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HTI: Chapter 51

Xie Yang remembered Mu Zhouyi’s face and the nausea just now and shook his head again. Then he concentrated on the script.

Forget it, it was important to finish his work first.


Crazy Musician was the story of a musician who suddenly changed his temperament after a performance, insisting on going to the scene of various murders in search of creative inspiration.

Ye Bing, played by Mu Zhouyi, was a rookie criminal police officer who just came into contact with the case. She repeatedly found traces of the musician around the crime scene and naturally suspected that the musician was the murderer behind the serial murders. She grabbed at the musician tightly.

Meanwhile, the musician had already grasped the murderer’s trail using his own strength. The murderer noticed the treat and made all types of falsehoods to try and throw the blame onto the musician.

The musician acting crazy but hiding secrets, the new criminal police officer who was misled by the murderer and the murderer hidden behind the scenes and controlling the overall situation… the three-way battle began.


Xie Yang turned the pages faster. In front of him, there was almost a picture of the musician walking on the murderer’s blade, ridiculing and provoking the murderer.

He suddenly dropped the script, got out of bed, grabbed his laptop from the small box and opened it. The phone shook because there was a call. Xie Yang ignored it as inspiration continued to flow from his hands.

It was unknown how much time passed until the doorbell of the room rang. Xie Yang still ignored it. The doorbell became a knock.

Xie Yang’s recording came to a temporary end as he finally noticed the knock on the door. He got up and opened the door. Once he saw Wu Shui standing outside the door, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wu Shui held up his mobile phone. “Boss, President Qiu is looking for you.”

Xie Yang saw the flashing call reminder on Wu Shui’s phone and realized something. He asked, “What time is it now?”


Almost midnight.

Xie Yang reached out and hung up the call on Wu Shui’s phone. He had Wu Shui go back to bed and then returned to his room to find his mobile phone. Sure enough, it was full of missed calls from Qiu Xing.

He thought about it and finally chose to open WeChat to send a message: I’m not staying up late. I’m sleeping now. Good night.

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: Oh!

Xie Yang tapped his nose with his finger and pressed down on his guilty conscience. He sent a ‘good night sweet dreams’ cartoon emoticon and obediently lay down on the bed.

The night passed without any dreams. Xie Yang sent a WeChat message to Qiu Xing immediately after waking up early.

Xie Yang: Good morning.

Qiu Xing didn’t reply.

Xie Yang sent another sentence instructing Qiu Xing to have a good breakfast. Then he went to the bathroom to wash before going on Weibo.

The topic of #Xie Yang envies Xue Xian# was still on the hot search and the position was quite high. Below this was two new hot searches: #Xie Yang and Long Shuyou both envy Xue Xian# and #the whole world envies Xue Xian#

These two new hotspots clung together and the image was a bit funny.

Xie Yang knew from Hu Biao’s call yesterday that he was being trampled on. He just didn’t know exactly what it was about so he first looked at the topic #Xie Yang envies Xue Xian#

The hottest post in this topic was the one Wu Shui showed Xie Yang yesterday. The media account that issued this post took the ‘lonely side look’ and analyzed Xue Xian’s achievements, secretly boasted about him. He analyzed Xue Xian’s achievements and envied Xie Yang’s background and rich second generation identity. Then he seemed to come to a fair conclusion. Xie Yang could successfully rely on his background while Xue Xian was very respectable to start from scratch. Their backgrounds might be different but both of them were the hopes of the future music scene!

The comments under this post were also very fascinating. All of Xue Xian’s fans controlled it. The fans said that Xue Xian was always focused on work and didn’t intend to become the envy of others. They hoped the media account wouldn’t lead Xue Xian to war and then politely praised Xie Yang.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows, exited the topic and looked at the second topic.

The hottest topic under #Xie Yang and Long Shuyou both envy Xue Xian# was the news from a marketing account.

Helmsman of Eating Melons: #Xie Yang envies Xue Xian# hahaha. There is so much noise over there. One glance means envy? Then I want to ask if Long Shuyou standing next to Xie Yang is also envious of Xue Xian? Forget it, #the whole world envies Xue Xian#. If I was at the scene, I would definitely ‘envy’ Xue Xian. After all, his fans made such a big nose. Which normal person wouldn’t ‘enviously’ glance over there. Xue Xian fans, don’t bless Xie Yang. Check out the number of Xie Yang’s Weibo followers. It is higher than your artist. It isn’t that he has no fans. He is just low-key.

There were a small video and several video screenshots under the Weibo content. Xie Yang opened the video.

The moment the video opened, there was a burst of screams and cheers. The screen shook and moved from the ground. After several adjustments, it finally aimed at the excited fans. A female voice was heard from up close. “Which star is causing such a big star? Which one? Ah… Xue Xian.”

The video abruptly ended.

Xie Yang clicked on the screenshots and found that he and Long Shuyou were actually in the video just now. However, both he and Long Shuyou were in the corner and it was hard to see them.

Coincidentally, this video caught him looking at Xian and then back at Long Shuyou. Long Shuyou approached him and also looked at Xue Xian. Then the two of them walked to the corner. Envy had become nonsense but the move to avoid Xue Xian was real.

The comments area under this was very lively. It was suspected that a large number of Xue Xian’s black fans were gathered and one of the black fan’s comments was directly at the top.

Are You Envious of Xue Xian Today: Wtf hahahaha! Everyone, look at my ID! I’m laughing to death. Xue Xian has finally been overturned. Xue Xian, what is there to admire when you specifically announced the fan drop-off itinerary in advance? Xie Yang is a newcomer. Can you bully others? Speaking of which, Xie Yang and Long Shuyou seem to have a good relationship. Shouldn’t Xue Xian be feeling envy? Before, you wanted to presume a relationship with Master Long but he said that he isn’t familiar with you in front of the media~

The small replies to this comment were also very magical. It copied the comment and the contents were all ‘Xue Xian has been focused on pulling and trampling on others, trying to become the object of everyone’s envy’. There was also the topic tag #the whole world envies Xue Xian#

Xie Yang smiled. These black fans really stomped on where it hurt.

He quit Weibo and sent Hu Biao a message on WeChat: Well done.

Hu Biao replied quickly: We’ll talk when you come back.

Xie Yang paused for a second before typing: Good.

Xie Yang was putting on his coat when he remembered the card Qiu Xing had stuck into his hat before leaving yesterday. He reached out and came up with a credit card. He raised his eyebrows, took out his wallet and inserted this card beside the previous black card.

After breakfast, Xie Yang came to the studio and found that Xue Xian and Long Shuyou had already arrived. They were occupying the left and right sides of the director as they watched Shen Yan and Mu Zhouyi in the centre.

Xie Yang also glanced at the centre of the studio and observed the scene. In his heart, he knew precisely what scene Mu Zhouyi and Shen Yan were shooting. He went over to Long Shuyou and sat down on a small bench.


Xu Heng waved his hand holding the script and stood up, striding to Mu Zhouyi and Shen Yan. “Mu Zhouyi, you were in the wrong state just now! You are currently ready to ignore your boss’ advice and force Shen Yan in handcuffs back to the police station for interrogation. Shen Yan used his knowledge of the terrain to lead you to this semi-abandoned musical instrument repair store. He used all types of musical instruments to make scary sounds to frighten you. You are really scared but the bigger feeling is anger! You feel fooled. You want to find Shen Yan who is playing the nasty instruments and you even want to destroy them. Anger, okay?”

Mu Zhouyi was embarrassed and replied, “I understand Director Xu. Sorry, I wasn’t in the right state.”

“I shouldn’t have given you a break to go back to B City to deal with private matters. The feeling you previously had in filming is gone.” Xu Heng’s expression didn’t look very good. “First rest for 10 minutes so you can find the feeling.”

Mu Zhouyi nodded again. She apologized to Shen Yan and everyone on the sidelines before walking to her chair that had her assistant beside it. She sat down and looked through the script.

“This is the fourth NG.” Long Shuyou closed the script with a frown. “There is no feeling of Ye Bing at all.’

Xie Yang took out his own script and opened it. “It is normal to have no feeling.”

Mu Zhouyi’s acting ability itself wasn’t very good. She might’ve promoted it once with her golden finger but it was only raised to a watchable state, not to the requirements of a famous director. However, a further upgrade of her acting skill needed to consume too much love value and Mu Zhouyi hadn’t saved enough.

In the original novel’s plot, Mu Zhouyi always used the temporary acting bonus effect card exchanged with the system to cope with Xu Heng when shooting this drama.

Yet some time ago, Mu Zhouyi transformed her voice using the love value. In the absence of new works or news, Mu Zhouyi’s existing love value shouldn’t be enough to redeem temporary skill cards. In addition, she wasted a wave of good will skills yesterday and even had to fix her relationship with Shen Yan…

“Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang was awakened from his thoughts and looked up at Shen Yan.

Shen Yan smiled at Xie Yang politely and asked, “Can you play the violin?”

Xie Yang put away the script and stood up. “Yes.”

“In the plot described in the script, the musician Yun Jia mainly used the violin to scare Ye Bing. However, I don’t know much about it so I feel a bit unsure. Can you accompany me to take a look?”

This was a normal request. Xie Yang nodded and walked to the centre of the scene with Shen Yan.

Xue Xian stood on the other side and couldn’t help pinching his script. However, he couldn’t say anything because he couldn’t play the violin.

Shen Yan led Xie Yang to a place in a corner of the scene. He took out a somewhat old violin from the corner and explained, “The Yun Jia I’m playing is hiding here to make scary sounds with the violin. I don’t know much about the violin so I don’t know what type of terrible sounds the violin can make.”

Xie Yang observed the surroundings before taking the violin. “Then do you want to listen to a few sounds? You can pick one that suits you.”

Shen Yan nodded.

Xie Yang went to the corner that Shen Yan indicated and recalled the melody written after reading the script yesterday. He placed the violin on his shoulder and first got used to the tone of the old violin. Then he pressed his fingers tightly to the string, moved his wrist and let the bow move twice on the string.

The hoarse and sharp violin-like sound ripped through the heart and violently pierced the air of the studio, instantly pulling at people’s nerves.

Everyone who heard the sound of the violin couldn’t help stopping their movements and turning to look at the source of the violin sound.

Xie Yang had closed his eyes. He imagined that he was Yun Jia and wanted to use music to scare away Ye Bing. He opened his eyes, his calm eyes suddenly stained with a crazy paranoia. His eyes flicked with an agitated light and his mouth was curved high while the bow in his hand fell gently.


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2 years ago

Thank you so much ❤

2 years ago

wah. i can’t get over this constant praising of Xie Yang. it makes me giggle a bit each time.

1 year ago

They should just have XY play the role of the crazy musician LOLOL

9 months ago

Is it deliberate that Mu zhouyi is idiot and her character is idiot too?? Lol 😭😭😭😭