”

Qin Cheng glanced at the busy stylists and other people and didn’t mention Qiu Xing’s name. “Then after returning home, take a few photos of the outfits for me. I will have the stylist design a style based on your clothes in advance. There are also the watches, cufflinks, tie clips, brooches…”

“My family has prepared them.”

Qin Cheng decisively crossed out all the arrangements related to clothing and continued with the schedule. “So far, there haven’t been any good endorsements that have contacted you. I have rejected all of them. It has been three months since the release of IUD. I suggest that you release a new song at the end of the year to keep up your exposure and popularity. There is also the new album…”

“The new album will be arranged after Director Xu’s soundtrack. Remember to contact Long Shuyou. I have told him that he can participate in the production of the new album.”

Qin Cheng stopped talking.

Xie Yang wondered, “What is it?”

“It is really worry-free to look after you.” Qin Cheng sighed and put down the schedule. “There is also good news. Director Zhou Huairen contacted me last night to hand you an audition invitation for his new movie. Director Zhou’s new movie is set in the Republic of China and you are invited to audition for the second male lead. He is a young master who learned music. Do you want to accept this audition?”

Zhou Huairen was the director of June in Huai, a movie Mu Zhouyi participated in. He had won many awards, his family was engaged in movie and television investments and he had a wide network.

The thing Yang Xing was lacking most was a network. This opportunity came at just the right time.

Xie Yang replied, “Yes but you better prepare for me failing the audition. My acting skills are not good. This time, I’m going mainly to meet Director Zhou Huairen.” Zhou Huairen had helped Mu Zhouyi a lot.

Qin Cheng sincerely inquired, “How bad are your acting skills?”

“It’s so bad that I got a low score in all my professional courses and every year, the teachers wondered how I was admitted.”


Qin Cheng didn’t give up and asked again, “Do you need me to find you an acting teacher?”

Xie Yang waved his hand. “No, let’s start with the new album first.”

Qin Cheng regretfully and painfully drew a line next to the audition itinerary and continued, “That’s it for now. Give me your Weibo account. In the future, I will use your account to send photos of you regularly. The fans need to be spoiled. You are in business and don’t you want the fans to pay for you?”

Xie Yang lost money and honestly handed over his account.

“I will also consider picking variety shows or reality TV shows for you. Apart from Who is the King of Song, you haven’t been exposed on any other jobs since your debut. I…”

Qin Cheng wanted to criticize Hu Biao but he swallowed down his words. “I know you previously said you don’t want to accept jobs but this absolutely isn’t possible. You are the signboard of Yang Xing. If you can’t rise up then how will others look at Yang Xing’s artists? You made your debut in such an excellent manner but now you are silent. It is to the extent that Xue Xian can step on you to grab resources. If you continue like this, do you believe that everyone will dare to step on you or not?”

Xie Yang wisely didn’t say anything against his new agent.


At 5 o’clock that evening, Xie Yang’s Weibo that had been deserted for nearly two months finally updated. There were nine photos with three different sets of clothing, one daily, one formal and one youthful. It was so handsome that people couldn’t look away.

Xie Yang’s fans had been hungry for several months and were stunned. Then they immediately exploded fireworks.

Oh my god! Two months! Their idol, who never showed his face, was finally willing to come out and do business! Happy New Year!!!

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2 years ago

As a fan of an idol that rarely updates his sns (looking at you Kyuhyun), I can relate lol.
Thank you so much.

1 year ago
Reply to  qyuraa

Another kyuhyun fan! The struggle is real when your bias won’t update

2 years ago

heh the op guy finally gets hit back a lil with his new agent

2 months ago

My teachers also wonder how l’m still moving to the next grade with my low scores too.

1 month ago

lol hes a lazy bean