HTI: Chapter 57

The WeChat message sank like a stone in the sea. Xie Yang waited for some time but still didn’t get a reply. He gave up and quit attempting to chat to Qiu Xing. Instead, he tapped on Ji Zehui’s WeChat and started typing.

Xie Yang: Who is the high-level management person of Huangtian who gave the audition opportunity of Crazy Musician to Mu Zhouyi?

Ji Zehui replied in seconds: He Rumin, the manager of the movie and television department. He is the son of Huangtian’s vice-president, Director He Xun.

It was the same as the original book. He Rumin and He Xun were rat excrement who loved the unspoken rules in Huangtian.

Xie Yang: Find a way to tell him that Mu Zhouyi approached Shen Yan during the filming of Crazy Musician and is trying to jump to Huanyu through Shen. Shen Yan is being moved.

Ji Zehui: Mu Zhouyi wants to jump ship? The company has been giving her resources for the past year. Why would she jump ships?

Xie Yang: Hook up with people and then want to get rid of them.

In fact, she increased the good will of this lecher and took the resources given by him, but she didn’t want to pay anything. Therefore, she wanted to run away.

Ji Zehui: ?

Xie Yang: Just do it. It is good for you.

Ji Zehui sent back a handshake expression in seconds.


Ji Zehui’s efficiency was unexpectedly high. He sent a follow-up response in only one hour.

Ji Zehui: I have already found someone to talk about it. I also had them say that this is leaked from Huanyu. He Rumin is very angry and has gone to Mu Zhouyi’s agent. Mu Zhouyi’s agent Lu Zhi didn’t seem to know that Mu Zhouyi wanted to change companies. After talking with He Rumin, he booked the fastest flight to H City. He should be preparing to go question Mu Zhouyi.

Ji Zehui: Is Mu Zhouyi really going to change ships? if it is true then she has really offended the company and Lu Zhi this time. At the beginning, Lu Zhi chose her when she was a newcomer with no movie. He was so good for her this year but she wants to change companies? I wouldn’t be able to do such an unconscionable thing.

Xie Yang: Then you really overestimate yourself.

Ji Zehui: ……

Ji Zehui sent a small knife expression over, implicitly expressing his anger.

Xie Yang finished chatting with Ji Zehui and set his sights on the name Lu Zhi.

Lu Zhi was one of Huangtian’s gold medal agents and once brought out two movie emperors and a girl group for Huangtian. In the original book, Mu Zhouyi took Lu Zhi away when she changed companies. The reason why Lu Zhi favoured Mu Zhouyi and was loyal to her was naturally due to the influence of the golden finger.

Xie Yang smiled. He used to think that Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger was troublesome but now he thought that her habit of relying on the golden finger was actually quite good.

Before going to bed, Xie Yang called Qiu Xing again. This time, the phone was no longer turned off but no one answered it. Xie Yang hung up, opened WeChat and sent a message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: Good night.

He still didn’t get a reply. He turned off the screen and lay down.


Xie Yang arrived at the crew the next day and found that the atmosphere was a bit strange. Shen Yan was sitting down to rest and looking at his script. The pressure around him was very low and Mu Zhouyi hadn’t arrived yet.

Xu Heng’s expression was also stinky as he said something to the screenwriter. The staff on the set deliberately lightened their actions when doing things and from time to time, they would look at Shen Yan with strange eyes.

Xie Yang sat down next to Long Shuyou and asked, “What is going on with everyone?’

Long Shuyou pulled his attention away from the score. Instead of answering, he beckoned to his assistant and asked the assistant to say it.

The assistant came over and lowered his voice. “It is like this. Yesterday, Mu Zhouyi’s agent arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night and happened to meet Mu Zhouyi going to find Shen Yan with the script. Mu Zhouyi was with her assistant so there was no need to worry about gossip but her agent still blew up for some reason. He scolded Mu Zhouyi and threw Mu Zhouyi back to her room. Then he went to find Shen Yan alone. No one knows what they discussed but Mu Zhouyi’s agent changed her hotel overnight.”

The assistant took a breath and shook his finger. “Everyone is guessing that Shen Yan and Mu Zhouyi are secretly in love and it was discovered by Mu Zhouyi’s agent, but I don’t think this is the case. Mr Xie, look at Movie Emperor Shen’s face. Does that look like a face where love was discovered? This is obviously anger and suffocation after being misunderstood.”

It was basically finished and Long Shuyou had his assistant leave. The assistant obediently retreated.

Xie Yang praised, “Your assistant is good.”

Long Shuyou asked, “You seem to be paying special attention to Mu Zhouyi?”

“I just don’t like her and I want to see her being unlucky.”

Long Shuyou thought about it and nodded to show his understanding. Then he retracted his gaze and focused on the music again.


Half an hour later, Mu Zhouyi finally arrived at the studio with Lu Zhi.

Lu Zhi and Mu Zhouyi apologized to Xu Heng and the others on the team for being late. Xu Heng saw Lu Zhi’s expression and didn’t say anything. He just had Mu Zhouyi change clothes and make-up quickly in order to start shooting.

Xie Yang noted that when Mu Zhouyi went to make preparations, Lu Zhi took the initiative to talk to Shen Yan and apologize. Shen Yan’s attitude was cold and after responding to Lu Zhi, he bowed his head and went back to the script.

An hour later, Mu Zhouyi’s make-up preparations were completed and today’s shooting officially started. Then everyone discovered that Shen Yan’s attitude towards Mu Zhouyi had changed. It wasn’t the initial close care or yesterday’s polite alienation. He directly ignored her. Apart from filming, he had basically no communication with Mu Zhouyi. Mu Zhouyi tried to talk to him but Shen Yan ignored it.

Everyone was shocked. In the entertainment industry, Shen Yan was a famous gentleman with high EQ. He had dealt with so many people in these years. What did Mu Zhouyi do to push Shen Yan to act like this publicly?

The atmosphere on set became stranger. Xu Heng frowned but he didn’t say anything. He just filmed the scenes in such a weird atmosphere. After a while, Lu Zhi left the studio. Xie Yang put down his score and also left the studio.

Five minutes later, Xie Yang and Lu Zhi met in the studio’s toilets.

Lu Zhi knew Xie Yang. After all, Mu Zhouyi had gossip with Xie Yang not long ago. He just hadn’t expected to meet Xie Yang here. He was suddenly embarrassed and didn’t know how to greet this person.

Xie Yang was frank. He opened the tap and washed his hands. After drying them, he proactively reached out to Lu Zhi. “Hello Mr Lu, I am the boss of Yang Xing, Xie Yang. It is nice to meet you.”

Lu Zhi washed his hands quickly and wiped them dry. Then he shook Xie Yang’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Xie Yang used this opportunity to use his ability to help sweep out the trash in Lu Zhi’s brain. Then he released his hand and smiled at Lu Zhi before leaving the toilets first.

Lu Zhi, “……” How did Xie Yang… he suddenly raised his hand and covered a yawn. He shook his head in confusion.


Xie Yang specifically left the studio and bought two cups of coffee to waste some time. Then he walked back slowly. The studio was lively. Lu Zhi and Mu Zhouyi had argued. Although the two of them had lowered their voices, their quarreling posture was too obvious and attracted a lot of attention.

Xu Heng’s face was so dark that he couldn’t say anything. Then Lu Zhi waved his hand and left. Mu Zhouyi was sitting pale-faced and teary on her rest chair.

Upon seeing this, Xu Heng could only pause the shooting and let Mu Zhouyi’s assistant send Mu Zhouyi to rest.

Long Shuyou’s assistant appeared in a timely manner. He crouched down in the middle of Long Shuyou and Xie Yang’s seats and lowered his voice to gossip. “I went to check it out. Lu Zhi and Mu Zhouyi seem to be in trouble. Lu Zhi told Mu Zhouyi not to think about him and Huangtian as a springboard. He said he will go back to the company to apply for a change in artists and he wouldn’t work with Mu Zhouyi in the future.”

This was actually discovered?

Xie Yang handed one of the coffees he had bought to Long Shuyou’s clever little assistant. “Well done.”

The little assistant took the coffee and left with a smile.

Long Shuyou looked at the coffee in the assistant’s hand and then his empty hand. “……”


There was a pause in the filming so Xu Heng simply talked to Xie Yang and Long Shuyou. He also called the screenwriter and Shen Yan to start the creative ideas exchange meeting earlier.

The meeting lasted a full four hours. They read the script and selected the parts that required a soundtrack. They analyzed the emotions of each character and the atmosphere required for the plot at the time. They made countless sets of plans and finally finalized a general direction for the soundtrack and song.

At the end of the meeting, Shen Yan approached Xie Yang and told him, “You are right. Signing artists is really something that requires caution.”

Xie Yang questioned, “What happened?”

Shen Yan shook his head, reluctant to say anything more.

“Do you still want to sign Mu Zhouyi to Huangyu?”

Shen Yan’s expression was cold. “It is impossible in this life.”


His objective was achieved. Xie Yang endured the discomfort of his energy being consumed and implanted some of his abilities into Shen Yan and Xu Heng to give them a vaccine that could withstand Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger. Then he said goodbye Xu Heng and took the script extensions provided by the screenwriter. He booked the fastest flight ticket and flew back to B City.

It was already 11:30 in the evening when the plane landed in B City. By the time Xie Yang drove back to Jinghe Garden, the hour hand had jumped to a new day.

He stopped the taxi in front of the second gate, greeted the security guard and handed over the luggage to Wu Shui. Then he walked toward the villa with ease.

It was dark and the winter night breeze blew through the yard. The dark villa not far away was like a haunted house.

Xie Yang didn’t disturb the people in the house. He opened the door of the villa with his own key, walked up to the second floor, took out a piece of paper from his pocket and stuck it to Qiu Xing’s door. Then he headed to the third floor. After taking a shower, he fell on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

A night passed without any dreams. Once his eyes opened again, the sun was already hanging high in the sky. Xie Yang briefly washed and went downstairs. Unexpectedly, Qiu Xing hadn’t gone to work and was in the living room.

Qiu Xing was looking at his phone with his head down. He stared at his email intently without looking up.

One night passed and Xie Yang’s consumed energy had recovered slightly. In addition, due to his frequent swallowing of Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger over the past few days, his power had become stronger.

Xie Yang sat next to Qiu Xing and grabbed Qiu Xing’s hand. Qiu Xing froze and declared coldly, “Release me.”

Xie Yang poured all of his ability into Qiu Xing’s body. Then he let go obediently. He got up while covering his growling stomach and headed to the dining room.

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I just want to say that I love Qiu Xing <3
Thank you so much

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Cute rich tsundere boss 😍

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Xing xing is really one of the cutest ML/gong out there ahhhh!!!!

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QX and LSY ate both too cute. xD