HTI: Chapter 5

However, after all, the female lead was the female lead, with a halo and a powerful golden finger. According to the plot, the negative public opinion on Weibo would experience a 180 degree reversal after the video and photos of the car accident were exposed by a passerby this afternoon. One of the photos of the female lead in a pure white dress stained with blood kneeling to take care of the male lead at the scene of the car accident would smash through the major platforms, attracting a wave of passersby and helping the female lead win BV’s domestic endorsement.

Xie Yang was thoughtful.

It was this wave that earned enough points for the female host to gain the goodwill of several people. After that, the female hosts would use the skills on the male lead, the male partner acting opposite her, a major director, a program host etc. to further light up her acting skill tree…

“Why aren’t you using the phone I gave you?”

Xie Yang’s mind returned as he quit Weibo and glanced at Qiu Xing who suddenly asked him a question. He replied, “Why should I use it? So that you can use it to locate me like you did yesterday?”

“You aren’t stupid.” Qiu Xing inexplicably wasn’t cold-faced again. He stretched out and leaned against the seat as he spoke, “I spent a considerable amount of money to buy you. If I don’t have a chain to tie you up and you run away, I will be in a bad position.”

Xie Yang asked, “How much is the price?”

“Your father didn’t tell you?”

Xie Yang shook his head.

Qiu Xing raised his eyebrows. “You probably don’t understand business matters. In order to match your IQ, I’ll reluctantly explain it. I gave your father around 500 million yuan of principle that can continuously generate money. Xie Yang, you aren’t cheap.”

Sure enough, it was a big price but this didn’t scare Xie Yang. He stared directly at Qiu Xing. “It isn’t that I’m not cheap. It is that in your mother’s eyes, your life is very precious. Also, since I’m the one being sold, shouldn’t you give me the money?”

Qiu Xing was pleased by his statement and teased him, “Do you want it?”

“I just need cash.”

“Then you have to think of it. If this money is given to you, your father’s company that needs funds to fill in the gaps will have to immediately declare bankruptcy. Can you bear it?”

Xie Yang’s face was cold. “Don’t test me, I’m serious. Since he can sell me, what do I have to bear?”

“But what should I do?” Qiu Xing pretended to be distressed. “Last time we met to get our marriage certificate. At that time, I gave your father a deposit of 300 million. The meeting today is to give him the remaining 200 million.”

Xie Yang simply said, “Give the final payment to me and get back the deposit.”

Qiu Xing was really comfortable this time and even put on a ‘troublesome’ look on his face. “Do you think it is so easy to collect a deposit? This time, I have lost a lot.”

“Then no matter how much of the deposit you get back, it is yours. I don’t want it. By the way, I can also help speed up the bankruptcy process. The brand of an old hotel should be worth some money.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang asked calmly, “Do you want to do this business?”

“So…” Qiu Xing pulled at the collar of his shirt and the corners of his mouth curved up. “Do you want to sell yourself to me?”

“It is a last resort.”

“Do you think you’re worth 500 million?”

“Your mother thinks I’m worth it.”

Qiu Xing watched him for a long time before suddenly laughing. He leaned back on his seat, patted his thigh with his left hand and the illness on his face seemed suppressed by the laughter.

Xie Yang quietly watched Qiu Xing and waited for him to finish laughing.

The low, cheerful laughter lasted a long time. The laughing Qiu Xing suddenly coughed. The redness that had dyed his face as he laughed faded and he became pale again. He Jun, the assistant in the front seat, opened a bottle of water and handed it over. Qiu Xing took the water and drank two sips. He took slow breaths and said, “Do it! This type of business must be done! He Jun, destroy the contract prepared for Chairman Xie.”

He Jun had long been shocked by the content of the conversation between the two people. He saw that they had really finalized the completely mercilessly ‘pit the father plan’ and gave Xie Yang a ‘not to be trifled with’ label. Then he took out two contracts from his bag, tore them up and threw them into the car’s garbage can.

“Okay.” Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang and threw the water bottle aside. “Now let’s talk about the new contract between you and me.”


Half an hour later, Qiu Xing’s black card was in Xie Yang’s pocket as he entered the box where Xie Xiu was waiting.

Xie Xiu looked anxiously behind Xie Yang and once he saw no one, the grin on his face disappeared. He frowned and asked, “What about Chairman Qiu?”

“No, the doctor won’t let him eat the food outside.” Xie Yang went to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down. He glanced at the rich dishes on the table and attentively picked up chopsticks to eat.

“What are you eating? What are you eating?” Xie Xiu anxiously sat down and took away the dishes he had prepared. “Why are you so useless? Didn’t I tell you to report on Qiu Xing’s progress every day? Yet you dared to blacklist me! There is also your boy group. Leave it as soon as possible and don’t go to school. In any case, you have a pig’s brain and won’t be able to read anything. I heard that Qiu Xing’s mother isn’t in good health. If Qiu Xing doesn’t like you following him then take care of the old lady.”

Xie Yang’s chopsticks paused and he looked at Xie Xiu’s fat face as he asked, “Isn’t Xie Yang your son? Why are you doing this?”

“What am I doing?” Xie Xiu was enraged by the other person’s expression and raised his hand without thinking. “How can you talk to me like that? Do you think your wings are so hard now that you’ve entered the enemy’s house? I’m telling you, there is no door—”


Xie Yang slammed down his chopsticks and raised his hand to wave away the hand that Xie Xiu had hit him with. “Sure enough, if there is a stepmother then there will be a stepfather. Xie Xiu, you should be glad that you are living in a peaceful world.” After talking, he placed his weight on the chair that Xie Xiu was sitting on and turned to leave.

Xie Yang opened the door of the box. At the same time, the opposite box also opened and Hu Biao’s angry face appeared.

“It has almost been an hour and he hasn’t even called. This is really—”

“Xie Yang!” Xie Xiu rushed to the door while shouting angrily, “You son of a bi*ch, daring to talk to me like this. See that  I won’t hit you today—”


Xie Yang quickly closed the door of the box and politely greeted Hu Biao, “Brother Biao, what a coincidence. I was going to find you.”

Hu Biao saw Xie Yang holding the door handle of the box shut and listened to the vague cursing coming from inside. Then he asked, “W-Why are you here? No, what are you doing?”

“Just a small matter.” Xie Yang explained. “This is my father. He wanted to sell me to an old man and I disagreed. We were just talking about breaking off the relationship between father and son and he was a bit agitated.”

The amount of information was too large and too dog-blooded. Hu Biao and all the IUD members behind Hu Biao were shocked.

Hu Biao asked with some difficulty, “So what you told me before on the phone was true?”

Xie Yang nodded.

Hu Biao looked like he had a stomachache. He was silent for a few seconds before coming forward to help Xie Yang pull shut the door. Then he said, “Quickly, you and Mo Bin go together. I will handle this place. You can’t make trouble with your father here. If you are photographed then we will be on the headlines tomorrow.”

Xie Yang paused and replied sincerely, “Thank you Brother Biao.” Then he let go and looked at the captain Mo Bin who was still standing in the box.

Mo Bin’s face twitched before he raised his hand to pull the mask onto his fast. “Yang Yang, you put on your hat first. Then everyone will help cover it.”

The group of people got in the car with a strange atmosphere. A few minutes later, Hu Biao also got in the car and scolded, “What dog thing… Xie Yang, your father is really unqualified. He actually wanted to hit me.”

“Yes, he likes to use violence. I was beaten by him since childhood.”

There was another suffocating silence in the car. Hu Biao coughed to try and ease the atmosphere. “Yang Yang, I didn’t see you for a day and you look a bit different.”

“I am different. I learned something from my father. Too timid cowards will always be beaten, sold and bullied. People must learn to resist.”

Hu Biao, “…”

His face hurt. The day before yesterday, he took advantage of Xie Yang and gave his opportunity to Ke Lan.

“Scoff.” Tong Jiang, who had been set up as IUD’s vigorous young man, sneered, “What’s the matter with you? First selling misery and then making oblique accusations, Xie Yang, you are very good.”

Mo Bin frowned at him. “Tong Tong!”

“Don’t pull me. I can’t wait on such a showman.” Tong Jiang turned his head and looked out the window.

The silence Ke Lan finally spoke. “Brother Biao, I won’t go to the audition for Director Bi’s movie. You can let Xie Yang go. I can’t afford his opportunity, lest someone say that I am bullying a newcomer.”

“What’s going on?” Hu Biao was really angry. “What are you doing? One person disappeared and the other person doesn’t want to go. They aren’t listening to the arrangements. Are they treating their agent as air?”

Everyone was silent.

“Ke Lan, you have to go to Director Bi’s audition! Look at the current state of the group. Xu Chenhao, who is the best songwriter in the group, quit. IUD’s popularity has been hurt and the recording industry is in a slump. At your current age, can you still sing and dance as an idol for a few more years? If you don’t seize every opportunity to transform, do you want to see yourself ruined?”

Ke Lan’s eyes dimmed and he lowered his head to his clenched fingers. Tong Jian was full of anger but said nothing more. Mo Bin came out to persuade people and Hu Biao reluctantly suppressed his anger. He looked at Xie Yang and tried to calm his tone as much as possible. “Xie Yang, you…”

Xie Yang interrupted him, “Brother Biao, I don’t want to go to Director Bi’s audition. I wasn’t unhappy because my opportunity was taken away. You just saw it. I wasn’t in the right state yesterday because my father wanted to sell me. It has nothing to do with anything else.” His gaze swept over everyone. “So what are you arguing about now?”

Everyone, “……”

Hu Biao looked at him inquiringly, “Xie Yang, you really don’t want to audition for Director Bi? You aren’t unhappy?”

Xie Yang nodded.

Tong Jiang sneered coldly. “You can truly speak both good and bad words.”

Hu Biao wanted to shut him up but was interrupted by Xie Yang.

“That’s funny.” Xie Yang leaned back on his seat and spoke slightly. “I’m curious about what bad things I’ve said. I don’t remember it very well. Brother Biao, when you came to ask for my resources, did I say anything against it?”

Hu Biao was asked this by Xie Yang and instinctively replied, “No, you were just more silent than usual.”

He knew that the cowardly nature of the original owner wouldn’t say anything.

Xie Yang was satisfied and looked at the group. “I don’t seem to have said anything? I was in a bad state and you made your own association, spreading the idea that you robbed something. Or… did you actually want me to start a fight over resources?”

The car was quiet.

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2 years ago

Oh my god his mouth sure has no filter 😂😂😂

2 years ago

His mouth is like mine haha.

1 year ago

“Do you think you’re worth 500 million?”

“Your mother thinks I’m worth it.”

I first read this novel last year, and I remember being awestruck by this simple yet iconic af six-word comeback of Yang Yang’s. I knew then that he would become one of my favorite MCs ever. Rereading now because I missed this king

6 months ago

yess mc face slapping people is my fav for assholes.

1 month ago

I love how he argues with common sense cause this is what I always think in novels but they never say it, it’s just your own **** assumption dude