HTI: Chapter 55

Qiu Xing sneered at Xie Yang’s obvious nonsense.

“You aren’t letting go?”

Xie Yang withdrew his hand that was touching the back of Qiu Xing’s hand.

“Go back to bed, lie down and close your eyes.

Xie Yang followed the words and lay back down, closing his eyes.


Xie Yang opened his eyes, pulled up the blanket and closed his eyes again.

“Hands inside.”

Xie Yang retracted his hands into the blanket. After around 10 minutes, Xie Yang tried to open his eyes.

“Xie Yang, are you looking for death?”


Xie Yang gave up on secretly testing out his ability. He closed his eyes again and slowed down his breathing. He quickly fell into a deep sleep. His ability had just awakened and he actually needed rest.

After determining that Xie Yang was really asleep, Qiu Xing’s tense body relaxed slightly. He raised the hand that Xie Yang had held for a moment and sat up. Then he touched the shoulder that Xie Yang had clung to during the day.

This person looked a bit taller? He also lost a bit of weight…

[Don’t touch my person, get out of here!]

Qiu Xing couldn’t help straightening his back as he stared at Xie Yang in the next bed. Then he got out of bed, sat on the chair beside Xie Yang’s bed and watched Xie Yang. What did this mean? Why say this?

Qiu Xing’s fingers tapped on the armrests of the chair only to pause halfway. Then he leaned forward, placed the hand held by Xie Yang into the blanket and moved it forward.

His skin touched warm skin. He couldn’t help rubbing against it gently. Then Qiu Xing’s mind returned and he took back his hand. He held his right hand with his left hand and leaned back in his chair to watch Xie Yang.

He didn’t know how much time passed.

“Che.” Qiu Xing got up, pinched a corner of the blanket over Xie Yang’s body and gently lifted it up. “You are so worry-free.”


Xie Yang woke up and was full of energy. He even looked healthier and more energetic than before he was admitted. Qiu Xing frowned and examined Xie Yang for a while. Then he called the doctor and insisted on Xie Yang having a full-body examination.

A round of inspections passed. Xie Yang was good everywhere apart from a slight calcium deficiency.

“Drink more milk, rest regularly and keep exercising. There are no major problems and you can be discharged from hospital.”

Qiu Xing took the examination results and was very dissatisfied with the doctor. “He really has no other problems? Then why did he suddenly get a fever this time?”

The doctor was fed up with Qiu Xing and repeated for the 10,000th time. “This is possible—”

“Maybe I kicked the blanket while sleeping the first day or maybe I wasn’t accustomed to the new place.” Xie Yang helped the doctor and patted Qiu Xing’s shoulder. “Let’s leave the hospital. I don’t like the smell of disinfectant.”

Qiu Xing’s body stiffened and he glared at Xie Yang. “Don’t move your feet. Are you a small child? Why kick the blanket when sleeping?”

Xie Yang glanced at the doctor. “Doctor, he has had an inflammation of the liver recently. Please give him some medicine to lower the fire and clear away the poison.”

The doctor was embarrassed. “Medicine can’t be given blindly, especially when this gentleman is very sick at first sight. In fact, I suggest that he should also have a full body—”

Qiu Xing suddenly got up, grabbed Xie Yang’s hat and jacket and pulled Xie Yang out of the doctor’s office.


Ah, it was so hard to be a doctor.


The two people finished the discharge process. Once they left the hospital, Qiu Xing abruptly stopped and turned to look through the luggage bag, grabbing a scarf. He first raised his hand to adjust Xie Yang’s jacket and hat. Then he wrapped the scarf on Xie Yang, circle by circle. He was only satisfied when the only thing that could be seen of Xie Yang was his eyes.

Then he took out a pair of gloves from the bag and pulled Xie Yang’s hand. He stretched out his hand halfway before stopping. Instead, he placed the gloves directly into Xie Yang’s hand. “Wear it. H City is cold these days. Don’t get a cold when you go out.

Xie Yang put on the gloves and found they were the right size. He saw that Qiu Xing had no gloves and scarf and asked, “Aren’t you wearing them?”

“I’m not cold.’

Just then, Zhou Miao came over after helping with the discharge procedures and instinctively said, “No, the boss was in a hurry to go out and only had time to take yours. He didn’t bring his own. In fact, the boss is afraid of the cold.”

Qiu Xing turned cold eyes to Zhou Miao. Zhou Miao realized what he had said and shrank back.

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing and his exposed eyes smiled. “You are afraid of the cold?”


Qiu Xing frowned and lifted up the bag. “Why are you smiling? Go.”

The group left the hospital and boarded the car rented by Wu Shui from a nearby car rental company. It wasn’t as comfortable as the one at home and Qiu Xing was a bit tense after getting in the car.

Xie Yang stated, “Go to the mall first.”

“Why do you need to go to the mall?’

“To buy socks. I forgot to bring a few more pairs here.”

“……” Qiu Xing endured it until he couldn’t endure it anymore. “I told you that your small suitcase can’t carry many things… Wu Shui, go to the mall!”

They arrived at the mall and Xie Yang didn’t let Qiu Xing get off. He only took Zhou Miao into the mall. He headed straight to the men’s clothing store on the fourth floor, walked into a store that was pleasing to the eye and picked up a pair of sheepskin gloves and a cashmere scarf.

Zhou Miao suddenly realized. “It turns out that you’re giving them to the boss…”

“H City is wet and cold, unlike B City. He should be very unaccustomed to it.” Xie Yang explained as he took the gloves and scarf to the cashier. He just passed by the clothing area when he saw a black down jacket on the shelf. He stopped and called for the shopping guide to get one according to Qiu Xing’s size.

After shipping, Xie Yang hurried back to the car and placed the bag on Qiu Xing’s lap.

“Weren’t you buying socks? Why is it such a big bag?”

Xie Yang smiled and handed the scarf to Qiu Xing first. Then he took out the gloves to put on Qiu Xing’s hand before pulling out the down jacket to compare with Qiu Xing’s body. “I thought you might be cold with just a coat. This style is good and it will look beautiful on you.”


Qiu Xing controlled his face and pressed down on the down jacket. “You spent money.”

“It is the card you gave me.” Xie Yang pointed to the new down jacket on his own body. “You used my money to give me clothes and I used your money to give you clothes. It is fair.”

Qiu Xing pinched the soft gloves in his hands and said nothing more. The car finally stopped at the door of a strange hotel. Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing threatened, “Either you live here when working in H City or you will go back with me today. You choose.”

Xie Yang grabbed the key point. “You are going back to B City today?”

“There is a meeting.” Qiu Xing opened the door. “Get out of the car. I’ll help you settle in first.”

Qiu Xing had arranged the hotel’s top suite for Xie Yang. There was a housekeeper to provide three meals a day and an on-call doctor. Qiu Xing helped Xie Yang hang up his clothes and turned to look at Xie Yang. He finally didn’t have a cold face anymore. “Take care of yourself. Sleeping with the air-conditioner at night in heating mode. I won’t come here again if you get sick.”

Xie Yang saw the fatigue that Qiu Xing couldn’t hide and the shadows caused by a lack of sleep. He asked, “You can’t stay for another day?”

“…Eat well, remember to drink milk every day and don’t stay up late.” Qiu Xing reminded him instead of answering. He checked the small refrigerator in the master bedroom to confirm there was something to eat and drink. Then he straightened. “Try not to eat the lunch boxes of the crew. Wu Shui will send you meals from the hotel.”

“Have you had any headaches recently?”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang and patted Xie Yang’s head. He walked out while saying, “I will go to the airport. You have a good rest.”

Xie Yang immediately picked up the coat he had just taken off. “I will send you.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang but didn’t refuse this time.


On the way to the airport, Qiu Xing closed his eyes to rest. Perhaps it was a psychological effect but Xie Yang always felt that Qiu Xing looked worse than before. His lips were even faintly purple.

Xie Yang’s gaze fell on Qiu Xing’s overlapping hands on his abdomen. Xie Yang moved over a bit and placed his hands there.

His ability was in the early stage of awakening and couldn’t be used at a distance. After the last midnight attack failed, he wanted to wait for his ability to upgrade a bit before trying to help Qiu Xing. He wanted to try and relieve the physical illness with his purification ability but…

Xie Yang leaned back against his seat, sent some of his ability to his fingertips and then explored Qiu Xing’s body with it. Even if it could only make Qiu Xing a bit more comfortable…

Qiu Xing’s eyelashes shook before he was still again. The ability blew like a breeze in the valley, drifting silently into the valley. After a few minutes, Qiu Xing’s tense brow loosened. His body relaxed and he leaned on Xie Yang. He was really asleep.

Xie Yang withdrew his hand but he was frowning. There was a good discovery and a bad one.

The good discovery was that his ability had an effect on the disease. Diseases were like viruses to the body and could be eliminated. The bad discovery was that since his ability level was still low, his ability didn’t have a great effect on the disease. In addition, Qiu Xing’s physical condition was far worse than he thought.

According to the timeline of the novel, Qiu Xing would die in three years. Three years, it was too short.


Xie Yang awakened Qiu Xing once they arrived at the airport. Qiu Xing frowned and opened his eyes. He saw Xie Yang’s face close to him and instantly woke up. He sat upright and touched the hand on his abdomen. The back of his hand was cold. There was no heat from being held by another person.

Qiu Xing released his hand. “Just send me here. There is no need for you to enter the airport.”

Xie Yang directly opened the door and got out of the car.

Qiu Xing, “……”

Qiu Xing, who had been silent since getting off the car, only spoke as he was about to enter the security checkpoint. He abruptly turned around and told Xie Yang, “We are only a trading relationship, understood?”

Xie Yang looked up at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing paused before continuing, “Xie Yang, I’m the landlord…”

Xie Yang answered, “I’m the tenant.”

Qiu Xing shut up as he saw Xie Yang’s calm expression. He still didn’t know if Xie Yang understood or not and looked vaguely anxious.

Xie Yang suddenly smiled at Qiu Xing. “Qiu Xing, my dad sold the rest of my life to you. This is it.”

Qiu Xing paused and stared at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows. “Unless you want to get divorced?”

Qiu Xing froze. He examined Xie Yang closely before snorting. “Xie Yang, don’t even think about it.”


Xie Yang arrived on the set. At this time, Mu Zhouyi and Shen Yan had just finished filming a rival play. Everyone saw Xie Yang and greeted him with concern. Xie Yang responded one by one. He met Mu Zhouyi’s eyes and ignored her directly. Instead, he took the initiative to reach out to Xu Heng. “Director Xu, I’m sorry for delaying everyone’s work progress.”

Xu Heng grabbed Xie Yang’s hand. “It doesn’t matter. Your body is important. In fact, it didn’t delay anything.”

His ability was released, entered Xu Heng’s body and went straight to his brain. Xie Yang clearly felt something being swallowed up by his ability and Xu Heng’s eyes were confused for a moment.

It really worked.

Xie Yang withdrew his hand in a satisfied manner and spoke a few more words with Xu Heng. Then he sat next to Long Shuyou before the next scene was shot and grabbed Long Shuyou’s wrist.

Long Shuyou was paying attention to the score and only just noticed that Xie Yang was back. He just wanted to talk when he felt a bit faint. He couldn’t help raising a hand to his mouth and yawning.

Xie Yang took the pen and music sheet from Long Shuyou’s hand and asked, “Do you still want me to sing with Mu Zhouyi?”

Long Shuyou’s face wrinkled and he lowered his hand to look at Xie Yang. “Let you sing with Mu Zhouyi? Are you crazy?”


Xie Yang returned the score to Long Shuyou and patted him on the shoulder with relief. “Congratulations, you have succeeded in detoxification.”

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2 years ago

awwww esto se puso bueno, la protagonista tendrá una lucha de ingenio y poder

2 years ago

This is getting so cute. I love it.

2 years ago

I was getting anxious on their pace , but then I remember that their obstacle is death 😓 there’s the assurance that they will not hurt each other when QX died.

So take all the time you need 👊👊 I’ll remind myself more that QX is terminally ill

2 years ago

“He abruptly turned around and told Xie Yang, “We are only a trading relationship, understood?””
I’m crying… I have the feeling that he’s trying to distance Xie Yang because of his disease T______T It must be so hard on you TTTTTTTTT Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. AAAAAAAAAAA
Thank you so much

2 years ago

YES! His ability perfectly counters the female lead’s!
QX I love you so much my tsuntsun. T-T Trust that you will live long, well, and happy with your “tenant”.