HTI: Chapter 56

Xie Yang didn’t see Xue Xian on the set and asked about it.

Long Shuyou reorganized the score while replying, “He left. The reason he gave was that there was something wrong at home and he had to go back. However, everyone can see he knows his composition level isn’t the same as ours and he is afraid he will be beaten by you in the end. He retreated strategically instead of staying to be humiliated by you.”

Xie Yang didn’t expect Xue Xian to be so knowledgeable about current events. Then he asked about the situation in the past few days. After learning that everything was fine, he stopped talking and watched Shen Yan and Mu Zhouyi in the centre of the set.

They were currently filming an explosive scene in the end part of Crazy Musician. Ye Bing had dug out Yun Jia’s hidden secrets. She used this point to lead Yun Jia out and constantly stimulated Yun Jia with his secrets, trying to force Yun Jia to get out of control and say the wrong words. Then she would get evidence of Yun Jia’s killing.

In this scene, it was Ye Bing who controlled the situation. This meant the scene needed Mu Zhouyi to undertake the task of the emotional outburst and to control the shooting rhythm.

Mu Zhouyi should be using a skills card because she performed very well. It took only two shots for some a long, explosive scene. After filming, Shen Yan took the initiative to hand Mu Zhouyi a bottle of water.

Mu Zhouyi took it, smiled at Shen Yan and said something. Shen Yan also smiled and watched Mu Zhouyi with eyes full of appreciation.

“……” It had only been a few days but Shen Yan’s poison seemed to be heavy again.

Xie Yang withdrew his gaze.

After his ability awakened, the threat of the plot against him was greatly reduced. Now he no longer had to guard against the heroine everywhere. However, in order to prevent Qiu Xing’s body from being affected by Mu Zhouyi’s singing, he still needed to find a way to prevent Mu Zhouyi from signing with Huanyu and releasing an album.

At the very least, he couldn’t let Mu Zhouyi turn her voice into a song with spiritual influence all over the country until Qiu Xing’s condition stabilized.

During the noon break, Xie Yang went to found Shen Yan with the character biography and invited Shen Yan to talk about it alone. Shen Yan nodded in agreement.

The two of them walked to a corner and Shen Yan asked, “How is your health? Previously, Xiao Mu visited you and said your condition isn’t very good. Everyone was discussing if we should visit you in the morning.”

Xiao Mu?

This poisoning speed was quite fast. The name had already changed. Xie Yang said he was fine. Then he took out Yun Jia’s character biography and started to consult Shen Yan. Shen Yan answered the questions with a very good attitude.

The paper that the character biographies were printed on wasn’t large and the two of them had to move closer when they communicated. This caused them to occasionally touch each other’s fingers or the back of their hands when drawing on the biographies with a pen. Xie Yang took this opportunity to explore the ability inside Shen Yan’s body.

The impact of the golden finger on Shen Yan was really heavy. The phagocytosis dispelled the power and the feedback was stronger compared to Long Shuyou and Xu Heng.

It wasn’t easy to clear up. Finally, Xie Yang put away the biographies. He saw Shen Yan frowning slightly with a trace of sleepiness on his face. Xie Yang asked, “Senior, what’s wrong? You look very sleepy.”

“Perhaps I didn’t sleep well yesterday.” Shen Yan pinched his brow in a slightly embarrassed manner. “Then we’ll talk up to here first. If you don’t understand anything then come back and find me. I will be in my lounge for a break.”

Xie Yang nodded and thanked Shen Yan again for his help. Once Shen Yan left, Xie Yang returned to Long Shuyou only to find Mu Zhouyi talking beside Long Shuyou, who was full of patience.

“Miss Mu, can you not disturb me? I’m not interested in your career troubles. If you want to make an album then I suggest you talk to Huangtian.”

Xie Yang heard Long Shuyou’s unbearable words when he approached. He noticed that after this sentence, Mu Zhouyi obviously looked stunned for a moment. Then she glanced at Long Shuyou with an incredulous and strange look.

Xie Yang almost laughed. Was Mu Zhouyi wondering why Long Shuyou had such a bad attitude towards her? Long Shuyou noticed that Xie Yang was back and looked like he had seen a savior. He hurriedly asked Xie Yang, “Do you understand the biographies? Do you have any ideas?”

“I have a clue.” Xie Yang sat down next to Long Shuyou and turned to Mu Zhouyi, seemingly smiling. “Senior Mu, you want to release an album?”

Mu Zhouyi saw Xie Yang and her expression became embarrassed. She replied in a slightly vague manner, “I did have this thought… previously, Master Long said it was a pity if I didn’t use my voice to make an album.”

“I was probably crazy at the time.” Long Shuyou frowned deeply. “Your voice is okay but judging by the singing level you showed in variety shows, it will be a waste of my songs to give you an album.”


Mu Zhouyi reluctantly squeezed out a smile and explained, “I really wasn’t good at singing previously. However, since I had the idea of making an album, I secretly started practicing.”

“So I suggest you communicate with Huangtian.” Long Shuyou had always been impatient with unfamiliar and uninteresting people. At this time, he was a bit annoyed. “Miss Mu, I’m not interested in whether you want to make an album or if you’re having a hard time in Huangtian. Please don’t act so familiarly with me, okay?”

These words didn’t give Mu Zhouyi any care at all. Mu Zhouyi couldn’t stay any longer. She found a reason to say goodbye. She didn’t seem to be paying attention when she got up and she stumbled. Her body was crooked and she reached out a hand to support herself using Long Shuyou’s knee.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” Mu Zhouyi quickly stood up and apologized.

Long Shuyou frowned and his expression slightly changed.

Xie Yang spoke in a timely manner. “Senior Mu, you seem to be very good at ‘accidentally’ touching others.”

Mu Zhouyi’s expression stiffened and she turned to hurriedly leave. Xie Yang patted Long Shuyou’s back.

After a moment of confusion, Long Shuyou suddenly wiped the area touched by Mu Zhouyi. “What’s going on with Mu Zhouyi? Why did I use to think she had a good voice? How did Xu Heng select his actors?”

Xie Yang was satisfied.

He successfully verified it. It seemed that purifying the power not only removed the negative effects of the golden finger that remained, it also directly erased the skills of the golden finger.

After 10 minutes, Mu Zhouyi made another excuse to find Long Shuyou. This time, Long Shuyou’s attitude was more unwelcome. He was so annoyed that he directly shouted at Xu Heng. “I’m here to make a soundtrack for you, not to find a singer! Can you control your artist? I won’t make an album for her. Don’t let her bother me.”

Xu Heng frowned as he looked at Mu Zhouyi sitting next to Long Shuyou. “What’s going on?”

The staff nearby who heard Long Shuyou’s words also watched Mu Zhouyi, eyes containing the desire for gossip. Some of them even whispered to each other.

Mu Zhouyi was embarrassed and got up while explaining, “No, Master Long understood. I just came over and talked casually.”

Xu Heng had been a director for many years and had a lot of knowledge. He knew this was a pretext when he heard it. He suppressed his temper and said, “There is nothing to talk about. Ye Bing doesn’t need a song. Go and prepare for the next scene. Don’t quarrel with Long Shuyou anymore.” He looked at the staff around them. “Everyone standing around, what are you listening to? The lunch break is over. Get ready!”

The staff heard the words and hurriedly dispersed. Mu Zhouyi was so embarrassed that she turned around and left.

Xie Yang had watched a good show and was in a great mood. He took out his phone and passed a semi-finished new song to Long Shuyou. Long Shuyou was particularly happy and immediately forgot about Mu Zhouyi. He plugged in his headphones and listened intently to the song.

At the end of the break, Shen Yan still hadn’t come out of his lounge. Xu Heng asked someone to call him and after a few minutes, Shen Yan hurried out of his lounge in an embarrassed manner. “Sorry, I accidentally fell asleep.”

Shen Yan’s dedication had been obvious to everyone since they started shooting. Now he only accidentally slept for a few minutes and no one said anything. Xu Heng also asked if Shen Yan was too tired recently and if he wanted a break.

Shen Yan shook his head and said he didn’t need it. After a simple make-up, he adjusted his status and started working.

In the afternoon, Mu Zhouyi still performed well but Shen Yan’s attitude towards her was no longer as close as it was in the morning. He became more polite. During the filming, Shen Yan no longer gave Mu Zhouyi water or chatted with her. Instead, he went to rest while reading the script or communicated with Xu Heng on shooting ideas.

Mu Zhouyi took the initiative to find Shen Yan several times. Shen Yan responded but he was very polite and obviously unwilling to talk more with Mu Zhouyi.

“Movie Emperor Shen has finally returned to normal. I was scared to death before. I thought Movie Emperor Shen had taken a fancy to Mu Zhouyi.”

“Previously, it was like Shen Shen was being lowered by Mu Zhouyi and he was always responsive to Mu Zhouyi. In the past, Shen Shen wasn’t so good at talking to others. However, Mu Zhouyi is really good and the actors who have worked with her will praise her a lot. Some of them will do things that aren’t in line with her identity. The media praises her for her good character but I didn’t feel when I came in contact with her during this period of time.”

“Shh, whisper.”

Two whispering female voices were heard. Xie Yang glanced over there and saw two actors in the group chatting. He retracted his gaze and smiled.

This was just the beginning.


After one day of filming, Xie Yang found Xu Heng alone and told Xu Heng that he had changed to another hotel. He asked Xu Heng if he could start communicating ideas on the soundtrack and interlude music as soon as possible.

Xu Heng naturally had nothing to disagree about. He decided on the spot to hold a meeting tomorrow morning. Then he asked, “Why are you in such a hurry? Are you afraid you can’t get used to the environment here?”

After being hospitalized, Xie Yang told everyone it was because he hadn’t acclimatized to the environment.

Xie Yang smiled. “It’s not that I’m afraid, it is my family member who is afraid. I don’t want my family to be worried all the time so I want to go home quickly. Director Xu, rest assured, rushing to work doesn’t mean I’m not serious. I will do a good job with Crazy Musician’s music.”

“I have nothing to worry about. It’s good that you still care about your family. It’s fine. The movie song and soundtrack doesn’t matter. You and Shuyou can do it slowly as long as you hand it in before the movie starts.”

They chatted about a few more business matters. Before Xie Yang left, Xu Heng abruptly asked him, “Xie Yang, do you have any plans to act?”

Xie Yang didn’t respond positively. He just wondered, “Director Xu, what do you mean?”

Xu Heng hinted at him. “I know that you can rely on composing and singing to gain the limelight but it is a pity to waste your four years of studying performance. I suggest that you think about it if the right opportunity knocks on your door.”

Xu Heng left after he finished speaking. Xie Yang watched him leaving while thinking about his words. Then Xie Yang also left.

After returning to the hotel, Xie Yang called Qiu Xing.

It rang for a long time before He Jun answered. “Little boss, the boss is still in a meeting. It is inconvenient for him to answer the phone. Can I ask why you’re looking for him?”

Was this the meeting that required him to return to B City?

Xie Yang said there was nothing and hung up. After taking a comfortable bath, Xie Yang dried his hair and sat on the sofa. He glanced at the clock on the wall and called Qiu Xing again. The phone was answered quickly this time and Zhou Miao’s voice was heard. “Little boss, the boss is asleep in the car. Do you want me to help wake him up?”



Xie Yang raised his eyebrows. “Aren’t you waking him up?”

A short time passed.

“I-I don’t dare!”

The phone was hung up. Xie Yang dialed it again. “Sorry, the user you called has their phone turned off.”


Xie Yang put down his phone and looked at the call interface. After a few seconds, he opened WeChat and typed something.

Xie Yang: Qiu Xing, you are a coward.

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